Serendipity Ch. 20-21

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– 20 Steven comes full circle

– 21 And then there were four

Many thanks go to RF-Fast for his editing and suggestions that enhanced the story. Any bad grammar left is wholly on me and my artistic style.

LEGALESE: Don’t read this if you are underage, if it is illegal in your area, if it is offensive to you, or if you cannot distinguish fiction from reality. This is a work of fiction. All characters active are 18 years of age or older.

Copyright (c) 2014 by Acup

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20 – Steven comes full circle

I wish I could say I woke to a nice blow job, but instead I woke to the sound of back up beepers… I’m not sure the sun was even up, but it was starting to get light out. I pulled jeans and t-shirt on and stumbled down to the kitchen. There was Maria nursing Maya, a bowl of cereal waiting on milk, and a glass of milk in her hand. She handed it to me, smiled, and went back upstairs. It was still warm.

I think Maria was tickled that I enjoyed her milk. I poured most of it on my cereal, drank the rest, and dived into the bowl. Jean came stumbling down shortly after me and headed straight for the coffee pot. Even half-awake she was dressing to tease. Short shorts and a muscle t-shirt with a bright orange bikini top on underneath. A few minutes later Maria came down with the same outfit.

“Why does this look like a conspiracy?” They looked at each other, then stuck their tongues out at me, lifted their tops to shake those barely covered beauties at me, then pulled them back down and went outside. I drank the last of the milk out of my bowl, rinsed it in the sink and headed out too… smiling for some reason.

The guys were all set, and started in applying the gunite as soon as they could. After a while it was taking shape. We were all sweating pretty good, but the girls looked better doing it. Especially when we took t-shirts off! We were in a pretty good rhythm towards the end, even if I did have to put a stop to the titty trolling over the fence! Seems the audience didn’t like the rule bikini tops had to have work gloves as part of the uniform on our side of the fence. Once we had the big pool mostly done, the guys split up to do the two spas and the kiddie pool. Maria went inside to do lunch, nurse Maya, and pump again. It was amazing to see her every so often and be able to see her tits getting fuller until it wasn’t all sweat wetting her top.

About the time we shut down the gunite pump, Maria brought out cold drinks and sandwiches for everyone. The guys grabbed what they could while working in the last bit of gunite. “Hamburgers will be ready in about an hour or so.” Things were finally smoothed out and covered with burlap. The guys cleaned up as best they could, and we all sat down on the grass and ate; and groaned when we moved. I ached in places I didn’t even know I had! The guys thought it was funny, and then Miguel had to tell everyone how much trouble I had with the LIGHT end of the big sewing machine. HA HA HA!

About that time we hear a car coming down the road, but not any car, a Model T Ford! We looked up and heard the classic OOOOGAH of the old horn. IT WAS STEVEN! He pulled up and parked right in front of us. Out stepped the seventy year old man from yesterday. But instead of the slacks and shirt it was a suit, a little old and a little big, with his English driving cap and bow tie.

I got up and shook his hand and turned to the crowd. “Ladies and gentlemen, I would like you to meet our sewing machine repair man Steven.” Maria gasped and began to jump up.

Steven put a hand up to stop her. “I have a question first young lady. What was your grandmothers’ name?”

“Izzy, Grandma Izzy.”

“Are you positive?”

She nodded, and we heard Martin from behind her, “Isabella, her name was Isabella.”

Steven turned to Martin, “And that would make you Martin. I thought so, but I haven’t seen you since you were about that high.” And put his hand out waist high.”

“How do you…?”

“It’s a long story, but it’s a nice afternoon. If I could get something to sit on I think I would like to tell it. I’m sorry, but these old bones would never get up again if I sat down on the grass. And I wouldn’t want to mess up my suit.”

“Would you like something to drink?” Maria asked.

“Tea would be nice if you have it.

Maria dashed in, and came out with a dining room chair for him to sit on. He had no more sat down and she reappeared with a drink, dish towel, and cardboard box. She sat the box down, covered it with the towel, and placed his drink on it.

“Very considerate of you my dear, just like your grandmother.”

“But how…?”

