Serendipity Ch. 01

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: Serendipity – Moving Day Part 1

Finally finished the Ex’s fault series, and thank you for your votes.

This is the series that spawned that ‘short’ series. It has many twists and turns for everyone.

Many thanks go to RF-Fast for his editing and suggestions that enhanced the story. Any bad grammar left is wholly on me.

LEGALESE: Don’t read this if you are underage, if it is illegal in your area, if it is offensive to you, or if you cannot distinguish fiction from reality. This is a work of fiction. All characters active are 18 years of age or older.

Copyright (c) 2014 by Acup

So how does a guy go from a DD lover to an AA lover? Time and experience.

I’m Danny, your typical guy. Not a hunk, just a 5’6″ 165# lover of the female body. OK I loved tits. Nice prominent bouncy tits with firm nipples that are begging to be sucked and nibbled.

Early 1980’s

I had only been in town a few months and was working a little more than part time at a fast food chain doing maintenance to keep me in spending money. That meant I worked enough to keep things going but not enough to give me benefits, working three days one week and four the next alternating. I was working building maintenance instead of the fry grill because I had grown up in a rural community and knew how to fix things. I also and didn’t whine about actually having to work.

Consequently I was always being asked to fix things at various employees’ homes. Being a single guy with my schedule, I had plenty of free time. Usually I was paid in cash, once in a while a nice home cooked meal, and yes every once in a while some really good sex. It seems that among the ladies I had acquired the reputation as a half way decent lover. I can only attribute this to my love of the female body and the tutelage of an older lover when I was in my teens. Even in high school I thoroughly enjoyed nibbling on tits and nipples until she came or begged to be fucked. And then it was time to work my way down and start nibbling and licking on a juicy pussy. Only after three or four orgasms did I finally sink my cock into a wet and willing pussy. I always wanted to start with tits and nipples and most small breasted women tend to hide those beauties. So as a young man I naturally went toward the C to DD cup babes.

So here I was being asked by three lovely ladies to help them move from their individual apartments in the suburbs to a three bedroom apartment further into town. Initially they were going to borrow a pickup truck and make lots of trips back and forth. I finally convinced them to go together and rent a box truck for the weekend. I was kind of chasing Mickey, and told her as long as they pay for the truck and there are no bras or underwear, I would help.

We could pick up each of their apartments in sequence and load it all in one trip. It also had a lift gate and slide ramp to keep me from throwing out my back with all their bedroom furniture. Of course it also eliminated the need for all the extra guys and I could have my way with each one of them while at their old apartments loading things up, at least that was the day dream of a young horny guy.

In verifying the route with each one I made sure to tell them they needed to be improperly dressed when I showed up to pick up their stuff. I said I expected a very nice view while I was working. Of course they all laughed, but it was worth a try.

Because I knew the guy at the rental company I was able to pick up the truck the night before, he knew I was NOT a morning person. I stopped by Tiffany’s place on my way home around four in the afternoon to verify she would be ready in the morning as she was my first stop and I didn’t need problems first thing in the morning. I rang the bell and waited. Her car was there but no answer so I rang again, and again. Finally I heard noises from inside and saw a shadow in the peep hole. The door cracks open and she looks around the edge with wet hair surprised by my stop. Oh nice! I caught her getting out of the shower. “I wasn’t expecting you until tomorrow morning”

“I wanted to make sure you were going to be ready as you’re the first stop.”

“Oh, OK. Come in and look around to see if everything is OK.”

I stepped in and stopped dead in my tracks. Now up until this time I had only seen Tiffany a few times when the girls got together at the restaurant planning this move. She worked as a receptionist at an office near their new apartment and usually wore “business appropriate” dress suits with slacks or longer skirts. But here she was standing holding a towel that was too small fresh out of the shower. A gorgeous red head with lots of freckles way down her cleavage. One arm under her tits to hold the towel together under her arm pit but it didn’t quite meet up so there was a nice show of skin from arm pit to ankle. The arm under her tits was helping to hold them up and out, but also pulled the towel down far enough for her areola to start showing. Couple that with it being a thin towel that had kartal escort no chance of keeping her nipples from standing out just begging to be nibbled on. I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

It was instant hard-on time, and the twinkle in her eye showed she noticed and appreciated the response to her body. After what seemed like hours but was probably no more than a second, I came out of my catatonic state and started looking around at all the boxes stacked up. “You look like you have about 80% done and should be ready to go tomorrow.”

