Sarah’s Story Ch. 01

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My name is Sarah. I’m a graduate and I’ve been lucky enough to have been accepted on the management fast track course at one of the large chain stores. This is my chosen career for a number of reasons and many of them will become apparent as my story continues.

Allow me to tell you a little about myself, and particularly the relevant bits for which I’m sure you’ll all waiting. I’m a little over 5 feet tall with a rounded figure, not fat exactly but not one of those size zero nymphs you see in the paper.

And there’s the first reference you’ve been angling for: Nymph. It has to be said I have a rather over-developed sex drive. From an early age I discovered the pleasures of auto-erotic massage or masturbation if you like. From there it went to vamping several of the boys at school and also, er, um, some girls as well.

There, I’ve said it. I don’t think I have a distinct sexual preference. In fact my orientation allows me double the chance of scoring on a night out. And I love it.

It can be an issue sometimes. If there’s no immediate chance of getting my rocks off, as they say, I have been known to have to crash out of meetings or whatever I’m doing to pay a visit to the ladies room for a little light refreshment.

And that’s how it started with Janice, my best friend.

We met on a people management course. As interesting as the course was it couldn’t compete with the sight of Jan’s long slim legs protruding from a short pencil skirt crossing and uncrossing. By the middle of the second day, even wearing a trouser suit she had me enthralled and panting.

I have to say that I’m usually pretty good at reading people; the positive signs that tell me something’s going to happen. But not Janice. She gave nothing away.

It reached the point where I just had to go and sort myself out. I made my excuses and left the course and headed for the toilets. I looked at myself in the mirror and sighed. What a desperate woman I was. I did a quick scan of the cubicles to ensure no-one was at home and just as I turned to lock the main door Janice barged in, nearly knocking me off my feet.

“Oh, sorry. Sarah, isn’t it?” She apologised. Her eyes dipping to check my name badge clipped to my blouse. At the same time she raised a hand to lift it as if making sure it was spelt right. Her palm grazed my breast.

“Are you alright?” Her other hand slipped around my upper arm and her hazel eyes pierced deep to my soul. My heart raced and goose bumps prickled up my arms.

“Fine.” I breathed.

Her hand slipped away from the badge lightly touching all the way down to my waist.

“Oh, god.” I think I said then suddenly we were kissing.

Our mouths opened and our tongues met. We crashed back against the door our bodies pressed together, grinding and writhing.

One of us had the presence of mind to lock the door amidst our hands sliding and touching each other’s bodies. Her hands were on my full breasts, squeezing and pulling at my nipples. Mine moulded around her petite mounds and I thumbed her surprisingly large nubs while she squealed into my mouth.

Her hand slipped between my legs first, her fingers pressing into my slit. She gasped in a ‘god you’re already soaking wet’ sort of way and I felt her fingers expertly unzip my trousers. It was seconds later her digits were slipping around in my open slit as I moaned loudly against her cheek.

With rather less finesse I managed to work my hand inside her trousers and we stood there up against the toilet wall fingering each other zealously.

With two of her long fingers pushing firmly into my hot and dripping hole it took less than a minute before I came all over her hand.

I moved to return the favour. I pressed my knee between her legs crushing my hand against her pussy with two fingers buried deep inside her. My thumb ground hard against her clit, slipping over it to bring her off too.

After a minute panting and gasping against each other we broke away slightly to look at each other. Both of us burst our laughing.

“How did you know?” I asked her later.

“You couldn’t keep your eyes off me.” She retorted.

“Was I really that obvious?” I asked.

“Gagging for it was written all over your face.” She laughed.

We’ve been firm friends ever since and shared all sorts of adventures together which, no doubt, I will share with you over the course of these stories.

But first I ought to introduce my parents, bareback studios porno with whom I live, obviously, being a recent student and poor as a church mouse.