He raised a finger and took a sip. “This story starts many years ago when I was about your age. I had met the love of my life, and when I asked her to marry me she actually said yes. She had her mother’s wedding dress, but I had only my scruffy pants and a few decent shirts. illegal bahis I went in search of the cheapest suit I could find and hoped it would do. I went to several stores and they just laughed me out the door. The last shop I could find, as it so happened, was having a sale. I went in and looked, but even the cheapest suit was more than I could afford.”

“Around the corner stepped this lovely Mexican woman and asked what I was looking for. I explained my plight, and she looked me up and down and then led me to the back of the shop and told me to stand still. She grabbed a suit coat from a bin and had me put it on. It was way too big, and had some cigar burns near the top button holes. I started to say something but she shushed me.”

Martin chuckled. “Ah HA!, you know what I mean don’t you Sonny boy! So I stood there while she pulled and tugged and marked, then took it off me and told me to go over to the park for an hour and then come back. That was one of the longest hours of my life. I went back in an hour and she had cut and sewed it down to fit me. The front opened up further than they used to back then, but it covers the one burn hole she couldn’t cut around. I took that suit she dug from the trash bin and got married in it.” He took another sip from his tea and then reached over and turned his lapel to show the burn mark.

Martin spit his water out and Maria nearly choked on hers. He finished his sip and let them settle down. “That is only the first part of the story. The next chapter comes several years later. I was working in a store repairing sewing machines. They sold all the other stuff up front for the ladies to make their stuff, but I was in back. I also had to watch the store when they went to lunch. One fall afternoon a beautiful Mexican lady comes in with a young man in tow. That would be you Martin.” I’ll give him this, he didn’t shower us with water again.

“She was looking to sell parts of her fancy sewing machine to buy material and food for the two of you. Your father had bought the machines a year or so earlier, but had since lost his job and was working out of town sending money back. Most of the time she could do some mending to make up the difference, but she was behind in the rent and needed to buy some material to make a dress to sell that some woman had ordered. She didn’t remember me, but I remembered what she had done for me for my wedding.”

“I had one hundred dollars in my pocket. The last of what I needed to buy old Betsy.” He pointed to his car. “I told her I would buy the accessories for the machines for the one hundred dollars, and she could make payments back to me. She agreed and I took the attachments and some thread cones and put them in a box. I did this myself and not through the store, so I took them home with me. Every few weeks she would bring me five or ten dollars to pay against what she owed. I gave her some of the accessories for the little machine back as she made payments. Once in a while she would bring in one or two of the accessories to trade for ones I still had because she needed it for a particular dress. I would occasionally have to go out and service the machines. That’s when I saw you,” He pointed to Martin, “And a little one in a basket.”

“That would be Jesus, Maria’s father.”

Steven nodded. “This kept up for many months, and then it stopped suddenly with only a few payments to go. I went to see what was up, but a neighbor had said you had moved to New Mexico somewhere. That was the last I ever saw of her or that machine until yesterday.”

“Those were rare even back then, but you never forget working on machine number 000002. The things I put back on the machines yesterday were the last of the things she left with me. The dress dummy and the cabinet I threw in just because. The money Danny paid me was what she owed me with a rough inflation adjustment.”

The girls were about ready to cry, hell I was getting watery eyed. Martin finally broke the silence. “And you held on to Grandma Izzy’s things all this time? Why?”

“Well a good part of that is how rare these machines were, and I never had anyone to buy them. They are a light industrial machine. Not too many people would buy them unless they were into some pretty serious sewing. The second was partially out of respect for what she did for me when I was down. I would occasionally use one of the cones of thread, and put back a replacement. And I can’t guarantee those were the original colors she dropped off, but they are pretty close. That’s why I made my requests.”

Maria looked to me, “Requests?”

“I haven’t had a chance to tell her all of it yet Steven, would you care to tell her?”

“First off, did he tell you about the value of the machines?”

“That’s about the only part he’s told me.”

“Well the other two are a bit selfish on my part. If you don’t mind I would like to be the one that works on them in the future.”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way.” She said with a grin.

“And my last request. Since your illegal bahis siteleri grandmother made me my first suit, would you make me my last?”

She got all concerned. “Is there something you aren’t telling us Steven?”

He looked confused and then laughed when he realized what he had said. “Oh no dear, but at my age I’ll never wear another suit out. I would greatly appreciate it if you would make me something that I could proudly show off to my Louisa when I see her again.”

