Sex Club for Nerds and Geeks Ch. 17

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Self Shot

It was probably fifteen minutes later when I woke. She was still in the crook of my arm, snoring softly.

It had been her first time, a choice she’d made even as she pined for the boy-next-door back in Arkansas who had no clue how she felt about him. Now she was here, in a summer academic program more than a thousand miles away, trying to balance that yearning against an urgent sexual need for somebody she barely knew.


She stirred, looked around, then remembered where she was and why she was here.

“We did it, didn’t we?” she perked.

“And did it well,” I said, kissing her. Jen grinned and kissed me back.

“And now,” I said, stretching, “it’s on with the rest of our lives. Which means we hit the bathroom.”

I stood and offered my hand. She took it and swung herself upright. As I flipped the bedroom door open, she glanced back and saw the bloody spot on the sheet.


“Us, lover, us. You could’ve done it without me, but you didn’t. C’mon, let’s pee.” I stood at the toilet and loosed a stream, then grabbed a washcloth, ran it through the warm water, and knelt before her.

“What, wha—” she stammered as I reached to wipe her off.

“Cleanup. Didn’t you feel this trickling down your leg as you walked in here?” I caught the cum that had dribbled to her knee with my middle finger and extended it to her. She looked first at it, then down, and her ears turned red.

“God I love this sight,” I said as I drew a figure 8 on her belly with the cum. I swabbed each leg and into her bush. “It’s the sign of a great fuck.”

“That’s the word you like to use?”

“Yes. Overuse’s made it coarse, but there’s nothing more direct. I think the others are just euphemisms. You have any preferences?”

“I’ve always thought about Jake and me ‘making love.’ Would that be okay?”

“Sure,” and I stood and rinsed the cloth. “Now me.” She started in on my cock.

“There’s, uh, some blood on your, uh, penis,” she blushed.

“Proves I participated back there, right?” She giggled, then rinsed the cloth and hung it over the shower rod.

“You need to pee?”

“Oh, well, uh, yeah, but, uh . . . ,” she stammered.

“Okay, go to it, I’ll go get the sheet.” When I came back, the door was closed. I knocked. “Who is it?” said a high-pitched, comedic voice.

“Naked inspector.”

She had actually locked the door, but opened it just enough to peek out. “Oh my, you are naked, inspector.”

I laughed and she threw open the door. “And so are you, and you’re beautiful.” She grinned shyly, so I kissed her and she kissed me back.

I ran cold water on the bloody spot, then knuckle-scrubbed the blood and cum until I got the sheet as clean as it was going to get. It joined the washcloth.

We walked back to the bedroom hand-in-hand and re-made the bed with a fresh bottom sheet. When we were done, I led her to my desk and handed her the tall candle, which had burned halfway down.

“Our first time is done, we’re moving on,” I intoned. “With this candle we will light¬¬ a larger one.” I led her to my dresser, where the big stubby was. “This candle represents the next stage.

“The first time leads to the second time, and all the times to follow.” Jen lit the wick of the bigger candle.

“We’ve started on the journey, so extinguish our first candle.” She held her index finger in front of the flame and blew softly. The flame instantly disappeared.

“What was that?” I asked, amazed.

“Dad doesn’t like wax all over the place when you blow out a candle. He taught me how to blow out a flame without splattering the wax. Neat, eh?”

We slipped into bed.

“That was wonderful, Jen. You know that, right?”

“Oh Carl, I have so many questions. Do you mind?”

“No, I love it. Shoot.”

“Okay. First of all, I didn’t feel you breaking my hymen. There must have been one, I saw the blood, but I didn’t feel it. What happened?”

“One of the reasons I went down on you — I mean, aside from the fact that I wanted to eat you — is that, when you’re having an orgasm, you’re so overwhelmed that anything additional don’t register.”

“Sensory overload,” she said.

“Right. So when I pushed into you, you didn’t feel it in anything like the way you would have if it was a separate experience. You weren’t all tense and anxious, it just happened. And, I must say,” I grinned, self-congratulatorially, “I got the timing pretty good.”

“Oh, yeah, I didn’t feel any pain, that’s for sure. It’s just that, all of a sudden, you were there. Wow, pretty smart,” and she kissed me.

“Do you do that with all your virgin girlfriends?”

“Foreplay is important,” I said. “Whether it’s your first time or thousandeth time, first-time lovers are anxious about what will happen. ‘Will she think I’m any good?’ ‘Does he think I’m easy?’

“For a girl, there’s additional stress, the anticipation of pain. Doing it this way, you weren’t tensed up, so it went easily. When you finished your orgasm, there I was, and you were ready for your first fuck.