“Well I’m almost ready but I can’t decide on what to wear for moving day… maybe you could help me decide?” I could have sworn I saw her lick her lips as she said it.

“Well I’m going to wear t-shirt and loose shorts with the heat.”

“I was kind of thinking the same but I’m not sure. I’m down to two choices of tank tops and can’t decide. Could you take a look and let me know your opinion?” Now with the lack of blood supply to my brain and having trouble looking anywhere besides those delicious nipples, I let my little head decide and said “Sure I can take a look.”

With a giggle and a smile she went to the bedroom leaving the door open. I wanted to follow but in a single women’s apartment that is no-mans land if not invited.


Hi, I’m Tiffany.

Mickey, Nicole, and I finally found an apartment and are going to be moving in this weekend. In a way it will different not having my own place, but at least as the primary one signing the lease I get the master bedroom with its own bath. A little about me. I’m a 5’7″ 34C-25-31 redhead with long sensitive nipples. I prefer being naked when at home, and I love sex, especially anal and enemas.

There I’ve said it. I LOVE getting a nice hard cock in me. I love licking and sucking on one. Feeling it fill my mouth and pushing it down my throat. I love having a hard cock pushing its way into my shaved pussy, but even more to feel the pressure of a big hard cock against my ass wanting to split me open. Feeling it pop in and fill me like nothing else can.

But that only barely beats out a nice enema. I love slipping a lubed nozzle in my ass as I point it in the air. Feeling the warm water filling my belly. Feeling my belly stretch as I take more and more of it in. I’ve gotten to the point where I can take so much in that I look like I’m about six or seven months pregnant. I’ve even bought a pair of breast pumps to make my nipples stand out and make them even more sensitive. Some of my best orgasms have come with my pumps on high, my biggest vibrating dildo in my pussy, my butterfly vibrator strapped as hard as possible against my clit, and my ass being filled with warm water. And that’s where I was heading the Friday before moving day, one last romp before I have roommates.

I took the day off to get everything packed as Danny said I would be his first stop. He wasn’t a bad looking guy, and word was he knew how to take care of a woman’s needs and not be a wham bam thank you Ma’am type of guy.

I was running around the apartment packing, naked of course, when I got down to the last of my stuff in the bedroom. I was leaving the bed up to sleep on, but I wasn’t sure if I should pack my toy box yet. I had pushed it out to the living room, but had not yet topped it off and sealed it; just in case. Actually my toy box was the big chest I kept at the foot of the bed. It held all my toys and pumps and stuff of course, but also my really naughty lingerie and dresses. Things I only wore when going out with other like minded people or to fetish events.

Some half cup bras and corsets, and one of my most extreme dresses. It was always a hit with the guys. A full length long sleeve extra high collar pant dress. You know the type. It looks like a full length dress, but the bottom is actually two fluffy pant legs so I can spread my legs as far as they can go!

This one had a few nice cutouts, no tits or crotch! I called it my reverse bikini dress. It had an upside down heart cutout around my tits leaving them pointing out for all to enjoy, and a similar, but right side up, cutout front and back at the crotch. With gloves, boots and mask, the only skin showing was my mouth, tits and nipples, pussy, and ass. Remembering the last party I wore it to was making me wet thinking about having a cock in each hole and a mouth on each tit all at once. They made me cum until I passed out, and I’m told the ones in my pussy and ass kept going for a while till I overflowed! God it’s good to be a woman.

I gotta get a man, but first I gotta get my pussy and ass filled! I grab my big long veined dildo with balls, my breast pumps and enema bag and head for the bathroom grabbing a stack of towels along the way. My nipples are starting to tingle and I haven’t even started. I sit that big dildo on the edge of the tub and start to slide down on it, no lube needed. OH GOD THAT FEELS GOOD. Feeling the head split my lips and start stretching my pussy.