She got up and sat in his lap and kissed him lightly. “It would be an honor to make a suit for you.”

“Thank you, now if you don’t mind, between the sun and you on my lap I’m getting hot. I have to take this jacket off!” We all laughed at that.

About this time Maribel came out with Maya, “I believe your daughter is hungry.” She handed her off to Maria and went back inside.

“And that was my grumpy pregnant sister Maribel.” Which made Steven chuckle. She laid Maya down in her arm like she was going to nurse him. “May I borrow your coat for a few minutes Steven?”

“Oh my dear Maria, you don’t need to cover up for me. My Louisa nursed both of our boys.”

As much as she screeched and ran this morning, she barely hesitated when she pulled her top aside and began nursing Maya. Martin was a little surprised, but his three helpers were totally shocked. “Now boys, don’t you go givin’ me no grief. I know all three of your girlfriends and they ALL have hooters, as you call them, bigger than me. And from what I overheard this morning you know every square inch of them intimately!” Martins mouth dropped open and me, Jean, and Steven were belly laughing. The boys suddenly found a need to go back and check the gunite!

I stood up…SLOWLY. “Jean I think that’s our queue to leave these people to do some catching up. What say we go in and wash some of this grunge off?”

“I think that would be a VERY good idea!” and we turned to leave.

“Oh Danny, Nicole called while I was making dinner. I told her you were out with Martin doing the pools up. She said she’d call later to see if you survived and that Justin had survived and made it to the airport.” She smiled and winked at me like there was more to that story.

Jean and I made it to the shower, and thank God I put the boiler in! I never knew concrete and concrete dust cold get so MANY places. Places I didn’t even realize I had hair! Jean was working bits and pieces out of my hair while I was working little bits off my arms and legs. DAMN SOME OF THAT HURT! I would have sworn I was losing more hair than I was keeping. Maria came up a little later and climbed in to help Jean.

“You didn’t use lotion and conditioner, did you?” We both looked at her. “You didn’t know that? You rub down with lotion and use extra conditioner in your hair before and most of it will come right out. It won’t stick enough to be a problem.” I just groaned. I finally had enough hair loss and the girls dried me off. I could still feel little bits of concrete caught here and there on the towel, but I was tired enough not to care. Maria handed me some aspirin and milk and pushed us toward bed. I managed to swallow them down before I was attacked…

I fell back and Jean attacked my cock while dragging her hard nipples back and forth across my thighs. Working me in and out of her eager mouth had me hard I no time. She was way too full of energy after today. Working my cock between her lips. Working her hands up and down and around my shaft, reaching down to play with my balls just when I wasn’t expecting it.

It didn’t hurt that Maria was laying sideways on my chest squeezing her nipples enough to make them dribble on to her fingers and then feeding me those dribbles. Leaning over enough to get her nipples just in front of my lips like she was going to give me a direct taste before rolling back again and getting another dribble on her fingers to feed me. As soon as I was hard enough for Jeans purpose, she climbed on my cock and Maria dragged her wet nipples over my lips to get up and onto my face. Spreading her wet pussy over my mouth, her inner lips darkening enough to match her skin as she settled on me. my tongue knowing just where to go into those lips.

Jean and I were already getting close with the cock sucking she had been doing, and it seems Maria was as well from feeding me her milk. Maria started cumming in my mouth and squeezing her tits above my head as soon as I got a good grip on her ass to hold her to my mouth, and I unloaded into Jean. I remember hearing Jean scream out and feeling her clamp down in waves on my cock as I erupted into her, but not much more. I do remember wonderful dreams of beautiful ladies and milk filled tits. Must have been the wild sex before I went to sleep, out with the setting sun.

21 – And then there were four

I awoke to the best thing ever! A morning blow job! Warm lips and tongue working its way up and down my cock with tits mashed into my thigh on every down stroke until I shot into her canlı bahis siteleri mouth.

“Well good morning sleepy head. We were wondering if you were going to make it back to the living. Here’s some aspirin.” She held out water and aspirin.

I began to sit up, “What do I need… OH GOD!” and laid back down. I rolled to my side and managed to take them.

