Sassy Shelley Ch. 02

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Toni led me upstairs and as we walked into the master bedroom I was amazed. They had renovated and combined a few rooms together and it looked great. She really did have a knack for design.

The room was much larger than before with an enormous bed opposite a wall of windows that overlooked the back yard and distant woods. Despite its size it had a peaceful and romantic feel to it. To the right of the bed was a large dressing mirror that, with a little imagination, was put there for more than one reason.

The evening sun cast a brilliant yellowish orange light on the bedroom. As part of their renovation they added a few skylights in the bedroom and bathroom.

“This room is great for fucking. I made sure of that when I had it redone. Arthur loves it when I suck his dick in front of the mirror. Maybe you will, too, but right now I have something else in mind. I’m ready to have you please me, so let’s see what you got.”

I took her hand and gently led her to the bed. Standing face to face, we kissed gently, then more passionately. Her lips were soft and warm, her mouth sweet and tasty. I savored the feeling of her tongue probing my mouth. She slowed her kissing and gently pulled away from my face.

“Good”, she said softly. “You have to get a lady’s juices flowing. I like what I see so far.”

I returned to kissing her, running my tongue along her lower lip. “I’m going to please you Shelly. I’m going to make you gush like a fountain.”

I motioned for her to lie down on the bed on her back and I watched as she slowly parted her legs. Her fluffy mound of dark brown fur totally obscured her delicate lips until her legs moved a bit wider. Only then did I see her beautifully sculpted labia majora and minora, both exquisitely proportioned. The lips were firm and bright pink, her clit poking out ready for action.

I moved confidently toward her pussy, ready to eat that delectable mound until she cried with joy and ecstasy. If it took hours I was prepared. As I inched closer her heavy scent became intoxicating. Men that enjoy cunningulus as much as I do, I thought, savor this moment.

Gently I coaxed her legs a bit wider to give me some room to get situated. Her lips were now dripping with honey and as her legs moved the inner lips separated. Not wanting to squander a single drop of her sweet juice, I extended my tongue and moved closer to her pink, ready to save the delicious droplets from being wasted on the sheets.

Her hands slipped under her buttocks as she lifted her bottom slightly. Her fingertips deftly maneuvered from behind to separate her lips, making the outer skin taut near the bottom of her pussy. Her clit was pulsing in anticipation when I made contact.

I traced the tip of my tongue over her clit before slowly outlining her entire vagina. Every few inches I stopped to tug gently on pubic hairs before moving on and repeating the process. Eyes closed, Sassy Shelly was obviously in a state of near euphoria as my pace and pressure increased. With her hands continuing to keep tension on her lower pubic area, I used my czech casting porno two index fingers to separate the upper portion of her pussy lips, tightening the beautiful pink lips and forcing her little bud into the spotlight. I wetted my lips with her sauce before kissing her clit, gently rubbing my lower lip against it back and forth before trapping it between my lips. I popped her slippery cleft into my mouth and let it scrape against my bottom teeth before allowing it to slide out of my mouth.

Shelly had widened her legs as her heart raced and her womanhood became flush and full. Her lips were thickening and becoming softer, puffier with each passing second while her fluids flowed steadily. I used my elbows to encourage her to a near split so I could treat her further. She gasped as I stiffened my tongue and inserted it into her slippery pink. It was a snug and delicious and I pushed it in until my lips planted a firm but gentle kiss on her inner labia. I wriggled it deep inside her and I could feel her tension mounting in her legs. I moved my nose upward to rub her nubbin as I continued moving my tongue into and gently out of her pussy.

Her hips were slowly and deliberately meeting my inward tongue thrusts and my soft kisses to her wet pink lips. She released her grip on her pussy from below and used her hands to begin to play with my hair and caress my ears. “You are so beautiful”, she said softly as she stroked my head and neck. “You make me feel so beautiful baby. I love you, Keechy.”

Not wanting to lose pace, I smiled inside and continued my work. Now is the time, I thought, to bring her to the edge. I repositioned myself a few inches back and pulled her legs toward me to allow her to lay completely flat. I then eased her legs higher to display both her openings to me.

Sassy Shelly closed her eyes and spread her legs even wider. Her tiny rosebud was soaked with her vaginal fluid, ready for attention. It was cringing, angry, and red for being so neglected. She wiggled and tilted her hips upward until she was comfortable and ready. If we had crossed the line up to this point, now we were about to break down the door.

Shamelessly I once again extended my tongue, only this time my target was her tight anal ring. As I tapped at the tight, wrinkled dimple of skin with my tongue she bit her lower lip in ecstasy. Slowly and carefully I dipped my pinkie finger into her pussy to moisten it. After it was coated with her tasty, salty-sweet juice I rested the tip of my pinkie on her bud. Between the constant flow of vaginal fluid and the slippery pre-coating on my finger it slipped past her tight anal ring with little resistance. She responded by shivering in delight as my pinkie inched inside her until my palm cupped her bottom.

Knowing that I had little time before she peaked, I resumed my oral attention to her pussy. I nuzzled and licked at her fur as I continued to finger fuck her asshole with my pinkie finger. She welcomed my attention to her asshole and I continued to slide the tip of my finger inside her anus, czech couples porno all the while pleasuring her clit and labia with my tongue and nose.

