Sean’s Family Pt. 02: Lisa

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Author’s note: This is a fictional tale. All characters engaging in any sexual activity are over the age of 18years.

This is a follow up to “Sean’s Aunt, Kaitlin” if you haven’t read it, you can still read this but it will be better if you read that first.

In the last part: Sean Murphy is home for the summer and fucks his Aunt Katie, who has been his childhood crush.

Have fun.


“Are you going to move at all today?”

“I don’t know.”

I listlessly reply to my mother. She hovers over me. Her piercing gaze is starting to hurt a little bit.

‘Maybe she will go away if turn the other way.’

So I turn my back on her and curl my legs. The living room couch is big enough that I can easily fit my whole body and still there would be a little space left. I can hear the noise from the TV but not her footsteps. I glance behind me to find that she is glaring at me. I sigh at my mother’s stubbornness and turn around to face her.

“It’s been four days since you came home. Moping around, it’s all you have done in these four days. How long will this continue?”

“I don’t know.”

“What happened, baby? Talk to me please.”

She sits by my legs and takes my feet in her lap. Any other day this would be a joyful event, but today I don’t feel anything as she gives me a light rub on my legs.

“Nothing happened.”

“Something must’ve happened. You were so excited when I told you that Holly and Amy were going to be home soon. And suddenly you have turned to this…”

She gestures at me with her hand and makes a disgusted face. I feel that it’s a little uncalled for. Even if I may have been lying across the television all day, it’s not like I haven’t been looking after my personal hygiene or something. I would be crazy if I don’t at least take a shower at this time of the year with all the heat. Whatever, I don’t feel like arguing with her.

I extend my hand towards the bag of crisps on the coffee table, but she snatches it before I could dig in.

“Won’t you tell me? Why are you so dispirited? You can have this after you tell me!”


I am not particularly hungry anyway, so she can keep it if that’s what she wants. I put my hand over my eye to shield them from the light and her piercing gaze.

“Should I call Katie?”


She has moved on to threatening me. My heart hurts at the mention of Katie’s name, or more accurately Aunt Katie’s name because that’s what she told me I have to call her. I can no longer call her by her name and can no longer hold her in my hands.

‘It fucking hurts!’

I stare at my mother. She is completely wrong if she thinks that she has caught on to something. In fact, she can’t be more wrong. And if she does follow up on it and indeed calls Katie, it would only serve to increase her frustration.

“Fine. Do as you want.”

I sharply say and then look to cover my eyes with my arms.

“Baby, please…”

She stops my arms and takes my face in her hands. As she bends forward, I get a clear view of her cleavage and milk melons because of our respective positions. If I just shift a little, I can even catch a hint of black peeking out from the whiteness of her skin.

‘She’s not wearing a bra?!’

This odd thought passes through my mind. Surprisingly, she is unaware of my lecherous gaze and continues in a soft tone.

“Why won’t you talk to me? I don’t like seeing you like this. If you just talk to me, maybe I can fix it.”

She smiles to reassure me. I think she really believes that she can fix anything when it comes to her son and maybe she could, but not this time. This is one problem that she can’t fix. No one can, except for the person who created it. And that person doesn’t want to deal with it anymore.

I maintain my silence. The unintentional bribe of getting a peek at her breasts is not enough at my current mood.

“You used to tell me everything, didn’t you baby?”

‘Yeah, maybe when I wasn’t getting my heart squashed by my aunt.’

I love my mom. Honestly, I love her more than a normal healthy 19year old male should. She is too fun and understanding and cool. But there is no way that she would be an understanding mother about this thing. I mean she must really love me if she can just overlook that I slept with my aunt, her sister-in-law, and then got royally rejected by her.

‘So sorry Mom, I just can’t…’

Seeing me keep mum and steady through all her different tactics, she gives up. She kisses me on the forehead and leaves while sighing heavily. I feel bad for keeping it from her, but there’s no other choice. I watch her turn around to glance at me one last time before she finally leaves my vicinity.

I flip through the channels mindlessly as I recall how Katie brushed me off, how easy it was for her to just reject me. I felt so unloved at that moment. After all that she said during the night when we were in bed together and in the morning after she sucked fake hospital porno me to completion, it felt surreal when all it took was a single call from her husband for her to kick me to the curb.

