Sex in a Bottle Ch. 03

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We continue with Alex and Gina still in Wonderland. Oh what surprises are they in for!

I hope you like this installment. It was a blast to write.


Tea for Three:

I found myself sitting at the head of a very long table out in the middle of nowhere. A heavily stained white cloth, I am assuming it was originally white, covered the dark stained wood. Scattered about like fallen soldiers after a terrible battle were tea pots, cups, saucers and silverware, I was myself and no one else for the moment. There was no sign of Ginger anywhere and so I sat back and waited.

I looked around and saw some of the fantastical flora and fauna of Wonderland. The pussy willows were in full bloom and dripping nectar like a two dollar whore on nickel night. The flowers came in all shapes and sizes and I had never seen so many slits in my entire life. I stood up and thought maybe to go and seek her out but what if she came here and we missed each other? What a disaster that would be. So I returned to my high backed chair and poured myself a cup of tea.

“Ahem,” called out a soft squeaky voice. “Hatter, don’t be a pig do share will you.”

I leaned down and sitting next to me on my left was a small mouse, the normal size and not a rat to be sure.

“Yes Hatter, do pour for all of us if you please,” asked a voice to my right.

There to my right sat a handsome young hare with blue eyes and blonde locks.

“I do believe I am going mad,” I said to myself and the others began to laugh.

“Going… mad… ooh that’s a good one Hatter,” the door mouse giggled delighted with me.

Now I noticed a very feminine very Irish brogue in her voice.

“Hatter my dear chap,” added the March Hare in her Londoner’s accent. “You’ve been mad for years!”

“Why so glum chum,” the mouse asked.

“I think he needs to cum some,” the hare offered.

“I do believe you’ve hit the cock on the head, so to speak,” the mouse agreed.

So as I poured the others a cup of tea I saw the Door Mouse reach into a leather pouch and sprinkle something in each of our teas.

“That’ll fix us all up,” she said with a wink.

“Drink up Hatter,” the March Hare said.

“Yes drink up.”

Seeing no reason not to I took a healthy swig of tea and set my cup down still wondering what was taking mom so damn long. Those thoughts were derailed suddenly as a deliciously naughty sensation crept into my big toe.

“Oh I say something is happening to my toe,” I called out.

“Wait for it,” the Door Mouse crooned.

The feeling moved from my toe to my entire foot growing as it went. Then like some slithering thing it crept upwards to my ankle, then to my calf and with a lunge into my knee. I was so startled I banged that knee into the table swearing a blue streak but that was cut off as the tingly heat slithered from my knee to my thigh and from there to my cock. I cried out as the buttons restraining my raging manhood pinged off wood, porcelain and glass.

“What the hell is going on with my cock?”

“NOW,” cried the pair of female deviants as they pounced taking me and the chair to the ground.

I blinked a few times to clear my head and there sitting on my chest was the Door Mouse but mouse no longer. She had become a brown haired brown eyed hormone demon, a cock hungry teenager in other words.

“Hello Hatter,” she moaned as she took my hat and placed it on her head. “For safe keeping don’t want it getting damaged in the brouhaha. Now be a love and lick my honey hole.”

She was so slight in height and build it took nothing to lift her by her hips and place her pussy where it belonged. As I began to lap at her nectar and the soft petals of her sex the March Hare was not being idle. The curvaceous blonde who now looked more like Miss March than the March Hare was lowering her eager mouth down to my cock that had swollen to prodigious size.

“Oh Hatter,” moaned Mouse softly. “I have missed your oral skills so very much.”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM,” moaned Hare with my cock half way down her throat.

“You know it’s impolite to speak with your throat full,” giggled Mouse. “Now shut up and suck his cock.”

Mouse was now grinding her pussy against my face as Hare’s head was bobbing up and down now. I was moaning right along with Mouse as the talented mouth pleasured me. My hands found Mouse’s ass cheeks and I began kneading them as my tongue found her clit and the quiet brown mouse was gone now.

“Ooh yeah lick my clitty! That’s it fucker… make me cum!”

I wondered how she would react with my cock buried deep inside of her. Hare hearing Mouse roaring at me changed tactics and her mouth went away only to be replaced by her snug rabbit hole. Soon she was bouncing up and down on me and her cries were mingling with Mouse’s.

“His cock is so big,” Hare cried out. “It’s filling my little rabbit hole so very much!”

Mouse wanting to see spun around and was now facing Hare as she rode me in quick short thrusts of her hips. I felt Mouse stretch and then her tongue czech harem porno was lapping at the base of my cock as Hare continued her ride. Taking advantage of this new situation I eased two fingers, which barely fit, into Mouse’s pussy and began to finger fuck the petite cock slut.

