Seeing Double

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American Dad

As I walked into my house after a six month tour in the Persian Gulf, I assumed that everyone would be asleep as my arrival was not expected until the next day. Everyone was not asleep; in fact, my wife of nineteen years and our son were fucking like rabbits on the kitchen table.

“Oh my god!” I tried to say in a muffled shriek. I quickly came to my senses and shut the door, leaving everything as I had found it. I decided that I would return tomorrow at the expected time and pretend that this had never happened. I spent the night in a ritzy downtown hotel, an extravagance facilitated by my poker winnings at sea. I also got a fine call girl. She was a gorgeous leggy blonde, almost exactly like my two twin daughters. I missed their eighteenth birthday while I was at sea. I wondered what they thought about their mother and elder brother’s having sex. I actually had trouble keeping my mind on the blonde who was smoking my pole like a fine Cuban cigar. I focused back on the task at hand as I entered her doggy style. My new resolve came from the thought türbanlı porno of fucking my two beautiful daughters…at the same time.

When I arrived home the next day about noon, all was seemingly as I had left it six long months ago, but I knew that my home had been changed to a new track and I also new that I was going to ride that track right into my twin daughters. My wife and I had great sex that night. I neglected to mention that she is a ravishing redhead with gorgeous 38 DD breasts. Her right breast is slightly larger, but this can only be noticed upon very close examination. We have always been very promiscuous and open in our relationship; in fact she has, with my permission, fucked most of the guys on our block. I have in turn tagged most of their wives.

The next morning, my two daughters and I sat around the breakfast room table. We were home alone because my wife was bringing my son to an out of town rugby competition. My daughters were still in their pajamas with their healthy C cup breasts, hard türk porno nipples and all, protruding from their slim figures. I could tell that they were both keeping their eyes on my boxers through the glass table. I was also keeping tabs on their movements through the table.

“Girls! You seem in even better shape than when I left. Have y’all been working out?” I queried.

“No, daddy, but we have well, you tell him Mandy,” replied Mindy.

“Well, daddy, we have been having a lot of sex with each other. I guess that gets that out on the table.” Through a literal table they both saw the tent that I was pitching in my boxers.

“Dad! It’s not like we are lesbos or anything. We just like eating a little pussy here and there.”

“Well…actually a lot of pussy here and there.” Both girls laughed at this admission. And with their giggling came the complete loss of all their clothes, just two sets of pajamas.

I was stunned with their tacit seduction, but I made no move to withdraw. Even now, in the inexorable türkçe porno pangs of passion, I noticed that they too had a slightly larger right breast. And what breasts they were! All four of them lined up in a row. I nearly came from that sight alone, but I was also confronted with their sparse, yet amazing, blonde bushes.

As I entered Mandy’ fine cunt, I felt a pop and blood streamed out. After the pain subsided, they both informed me that through all of their playing around they made sure to leave their hymens in tact so that I could pop them. Mindy was sitting on my face during the popping of her identical twin’s cherry. It truly was a sight to behold. After only about 15 minutes of hardcore pounding, Mandy and I came in unison.

Mandy helped Mindy suck my cock back from its half-mast state. I loved the way that they kissed each other around my penis. It was déjà vu as Mindy slipped onto my nine inches of joy. Her blood mixed with that of her sister in my tried and true American crotch. I gave her a healthy half-hour of joy, the second half of which her sister spent on my face. Even before I got this second taste, I knew that my daughters and I would love each other forever. Our next mission is to join the whole family in a state of erotic bliss. The girls have really been eyeing their brother…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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