Sex Slave Mother Ch. 03

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NANCY: After we managed to trade my car for Laxus, we headed out to parking lot. Jack put his lugage at the back of the car and he unlocked the passenger side door and held it open for me to enter and then he went to other side and got in next to me.

“John Let’s go, Mom give the address of the shopping mall, where we have to go.”

I gave him the shopping mall address and the car moved.

Jack moved closer to me, and then he kissed me on the side of my neck and began to rub his hands up and down on my back.

Then he slide one hand unto my side and was rubbbing me on my side and along my ribs from my waist all the way up to breast.

Jack hung onto me and as he was rubbing my back. He let his one hand slip just a bit and he now cupped my braless breast in his hand.

There was almost silence in the car, except for the music and engine running. Jack broke the silence first by saying.

“Well, let’s go for shopping, I will give you the enjoyment you have never dreamed of before.”

I bought my hand up and placed it over his hand that was gently, but firmly cupping my delilcate breast in the palm of his hand. I made a light attempt to remove his hand. Jack resisted my attempt and stood his ground.

I said.”Jack I don’t think this is a very good idea.”

Jack replied,”Sssssshhhhh, Everything is just fine, just relax and enjoy mother.”

Jack leaned forward and his other hand that was on my back and cupped the back of my head and pulled my head towards his and he leaned forward and he planted a non-sonly kiss on my lips. My eyes were wide open and he could see the whites of my eyes all around my irises.

Jack then stuck out his tongue and meet resistance to my lips and slowly my relented and allowed my own sons to french kiss me. As we shared our third french kiss.

Jack began to message my breaast which he was cupping in his other hand.

It was then that I surrendered to my son and allowed him to take me like he had taken so many times in the past his first lover my sister-in-law Tina.

I closed my eyes and then I put my arms around him as old lovers would and I moved closer to him and began enjoy the feelings I had missed over the past several years.

We broke our incestuous kiss which I dreamed over last 14 years. I was breathless and I tried to collect my thought and said,

“Oh God! We can’t do anything! The risks are too great and the driver is around here, what he will thing about us.”

Jack was still cupping my breast in this hand and this time. I tried to remove his hand and Jack stood fast and would not remove his hand from my breast.

He replied, “mother! You don’t need to fear anything like that OK! Look mother! I just want to see what I have been missing for over 14 years and beside driver will not know as this is sound proof”

He then leaned forward and frenched me once again and this time I allowed him to have his way with me and while we were frenching each other Jack slid his hand under my halter Top and cupped my bare breast in his hand and felt my rock hard, nipple as he slid his hand up and over to cup my big, firm, bare breast in the palm of his hand.

I moaned into his open mouth and then I broke the kiss.

“Jack! we are in a public palce! What if someone walks by and see us like this?”

“Mother! The windows are tinted and I seriously doubt that anyone will try to see inside.”

I knew what was going to happened next and my heart was racing in my chest at the very thought of making out with my son in the car in broad daylight were someone, like driver knows what were we doing things that most sons and mothers should never do the each other.

However, I was also sexually excited at this new type of public sex and the added thrill of incest thrown into make matters even hotter, dangerous and more exciting.

I also realized that it had been over 14 years since I had sex with another person. I have played with myself a lot more then, but this was first time in 14 years that I had been with another person and I was definitely in need, sexually to have my thirst and fire put out by someone like my son other than myself.

I then realized that my pussy was wet and my wetness was now seepng out from my pussy. I was going through all diferent types of emotions as to wanting to let go and enjoy what I really wanted and needed and that was to let my son/lover take me right here and now.

I was sitting a still upright and when Jack then turned towards me and he leaned over and began to push me back down, so that I was now almost laying down flat on my back and my son was poised over me in a position I remembered.

Jack leaned down and brought his face closer to my lips and then our lips met once again, in a incestuous french kiss shared by my loving son and myself.

I relaxed and surrendered to him and accepted his abudance.As Jack was frenching me and I responded with my own talented tongue.

He once again moved his hand under my tops and sought to find my shapely breast. czech sharking porno His hand found its mark and he was once again cupping my big firm breast in the palm of his hand and he moved slightly, so that his thumb and forefinger could grab a hold of my thick, long and hard nipples and he pulled on my nipple at the same time twisted it slightly as this was his favroite thing for him to do to me.