“UNN UNNN UNNNN UNNN UNN UNN UNNNNU NNN,” Mouse cried out as my fingers violated her over and over again.

“I’m gonna… I’m gonna…” Hare was panting as her tight little rabbit hole became tighter still. “Gonna CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM,” she screamed as she climaxed.

“Shit Hare are you trying to squeeze my dick off?”

“Maybe…” she moaned as she eased off of my erection.

“MY TURN,” Mouse bellowed.

I was able to lift my head as Mouse straddled my cock and I saw a definite logistics problem. There was no way her tiny pussy was going to be able to… well I’ll be damned! Not to be denied cock when it was so close no matter how large Mouse took me in hand and managed to stuff the tip inside of her pussy. Panting and sweating profusely she bent her knees and let her body weight and gravity does the rest. It was like watching a Mouse eat a python as the shaft followed the head.

“FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK,” Mouse cried out as half my dick penetrated her.

“Maybe we could,” I tried to offer but she glared at me with a look that said shut the fuck up I am going to do this.

I was expecting to see her belly bulge with the outline of my cock but somehow she managed to take every last inch of me into her.

“Damn Mouse,” was all I could say.

“So full… my pussy is stretch so damn much… but I did it…!”

“Tightest pussy ever…” I managed through clenched teeth.

Then she began to lift and drop her hips. Oh damn I was not going to last long with her pussy gripping me like it was. It was not long at all before I felt the first tingling of a massive orgasm. When I managed to look up at Mouse and her face lit up like a kid’s on Christmas day I knew she was going to cum soon too.

“Come on Mouse fuck me,” I urged her on.

“Are you going to shoot inside of me Hatter?”

“If that’s what you want,” I said.

“Oh yes… I want to feel that so damn bad,” she purred.

“Then you better ride me and good.”

“Here… I… go…” she said as she leaned forward and began to bounce up and down on me.

“Oh SHIT… oh shit… oh shit…” I was panting and fighting the urge to cum with all my might.

“Oh my god he’s getting bigger Hare… he’s so damn close what do I do?”

“Fuck him Mouse… fuck him hard… are you close?”

“UH HUHHHHHHHHHH real close… he’s stretching my little pussy so damn much… I can’t hold off much longer…”

Hare reached down and grabbed Mouse’s hips and began to lift and drop her onto me.

“LIKE THIS…” Hare moaned in Mouse’s ear as she rammed the tiny gal’s hips down hard.

“Almost there…” I called out. “I can’t fight it anymore!”

“ONE MORE TIME…” Mouse squeaked.

Hare lifted Mouse’s hips up high until only the head of my cock remained. Then she used her body weight and drove Mouse down onto me and we screamed together as my cock swelled and shot deep in her and her tiny pussy squeezed me like a fucking vice. Our mingled cum oozed from Mouse’s pussy and painted my groin and the ground beneath us. Panting and wheezing I held Mouse close and Hare sat next to us smiling at a job well done.

“That was…” I began.

“…fucking amazing,” Mouse completed.

“Tell me about it… I think I came just watching you three,” said a new voice.

We all looked up and there laying prone on the table was a red headed Alice.

“Hello Alice,” Mouse squealed.

“Alice,” greeted Hare.

“MMMMMMMMMMM about damn time you got here,” I said still smiling.

“I was delightfully delayed by a pair of naughty twins calling themselves Dee and Dum.”

“Did they take advantage of you,” I asked.

“YES, yes they did,” Ginger replied grinning like, well like Cheshire.

“Tell me all about it and don’t leave a single detail out,” I said.

“Well it was like this…”

Dee and Dum and tons of Cum:

Ginger found herself walking in a dark forest. The trees loomed close and she had the feeling as if she was being watched, and she was. Two pairs of gleaming eyes followed her every move and they plotted against her as she headed for the cross road. But alas she would never get that far.

One moment she was following the path the next she was laying on her back unable to move, to see or even to speak. Ginger learned later that she was strapped to the dreaded Wheel of Depravity while wearing a blindfold and a ball gag. All of this thanks to the deviant twins Dee and Dum. There were giggles and then her world was spinning as she heard these terrible words.

“Wheel of Depravity, spin spin spin… what sick shit should we begin,” chanted the twins.

The spinning motion slowed and with a cry she heard…

“It landed on Dyksukkalikkalikkagulpanalinguspinchusnippasdubbletrubblebouncyflouncy,” czech mega swingers porno said Dee.

“What the hell does that mean,” Dum asked.

“We must consult…” Dee replied.

