Secret Lover Ch. 04

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I awoke with a raging hard-on and I quickly got out of bed. I hadn’t told Kelly a specific time and I wasn’t really sure when she might show. Before I had fallen asleep I had decided that I was going to run down to the local sex shop and get some things for my little niece’s visit. I hurriedly threw on a t-shirt and a faded pair of jeans and my sandals and drove to Melanie’s Sex Parlor. It was open 24 hours a day so I knew it would be open at 6:24 am. Melanie is actually a 350 pound perverted gorilla of a man named Max. Max stands maybe 5’10 and has to turn sideways to fit through doorways and to get behind the counter. He is almost always interviewing new ladies to work behind his counter. He confided in me that the type of woman who will work in a place like his is oversexed and it makes for some really hot interview sessions.

The ladies who putout during their interview have no better chance for getting a job then the ones who don’t, because he still hires the ones most qualified. He just keeps the help wanted sign up to see what new tramp will show up. He has had quite a few awesome looking ladies working behind his counters and I will from time to time ask him how this one or that interviewed. He has so many incredible stories to tell about his hiring sessions that I told him to write a book. He laughed and said, “No one would believe him, plus some would probably come back and sue him.” He told me he has had a young married woman interview 4 times in the last 9 months and that each session has gotten even nastier then the one before it.

A very tall slender brunette was working this morning and I said ‘hello’ and asked if Max was in. She looked to be barely over 18 and I looked over the counter to see if she wasn’t wearing high heels. She wasn’t. She smiled and said she’d check. She had a terrific smile and as she disappeared into the other room, I checked out her ass. It was very fit and I guessed, ‘Volleyball or Basketball.’ I made a mental note to ask ‘the Gorilla’ how her interview session went. She returned from the backroom and asked, “Who’s asking?” In the background, I could hear Max grousing and moving around. It sounded like a bull in a china shop with a hot foot.

I told her to tell him it was the FBI and she got a real serious look and went back quickly and I could hear Max stop dead in his tracks. The quiet was followed by some agitated whispers that grew louder and more acerbated as they made their way to the counter. The last thing I heard was, “Did he show you his badge?” The seriousness ended when Max peeked around the doorframe and saw me.

‘Aw, fuck me,” Max said, and slapped the cute brunette on the ass. He struggled to get around her, nearly knocking her over in the process and she laughed as she grabbed the counter to keep herself upright. He extended his hand and said, “This guy ain’t no FBI agent.”

After some small talk and a few jabs at each other’s manhood. We excused ourselves from the brunette and walked outside behind the parlor. The brunette flashed me a pretty smile and said something about me ‘scaring the hell out of her’. I told her I would have to make it up to her.

Max told me the brunette’s name was ‘Tara’ and that she was 18 just sixteen days ago. “But who’s counting?” he laughed. She is a student and volleyball player at the college 30 minutes up the road. She is from back east, ‘Kentucky or Pennsylvania’. Max said, “she was real fuzzy about it” and that her interview session ranks right up there with the best of them. Told me under his breath that he was now into taping the sessions and he’d show them to me but now wasn’t exactly a good time.

I told him, I thought she was one of the two or three best hires he has had. He knew from my suggestion that I was interested in her, who wouldn’t be. “So you want some of that, huh?” he chided me. We laughed and he said that maybe something could be arranged. He asked me why I had stopped by and I told him I needed a few things. We discussed them and he laughed and asked if I wanted him to brown bag them for me so the brunette wouldn’t have to ring them up. I said I didn’t care and that she could see what I was buying and he laughed and told me she’d probably follow me home then. I joked that I definitely didn’t want the brown bag then.

He smiled and asked who the items were for and I just said it was someone new. He kidded me that I had a real hot one on the line. If only he knew, I thought to myself. He joked that maybe I could hook him up with my ‘new hot one’ in exchange for Tara. I smiled and then laughed as I saw a mention image of petite little Kelly being bounced like a rag doll by Max.

“You never know,” I told him and we went back inside to get the things. Tara was very interested as Max found the items and put them in a bag. She watched intently as Max rang up the items and helped out by removing tags and bagging each item. I got a little red in the face when she stopped and looked more closely at a couple of the items.