“In fact,” now I was kartal escort bayan in full pontificating mode, but I was sincere, “I don’t like to cum until after you’ve cum. When we both know what we’re doing with each other, we work together to make each other cum. It’s heaven that way.”

“But I didn’t have any idea what I was doing.”

“How could you? That’s why everybody’s first time has to be gotten out of the way. Once I was in you, then we worked together to get you a second orgasm and a first one for me. God, it was glorious,” and we kissed again.

“You use the word ‘cum.’ That’s ‘ejaculate,’ right?”

“Well, when either one of us has an orgasm, we ‘come,’ c-o-m-e. For boys, the physical stuff, sperm and semen, is ‘cum.’ I deposit my cum in you, ‘c-u-m.’ But when I get excited, it’s all the same. Personally, I use ‘cum’ as a noun and a verb.”


“And proud of it,” I smirked.

“And ‘fuck’?”

“Well, leaving aside its overuse as an adverb or adjective, like WTF and ‘fucking idiot,’ I like ‘fuck’ — it’s just plain descriptive. There are all sorts of other ways to describe it. Like you like ‘making love,’ which is gauzier.

“I don’t like to use it all the time. If I were trying to seduce you on the dance floor, I’d more likely say ‘would you like to go back to my place and make love?’ than I would ‘wanna go back to my place and fuck?’

“But when we’re really going at it, ‘FUCK ME!’ kicks my motor into overdrive. You asked if ‘making love’ was okay, and the answer is, yeah, sure, of course. Just don’t be shy about using ‘fuck’ at the right time. It’s a real turn on.”

“What do you call your penis?”


“When it slid out of me, you said something like ‘good by little man.’ Is that what you call it? Or do you say johnson, pecker, prick, steel rod — when you think about it, what do you call it?”

“Oh, uh, I never really thought about it. It’s just my cock. Yeah, cock. Is that okay?”

“Oh sure, yeah. I just want to be on the same page with you.”

“Alright,” I said, “and what shall we call your pussy?”

“How about ‘here kitty-kitty-kitty’?” she deadpanned.

“Maybe not. Too long. Pick a word with one or two syllables, one that your friends will understand when you talk about it.”

“You’re planning on telling other people about us?” I think she was teasing me.

“Oh, no, no. Sorry. I mean, when you discuss sex with your friends. I mean —”

“Yeah, I get it. Alright, pussy it is.”

She changed the subject. “Are you really going to spend from now till Monday morning in bed with me?”

“If you’ll stay, we’ll fuck till we’re too sore or I just can’t muster an erection, and then I’ll wear you out with my tongue. If, on the other hand, you want to stop, or leave, you can, any time, just say so.”

“That’s pretty generous of you,” she said dryly.

“I like you, you’re really verbal, and you have a fantastic body. And somehow you’ve touched me where I’ve never been touched, so I’m very grateful, and I want more. I’m gonna hang on to you for as long as I can.”

“Y’all’re putting me on a pedestal, just like Jake. I didn’t do anything I wouldn’t do for anybody else, I swear.”

“Doesn’t matter. Maybe we won’t reach that point again, I don’t know. Maybe it’s going to just be fuck, screw, suck, cum, whatever, till Monday morning, then away we go. Tell you the truth, I don’t know. I don’t want it to happen on some sort of schedule, and I’m sort of apprehensive about how much further I’ll get into myself, but I’m willing to try.

“Hey, tell me,” I said, shifting gears, “what’s this pedestal thing that Jake has for you?”

“Later. Right now I’m asking the questions.”

“Oh, okay, sorry. Keep going.”

“Am I a good lay?”

“You are a raging cauldron of sexual energy.” I kissed her, hard, and she kissed back. “You wanted it, didn’t hold back, and caught on fast.

“I think most of the girls in the club see me as one of their ‘two-fucks-a-night-twice-in-a-week’ guy. I don’t think they really care who the cock is attached to. There are some guys they like more than others, and they’re experienced enough to stroke my ego, but I’m a weekday-night roll in the hay.

“When I started out, that was fine with me. But I’ve gotten to like some of them, so a night with them means something to me. I’m just afraid none of them feel that way about me.

“Still,” I brightened, “the club’s given me the confidence to move on, so I’ll find someone, I know it.”

“I repeat, am I good in bed?”

“Right now? You’re a raw rookie. Enthusiastic, don’t hold back, hot to trot. We’re gonna develop your stamina and inventiveness. But you sure have the basics down.”

My cock had been hardening as Jen had led the conversation. I looked over and saw she was running her tongue across her lips.

“Kiss me, turn me on, no hands,” I ordered.

“No fair! I don’t know that stuff,” she whined.