I moaned out into Jack’s open french kissing mouth and I was getting turned on once again, as I had in the past when ever I dreamed about him like he sexually attack me. It felt so good and in a way, it felt so right incestuous couppling after 14 years.

For me, it was as if I have been never ever been apart, because all the old feelings and sensation all came rushing back to me, just like I had never been apart.

In a way. It felt as we had just made love to each other just last week. Jack frenched me and began to feel me up once again.

“Mother! Lift your blouse up and let me see your tits!”

I smiled and my look of mischief in my smile and in my eyes. I then lifted the small of my back and grabbed the bottom of my blouse and then I lifted the blouse up till it caught just under my big, delicate, breasts and then I lifted my upper part of my body up of the seat and continued to lift my blouse till my 45DD breast were both fully exposed bare to my loving son’s staring eyes.

Jack moaned out loud, “OH GOD MOM!They are just big and beautiful as Tina described me.”

Jack then drove down and immediately sucked the closest breast into his mouth and began to nurse on my breast like I was breast feeding him.

This caused me to moan out in sexual pleasure, as my breast was almost swallowed whole by my loving son.

I then wrapped my arms aroung his back and also his head and drew his head down more firmly against my bared chest.

Jack was enjoying beyond words and then he used his left hand and slid it down my chest and over my exposed belly over my skirt and gently felt my pussy mound covered by my skirt and then his hand lower, till he felt my nylon encase legs and he felt my legs downward, till he could not reached any further.

I almost automatically spread my legs as soon as I felt his hand go over my pussy mound and unto my nylon encased legs. I once again moaned out and said.


Jack almost swore that I came from just having my big, delicate, firm breasts sucked and my legs felt.

Jack smiled to himself as he switched breasts and sucked on the other breast and at the same time he then began to bring his exploring hand back up to my legs this time on the inside of my legs and thigh and before to long he was actually cupping my pussy mound in the palm of his hand.

I slid into memory I dreamed about being carressed by him this exact thing before. He also notice that I did not wear pantie but was infact.I was wearing hose being held in place by a garter belt.

Jack was slowly rubbing the outside of my pussy up and down the length of my hairless pussy and he was surprised that he felt my hand down next to his.

I was helping my own son by gainning clear access to my warm, wet, pussy he had not been in contact with in over 14 years.

I lifted my hips up and I pulled my skirt up and exposed myself for my own son to have complete access to my pussy. I was beyond carring if someone would see them and find them, all that concerned about, was letting my son have his way with me and in doing so, I was going to receive the pleasure of having someone other than myself make me come.

I was dripping wet by the time I lift my skirt up for Jack to have complete access of my pussy. I spread my legs as far as possible I could then let him asses to my pussy and Jack once again ran is left hand up to my legs till his hand was now cupping my sweet, bare, hairless pussy in the palm of his hand.

Jack lifted up from sucking on my right breast and looked down and saw my pussy for the first time in over 14 years and noticed that I was laying with hairless cleared save pussy.

Jack was awe struck at the sight of finally being able to once again look at his lovable mother’s pussy.

Jack Moaned out.”Ohhhhhhh! mother! Ohhhhhh God!you are absolutely beautiful!”

Jack then began to run his hand and fingers up my hairless pussy and back down again. He was actually petting my pussy like he would pet a dog or cat.

He enjoyed the texture and feel of my soft, fine, hairless pussy.

He was also impressesd to see that I had a pair of pussy lips that stuck out about ½ inch and they were parted and shaped like a beautiful orchid flower in full bloomed.

He then slide his finger down my slit and past my parted pussy lips and felt the moisture and heat of my exposed sex before him.

He then brought his fingers back up along my lips and slit and was impressed by my slickness and heat remananting from my pussy.

I was moaning almost non stop now czech streets porno and I was even beginning to lift my hips up, so that his finger would press down on my exposed pussy and clit more forcefully.

Jack then guided his middle finger down between my small, parted, pussy lips and inserted his middle finger up into my pussy.

He was amazed and impressed by how wet and warm I was on the inside and as he slid his middle finger deeper and deeper up into my pussy, his mind was over loaded with all fo the old memories of them together i.e Tina and himself as incestous lovers.