“THE BOOK OF SEX!!!” they said together.

There came the blare of horns and the sound of footfalls that grew closer and closer.

“It’s the White Rabbit,” Dee gasped.

“He carries the Book,” Dum added.

Ginger could here someone clearing their throat and then a smooth cultured voice spoke.

“I shall spake of the deeper mysteries of the Libram Eroticum. What is spaketh is hallowed and true so listen up. When the Great Wheel landeth upon the sign of Dyksukkalikkalikkagulpanalinguspinchusnippasdubbletrubblebouncyflouncy though shall need the following… ahem… a willing sucker of cocks, dost thou have a willing sucker of cocks?”

The blindfold was snatched away along with the ball gag and a handsome young man stuck his face close to Ginger’s.

“Do you suck cocks?”

“Yep,” she replied.

“Check,” said Dum.

“Is she a willing sucker of cocks… well is she?” the White Rabbit asked.

All eyes were on Ginger and she gave a nod.

“Very well then,” the Rabbit said before continuing. “Dost thou have whipped cream under the pressure of nitrous?”

Dee held up a can of whipped cream.

“Alrighty then, dost thou have little metal tongs?”

Dum held up salad tongs.

“Eh they’ll do. You need one bowl of marshamellows…”

“Regular or the itty bitty ones for hot cocoa,” Dee asked.

“Hmm… it doesn’t say let me have a look. It sayeth here that after you ram your cock up her arse to stuff marshamellows in her craw to keep her quiet. I’d go with the regular ones I think.”

“We need an official ruling,” Dum said and everyone looked to three men in black and white who consulted and then held up a green flag. “Right then the regular ones … Check.”

“That is what you require shall we begin,” the White Rabbit asked. “Release the wench!”

“Release the Wench,” went up the cry.

Ginger was untied and brought to her knees before the twins. Though to look them in the face they were damn near identical but below the waist it was like night and day. The one called Dee possessed a cock of great length and reasonable girth that any woman would be delighted to fuck or suck. However the one called Dum had been gifted with a monster of a cock though barely nine inches long while soft the head and thickness were the stuff of nightmares.

“Prepare for the coin toss,” the White Rabbit said. “Dee thou art the elder twin so thou shall call it in the air. One side has a pretty young thing sucking cock, we’ll call that heads and the other side has her getting her ass fucked we’ll call that tails, okay?”

“‘Kay,” Dee said grinning as the Rabbit flicked the coin into the air.

As the coin spun it gave off two sounds one was a sort of ‘MMMMMMMM’ sound and the other was a ‘UNNNNNNNN’ grunting noise. So as it spun all there could hear…


“Call it!”


The coin landed in the Rabbits paw and when he revealed it the coin sighed… ‘MMMMMMMM’

“Heads it is! Thou have won the toss will thou give or receive?”

“I’ll receive,” Dee said with a grin.

“Alright bring the slut up… I mean the wench. Start sucking cock whore!” the Rabbit ordered.

Ginger popped her jaw, licked her lips and took Dee in her fist and began to stroke him to an extra hard erection.

“Stroke… stroke… stroke…” said the crowd.

Ginger spat a few times on the shaft to get it nice and slick. Soon enough he was growing stiff in her grip.

“OOHHHHHHHHH,” cried the observers.

Dum waited patiently his own organ growing as he watched his brother get a delicious handjob. Once Dee was prepped and ready, Ginger started by flickering her tongue over the head of his aching cock.

“OOH that’s lovely,” Dee moaned.

“Isn’t it, wait until it’s tickling the back of my throat,” Ginger said.

“I can’t wait,” Dee said licking his lips in anticipation.

Ginger swirled her tongue around the head before she began to take him inch by inch down her throat.

“Suck… suck… suck…” called the crowd.

Dee being a good boy slid his fingers into her hair and slowly thrust his hips forward and back now. Ginger relaxed and let him fuck her throat in nice easy thrusts.

“Dum are you ready to begin,” the White Rabbit asked.

“Oh hell yeah,” was his only reply.

“It is time for the anal lickus,” Rabbit said. “According to the Libram Eroticus you must alternate the licking with subtle probing with the index finger to check for readiness of injection.”

Ginger squealed when the twin’s tongue began to flicker her puckered little ass hole.

“UNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN,” Ginger moaned as the pleasure from both ends began to intensify.

As prescribed by the Libram Eroticus Dum would czech pool porno every so often tap her sensitive sphincter with the tip of his index finger. So her attention was switching between the cock down her throat that was beginning to swell and the tongue teasing her backside so nicely. Ginger began to apply suction to Dee’s cock now eager to taste his cum as it shot down her throat.