“I’m giving you the gentleman’s discount,” Max kidded and looked at Tara and said, “He latina fuck tour porno ain’t no FBI agent and he certainly ain’t no gentleman.” Tara just smiled, said “ohh,” and looked me up and down. I knew then that I wanted to see Max’s tape of Tara and more importantly; I wanted to check her out myself. Max rang up everything and we said our goodbyes as we tore into each other a couple of times before I walked out the door.

It was now 8:03 in the morning and I wondered how much of an early riser Kelly was. I figured she would be coming over around 11:00 because Teri and her probably stayed out late.

As I made my way from my pickup truck to the house, I was surprised to find Mrs. Magillicutty, my landlord out in the front yard. She was dressed really nice for the yard work she was pretending to do. I thought of telling her that she’d make an awful poker player but didn’t.

Mrs. Magillicutty’s husband died when he fell off scaffolding when he was inspected one of his crew’s jobs on a high rise in Albuquerque. His company, Trenton Quality Construction, is one of the leading high-rise construction companies in the southwestern United States. Mrs. Magillicutty’s brother-in-law runs it now. If you ask Mrs. Magilicutty, the brother-in-law probably had her husband pushed. Seems they had a real Cain and Abel relationship. Anyway, the widow is loaded and owns pretty much everything on the west side of town. Well half of it anyway as the brother-in-law owns it, too.

“Been out shopping this morning?” she said as she eyed me up and down, then looked at my brown paper bag. She smiled brightly and I smiled back. I wasn’t that I didn’t want to talk to her it was that I didn’t want to talk to her right then, especially not with the bag in my hand.

“Yeah, just some much needed groceries,” I said matter-of-factly and told her she looked nice, changing the subject. I rolled the top of the brown paper bag in my hands so she couldn’t see inside.

Mo, short for Maureen, stood in the walkway to my apartment wearing a tight white tennis blouse and extremely snug white spandex shorts. Her tan legs still were in great condition for being 48 and her painted toe nails poked out of heeled sandals. Mo, is easily a double D if not bigger. She was braless and her nipples were large and poking hard against her blouse. Her shorts were the camel toe, leave-nothing-to-the-imagination type.

Her hair was done up in a pigtail and she had her face made up nice but definitely not for gardening. She slowly took off her gardening gloves as she slowly stepped aside.

“You’ve been quite the ladies’ man, of late,” Mo said. Her smile was suggestive and I could tell she wanted to know more and she was giving every indication she was interested in knowing what I had to offer.

I feigned like I didn’t know what she meant. I knew she had saw me bring home Kelly. I smiled and asked, “Wh-what do you mean?”

“I saw the girl you brought home the other night,” she stated, “and I saw the two girls come over last night.” She smiled at me devilishly, like she had caught me with my hand in the cookie jar. ‘I will say, they all looked kind of young,” she blurted out.

I smiled and didn’t really know how to answer her. I was getting the feeling that she was speaking open ended to me but I was going to bite. She wanted me to elaborate on my exploits but of course, I couldn’t tell her how much my niece loved to suck cock and would do most anything in bed for me. I decided to blow her mind and make her back off at the same time, I lied.

“Oh you mean Kelly, Kelly and her friend?” I answered, pretending to finally understand what she was not so subtly hinting at.

Mo smiled at me and nodded her head knowingly.

“Kelly’s my niece,” I stated truthfully, “she just needed a place to crash.” I watched Mo’s face freeze, as she felt foolish. I shut her up almost completely but adding, “She came back because she needed some cash.”

“I’m sorry,” Mo stammered as she tried to soften her mistake. “I should have figured that, I don’t know why I would have come to that conclusion,” she lied. I know why she had thought that, she’s a nosey little cunt and she has had her eye on me since I moved in. Mo is lonely and rich but also extremely annoying. Not annoying enough that I wouldn’t want to slide my cock up and down between her big tits but only if I could figure out how to keep her at arms length afterward.

I moved past her and made my way up to my apartment. Mo moved to the bottom of the stairs and told me she was sorry again and that if I needed anything ‘just call’. I said ‘goodbye’ and said I would.

I went inside and quickly showered. It was now 9:28 am and I wanted to get my place cleaned up for Kelly’s visit. As I moved around the apartment putting things away, my eight inch cock stuck up and out from under my towel. I obviously was excited about her arrival and thought about the first time I had an apartment at college and how I used to invite various coeds over to study. I can remember lezbiyen porno getting hard at the prospect of getting a blowjob or a fuck from my study buddy. I looked out the window as I thought I heard someone. There was no one in sight and figured it was probably Mo banging around downstairs disappointed that I hadn’t invited her up.