He remembered things that they did to each other and together as son/step mother incestous lovers and solemates.

Jack moved his head back up to my face and planted feverish french kiss on my lips and in my mouth as he began to finger fuck my pussy just like he did at airport parking lot. He was turned on like never before, because now he had me once again, in lovers embrance.

I was coming almost non-stop as Jack plunged his middle finger up into my super heated pussy. I was now bucking up to meet his plunging finger and as he withdrew his finger from my velvet pussy I would squeeze my pussy muscles as though to keep his finger deep within my warm,wet, pit of passion.

I was also moaning in time to his thrusts into my pussy and I would wriggle my hips from side to side at times. Jack would have come in his pants, but he was more interested in making me come as hard and as long as possible.

He was overjoyed that he had finally got me alone after 14 years of seperation and he was not about to let me go until he had made my come big time.

I was beyond caring for any one know about mother and sons engage the ultimate act of love. I had only one thing in my mind also and that was totaly surrender to my big son and let him bring me off, like only he knew how.

I was really pleased that even after 14 years Jack was more than just interested in making love to me.

He had attacked me and almost forced himself on me, but I was not about to complain, because this was what I really needed at this moment and that was to feel the embrace of a lover, who would take me as I am.

I was almost about comming none stop now and I was completely lost in my sexual release.

“Ohhhhhhhhh Jack fuck me faster , Ohhhhh God I am soooooooo close, make me come, Fuck me faster I am comiiiiiiiiing, please Jack make me come”

He was throughly pleased to see me like this exotic.

He whispered to me, “mom you are my slave show me that you can obey me and ready to do any thing I wanted to do with you,”

“Yes, I am your slave, do what you want to do with me but please OOOOOOH! Gooood! Make me come I will do any thing for you I promise, OooH! God Please make me come please…. Im so cloooooosed”

“No mom, you are not going to come now you have to hold your come till we reach home do you understand, and you will come with me when I will fuck you with my huge cock, till then you must not come”

“Please let me come once, please son, Oh…….God…..aaaaaahhhhhhhh, leeeeeeet meeeee coooooome” I whimper under his assault.

“Tell me Mom are you going to do what I tell you to do or I leave you.” He blackmailed me.

“No! don’t leave me Son Ohhhhhhh God!…..aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh,”

I squeeze my inner muscle of my pussy, to prevent my self from coming.

Suddenly he removed his finger and pulled his bag out from the back and he remove two sex toys. It was a Butterfly and a Vibrator.

Butterfly is moulded to fit a woman’s pussy, pushing lips open and rubs against women’s clits. It is held in place by small straps worn under the woman’s clothing, the batteries and speed control are in a small handset attached to the vibrator by 3=feet of wire.

The other instrument was butt plug, which was also the same, but it also has a rubber bulb and valve attachment so the plug can be inflated to five times its normal size. And a nice sporty little ‘bum bag’, a small hole in the back and all control could be hidden from sight.

“Mom kneel down and lift your ass for me to put this beautiful gift which I have specially bought for you, infact for your hairless cunt and tight ass hole.”

He made me kneel with my skirt up to my waist, and then he attached a Butterfly and fitted to pussy, pushing my lips open and base touch my clit and pulled the wire out from my waist and attached Butterfly strap aroung my waist.

“Now bend down, little, I wanted to shove this up your ass.”

Then he made me bend and slowly inserted Butt plug up my ass and then made me wear halter top like before and sporty little ‘bum bag’ to my waist.

Now I underastood exactly what he had in his mind. He explained about the ‘bum bag’.

He unzipped the ‘BB’ and all the handsets were there. He turned on the butt plug, I gave a little squeal of delilght as my ass started to vibrate.

He then tried the Butterfly, I let out a groan and lent against the seat, pressing my legs czech super models porno together in an attempt to fight of the heat growing in my pussy. I straighten my clothes as the shopping mall approached.

“Mom I think you will do what I tell you to do”

“yeeeeees! Sooooon! I w….ill do what you tell me to do.”

“what you will do Mom.”

“I will not come till you tell me to come.”

“This should be fun!” He said “lets go.”

He asked the driver to park the car in parking lot.