They are reasonably well off and we live in nice three bed detached in the suburbs of the big town where we all work. They are respectable people, I always thought, and are quite social with dinner parties at least once a month and various outside interests either together or separately.

It wasn’t until one evening when I wasn’t supposed to be home that I found out the double lives they had lived from way before I was born.

I had told them I was going to work the night-shift to gain some experience in the whole re-stocking process. Unfortunately the supervisor who was going to mentor me had called in sick so we decided to reschedule for another time.

I have a cheap second hand moped and rode it home. It’s not very noisy but I get off at the top of our street just in case our nice neighbours complain anyway. I wheeled it round to the garage and parked it next to Dad’s car and went through the back garden to get in through the back door. The path takes me past the big patio doors that look in on the living room.

There was a splash of light coming through the chinks in the binds covering the doors. I glanced in, as you do, and had to do a double take.

Mum and Dad were in the living room and there was another couple in there with them. That in itself was not unusual.

What had stopped me in my tracks was that Mum was in the armchair with her blouse wide open and her big fat tits hanging out. The strange man was sitting on the arm of the chair and was kissing Mum and fondling her breasts. I couldn’t believe it.

I looked over at the sofa and there was Dad. The woman was saying something to him that I couldn’t quite hear and was stroking his cock that she had taken out of his trousers.

I could feel myself go into shock. But it was something more than that and something I was trying hard not to accept: I was getting turned on.

I tried to tear myself away, get back on my bike and go, somewhere, anywhere but I just kept watching. How long had this been going on? Were Mum and Dad swingers? How had they kept it a secret for so long? So many questions were buzzing through my mind.

I felt my nipples stiffen and press uncomfortably into my bra that was already pressed hard against my skin under my shirt and thick leather jacket. I’d worn jeans to work and I could feel my hips involuntarily jerk trying to get some pressure on my pussy that I could feel start to dampen.

I turned my gaze back to my Mum who had thrown her head back while the man played with and pulled at her nipples. Their kiss was passionate and deep. She had spread her legs, her skirt riding up her thighs and I could clearly see she had stockings on and lacy white knickers.

The man now reached down and slid his hand up her thigh until he was running his fingers up and down her slit as she hunched up to meet his probing.

I looked back at Dad and groaned out loud. The woman had her head in his lap and her tongue was licking around the head of his stiff penis. My Dad’s naked erect penis. I had seen Dad naked a couple of times by accident but this was something else.

My own tongue traced around my lips as I watched, transfixed. It took me a moment to realise that my hand had slipped down between my legs and I was clawing at the crotch of my jeans.

At the sight of the woman taking Dad’s cock into her mouth my hips jerked forwards, I lost my footing and I staggered forward kicking over a plant pot at the side of the patio door.

I was rooted to the spot as Dad suddenly looked round at Mum. Mum pulled her blouse together and Dad struggled to push his stiff cock back into his trousers. Dad leapt out of the chair and yanked the cord on the blind and looked out through the glass seeking some hidden peeping tom or would be burglar.

Seeing nothing but his own reflection he reached for the catch and slid open the patio door. That’s when they all saw me.

I was a bit of a mess and had a look of dumb shock on my face. My jeans were undone but fortunately still up and my jacket was open and my long stiff nipples poked through my shirt.

Dad found his voice first.

“Sarah, what are you doing here?” It was a bit lame but all he could manage and after all he didn’t know how much I’d seen.

“Sarah, czech amatör porno I thought you were working tonight.” Added Mum.

“I was, I mean it was cancelled. What’s going on here Mum?”

It was the strangers who started to bring some normality to the scene.

“Aren’t you going to introduce us to this delectably young lady?” The man asked.

“No.” Snapped Dad. “I mean, I’m sorry.” Dad corrected himself, remembering that he just might get away with this. “This is my daughter, Sarah. Sarah this is Dan and Julie, friends of ours.”

Dan stepped forward and clasped my hand. I thought he was going to kiss it and started to giggle but he pulled me towards him and went for a kiss on the cheek instead.

