Second Date

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It was our second date, a week after that amazing weekend. Unlike the week previous I did have certain expectations, those expectations being that I would get to bang this girl again. I still did not have a clear read on Louise, after last weekend I thought that I might have landed myself a bit of a slut, a girl who would indulge my desires.

We took a drive up the coast to a beach just under an hour away. I had prepared a picnic, I wanted to impress this girl so had put a lot of thought into it. We had fun sitting down on our blanket talking away, it was a beautiful evening. After a few hours we relocated to the other side of the bay, It was getting dark and it was not long before I made my move, I was more confident but still a little apprehensive.

I pulled her in close and captured her mouth, kissing her deeply my hands and mouth started to explore her body slowly wandering down her. Her nipples, now fully taunt, pulled at the flesh of her breasts, her taught stomach with belly button piercing soft at the touch, she was gorgeous and I could not wait to get back inside her.

I unzipped her pants and slid my hand down, pulling her panties to the side as I moved over her trimmed pussy. I ran my fingers along her wet lips and they yielded to my gentle pressure and opened up to the moistness beneath, one bostancı escort bayan finger slipped into her and the inside of her cunt felt like liquid velvet. I moved slowly in and out trying to give her the pleasure she wanted and needed.

I moved our position so that her legs could spread wider apart and I sat watching as my lubricated finger pushed its way deep into her as far as I could go. I then pushed two fingers into her pussy, finger fucking and juicing up her slit. Louise starts to moan, writhing and moving back onto my fingers, I keep plunging them into her hot wet hole exploring and enjoying the feel of this new pussy. Her cunt was sodden, she was one horny fuck slut.

Soon she pushes me back, my fingers leave her, covered in her juices. She lies me on my back and positions herself between my thighs, her fingers lightly working their way up over my jeans until they settle on my zipper. She tugs them down slowly and reaches one hand in. Tugging my underwear down out of the way revealing my cock pulsing at full strength between my legs. She points my lovely cock at her face and leans forward and flicks her tongue out to lick just the tip at first. I twitch against her fingers as she circles her tongue around the head, slowly as if it were a popsicle.

I twitch again as she wraps ümraniye escort her lips around the head and commences with a proper blow job in earnest. Massaging the underside of my cock with her talented tongue. She bounces up and down my stiff pole. As she takes inch by inch deeper into her mouth, she moves the hand wrapped around my shaft down to cup my balls lightly. Soon her head was bobbing up and down my shaft. Slick, juicy sounds filled the air as her mouth glided up and down. I rocked my hips in sync with Louise’s experienced efforts, thrusting in and out of her blissfully wet warmth. I give a moan as she licks my pre cum off the tip then slowly takes my engorged cock into her very wet mouth. I suck in a breath as her teeth scrape along my cock as she moves slowly in further to the back of her throat. I start fucking her mouth with slow back and forth motions, as her tongue swirls around and under my pussy fucker; each time my cock hits the back of her throat she swallows causing me to jerk and moan. I poke her tonsils and push harder, making her gag as I slip into her throat, holding her there, gagging on my cock.

Leaning back, I enjoyed the view of Louise’s head moving slowly up and down as she performed this blow job. Part of the pleasure for me had been watching my cock sliding in and out escort kartal of her hot, wet mouth, which made me as horny as the deep throating she was giving me. I knew I was going to cum soon, I could feel it building and I tried to delay it but the incredible pleasure she was giving to me could not be denied.

My balls tightened and drew up in anticipation of release. Thrusting eagerly into Louise’s mouth, I tried to warn her that I was about to come, but the words

“I’m cum-“

had just barely blurted out when orgasm seized me. I shuddered as thick streams of cum fired out of my cock, spraying rope after rope of hot white cum from my shaft, flooding her mouth. The climax rocked my body and emptied my balls from all the built up pressure I had been storing. I was breathing heavy, practically panting as I came, it remained hard and pulsed as I lay there, catching my breath. It was so abrupt and I don’t think Louise expected it, I think it court her off guard, she took my full load in her mouth then to my surprise she turned her head and asked for a tissue, I found a napkin in which she spat my jizz into. I was shocked, given the events of last week I thought this would surely be a girl that would swallow a salty load.

Guys are not sure if a girl will “spit or swallow,” but we do love it when they do, it makes a guy feel so empowered blowing his load inside a girl’s mouth, it makes them feel powerful, in control.

We straightened ourselves up and left the park and whilst driving back home all I could think about was what fun I was going to have with this girl.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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