“UNNNNNNNNNNNN damn girl,” Dee moaned as he got closer and closer to coming.

The more his cock swelled the more Ginger sucked, licked and teased him. Dum was not idle and had grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled them apart and was tonguing her ass hole for all he was worth. To her surprise and delight she felt her own orgasm building by the moment. Ginger was moaning loudly around Dee’s cock as she made love to it and he was announcing to everyone within earshot and line of sight what a gifted cock sucker the red head was. His cock swelled all the more now and he was moments away from giving her what she had been begging for since this whole thing began, a huge load down her greedy little throat. Taking over from Dee, Ginger literally took things in hand and began to stroke him off as she formed a tight seal with her lips around the head of his cock.

“Aw fuck love I don’t know how much more I can stand,” Dee cried out.

Ginger never said a word she just squeezed his cock now as she stroked him and sucked even harder now. He was cursing now as the last of his resistance fell and with a demonic howl his cock spurted and she was rewarded for all her ‘hard’ work.

“Damn tasty Dee,” she said once she had licked him clean.

“Are you ready for me cock whore,” Dum asked from behind her.

“Baby I was born ready.”

“As prescribed by the Libram Eroticus… the whip cream,” the White Rabbit said with a wicked smile.

“Oh that sounds yummy,” Ginger moaned. “So where are you going to spray it?”

Dum just chuckled as he shook the can and inserted the nozzle up her well prepared asshole and pushed the tip to the side.

“OI!!! What the fuck is your malfunction dumbass!!!!”

“Just as the book says,” Dum whispered in her ear. “Oh you may want to start begging now.”

“Why is that?”

She felt the enormous tip of his cock as it began to open up her lubed and creamed sphincter.

“NO fucking way that is going to… fit…” she squealed.

“Marshamellow time,” the Rabbit said and it was Dee who did the honors.

“Aw shut the fuck up bitch,” he said as he stuffed her mouth with pillowy goodness.

With an almost audible ‘POP’ the head of Dum’s cock slid into her ass.

“NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN,” she protested but to no avail her ass belonged to Dum.

The shaft soon followed the head and Ginger’s eyes widened just before they rolled up in her head. All this wailing and writhing had gotten dear old Dee hard as a fucking rock, the sick bastard. He shoved his entire cock into her pussy and the double trouble began. The twins thrust in perfect unison and were fucking both holes with great enthusiasm.

“MMMM MMMMM MMMMMMM MMMMMMM MMMMMMM MMMMMMMM,” Ginger was moaning in time with each powerful thrust of their young hips.

“I think she likes it brother of mine,” Dee said.

“Indeed, shall we bouncy flouncy her,” Dum asked.

“Oh yes… vigorously…” Dee replied.

The twins took to their feet impaling both of her holes as they rose and Ginger was forced to wrap her legs around Dee’s waist to keep from dying, or so she believed. Dee and Dun grabbed their cockslut by the hips and ass and began to lift and drop her on their cocks.

“Bouncy Flouncy…” they cried out together.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM,” Ginger moaned in a mixture of pleasure and pain.

“OH WHAT FUN,” the twins giggled to one another.

“Fuck her… fuck her…” chanted the crowd.

“I do love an audience,” Dee said.

“Let’s give ’em a show shall we,” Dum returned.

“OOH let’s,” Dee grinned.

They began to toss her a little higher now and her cries got louder now as the force of impact grew. Ginger clung to Dee as she felt her body stiffen and a spray of marshamellows spewed from her mouth as she came. But oh the twins were just warming up. The pounding she would receive would be legend even in Wonderland. Higher and higher the twins tossed her and her holes took such a punishing that she would walk funny for a year or more, or so she believed. Ginger’s cries mingled with the twin’s insane giggling and all the while the audience watched and pleasured themselves at her expense. This was her wish after all and she was going to get the most out of it.

“Amateurs,” she said through gritted teeth.

“Did you hear something brother,” Dee asked as they tossed her higher still.

“I do believe she was begging for more altitude,” Dum replied.

“Bunch of punk ass bitches,” Ginger groaned.

The twins snarled as they through her so high only the very tip of their cocks remained inside of her.

“Take that cock whore,” Dee growled as he thrust his hips upward as she dropped.

“And that,” Dum added mirroring his brother.

“UNNNNNNNNNNNNN,” Ginger moaned. “Not bad but have had better.”

The crowd became silent as the banter only got nastier from then on.

“Oh REALLY,” Dee said with an absolute demonic grin.

“Flip-n-Dip,” Dum suggested.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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