“Points off for whining. Let’s try —”

“No! Lemme think.” I could almost see the wheels turning. “Alright, escort maltepe I get it. I’ll kiss this. Now, no cumming,” she ordered, and she bent over and kissed my shaft, on the side.

“Points off for evasion of the obvious,” I said quickly.

“Whaddya mean? Y’all wanted me to kiss it before.”

“There’s a whole world of my body to explore, don’t go where you’ve been before.”

“That’s not fair! Y’all can’t be judge and jury!” she whined, clearly frustrated.

“You want a hint? It’ll be points off because I had to tell you, but you can earn them back with some creativity.”

“Yeah, sure, anything to get this moving.” If she’d been standing she would have stamped her foot.

“Okay, build up to getting me so hot I can’t stand it. Make me your slave by fucking my ear.”


“Remember when we first went to bed? I kissed you under your ear, then down your neck. The area around the ear is an erogenous zone — from the Greek, ‘eros’ meaning love, and ‘genous’ meaning —”

“Shut UP!” she said, and smacked my arm. “I know what it means!”

She shifted and moved her mouth to my ear.

“No rush Jen, play with it, make me want it.”


“Rim it, lick it, use your tongue, your lips, in and out maybe, be creative.”

And for the next five minutes Jen worked her way around my left ear, kissing and tonguing it. When she found how sensitive my earlobe was, she sighed with relief. She elicited a couple of shivers from me and giggled in triumph. When she stuck her tongue deep inside, without warning, I squealed and shot toward the ceiling.


“No fair! You read it in a book!”

“Did not! Anyway, I scored. Whadda I get?”

“You get to move further down my body. Make me beg you.”

“Bullshit! At this rate it’ll be Monday morning before I get fucked again.”

“Bingo! You said the magic word!” I rolled over to her and stuffed my tongue into her mouth. She grabbed my shoulders and we tongue-wrestled.

When we broke for air, I flipped onto my back and pulled her on top.

“Okay lover, you’re going to do the fucking this time.”

“I don’t know —”

“Fucking is fucking. Cock in pussy, stroke-stroke-stroke. Only this time you’re on top, so you’re gonna do the stroking. Slide down onto my hips.” She started to move backwards but ran into my cock. “Humpff,” she muttered as she reached behind herself, pushed it down, and slid into position.

“Good. Are you hot for this?”

“Oh yeah!”

“Okay, get my cockhead good and wet, really wet.”


“Use your mouth. Or rub it in your pussy.”

“You won’t —”

“You know I won’t. Now, make me really wet.” She bent over and licked up the shaft and tentatively around the cockhead.

“Okay, now you’ve done it. Slot my cock at the front door of your pussy. Use your hands.”

Her face a map of intensity, Jen spread the forest of her bush aside and moved my cock to her opening. Her hair fell over her face as she leaned forward and it wasn’t easy for her to see what she was doing, but she got there, even if she had to push her hair back twice.


“Yes, feels like it. Oh god does it feel like it, oh yeah. Now, lift up and lower yourself onto me, slowly, use your hand to spread yourself, move till you’ve got it inside, slowly, slowly, slooowleeeee. If it hurts, stop.”

When the head was in, she stopped.

“It hurts a little. Is it okay?”

“Hurts or sore?”

“Well, yeah, sore’s more like it. That’s the hymen, right? But you broke it.”

“We sure did, but that was barely an hour ago, so you’d figure to be a little sore. Slide down slow, take as long as you need to, don’t rush it.” I stroked her thighs and drunk in her concentration as she tested herself against my cockhead.

When she got me past the sore spot, Jen broke out the grin. “You’re in, oh god, that feels so nice, I am so full of you.” She gave a little bounce.

“Okay, now what do you want to do?”

“C’mon, Carl, stop treating me like a kid. I don’t know, I wanna —” and I spasmed my cock.

“Ohhhhhh! What’s that?”

“That’s what it will feel like when you start moving around.”

She got the idea and ran with it. Starting slowly, she moved left and right, and I groaned. She moved up and I groaned some more. She didn’t know what to do with her hands so she first folded them behind her head, then set them on her hips. When she did that, she thrust her chest out and I could easily reach her breasts and tweak her nipples.

“EEEEEE! Don’t do that, I can’t concentrate!”

“Then go by instinct. Fuck me Jen, fuck me!”

“Damn right!” Now she was moving her hips aggressively and I reluctantly left off her nipples and enjoyed the scene as they flopped around.

When the orgasm hit her she threw her head back and flapped her arms, sending her hair flying. At one point I couldn’t see her face, her hair was all over it, but she didn’t care. As she started to calm, I moved in on her clit with my moistened thumb.