“Very nice, my dear, very nice.” He whispered in my ear.

“Er, Dan, my daughter isn’t ..” Dad cut himself off not sure how to finish that particular sentence.

It was Mum who came to her senses first.

“Come in and sit down, Sarah, I think we need to have a chat.” Said Mum slipping her arm around me and leading me to the sofa. We sat down with Mum’s arm still around me.

“Get Sarah a drink John, I think she’s a bit shocked.”

Dad went over to the drinks cabinet and poured me a large vodka and soda and brought it over to me. Julie sat down next to Mum and Dad and Dan stood in front of us. I took a big slug out of my glass.

“So what’s going on Mum. Don’t you and Dad love each other any more?”

“No, no. It’s nothing like that, Sarah.” Assured Mum. “It’s just that we ..”

Mum didn’t know how to explain, it was clear. It was Julie that decided that it was easier coming from a stranger.

“No, Sarah, your Mum and Dad love each other very much but they both have certain pleasures that they need other people to help them with. They belong to a sort of club that lets them explore other people in a very nice and safe way.”

“Swingers, then.” I said bluntly.

“Yes, if you like.” Continued Julie.

“So you two, um, help them out every now and again.”

“Yes and other couples too. Sometime more, sometimes less.”


“Yes. Sometimes your Mum or Dad will have one person to help them. Do you find that disgusting? Shocking?”

“Shocking, yes.” I replied. “Disgusting no, of course not. What Mum and Dad get up to isn’t any of my business.”

“But you liked watching, yes?”

That stumped me for a second. How should I answer that? I couldn’t admit that watching my Mum and Dad get it on got me as horny as a rabbit.

“I didn’t mean to …”

“You were touching yourself out there, weren’t you?” Ventured Julie.

I couldn’t answer.

“You did like seeing me touch your Daddy’s cock? Were you watching my husband with your Mum too?”

God this woman was perceptive. She was reading me like a book.

Mum’s arm suddenly tightened around my shoulder. She shot a look at Julie and I followed her eyes. Julie was looking down and I did too. I gasped, I think. Julie had quietly pulled Mum’s blouse open and her big fat boob was just there inches from my face.

“Your Mum’s got nice boobs, hasn’t she?”

She didn’t wait for an answer. She slipped her hand around Mum’s tit and started to massage it. Mum looked a bit nervous but bit her bottom lip when Julie started squeezing the nipple.

“Your Mum likes having her tits played with, Sarah.”

I can vaguely remember someone taking the empty glass and Julie clasping the back of my hand and gently pulled it over and placed it on my own mother’s breast. Julie squeezed my hand around it and my mother groaned.

“See.” Said Julie as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening.

“That feels good, doesn’t it Sarah?”

I gulped and found that my mouth was dry. I looked at Julie seeking reassurance, answers, anything. She just smiled.

“It’s naughty and nasty touching up your own mother but you’re loving it, Sarah. Aren’t you?”

I didn’t know what to do or say. I only knew that Julie was no longer making me fondle my Mum’s tit, I was doing it myself. Mum was making little ooh and ah sounds as I found myself rolling her large rubbery nipple between my finger and thumb.

“Do you know what else is nasty and naughty, Sarah?” She continued. “Your Mum is really enjoying it. Look at her. She’s wetting her knickers ‘cos her little baby girl is playing with her tits. She’s wanted this for a long time. We’ve spoken czech bitch porno about it in our little games. I’ve even pretended to be you for your Mum and Dad.”

The words were going in to my head but weren’t making any sense. Julie was pretending to be me. Why?

“Look at your Dad, Sarah.”

I looked up and saw something I’d never seen in my Dad’s eyes. His eyes were wild and staring watching me play with Mum’s tit. I followed Julie’s hand as she ran it down over my Dad’s tummy and rubbed her hand up and down the bulge in his trousers.