Her chief reason being that she is a married woman, and for the other more obvious reasons that we can never have a future together. Maybe the fault is with me, I should’ve just thought of it as a summer fling, a onetime thing. But how can someone do that when you know that you love the other person. I mean, I didn’t know it right then, but I realized it in the morning, in the harsh light of the day that I really did love her and want her.


I get more depressed every time I think about it. I just can’t seem to get over it. It’s been more than a couple of days but it feels like only a second has passed since she sent me packing with a chaste peck on my cheeks, as if I was a little kid who will get pacified so easily. I shut my eyes in hope that I can somehow sleep it off.


I open my eyes to see Mom looming down on me. She looks determined as if she won’t back down until I do as she tells me to.

‘Give me a break!’

“Get up! I just talked with Lisa and she needs you to mow the lawn at her place.”


“Yes. She has an open house to attend so you should get there before she leaves.”

“Wait a minute. Aunt Lisa?”

“Yes. Lisa,” Mom drags me to my feet, taking advantage of my confused state.

“But didn’t you last year say that-“

“Now I’m telling you to go.” She cuts me off before I can finish my sentence.

This seems odd. I remember quite clearly that she expressly told me not to go to her place. I don’t get it why she changed her mind. Something must’ve happened while I was away at college. Curious.

‘Whatever, I’m in no mood to do yard work or pool work or any work. What does this family take me as? I’m not some free labor to order around on their whim.’

“I’m not going,” I refuse her flatly.

“Sean, listen to your mother.”

Dad chimes in from across the room. I get startled by his voice. He was not supposed to be back until tonight, I think. I furrow my brows at Mom.

“What day is it?”

“Thursday,” she looks at me pitifully.

“Not Wednesday?!” She shakes her head at my words.

‘Fucking hell! I missed a day!’

‘A whole fucking day!’

‘I really should get out of the house.’

Suddenly, I feel full of energy and drive. This is no way to spend my first summer back from college. I should be out there banging chicks and not moping about in front of the TV. After I do whatever Aunt Lisa needs doing, I should call Nick. He must’ve another party planned. I look at my clothes and they seem fine for a day of yard work.


I hug Mom fiercely and give her a kiss before I leave the house.

When I reach Aunt Lisa’s house, I find her impatiently pacing about on the porch. She waves her hand to acknowledge me as I enter her pathway. She steadily jogs toward me. Dressed in a business suit and a skirt, with her blonde hair cropped short, she looks a picture of professionalism. Even so, it is not enough to hide her sexiness.

“Aunt Lisa-“

“I’m in a hurry. Listen, Sean. I have made you some lemonade and all the tools along with it are by the pool. Use the pool if you want but don’t forget to cover it before you leave. Also here’s a spare key,” she hands me a key and continues in the same breath, “If I am not back by the time you’re finished, lock up and keep the key with you. You can return it to me tomorrow.”

“Okay?” She asks me, breathless.

“I’m sorry. I’m in such a hurry, I can’t talk to you any longer. Take care and maybe I’ll see you in the evening.” She hurriedly says before I could reply to her earlier question and gets in her car.

I give her a confused wave as she drives away.

‘What the fuck!’

That was bizarre. She didn’t even greet me properly or let me say anything. After all, it’s the first time in over a year that we’ve met.

‘Maybe the last time we met was on my high school graduation and nothing after that,’ I find it tough to recall seeing her beyond that.

Well, she did invite me once after my 18th birthday but Mom saw to it that I never got around accepting her invitation. It’s funny now that I think about it. She told me to drop by her house and I was all set when Mom asked me where I was going. As soon as I said Aunt Lisa’s she flipped off and made me promise that I won’t go to her house. It seemed odd to me that she would react like that, but the both of them had never really got along so I didn’t bother to find out the reason behind her sudden mood shift.

It was a shame too. Aunt Lisa was one of the hottest women I’ve seen to date. She’s the same age as Mom or maybe a year older and she was as close as anyone in challenging Mom for the most beautiful woman Murphy women of their generation since their high school days. fake taxi porno Maybe that’s why there was always a rivalry between them, and the one who suffered most because of it was my father. To contend with his wife and his sister going at each other it must be tough.