Jean snickered at me. “Master isn’t the young pup he thought he was?” She snickered some more. “Maria is keeping some eggs and bacon warm for you, I have to get back downstairs. Seems word of our progress on the pools has spread and the ladies are trickling in already!”

I managed to crawl in to the shower, and the hot water loosened me up enough to seem almost human even if I did feel bits of concrete every where. At least I didn’t have to get dressed today! I came down the steps to another Mexican cat fight, but this sounded a little more serious and it was between the sisters. It stopped suddenly when I came in. “Is everything all right here?”

Maria spoke before her sister could get a word out. “I’m sorry Master Danny, it is a family matter and a… difference of opinion.” Maribel glared at her sister who then stomped up to her room. “I’m sorry about that, I think Maribel is getting a bit testy as her due date is getting closer.” She started putting eggs and bacon on a plate for me.

“When is she due?”

“Well officially in about three weeks, but the ladies in our family are known not to deliver on time. Early or late, but never on time.” She giggled making her tits and nipples jiggle and then held up the milk carton and one of her bottles. I pointed to her bottle. “It’s a good thing you like this, I’ve already got almost a dozen bottles frozen and even though Maya is eating more and drinking less I’m still producing like it’s never going to stop!”

I looked at her lovely tits in a black lace half cup bra. It had nice purple lace on the edges of the cups and set her tits off nicely. “And I would love it if you kept producing for me to drink! Nice bra by the way!”

She beamed, “You like it! I did it up quick this morning. I’m going to need some support later in the day when I start filling up.”

Now it was my turn to cough and choke on a mouth full of milk. When I was able to speak she was STILL giggling at me. “You made that this morning?”

“Not the whole thing silly. I took one of my regular bras and cut it down and added the lace trim. Took all of about five minutes.”

I gave her a quick kiss and a grope of a firm tit and nipple above the half cup, “You are something else!”

Jean came around from the hall behind me. “Danny there is someone I’d like you to meet.”

I swiveled around on the stool to see my naked hitch hiker…naked! “Hi Sam! Haven’t seen you in a while.”

‘DANNY!!” and she ran and jumped on my lap and gave me several nice kisses. Good thing the stool was against the island. She nearly impaled her pussy on my cock, instead it was trapped between us. “What are you doing here?”

“I live here.”

She was shocked. “You mean you’re the… And she’s the Jean that…?” I just nodded.

“I take it you two know each other?”

“Jean meet my hot little hitch hiker.” I thought that was going to surprise her, but she shot right back.

“Danny, meet Beth’s little sister.”

Now it was my turn to be stunned, and then kicked back laughing. Pretty soon they were all laughing with me. “So I’m the painting job your sister got you?”

“Looks that way… Um Danny?”


“Since we all know each other, what’s the chance of us… um…?”

“Taking it to the next step?” She nodded. “That is still up to Jean.”

She turned on my lap. “What do you think Jean?”

Jean looked at me. “What is she talking about?”

“Little one.”

Jean spread her feet, put her hands behind her and thrust her chest out. “Yes Master?” Maria’s eyes were about to fall out of her head and Sam gasped.

“Little one, your Mistress gave verbal approval for you to make a decision to allow Sam provisional status with our group.”

Jean was stunned again. “ME Master?”

“She trusts your judgment Jean. With your Mistresses permission we have played a bit on my trip out here, but no further than our rules allow. It would seem Sam wishes to take it further.”

“But Master, she can’t do that without a collar.”


“Sam, do you see Jeans collar?”


“Yes you do.” I pointed to Jean and she tugged on her lace choker. “Do you remember our conversation about those that don’t know, won’t know? You have just proved my point.”

Sam gasped. “I’m sorry Jean, I didn’t mean… I thought… I…”

“It’s OK Sam, that’s the way it’s supposed to be.” She turned to me. “Master, with Mistresses approval, her being Beth’s sister, and you having apparently already sampled her.” Sam blushed. “I see no reason not to accept her, providing I get to sampler her as well. And soon!”

“So then it comes back to you Sam. You understand that to go further you will have to become a probationary member and abide by our rules. Are you sure you want to proceed?” She nodded. “Maria, would you happen to have a short piece of ribbon about one quarter to one half inch wide?”

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