I maltepe escort bayan love feeling the ridge of the head and all those veins going slowly into me. I’ve got almost three quarters of it in and now comes the good part. This one is long enough that just before I feel the balls against my clit I’m going to feel the head up against my cervix. And there it is! A fully stuffed pussy, if only I could find a man like that.

I reach down and hold it up tight in me while I stand up, trapping the balls against my clit to hold it snug against my cervix. Now I get to do the “pee pee” walk to keep it in place while I get the rest of my things set. I fill the enema bag and hang it from the shower rod and slip a little lube on the tip. I plug my breast pumps in and set them down in front of the pile of towels, but then I have to hold it in while I kneel down and lean over the towels toward the two pumps. OH YES!! The pulse rate is off just enough between the two that they cycle between being in sync and alternating. And I’m cumming; just a little one, but oh so nice. The big one is yet to come!

I’m right on the edge. My pussy is stuffed all the way to my cervix. My tits and nipples are getting full service, and now I’ve got the nozzle up against my ass. Oh yea! Feeling it slide in, but the best yet to come. Releasing the clip I feel the warm water starting to flow into me. Starting to trickle into me. Putting my hand on my belly anticipating the feeling any moment. Starting to feel it fill my belly… DING DONG



Well that ruins the mood. I close the clip and pull the nozzle out and slide my steel plug in, peel the pumps off my tits and grab a towel to wrap around me. DAMN, the only one left is this little skimpy thing that’s too small. Oh well, I can hold it at my side long enough to answer the door, but somebody is going to get a good look at my sweater bumpers after pulling the pumps off.


“I’M COMING”, I yelled walking to the door with my dildo still pushing up against my cervix. And a partial load of water in my belly giving it just a little bounce as I walk. Now this is different, I may have to try this some other time! No way my nips are going to go down now!

As I look through the peep hole it’s Danny? I crack the door…


I started looking over the boxes and giving them a little push to make sure she didn’t pack the big boxes full of books or something equally heavy and in danger of breaking the bottom out. I was looking over the last open box and found it filled with lingerie, a few serious corsets, and even a few sex toys. Just as I was getting into looking I heard a noise from behind me and turned just as she said “Which one do you prefer? I have the loose one that leaves plenty of room for a breeze or other access,” Raising the one in her left hand. “Or I can wear the snug one that is a little thin and leaves nothing to the imagination but limits access.” raising the one in her right hand.

The only problem is she was standing there naked as the day she was born holding up the two tank tops I slowly looked from those twinkling eyes down the curve of her neck, the slope of her tits standing out with almost no sag and a nice bit of cleavage, those nipples standing out like they were in a freezer, past her flat tummy with just a hint of womanly bulge down to her SHAVED PUSSY! Oh man just made for licking. And that keyhole gap at the top of the thighs that makes access so delightful!

On down to those lovely thighs, then right back up to that delicious pussy. The rest of her was dried off, but there seems to be a little moisture collecting on those pussy lips just waiting to be licked off. I heard something but it took me a minute to realize Tiffany was talking to me. “So which one do you prefer?” She says with a smile that looks like it hurts.

“Personally I prefer the one in the middle, but you will probably have to wear the one in your left hand if we are going to get anything accomplished tomorrow.”

“So you like this one do you?” she says as she looks down at her tits and then over at my cock trying to break out of my jeans. “Would you care to make a closer inspection to be sure it meets with your approval?” as she gives the two tank tops a toss and walks over to me. As she reaches for my cock she says “Oh I guess this outfit does meet your”… The rest of the sentence was muffled into my mouth as we began a battle of tongues.

One hand went to the back of her head to hold her close and the other snaked down her back to grab her ass. As I squeeze her ass she breaks the kiss with and “Ahhh yea, I heard you like to play and tease”

“It’s not teasing if you follow through. Want to continue this in the bedroom? Assuming you still have it set up.”

“Oh Yea! I made sure it was the last just in case! It was supposed to be a lacy thing and a quickie in the morning but I couldn’t escort pendik pass this up.” As she is dragging me to the bedroom.

“Good, I avoid quickies whenever possible. It doesn’t let me get my two questions answered.”