Kelly was nowhere in sight and I started to think that maybe she wouldn’t come. I thought of how I’d punish her if she wasn’t and my cock grew harder. Feeling suddenly self-conscious I went to my room and put on a pair of basketball shorts. My cock subsided as I thought that I might have been stood up.

At 10:22, there was a knock on my door. I put down the remote control for the TV and moved across the room. I opened it quickly with a smile expecting Kelly and thinking how I was going to give her a ‘hard’ time for almost standing me up. I tried desperately not to show my disappointment as I saw Mo standing there.

“Oh, did I come at a bad time?” she asked, as she looked me over in just my shorts. She liked what she saw and made it obvious by biting her lower lip.

“Oh, no, of course not,” I lied and asked her how I could help her.She didn’t seem to need any help and I knew exactly why she was there. Any other day and I would have welcomed her in and partook the wonderful goodies she had to offer. But I had Kelly on the way and I didn’t need her intruding. I made small talk with her and I could tell she was waiting for me to ask her in. I played dumb and stepped outside with her. I didn’t close the door and knew I had made a mistake when she spoke up.

“Silly you, you didn’t put away your groceries,” Mo said side stepping me and brushing her tight bloused nipples against my shoulder.

“Groceries,” I said barely above a whisper. Not understanding what she was talking about. I turned and watched her disappear into my apartment and saw what she was alluding to.

On the counter, I had left the bag from Melanie’s Sex Parlor. Mo seeking a way to get into my apartment for the sole purpose of getting into my pants had spotted the bag. She nearly beat me to it but I had longer arms and reach around her and grabbed it. She cooed as she felt my arm rub along her shoulder.

“I’ll just put this away,” I said and took the bag quickly to the kitchen. She followed me in and I stashed the bag in a cupboard. Mo looked perplexed as she entered the kitchen behind me and seemed intent on helping me put my groceries away. She started to ask what happened to the bag when I heard someone knock on my apartment door. I hadn’t closed the door so I knew whomever it was would be standing in the doorway.

Mo looked at me and I looked back. She asked, “Are you expecting anyone?”

“Not really,” I lied, I was hoping Kelly was coming over but I really didn’t know for sure. That was until the two of us walked out of the kitchen and saw Kelly in the doorway. My jaw dropped but probably not as far as Mo’s did. She looked at Kelly than at me then back towards Kelly. I couldn’t stop looking at Kelly but could sense Mo’s wonderment.

Standing in my doorway was a walking, talking wet dream and I’m not just talking for guys only. Kelly was dressed in torn, faded hip-hugging blue jeans, a white wife beater without a bra and classy white five-inch heels. Her eyes were done up with black eyeliner and she had glossy light pink lips. Her hair was done up in pigtails and was smiling rather devilishly. When she saw Mo her smile softened and she said hello.

I could almost read Mo’s mind and waited for her to say something like, “She’s your niece, Rrr-eally!” She didn’t get the chance, as Kelly was the first to talk as Mo and I scrapped our chins off the floor.

“Hello there, I’m his niece, Kelly,” she offered and stuck out her hand. I was so happy that her parents had taught her to be polite and introduce herself to new people.

Mo was speechless for a second and then spoke. “Please to meet you, I’m Maureen,” she said glancing at Kelly and me as if she didn’t believe us. “I’m your uncle’s landlady, he didn’t tell me he was expecting anyone,” she said as she looked at me for explanation.

I shrugged my shoulders as I couldn’t tell her the truth and say that Kelly was here to service me for having the audacity of borrowing money from me. I couldn’t think up a lie fast enough but Kelly obviously could and saved me from stammering all over myself.

“Well he wasn’t sure if I was coming over until I just got here, “ Kelly said and smiled at me. “I told him I needed a quiet place to study and he offered his place and his computer,” Kelly told her as she padded a small duffel bag she swung off her shoulder.

Maureen said “Oh.” The kind of “Oh” someone says when they don’t really believe what they are being told, but have to accept it as no other explanation is offered.

She looked at me and I shrugged my shoulders and said, “I didn’t know, she said she might take me up on it but I didn’t know for sure.”

