Seducing Andrew

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Sitting in front of the mirror, checking my make-up, I cannot help but wonder if we made the right choice. Shaking my head I get up, and take a good look at myself in the full length mirror.

Not bad for someone of 35. I am in good shape, been working out the last year in anticipation of tonight. I have always been rather shy of my 32A boobs, but since my operation, I am a respectable 32C, and I don’t have to wear a bra, but this lacey black one I have on, makes me feel sexy. I open my legs, looking for some stray hair that might be left after my bikini wax, nothing there, just a ripe pussy. Looking at the panty in my hand, I decide against it, and throw it back into the drawer…… wont need that tonight. My long black hair almost reaches my buttocks, I had it washed and blow dried, and it hangs straight down my back. My face is made up to perfection, oh the marvels of modern make-up.

Steve walks into the room, and studies me for a long time with a smile on his face. “You will do” he says as he strokes his cock. “I have a present for you before we go down”
“Show me please” I say, brushing my hand against his cock.
“When you are ready, I will show you how to use it” He says slapping my exposed ass.
“Oh but I am. More ready than you will ever know” I say dipping my fingers into my pussy.
“Are you sure about this Trin?” he says, suddenly serious.
“Yes, I am very sure about this” I say, offering my fingers for him to clean.
“Right, then you can open your present, it is in my bedside drawer” he says as he walks out of the room. “I expect you on the stair landing in 5 minutes, or I will come get you”

I open the drawer, seeing a wrapped package inside. Grabbing it, I rip the paper off, and take the 7 inch glass butt plug out of its blue nest. I suddenly find myself breathing harder. “No way”! I shout.

At that moment Steve walks back into the room, seeing my excitement and fear. Without saying a word, he dives back into the drawer, and comes up with a tube of Astro-glide. He pushes me over onto the bed with his left hand, opening my legs with his right. “Hmm, I still say you have the best ass in town” he purrs. His hand leaves me as he opens the tube, and applies a liberal amount to his fingers, and almost empties the tube in my ass. He is almost tender as he pushes his first finger in slowly, past the ring, deep into my rectum, two more fingers joining the first one in rapid succession. I see his blonde head shaking in the mirror, and hear his mumbling. He pushes his 4th finger inside me, and start fucking my ass. I start cuming hard, and squirt my love juices all over his hand. He takes his hand out of my rectum, and licks it with trepidation……… “I notice you cleaned yourself, actually smells kind of good, but we’re out of time”. With that he takes the butt plug, and starts shoving it up my backside slowly. When it won’t go any further Steve starts fucking me with it, in and out, pushing it in deeper every time. I cry out as he shoves hard to get the the last couple of inches inside. My anus closes around the narrow part, trapping it inside. Steve slaps my exposed butt hard, leaving a mark, I am sure. I feel my pussy get even wetter. “You have 3 minutes left” he says over his shoulder as he walks out of the room.

I get up off the bed, and throw the black dress that was lying on the bed over my head. A final glimpse tells me that I do look good, the dress fits perfectly around my curves, might be a little short though, not that I will have it on for that long.

Steve meets me at the top of the stairs, and we descend like royalty. As my feet touch the bottom stair, I hear the doorbell echo through the house. I draw my breath in deeply as Steve opens the door, letting Andrew inside, out of the cold.

The realization that he is even more nervous than me makes me smile, and suddenly I feel relaxed. I do know exactly what will happen tonight, and he has no idea at all. Like a lamb, and such a tasty one.

I take his right hand in both mine, it is cold, as if he had been spending a long time outside. I cannot help but stare at his hands, and wonder if there is any truth in the story about the size of a mans hands, indicating the size of his penis. I feel the anticipation building deep inside my stomach. The familiar feeling in my pussy is back, warming me.

The meal I have ordered in was a cold buffet, which is just as well, because we didn’t get past the prawn starter. Sitting down was an agony, the plug buried deep inside my bowels was begging to be taken out, maybe replaced by something else.