Since she is already naked I had the advantage of being able to play and squeeze while she is working on my pants while I unbutton my shirt. “What two… eek… questions?” as I give each nipple a nice squeeze. When she dropped down to remove my jeans and underwear she squeeled, “Oh I have several nice places for this!” “Mmmmmm”, she says as she wraps a hand around my cock and covers the head with her mouth.

“Well the two most important questions for me are can I make you cum just by nibbling and playing with your tits and nipples,” the hand comes off my cock and goes around to my ass to pull me deeper into her mouth and almost into her throat. “And how many orgasms…” pulling me partially into her throat.

“You keep that up and I’m going to unload into you!” She doesn’t make a sound but looks up and smiles and then reaches back with the other hand so one is on each cheek and begins pulling me deeper down her throat with each stroke. Working it a bit more with each stroke until she was taking it almost completely in. And… how… many… orgasms… it… takes…to…” I feel my balls hitting her chin, “make… her… squirt!”

I feel her lips around the base of my cock and her finger pushing into my ass against my prostrate as I begin shooting off like a machine gun. After the first few shots she pulls back and takes the rest in her mouth, swallowing as fast as she can while keeping it up with my ass and stroking my cock with the other hand. With the last shot I fell back on the bed about ready to black out from sheer joy.

“One down and two to go, I love having my desert first!” Tiffany says as she crawls up beside my drained body. As I feel those rock hard nipples dragging up my thigh and belly I start to get hard again. (Oh to be 24 again.) “I love to have my nipples played with, but what is this squirting thing?”

“You mean you’ve never squirted?”

“I’ve heard some of the girls talk about it, but I always thought they were making it up. I mean a girl squirting? That’s just a guy’s fantasy isn’t it?”

“No,” I chuckle, “I assure you it’s quite real and very enjoyable!”

“Well lets get started!”

“Not so fast, all good things in time, we have to start at the top.” I say as I lean over to kiss and nibble at her neck. I can smell the aroma of a fruity body wash and a different shampoo. Licking and nibbling and inch or so at a time, I get to the base of her neck and come around to her chest.

I reach over to cover her right tit with my hand, holding my palm to flatten her tit and massage it back and forth while my fingers are tickling side of that nice firm tit. An “Ahhh…” escapes as I kiss down to the top of her right tit and rotate my other hand around to scoop it up and roll the nipple between my finger and thumb. “Oh yea… just like that.” As I kiss and lick my way down to her nipple Tiffany starts to arch her back pushing that tit closer to my mouth. “Ah Ah Ahhh… it will get there soon enough!”

“Agggh, you’re driving me crazy! Oh Ohhh OOhhhhh…” Comes out of her as I slowwwly lick up from the base of her right tit up almost to the nipple and then circle around without actually touching the nipple, then right up to her neck. “That’s not fair!”

“All’s fair in love and war… especially with such delicious tits and nipples!”

I started back down toward her nipple with little nips, all the while enjoying playing her other tit. She was going crazy between my squeezing, lifting, pulling, and flattening. Rolling her nipple between thumb and finger, or flicking it back and forth with a fingernail across the tip of her nipple. I was getting Tiffany wet enough to make her aroma very noticeable and it smelled delicious.

She was really squirreling around as I finally got back to her nipple. I sucked as much of her tit into my mouth and then dragged my teeth as I pulled off. Just as I got to her nipple, I pulled the other one up between my thumb and finger and was rewarded with a flopping fish orgasm. Of course that didn’t mean I stopped. I kept nibbling and pulling to drag it out a little until Tiffany quit flopping. What can I say I’m selfish? I want as much juice in that pussy as I can to lick clean.

“Oh that was amazing! I love having my nipples played with and it usually gets me worked up to the point I cum on the first stroke of getting a nice cock in my pussy. But that’s the first time I’ve cum without getting below my tits, much less almost passing out from it.”

“I aim to please! You ready for the next round?”

“Oh, give me a second to recover!”

“I’ll give you long enough to drink glass of juice before I continue. That long enough?”

I pulled off the bed trailing a finger across her nipple in the process; you can’t let them relax completely. I got a glass of juice with my cock swinging semi-hard. Brought it back to her and watched her drink it down in one long drink. Watching her throat had me thinking about where my cock was earlier and her drinking my cum. Needless to say I was rock hard again and ready to eat some juicy pussy.

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