Seduction in the Highland’s Ch. 01

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The bus drove away down the valley road, leaving me in a wild, beautiful wilderness. My first sight of my grandparent’s house reminded me of the one in Psycho. I shuddered and opened the garden gate, expecting a ghostly creak from the hinges, but they didn’t, however as I approached the front door, it opened and creaked its eerie welcome.

My foreboding was quickly dispersed by the warmth of the welcome from my gran who waddled down the foot path with wide open arms. ‘Helen,’ she beamed, ‘so lovely to see you.’ She hugged me, then pushed me back so she could study me. ‘Darling girl, how you’ve grown in the last two years. Such a pretty little girl … or maybe I shouldn’t call you that now you’re 18 and at University.’

‘I don’t mind, Gran. Girl will be fine.’

While she appraised me I cast my eyes over her. Unlike me, she hadn’t grown since we last met. Just as well, with a build that reminded me of Mrs Doubtfire. She was more attractive than a female Robin Williams, and unlike the actor, I assumed her ample bosom was real.

She led me into the house as she called out, ‘Jock, Helen’s here.’

‘Who’s Jock?’

‘Your Granddad.’ She chuckled. ‘Ever since he retired and we moved to Scotland, it’s no longer ‘Jack.’ Has to be Jock. He looked into his family history and found a long ago Scottish ancestor, so he’s adopted the name.’

‘Jock’ walked down the stairs and greeted me. ‘Sorry, I couldn’t collect you in the car, Helen, but it’s in the garage for major repairs.’

‘Not a problem, Granddad. I loved the bus ride. The Highlands are spectacular.’

He put his arms around me and I felt the old excitement, so old I can’t remember the first time. As a child I had no notion of what the special feeling was whenever he touched me, but when I reached my sexual maturity, I knew exactly what it was. He never touched me in an inappropriate way, but I longed for him to do so.

He hoisted my travel bag on his shoulder and I followed him up the path. ‘How have you been, Granddad?’

‘Can’t complain, darling. At 77 I’m grateful I have my health. Follow me, I’ll show you your bedroom.’

I felt sad. He was always so tall and fit. Now, in only two years, he’d lost an inch or two off his height and he’d added a little extra around the waist. Granddad looked frail – but he still gave my pussy a thrill.

I looked at my watch. It was just after one in the morning and sleep was impossible. After I’d enjoyed a feast of a meal with my Grandparents and a long reminisce I’d gone to bed just before midnight. I looked around the room and shuddered. There was nothing to be scared of, but my imagination and memories of childhood ghost stories was enough to make me shiver.

Five minutes later I was in my Grandparent’s bedroom. ‘Gran,’ I whispered.

She sat up in bed. ‘Oh, hello dear. What do you want?’

‘Can I sleep with you and Granddad?’

I saw a broad smile in the moonlight. ‘Of course.’ She moved towards the centre of the bed. ‘Here, hop in.’

‘Can I sleep between you and Granddad?’

She looked surprised, tecavüz porno but agreed.

It was a hot summer night, so there was only a thin sheet on the bed. I crawled over it and settled in between them.

‘What’s wrong with your bed, Helen? Is it uncomfortable?’

I was pleased she couldn’t see my blush in the semi dark. ‘Er, no, Gran. Please don’t take offense, but I find the house … spooky. At my age, it’s silly, but I feel safer between the two of you.’

She chuckled and patted my knee. ‘Not at all, dear. You have a good night’s sleep.’

‘Thanks Gran. Hope I don’t disturb you and Granddad.’

‘Nothing will wake Jock. As the Scots say, Dinna worry. Goodnight dear.’

Before I could reply, she kissed me on the mouth. I was surprised at the length of the kiss and, for a moment, I was sure her hand brushed against my breast. I turned away from her and muttered, ‘Good night, Gran.’

I woke to find a hand roaming inside my pajama top. Within seconds, fingers were caressing my nipple. I opened my eyes to see Gran leering at me. I grabbed her hand, wrenched it from my breast and started to do up the buttons which she’d obviously opened.

‘Don’t you like your nipples being played with, Helen?’

‘Yes,’ I whispered, ‘but not by you, Grandma.’

Her only response was to push away my hands while I was re-buttoning my top. Both hands slid back inside and groped my naked breasts. I tried to pull her off, but she was surprisingly strong. All I could do was lie on my back while her fingers took advantage of me. Her hands roamed over them, exploring every inch, occasionally rubbing my nipples. It wasn’t unpleasant; it would have to be the price I pay to share her bed. She took advantage of my submission by opening the rest of the buttons and spreading the halves of my top so my boobs were exposed. She sighed her approval of my 38Ds as she raised herself and straddled my waist. It was fortunate for her I’m slim, so with her weight she had no difficulty in restraining me between her plump thighs. Granddad slept on, oblivious that his grand daughter was being assaulted. Gran cupped my boobs in her strong hands and pressed her palms against my nipples.

‘Please Gran, I don’t want this.’ She silenced me with her mouth by pressing hard against mine. Her tongue was free to roam inside my mouth before I had time to think about keeping it closed. She began to groan as she sucked on my tongue, sucking so strong it felt as though she would pull it out of my mouth. Her hands released my boobs and grabbed my wrists forcing my arms back into the pillows. She started to glide her breasts to and fro on mine, our nipples occasionally clashing, hers firm like rocks as they tried to coax mine into firmness. I doubt mine were anything but normal as I endured her attack.

‘Mmm, you have such lovely titties, grand daughter.’ She groaned, as she kissed my neck. ‘Do you like your Gran’s titties rubbing against yours?’ I grunted. Gran sat up and released my hands. ‘Maybe if you saw them, you’d show more enthusiasm. travesti porno Open my nightie, Helen.’