When we cleared the started plates, we sat back down at the table, and Steve winked at me. “Andrew, I would very much like to see your penis now” spilled out of my mouth. I could not wait a second longer. Kneeling down in front of him, I start tearing at his Chinos. I fumble with the zipper, and finally pull it down to his knees. His jockey is looking like a tent, a very big tent. I slowly lick at the wet spot of precum in his underwear, and I know that I was in for a nice surprise. I start pulling at his jockeys, but does not manage to get it over his cock. Steve helps me get the offending garment to his knees. He must be at least 9 inches and quite thick.

Steve walks over to the TV, turning it on. An image of me in my black dress comes onto the screen. The expression on my face is pure lust as I turn my attention back to Andrew. He gets up, and his cock stands out straight, waiting to be touched. Without a further thought I go onto my knees, and start sucking his cock into my mouth, playing with his balls while I lick around the cockhead with my tongue. Precum oozes out of him, and I lap it all up. It is the first time I have seen a circumcised cock.

“You will have to excuse Trinity for being so forward, she is greedy by nature” Steve says behind the camera, focusing on my mouth around Andrew’s cock.
“No problem, this is very nice” Andrew blurts out with an idiotic grin on his face.
“Do you want to see the present I gave her tonight?” asks Steve.
“Please” Andrew mutters.
“Time for show and tell Trin” Steve says.
I let go of Andrew’s cock, and turns around. Bending forward I show both the men my ass. I feel the monster plug move as my colon spasms to get rid of the monster in vain. Andrew touches it, pushing and pulling, but it won’t move much inside me. I see Steve focusing on the middle of the plug. It shows the pink inside my anus, and the red outer ring, curling around the plug.

“I think you are ready to fuck my ass, I am sure ready for you” I tell Andrew in a voice barely above a whisper. He looks at Steve for approval, and finds it in his face.
I pull the dress over my head, and drop it on the floor as I walk over to the sofa. I get on my knees, pushing my head into the cushions. Looking back into Steve’s eyes, they are smiling at me. He follows my every movement with the camera. I feel the pressure on my ass as Andrew starts pulling at the butt plug. It is slippery with a combination of Astro Glide, and pussy buca escort juices. He finally gets hold of it, and pulls it out. Andrew moves closer to me, and positions his big cock at my backdoor. My pulse is racing. He is much bigger than the plug.

“Just be patient, and take it slow” Steve advises.
“I have never ……..” Andrew starts.
I scream when his cockhead slips into my ass. And he waits for me to get used to that. Then he starts fucking me in and out, getting a little more of his beautiful cock inside me every time. I am having one orgasm after the other, my ass is being ripped apart, and his cock burns a way down my colon, and my pussy is continually squirting cum. His fingers plays with my pussy absent mindedly, while pulling at my nipples with the other. Then his breathing suddenly changes, and I feel him shoving the last of his dick into me. I watch all this on the television, and it turns me on even more. I watch as Steve mounts the camera on the tripod, and takes off his clothes, a show just for me.

Steve is standing behind Andrew on the sofa, pushing his 7 inch hard on against Andrew’s virgin ass. Andrew cries out as Steve enters him from behind, and starts releasing a stream of piss and cum deep into my bowels. Tears are streaming down his face as Steve talks to him in that soothing tone I know so well. I relax myself further, feeling the cramps start in my stomach as the stream of warm urine settles in. Minutes later I feel Andrew starting to move inside me again. Gaining momentum as he starts fucking me, I feel his cock growing inside me, to full strength again. I hear the sound of Steve cuming, and I know that he is sending streams of cum into Andrew’s bowels. I have not stopped cuming since Andrew entered me, and then I feel his balls slap against my pussy harder and harder, and I know that he is ready to cum again. Stream after stream hits my insides, and flows down to join the cum and piss already there. The men slip onto the sofa, exhausted. I stay where I am.

Then I feel soft lips on my ass. Steve is licking the cum from me. Then he pushes the butt plug back into me. It slides right back, my ass is red and extended. Steve starts playing with my pussy, while waiting for my ass to close around the base of the plug. Suddenly I feel a slap on my left buttock, followed by two more. I know that the night is just beginning.