Mo looked confused and bewildered. She excused liseli porno herself quickly trying not to let her confusion make her look stupid as she suddenly felt like she was in the way. She said she was pleased to meet Kelly and hoped to see her again. As she moved past Kelly in the doorway, she slowed to look Kelly up and down and then slipped out the door and down the stairs back to her apartment.

The little vixen Kelly stood in the doorway and admired her handy work. She had gotten Mo to leave almost speechless and knew her appearance and outfit had her perverted uncle beside himself.

She cooed out loud as I closed his apartment door quickly, locked it and then slammed her up against his living room wall. My mouth was on hers and she responded in kind. My hands moved to her hips and lifted her hundred pound frame so I had her pinned in the air against the wall. She instinctively wrapped her legs around my waist but I stopped her and made her release me. My hands undid her buttons on her jeans and I peeled her jeans down over her hips, as my mouth and tongue never left hers.

When her jeans reached her knees, I put her down and spun her around. Her head almost hit the wall as my lust took over. With my hands caressing her ass through her thong panties, I told her I never wanted to catch her wearing any panties again. Kelly giggled at my forcefulness and then felt my hands tear her fragile thong from her body. I hastily discarded it and stood her straight up.

Leaning her body against mine, I slid my hand down the front of her stomach until my hand slipped across her soft curly blonde pubes and mound and found her moist pussy lips and hole. My hands were rough but a good rough. My hands caressed her firmly but not too firmly. Her body had been anticipating my hands since the moment she had left me last night. Her pussy had been a quivering mess since then and without panties, she had had to endure her juices dripping down her legs as Teri and her danced at a few nightclubs.

Her smell wafted in the air and drove me crazier with lust. I patted her pussy lips lightly and then harder. She flinched in my arms as I clung to her back and nibbled on her neck and, cheek and lips. Kelly tried to close her legs but I told her to open them. She did so obediently and without question. She seemed to get off on my aggressiveness so I kept pushing her buttons. She wanted to be my submissive little slut. I had the feeling that she felt she had found a man who could treat her and mistreat her exactly like she wanted to. My perversion was her aphrodisiac and she was glad she could act out and enjoy all of her dirty, dark little fantasies.

Using my forefinger and thumb, I gently but firmly took her engorged lips and rolled them. Kelly cried out and bit her lip. Releasing her, I took my forefinger and thumb and gently tweaked and pulled on her erect nipples as they pushed out against her tight, white t-shirt. I spun her around so her stomach was over the back of my recliner and knelt behind her. I slammed my face into her ass cheeks and lapped at her moist lips and pushed into her tight pussy hole.

She giggled as she told me, “I’ve got a soccer game at 2:30.” She didn’t want me to stop but she wanted to make sure I knew she had other plans for later in the day.

I stopped for a second and kissed her moistened lips. “Are your mom and dad going to be at your game?” I asked. She smiled and said, “No, they can’t make it.” She didn’t seem to know why I would ask her about them.

“Then you can’t make it either,” I said and buried my face in her young, moist snatch. She mocked astonishment at my audacity but quick succumbed to my rough, long tongue.

Using her hands she posted herself up on the chair and tried to look behind her to see what I was doing. My mouth was devouring her pussy and she felt her legs shake. She was about to cum and she lowered her hips back onto my face. That was all it took and I felt her have her first orgasm as she road on my face, mouth, tongue, and chin. Her orgasm was quick but intense as she had been worked up from last night and had denied getting off until just then. In bed alone last night, she had thought about playing with herself but had decided not to so she could let it build and consume her.

“Oh god, don’t stop,” Kelly moaned as she began to build towards another orgasm. She lowered herself back onto her stomach and reached behind herself to grab my head. She cupped it with her right hand pushed it into her ass. She began to cum and her hips wiggled on my face and intensified her orgasm. I was undeterred and sucked hard on her clitoris and rubbed back against her.

“Oh god, eat me,” she groaned as she bit her lip and enjoyed coming down. She didn’t get to rest as I stood up quickly and grabbed her in his arm and carried her to my couch. I reached down and pulled her heels off and then quickly dispensed of her jeans. Standing naked except for her white t-shirt, Kelly waited for what was coming next. I sat on the floor and rested my head on the edge of the couch and reached for her. She knew exactly what I wanted and straddle my face, pushing her mound into my nose and face. I was at it again and Kelly rode my face to two more earth-shattering orgasms before she asked me to stop so she could relax. Her hand went for the front of my shorts and my hard on but I stopped her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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