“No, no, don’t, please, I’m so sensitive, pendik escort please —” but I thought I could send her around again. Certainly her clit was out and she responded to my thumbing. I worked it up and down, and Jen churned on my cock, huffing and puffing, never slowing down.

She almost pulled off when the second orgasm started. I had to grab her thigh with my free hand to hold her on me. Finally, as she calmed, she slumped on my chest with my cock still hard inside her.

She folded herself into my shoulder and caressed my bandaged cheek, too spent to do anything more. When I spasmed my cock inside her, she squeezed her thighs to keep me from doing it again. It must have been ten minutes before she regained enough sense to speak.

“What was that all about?” she said through the haze.

“That was your reward for fucking my ear,” I said softly.

“All that for one erogenous zone?”

“It’s a very powerful place. From the Greek, ‘eros’ —”

“Shut up,” she whispered dreamily, “I know what it means.”

She was just drifting off when she became aware of my stiff cock.

“Hey, you’re still hard. Didn’t you cum?”


“Why not? You got me to cum twice.” She thought about it. “You got some sort of control over when you cum?”

“Yeah, I want to give you pleasure before taking my own.”

“You can do that?”

“Well, it certainly helps when your lover cums first. You,” and I patted her shoulder, “have a hair-trigger clitoris and a pussy with every nerve ending set on ‘explode.’ Want another one?”

“Not right now, I just can’t. Let me rest, I need to regroup.” She snuggled down and drifted off. I got soft and slid out.

God this is fun! Probably couldn’t make a living teaching virgins how to fuck, but you like it, don’t you? Real good for the ego. But is this all? I’m here because of how she got to me, I didn’t see the need to take on Margery’s virgin-slayer job. Julia was a special case. Still, until the right girl comes along . . . No, you know better, you have to go out and search for her, you can’t wait around like Jen is. I mean, Prince Charming lived in a castle and had need for a wife. So do you, right?


I woke up around three . Jen was still dozing, so I sat up and leaned against the headboard. She stirred, looked around, then stretched and grinned up at me. She ran her hand across my chest and down to my crusty but flaccid cock.

“I don’t know how you did it, but y’all held out on me. This time I’m going to make you cum. But you have to tell me how you did it.”


“I’m at a serious disadvantage here, what with all your experience. Y’all’ve got to be honest with me, tell me how I can catch up.”

“C’mon Jen, fucking’s a contact sport, but it’s not a competitive one. It’s an expression,” I pontificated, “of the love and respect a man and a woman have for each other.”

“Bullshit!” she shot back. “Y’all’re gonna put out for me, I’m gonna see your cum, or feel your cum, ’cause I’m gonna make you cum.”

“All right, I’ll tell you how to do it.” I kissed her and slid down onto my back.

“By the very nature of fucking, you fuck my entire cock. But in reality, only the head is sensitive. If you want me to cum, you have to concentrate on that. So when you’ve got me in you, make sure you’re working the head.”

“That’s it?”

“Not everything, but that’s the essential part. Boy secret: we’re simple creatures, the little head does way too much thinking in our lives. Take care of it, we’ll follow you anywhere.”

She wiggled her face down to my crotch, grabbed my flaccidity, and spoke directly to the head.

“Pay attention bubba. Y’all ‘n’ me are gonna get to be real good friends.” She pulled it to her lips, kissed it, then took it into her mouth and rolled her tongue over it. Satisfied, she moved back to my face.

“Okay, I think we have an understanding. Now what?”

“Well, first we’re gonna clean up. But then you’re going to give me a blowjob.”

“WHAAAAAT! Oh no I’m not. That’s gross, everyone says so. Besides, that’s not fucking.”

“Suddenly you know everything there is to know about fucking?”

“No, no, but I mean, that’s just oral sex.”

“And my eating you to an orgasm, that was ‘just’ oral sex?”

“No, no, that was really good.” The wheels were turning again. After maybe ten seconds of thought, she sighed.

“Alright, alright. What’re we gonna do?”

“By definition, from the boy’s perspective, the sex act is cock in pussy, stroke-stroke-stroke, cum gloriously. Male masturbation is boy cumming by using some other stimulus, usually his hand. There are two ways for a girl to participate: in either case, you take over the manipulation. You can do it with your hand, which is called a handjob, where I spurt into the air. Or you can make me cum by using your mouth. Of course you can combine your hand and your mouth in either one, but the distinction is where my cum goes.”

“Okay. The girls talked about ‘jerking off’ their boyfriends. Hand job?”

“Yup. Classical way of delaying a guy from pushing for sex.”

“And a blowjob?”

“Boy’s obviously getting a lot closer. I don’t know, Jen,” I said, suddenly feeling my old inadequacies bubbling up. “Until I got started with the club, I never even got close to getting either one.

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