I am finally able to get up, and I walk to the bathroom. Andrew bends behind me, and helps me to remove the plug from my red ass. It makes a slurping sound as it comes out, and I fall onto the toilet, emptying my bowels.

Steve turns on the hot tub, getting it just right, helping me into the warm water. I feel a rush of water into my bowels as I sit down.

Steve joins me and starts sucking on my right nipple, while Andrew sucks on my left. Then Steve’s hand finds his way to my pussy. And pretty soon I am ready for some more fucking, and I get out of the tub. As I bend over to pick up a towel, Steve notices that my ass is still not completely closed, with water running out of it.

Back on the sofa I dry my wet hair with a towel, watching my two men. I groan as Steve opens his goody bag. He removes two chains from it, and walks up to me. He roughly pushes me onto my back, and attaches the one end of one chain to my left nipple, and the other to my right. It does not really hurt, but I know that they will in about 5 minutes, as they get tighter. The other end of the chain has two more clamps that he attaches to my pussy lips, pulling it tight, exposing my swollen clit, and my inner vulva. Steve walks back to the bag, and removes the pleasure beads. He pulls me up by the chains, and I scream. He bends me over the back of the sofa, inserting the ten beads up my ass. I start crying, but he ignores me.

“Your cunt is so sloppy, it needs some attention” he says, taking out a whip. He is looking at me, bringing the whip down again and again on my tits, leaving red marks all over. He turns me around doggy style, and whips my ass again and again. The red welts start showing, and then he starts alternating his attention between my cheeks, and my very exposed pussy. I am crying real tears, Andrew feels sorry for me, I can see that. He is also quite hard again. This makes me even wetter. With a last tug at the chains Steve indicates that he is tired of the game, and pushes his cock deep inside me. He is so excited that he comes in five strokes, leaving me unsatisfied.

Andrew is ready to take his place though. He takes time to release the clamps from my pussy lips and my swollen nipples. He pushes his 9 inch cock into me, I am so wet, it slides all the way in. With his cock still inside me I turn around onto my back. And Andrew pays some attention to my tits, rubbing them softly. He starts fucking me harder as his excitement builds, grabbing onto my tits harder, pinching my nipples and turning them, twisting them harder. Steve starts to tug on the pleasure balls in my ass. Three things are now happening at the same time, Andrew is cuming, Steve is pulling the balls out of my ass, while tugging on my nipples. This is too much for one girl, and I start to cum.

Andrew keeps pumping into me, till he had gone soft. He pulls out to reveal a string of cum, pulling slowly till it snaps. Bending over, he kisses my nipples softly. His mouth and hands are all over me, moving down to my pussy. Then Andrew pushes two fingers into my cunt, while sucking my pussy lips into his mouth, biting them lightly. This pushes me over the edge again. Then I feel a burning sensation I never have felt before as Andrew pushes his middle finger into my pee hole.

Steve takes the camera from the tripod, and focuses it on Andrew’s hands. Four of Andrew’s big fingers are now buried inside my pussy. He is fucking my pussy and my pee hole. I start having an orgasm that feels like contractions. He slowly pulls his hand back, releasing his finger from my pee hole, he still manages to keep four fingers inside my pussy. But instead of pulling his fingers out, he pushes them back inside. He folds his thumb in, and pushes his entire hand into my vagina. The pee is helping him get his hand inside. I can feel his hand move in and out, as he starts fucking me with his big hand. I am cuming again, feeling embarrassed at the way I am behaving. The hurt is unbelievable. I beg him to stop, and with the next breath to fuck me hard.

As he pulls his hand from me, the mixture of our cum and my pee starts streaming out of my pussy. Andrew laps at it greedily, spilling hardly any. Steve focuses the camera on my open pussy, leaving it there to show as it slowly closes.

“Thought I would return the favor by allowing you to piss” Andrew said with a sheepish grin on his face.
“Time for some food, I am starving” Steve announces while he turns off the camera.
“She might not be ready for more action soon, but I sure am” Steve grins at Andrew while touching his ass.

After a delicious meal we retired to our bedroom, but that is a story for another time

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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