After a few minutes of this routine, I allowed my pinkie to come to rest two knuckles deep inside her anus. Her ass ring was incredibly tight, so much so I could feel each excited heartbeat. It was hard to imagine sliding my cock inside such a tight place but the thought of it aroused me intensely. She obviously loved anal attention and this was something for certain I would want to explore with her.

She was dripping wet, heart racing, and I wanted my first time of pleasuring her orally to be extra special. I wanted to give her an orgasm to remember.

I began by gently, almost imperceptibly, flexing, twisting and tugging my pinkie inside her ass. As I did so, I could clearly feel her body rapidly approaching orgasm as she began to tense up all over. Her legs, ass, pussy, and tummy were all tightening in unison as she spiraled into an orgasmic abyss. To quicken the inevitable result and to enhance her intensity, I flattened my tongue against her clitoris. With my free hand I separated the top of her pussy, once again putting tension on the delicate skin surrounding her hard nubbin. After only a few seconds of attention she was ready for sweet release.

I felt her body tensing as I increased the tempo being careful with her exceptionally tiny rosebud. As she began to climax, her breathing stopped and she became totally motionless. A few seconds later she exhaled and resumed breathing as if she had been held under water. Several seconds later I sensed her peak was over and after flexing my little digit inside her a few more times she placed her hand on my wrist, encouraging me to exit.

Silently I sat up and lay on my back next to my Sassy Shelly. She gazed at me with an open smile and leaned in close to kiss me. She moaned quietly as we kissed, nibbling on my lips and licking at my tongue.

She took my face in her hands, caressed my cheeks, smiled and said quietly, “I think you may be my new favorite person.”


We took a quick shower together in the new master bathroom. I washed her shoulders and massaged and kissed her neck as my stiff cock pushed against her ass. She is a little shorter than I am so the head was poking her in the small of her back.

“It looks like my work isn’t done for the evening. Do you know how much this would have cost you in my former life?” she laughed.

“I have no idea, but whatever it was it wasn’t enough.”

“Let’s take care of you. Dry off and give me a minute in here OK?”

I went back over to the bed and sat on the edge looking at myself in the mirror. My dick was so hard it was sore and I needed to get off. Sassy Shelly came up behind me, leaned over my back and began to caress my chest. Her soft tits were pushed against my back and I could feel the wiry hair of her pussy against my lower back.

She smiled at me in the mirror as I turned to kiss her on the cheek. I knelt on the bed and faced czech estrogenolit porno her, my back to the mirror as we kissed again passionately.

I motioned her onto her back and she quickly complied, spreading her pink lips for me again. The head of my dick strained as she reached for my penis and guided me inside her. She was still wet from her orgasm and I slid inside easily.

Her eyes were closed as she moaned gently and reached for her clit. After I had thrust inside her a few times she said, “Not like this. Not this time.”


“Let’s not do straight this time. I am too turned on, Keech. I want it in the ass. I know you’re ready to come and I want it in the ass. I already lubed myself so I am ready and I want it now. I haven’t had anal in almost 5 years.”

She hesitated a moment then continued, “Have you done women in the ass before? Do you know what you are doing?”

“Yeah, I’ve fucked a few chicks in the ass. I’ll take care of you.”

She rolled off me quickly and maneuvered into a submissive doggy position facing away from the mirror. Her anus was glistening with lubricant that had started to squeeze out of her body. I almost shot a load at that moment but managed to keep my composure.

She reached up and got two pillows, one for her head and one for her midsection. She pointed to the latter and said, “That’s in case you get a little carried away.”

I knew I wasn’t going to last long and I was right.

With my right hand I gripped my cock and swirled the tip against her ass to lube it. I pressed against her anus and she screamed out loud, “Yes, now, inside, now, push hard! Do it now! Now!”

I pushed but the resistance was too much. Her ring was far too tight to let me gain entry with simple brute force. This was going to require finesse. She looked back at me, took a deep breath, and slowly exhaled. As she did the head disappeared inside her and she shuddered. “Stop. Oh, God, that is so fucking big. Just stop, don’t fucking move! Let me do it!”

After relaxing again with another deep breath she pushed back against me engulfing an inch or two before stopping again. “This isn’t going to work”, she said. “No fucking way is this going to…”

I sensed she wanted me to take control, so before she could finish her sentence I shoved hard and buried my entire cock in her ass. She screamed out loud but didn’t resist. I pulled out and slammed it back hard slapping my thick ball sac against her hairy pussy. Again she screamed and wiggled her hips but didn’t attempt to get away. After the third ass slam-banging thrust I began to come. I dumped what felt like a nice full load of cream deep in her ass. I pulled out to shoot a whore’s blast on her back as my come dripped from her tiny rosebud.

I collapsed onto the bed and caught the reflection of her dripping asshole in the mirror.

“So how was your first time doing a chick in the ass?” she asked.

“It was great, Shelly. Good thing you grabbed that second pillow.”

“Yeah, I guess my act of struggling with anal wasn’t very convincing!” she laughed.

“Not when you prepare for getting an ass pounding by stuffing a pillow under your tummy. Seems to me you’ve been down this road before, Sassy Shelly.”

She said nothing but rolled on her back, looked over at me and smiled. “If you only knew, Keechy, if you only knew.”


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