I was a little pissed off at the time, but only a little. Even though I was or still am infatuated with Katie or thought the world of her, including awarding her the hottest aunt title, Aunt Lisa has always been easy on the eyes and any chance to ogle on her was welcome at the time.

When I told Amy how Mom forbade me from going to Lisa’s, she burst out laughing. She commented on how I was a “Momma’s boy”, which is true I guess, and how she didn’t want her baby to fall into the claws of a cougar. Then she told me how there were some rumors of her and a few young men she had been on “date” with. I rued the missed chance but she was not the aunt I was after, it was Katie

Either Mom and her have sorted out their differences or the rumors were false. Because there’s just no way Mom would have agreed to send me to help around her house.

‘Or the fact that she won’t be home played into it…’

In any case, I am glad to be out of the house. Anything to forget about Katie and her hurtful words. I still can’t believe that she rejected me just because Andrew called to say he was coming home early, the same Andrew who cut short his honeymoon for work. Well, fuck that and fuck her.

I bring out the mower to the front yard. The grass looks like it hasn’t been cut for a couple of weeks and I’m sure will need some effort on my part. Her ex-husband must’ve been the one to take care of it. But it’s no excuse to leave it like this for so long.

‘At least she made lemonade…’

After a few hours of work, it’s finally over. I take a quick shower inside the house and then come out for a dip in the pool. It feels good to cool off like this. I get bored in the heat after some time. And seeing that I have forgotten to bring my phone with me, I can’t call Nick and ask him if he has something planned for tonight. I get out of the pool and go inside to watch some TV since I don’t feel like going home so early.

I think back to Aunt Lisa and those rumors. A divorcee, living alone, and incredibly hot to boot, I can see the pattern. The neighborhood bitches must be behind it. Because today I didn’t find any sign that she was interested in me “that” way. She looked like a woman focused on her job and was grateful for some help around the house.

‘She did look hot in that outfit though…’

She has cut long, silky, hair but somehow that makes her look better than ever. And in that tight skirt, her ass looked good enough to eat. Her black blazer and salmon color shirt matched well with her fair skin. I feel a tingle in my loins as picture her tying me up with a tie, her golden hair falling to her eyes as she bobs her head on my cock. But somehow in the middle of it, Katie’s face replaces Lisa’s.


I groan at the image. Not surprisingly, my cock becomes hard. It’s making a tent in the towel wrapped around my waist. Even though she broke my heart, there’s no denying that she is hot and that I may still love her.

‘I need help!’

I groan in frustration when it keeps happening over and over. No matter how hard I try to picture Lisa’s red lips wrapped around my shaft or anyone else for that matter, Katie replaces them just as I touch my dick. Not even Amy Adams can keep her off the bay. I give up trying to get her out of my mind and concentrate on the game playing on TV.

I wake up with a start. Unknowingly I had drifted off. When I look to my left I find Aunt Lisa staring at my crotch, panting heavily. I realize my towel had fallen off and my dick is standing proud and straight. I get embarrassed and try to cover myself.

She pounces on me and takes my member in her hand. I get shaken by the sudden attack.

“Aunt Lisa?!”

“Please. We both need it…”

She gives me a pleading look.

“We can-“

She takes me in my mouth before I can deny her.

“Oh fuck!”

Her mouth feels warm and her hands jerk my shaft. The little voice of protest dies down because it feels too good to stop. I take her head in my hands to lift her off me before I really lose it. But she doubles down on her efforts and her tongue does some amazing flick or something against my mushroom head, it’s enough that I ease off.

“Shit, Aunt Lisa. You’re a pro!” I moan.

She chuckles as she says, “You don’t know the half of it,” and then takes me back in her mouth.

I look at her as she slobbers on my dick. She looks beautiful kneeling beside the couch. Her blazer is lying beside her leg and her tits look more pronounced in her thin shirt. They keep bouncing up and down as her head bobs on my cock.

‘Does no one wear a bra anymore?’

But the scene is incredibly hot. My own aunt, a famous realtor, is giving me head as family stroke porno the game plays in the background. I feel like a douche and a king at the same time. Thoughts of Katie and the promise cross my mind but I scoff at the face of it.

‘After what she did, fuck I deserve it!’