He made me walk down the main street, where he stopped me and put the butt plug on full power, I let out a soft groan, and we continues to window shopping

“Look at your tits Mom”

I looked down, my nipples were trying to push through the halters fabrics.

We went into a department store and started looking for the sexiest outfits.

He unzipped the ‘BB’. I looked horrified but I knew better than to say no. He pumped up the butt plug to double its size. I bit my lips as my ass was stratched from the inside. Then he waited until an assistant was nearby and turned on the Butterfly. I let out a loud groan and lent against him.

“Mom, are you alright, I think you are sick” He shouted.

My tits pulling open blouse, and my nipples were in full view.. I didn’t care, I just let out another groan as the assistance just stare at my hard nipples.

“Please son turn off, please I’m so near” I pleaded him.

“You have to hold your come, you have to come when my cock will digging in your pussy”.

He slid his hand into my halter and gave my nipple a sharp twist. I screamed aloud.

He made story about allergy and something in the air and left the store. As we continued to walk I regained my composure and started to control the throb between my legs. He cheerfully explained.

“Mom this Butterfly was only on quarter power and I would be using full before we reach home.”

“I am so clooooooooosed, pleeeeeease let me come son, please let me come, Ohhhhhhh Goooood I am so cloooooooooose, I cannnnnnot hold myself, I wanted toooooo, comeeeee, Ooooooooh, Goooood.” I groaned to him.

“Hold yourself and you will be rewarded from with my huge cock you were dreaming since last 4 years, so hold, and if you come I will leave you like this and go back to my home, do you understand, you slutty mom.”

I just moaned in reply.


I saw the pain in her eyes, she was pleading me to shut off the machine.

“Time to adjust your butt plug, Mom, this is just a beginning.” I said grinning.

I looked in her eyes and started pumping the vibrator up her ass. It was three times its size by now, it was time for it to start hurting. I kept pumping, she let out a whimper as it started to hurt. I kept my pressure on her butt.

“It’s spliiiiittttting me in two” mom gasped, “I can feel stretching, Ooooooooh Gooood, it’s so, so big,” she again pleaded me, tear rolling out of her eyes.

I gave two more pumps and stopped. Nancy was walking carefully now. But she soon learned to accommodate the extra large plug, and we kept going.

We entered the exotic shop which sale exotic material, including dildo of different size, some bondage material, thin rope, paddle, ridding crops, and sexy lingerie, stocking and leather dresses.

“Our final port of call” I announced, “you better get ready now, mom dear.” I smiled at her.

“Where are we going?” she asked with faint smile.

I looked in her eyes, I shouted at her, “what do you thing we have come here for, do you think that I have come here just to enjoy, you bitch”

“Please, son don’t get angry on me I beg you son.” She pleaded.

“You asked so I will tell you, Mom dear, we are going to Victoria’s Sex shop,” I said grinning.

“I am going to buy something special for you, and I hope you will love it,” saying that, I moved my hand up her ass and squeeze her bum, she whimpered but she didn’t object it.

I moved my other hand up her halter and roughly squeezed her tits and pinched her nipples with my forefingers.

Mom groaned, she was loving the humiliation I was doing to her.

Victoria’s is an old stores with an old fashion spiral staircase leading to the department which have lot’s of bondage stuff.

I asked, “Mom stop.”

Mom knew what was about to happen. I took out the Butterfly control! Mom let out a small sigh as realized her fate, and she closed her eyes.

Full Power I ignited the machine. Mom grabbed the handrail with one hand, and with other she tried to hold her pussy Butterfly.

She did not know what to do, she began gyrating her hips, fucking the empty air.

“Oooooooh Gooooood, I can’t hold please son let me come, I beg you, I will do anything to make you happy, please JACK, I beg you” she started pleading to me.

“No Mom you have promised me you will not come so you will use all your strength to stop cuming do you understand, I can only permit you to come up slowly that’s all, you can take your time but you cannot cum if you do so you will be punished, so be careful.”

“Thank you son for permitting me to take my time to come up. I promise I will not come, but promise you will fuck me real good.”

“Ofcourse, Mom, I too, want to taste your pussy, see how hard I am,” I placed her hand on my cock, she squeezed it slightly.

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