“Look Sarah, you’ve made him very hard.” She said as she squeezed the material around my Dad’s cock showing the outline.

“Do you want to see your Dad’s hard cock, Sarah?” She almost spat the word ‘cock’ making it sound rude and nasty.

Again I couldn’t speak. I just watched as Julie undid the zip on his trousers and pulled his thick erect penis out into the open. I unconsciously ran my tongue around my lips, Julie noticed.

“Looks good enough to eat, doesn’t it Sarah?” She said as she ran her elegant fingers up and down the shaft.

“Touch it. Touch your Daddy’s cock.”

I found my hand moving by itself. It left Mum’s fluid breast and sailed across the air and joined Julie’s. I heard my mother groan as my fingers circled her husband’s penis and Julie’s hand withdrew.

I looked up into my Daddy’s face. His mouth was slightly open and his breath was rasping in his throat and he was transfixed looking at my hand sliding up and down his erect shaft. Suddenly he noticed me looking at him and looked back tentatively.

“It’s alright Sarah.” He eventually said. “It’s alright. It’s lovely.”

I fell in love with him then and there. I leaned forward, unable to help myself, and took him into my mouth. As my lips closed around his thick pulsing shaft and my tongue circled about the underside he groaned loudly.

I heard Mum moan softly behind me and her arms wrapped around my shoulders.

“That’s beautiful, Sarah.” She hummed in my ear. “Suck on your Daddy’s cock, darling. It’s such a beautiful sight.”

I turned my head slightly so that I could look at her. Her face was so close beside mine I could hear her breathing heavily.

I released Dad’s cock and, still rubbing my fingers up and down the shaft placed it against her lips. She opened her mouth and lapped at the shiny head before sucking him down deeply.

I was aware of movement around me. Dan had pulled his prick out and was rubbing it up and down as he watched us both share Dad’s cock. Julie had manoeuvred herself around behind me. I felt her hands on my shoulders as she started to ease off my jacket. I felt Mum help her as my blouse was unbuttoned then my bra unfastened.

Dad had started to gently push his cock into my mouth, fucking in and out as my tongue laved his shaft. Gentle hands explored my full breasts, fingers tugging at my nipples as both Mum and Julie worked in unison.

While Mum was sucking Dad I turned my head and my lips met Julie’s. We share a deep kiss, our tongues duelling. I broke the kiss to take Daddy’s prick back into my mouth and came face to face with Mum. We looked at each other for what seemed like forever then we both leant forward and kissed.

It was deep and passionate and as we broke away to concentrate on Dad again she whispered “I love you darling.”

“I love you too, Mum.” I breathed back and took Daddy deep into my mouth again.

Mum stroked his cock with increasing tempo and I knew he wouldn’t last much longer.

“Make Daddy cum, Sarah.” Gasped Mum into my ear. “You want to see your Daddy cum for you, don’t you?”

I released his prick for a second. I looked at Mum and smiled.

“Yes, Mum. Daddy’s going to cum for me.” And I took him back into my mouth.

I wasn’t sure I was ready to let him cum in my mouth, though. To taste him. I also thought the others, as turned on as they were would like to see Daddy spurt.

When I felt Daddy stiffen I let him slip from my mouth. Mum understood and rapidly wanked him to completion. I felt the hot cream splash onto my throat, then Mum aimed him at my tits. The spurts were strong and plentiful, streaking across my mounds and hanging from my nipples.

Eager hands smoothed the sticky liquid over my firm flesh making it glisten in the light. Delightfully Mum and Julie bent down and started licking the cream off my breasts, both had a nipple and sucked hard.

I felt a tightness in my belly and knew I was close to cumming. When Dan stepped forward I looked up at him and nodded. He aimed his cock at me and a second load of cum was soon splashing over my recently cleaned tits.

As Mum and Julie worked together to clean me up with their tongues and mouths I came.

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