She wore a pink nightie with buttons down to her midriff. I had to admit how impressive they were, even hidden behind the thin material and in secret I was curious to see her naked. They were large with thick, hard nipples pressing against the confines of the cotton. I undid the buttons and slipped the nightdress off Gran’s shoulders. Even under duress, my pussy became wet at the sight of them. Beautifully shaped with a sexy droop, dark nipples and even darker areolae. Instinctively, I took hold of her nipples and pulled hard. Her breasts lifted as I tugged on her nipples. They stretched and I squeezed them. I was surprised at how excited I felt when she sighed. ‘Lovely girl,’ she whispered, ‘don’t stop.’

We played with another in silence, sighing and moaning with mutual delight. ‘Helen, slide your fingers into Gran’s pussy.’ ‘I don’t want to go that far, Gran.’ ‘Maybe you’d prefer your own bed then.’ I reasoned her pussy was better than an empty bed in a scary room, so I slid four fingers into her large, slippery hole. Wow, but she was soaked. I was getting more and more turned on by my Gran’s taboo tastes. While I forced my fingers deep into her cunt, my other hand found her clit. So enlarged, so sexy. ‘Mmm, Helen, you’re making your Gran very wet. I’m going to cum soon.’

She tried to push her fingers between my thighs, but I kept them tightly closed. I was incredibly horny and the moisture was oozing from my pussy, but allowing her access was a step too far. I pushed hard into her sopping cavity and she whimpered. ‘Ohhh, baby,’ she groaned. I pulled back, then abruptly pushed upwards and in, my fingers moving easily and quickly inside the wetness of Gran’s hole. She started crying louder and I looked around to see if Granddad was waking, but he wasn’t. A few more finger fucks ramming inside her and Gran was there, losing control as she squirmed on my fingers and releasing juices down my fingers and wrist.

She collapsed onto me, kissing me, forcing her tongue into my mouth as the final orgasmic spasms hit her. Almost at once, she rolled off me and within minutes she was snoring.

I was still a virgin, by choice. I longed for a cock, had almost constant dreams and fantasies about what I would do to one, but it had to be connected to a man, not a boy, and the only man I’d ever wanted was Granddad. My ultimate desire was for his cock to be inside me, taking my virginity, pumping hard in my pussy. Could this be my chance? Gran was snoring and Granddad was still in a deep sleep. I edged down the bed until my face was level with his groin. He wore a nightshirt. It was still nighttime, yet the early summer sun was filtering between the folds of the curtains. Perfect! Now I could see every detail. Fortunately, his nightshirt was loose at the front so it was easy to lift until he was exposed.

Oh, it was beautiful, even when flaccid. It wouldn’t be for much longer. I took a couple of minutes, simply stared at it, studying it from every tumblr porno possible angle, savouring the wonder of gazing at my first penis. Photos are fine, but nothing I’d seen could come close to this beauty. I carefully pulled the foreskin back, slid it until it wouldn’t go any further. I immediately had an orgasm as the thrill of what I was doing to Granddad’s most glorious member. My finger tips moved from the base to the glans, exploring, enjoying its softness. As gently as I could my fingers explored his testes, my pussy tingling as I trailed through his luxurious hairs. I took hold of him, still normal size, so it nestled in my palm. I was tempted to grip him and take his power as I masturbated with long, hard strokes, but that would have to wait. I needed to cherish this precious time. Instead, I embraced it firmly, then slowly, very slowly, began to wank him.

Soon, he began to harden as I massaged. My granddad’s natural response to my loving. It was one of life’s highlights. Soon it was firm enough to go into my mouth, but after such a long wait I needed to relish the occasion. I held him, my hands cradling this incredible monster, excited by the contrast of the soft skin, with the oh so amazingly hard shaft. The rest of his body may have aged, but this was the most perfect part of him.

Once more, I stroked him, gentle hands front and back as my hungry mouth took him in and my tongue spread itself over his glans. The first trickle of pre-cum gave me a second orgasm as the enormity of the situation hit me. This was the sign that I, his granddaughter, was about to bring him to orgasm. I was tempted to suck hard and fast, but managed to hold back in anticipation of the flood of semen that he would jettison into my eager mouth. My head went forward as far as I could without retching, loving every silky inch of hard muscle. I came back, licked around his head and went down on him again. Bliss! I kept up this wonderful rhythm, enjoying syphoning more pre-cum from Granddad’s cock.

I should have known Gran would take advantage of my bottom at the end of the bed. I was enjoying Granddad so much I wasn’t even aware she’d left the bed until she yanked my pj bottoms off me. Before I thought to react, my legs were spread eagled and her lips were hard against mine, kissing and licking up the copious amounts of cum from my earlier orgasms.

Maybe Gran woke him, or perhaps this was the time he always awoke. Whatever the reason, he did. ‘Helen, what the hell,’ he growled. Maybe he thought he’d woken to an orgy when he also saw his wife between my thighs ‘Lucy!’

Next moment, his hand was on the top of my head. ‘Stop that,’ he demanded. If the house had been on fire, I may have stopped what I was doing, but it wasn’t. I speeded up my stroke, my head bopping up and down until his hand fell away and I heard his heavy breathing. There was a soft thud as his body sank back onto the pillows.

He was mine, so I slowed down and took special care to give him as much pleasure as I could. I lovingly caressed his cock with my lips and tongue while my fingers fondled his balls. Granddad groaned over and over as I pleasured him and after a few seconds his cock stiffened and I came for the third time as he began to jet his seed into my mouth. Torrents of delicious cum splashed into my eager mouth and down my throat, as I emptied his balls.

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