Lisa, I put my focus on her. She is humming and looks quite happy sucking on her nephew’s erect member as far as I can tell. I feel glad that she is enjoying herself. I tuck the stray strands of hair behind her ears to get a better look at her face. She looks gorgeous. Not so different from Katie but I suppose it can’t be helped between sisters.

She sucks as if my cock is lollipop, focusing exclusively on my mushroom head while her hands keep stroking my shaft. It feels different than the other times and I welcome the change. From time to time her tongue flicks the thin muscle at the back of it and I let out a moan each time she does that.

“Aunt Lisa so good…”

She smiles at my praise and releases my throbbing dick from her confines. But not for long as she licks the length of it and gets it completely wet with her saliva. She then spits a good amount of it on top of the head and rubs it all over my cock with her thumb and fingers. It’s like she’s washing away the earlier scent of someone, cleaning it and coating it with her saliva instead. I feel a sudden rush of arousal at her action though she may have not intended as such.

I pull her up on the couch beside me and push her down under me. I kiss her lips and invade her mouth with my tongue. She accepts me merrily and reciprocates equally. We exchange spit and our tongues play around each other’s mouth. I shut my eyes as she runs her fingers through my hair.

Gently, I release her. I stare at her face and for the first time since that dreadful day, I feel alive. I peck her lips and move to her neck and down. Her buttons easily come undone and she lifts herself to help me get the shirt off her. I place soft, wet kisses over her breasts and she moans throatily.


I take her nipple in between my lips and flick it with my tongue. She hisses my name and then pulls me up to give me a jam-packed smooch. Her tongue dances around inside my mouth and breathes out a low sigh as I cup her wonderful tits with my hands. I knead them with my fingers and squeeze them to my heart’s content. Her whimpers sound so sexy that I want to keep doing it forever and ever.

When I move to take her earlobes in my mouth she jerks her whole body, very nearly throwing me to the ground.

I chuckle as I ask her, “Sensitive are we?”

“Very,” she replies dreamily.

“What happened with the open house?”

“Open house?! It was just a normal showing.”

“Yeah? So what happened to it? You’re early.”

“The client was an asshole and pissed me off. So I returned earlier than I thought.”

“Awww! Let me make it all better.” I take her earlobe in my mouth and give it a long lick.

“Fuck! You dare tease your aunt!”

“I dare fuck my aunt…” I whisper in her ear as I tease it relentlessly with my tongue.

She jerks violently but I cling on and don’t let her go until she starts moaning and thrashing her legs. As soon as I let up she twists around and throws me to the ground. I chuckle as I watch her getting worked up. Her tits are heaving violently and she is panting heavily.

She glares at me, “You little fucker!”

I can’t help but find it cute how red her face looks. I guess some people are really ticklish. She doesn’t see the funny side of it as she removes her skirt and panties while still glaring at me. I put my arms behind my head and watch her get naked, comfortable on the floor.

As I look at her, once more I realize how hot she looks. She is in incredible shape and can really give Mom a run for her money in the looks department. There’s little to no flab on her body and her thighs look deliciously toned. She turns around to show off her figure to me, proud and unapologetic. She has the goods to be proud too. Her tits are more than a handful and her ass looks fantastic. With her wide hips and thin waist, no wonder women get jealous around her. She has all the best features and then some. And her new hairstyle suits her perfectly in that professional manner. I ooze out a drop of pre-cum as I’m charmed by her beauty.

“I worked hard on it!”

“No doubt.”

She sits down on my legs and takes my leaking dick in her hands.

“You also have a wonderful dick. Biggest I have ever seen.”

“Really?!” I’m pleasantly surprised and a little skeptic of her admission. I have good thick member and I know it’s definitely longer than the average length but I never thought myself as big and definitely not by porn standards.

“Really,” She smiles.

“Thank you for the compliment then.”

“Anytime!” she chuckles at her own joke.

I cover her breasts with my palms making her moan in a lewd manner. She jerks me with abandon as I sit up to suck on her tits. Her breasts feel heavy and fit perfectly in my hands as I alternate between each nipple. I compare it with Katie but stop myself from falling any deeper in that rabbit hole. Here and now, Lisa is the one who is making me feel this way and not Katie, so there is no need to compare the two of them.

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