Sarah’s Journey Ch. 018

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Big Tits

018 Apparently breasts equal confidence and a huge ego boost!

The next week I went and saw my Dr. as usual. We discussed my goals as far as implant volume.

“I know I’m happy with my size now but I do still want to go larger.” I told him.

“Currently your body size and your breast size are out of proportion as is. Continuing will further this disproportionate look, and there will probably be social changes to your appearance. People will point and comment basically.”

Laughing “Doc, that happens now. I bought bikinis and went to the beach, and yes practically everyone stared, or pointed me out to their friends. And honestly I loved it. It doesn’t bother me at all, I really do love the attention even from people staring and pointing.”

“As long as you are ok we can still go larger, all your muscles are dealing with the weight just fine. You’re tissues are stretching normally, actually better than normal you’re textbook as for progression on this. Also your muscles at the bottom of your sternum are solid and never seem to change so that’s good they are properly holding the weight of the implants.”

“Great, so what are my options for today?”

“Well last time we got pretty aggressive with the volume increase. We can do a moderate fill or we can be aggressive again.” He said leaving the choice up to me.

“Lets go for aggressive and we’ll see how I feel.”

“Ok, lets do it!” He said with a smile. It seemed a noteworthy change of attitude from concerned to excited.

The fill went well, as I watched my breasts increase in size I got as excited as the very first day I had a fill, I always did. We filled them until they were tight again, just at the edge of uncomfortable. I couldn’t believe how huge they are getting! I was in heaven! I put my bra on and had to stuff my breasts in the cups this time. This fill the Dr was able to add about 350CCs, I had no idea how many CCs I was at total, but it was a lot! I got my boobs packed into the cups of my bra and headed out, with them spilling over the top with the obvious line that made them look like 4 boobs because they were straining over the top of the cups.

I arrived at my bra shop, as usual on Fridays after my Drs appt. Rose greeted me when I came in. I love coming here Friday afternoons before 1700hrs. I was the only customer and had Roses attention all to myself so I always got a perfect fitting. As I approached the sales counter at the back Rose noticed my 4 boob look as the bra strained to contain my breasts that were now officially gigantic, as if they weren’t before. Rose looked at me with concern.

“Sarah sweetie, are you wearing an old bra?”

“No Rose it’s the one I got here a month ago.”

“Then you saw your Dr and need a new bra?”

“Yes ma’am!” I beamed.

“Sarah are you sure about this? Your breasts are disproportionate to your size sweetie.”

“I know and Rose; I love it! I don’t know why but to get stared at, and pointed at and whispered about I just love it. It might be because I was ignored by Brandon our entire 15 year marriage?”

“That may be hon but aren’t you concerned about your health?”

“This is a topic with the Dr every time I see him. He says that I’m text book perfect with how my muscles under them are holding the weight. I do go to the gym regularly so I keep it that way.”

“Ok sweetie I just don’t want you to have problems, or endanger your health.” Rose said with concern.

I turned my back and faced the hook in the changing room. I took off my shirt and was about to take off my bra when Rose spoke.

“Sarah you’re on the last hook bostancı escort on your band!? Did you get an expansion that increased your size that much?”

“Possibly, I had him go until they were tight, like last time.”

“Yes but sweetie, you’re on the last hook of a 38″ band.” she said with surprise.


“That’s just a very large difference from the reducing clip I put on.” She said as turned me sideways to look at my front.

I looked in the mirror past Rose and noticed that the cups of the bra weren’t even contacting my ribcage, or my torso anywhere. They were just big enough to fit over maybe 80% of my breasts now.

Rose unhooked the band and the tightness from my breasts being compacted into the cups held it on me without it slipping off as usual. Rose peeled them off my recently swollen breasts. I was marveling at them in the mirror for the first time since the fill an hour ago. They were massive! They looked almost the size of basketballs! I ran my hands around the sides and to the fronts admiring how big they were.

Rose looked at me and smiled.

“This really is that important for you and your self image isn’t it?” she asked kindly.

“It really is, I love being stared and pointed at.”

“Ok then.” she said with a smile and headed to the back to get a bra.

She came back with 4 to try out. After finding the brand and size that would fit my breasts Rose pulled out the pliers and a reducing clip like last time. She marked the band and crimped the clip on the band. It was perfect like last time. In the mirror they stood out like melons and I loved how they looked!

“What size bra is this?” I asked Rose.

“It’s a 38EE.” she answered as she was checking the band and shoulder straps.

“Wait I went from a 38D to a 38EE!?” I said with glee and shock!

“Yes hon. But I had to reduce the band with the clip like last time.”

“So I’m a 34″ band still?”

“Yes hon, but I don’t want to special order a bra for you because special orders are expensive and you will need a larger size next time anyway.”

Very expensive!? I thought, damn the last one was $250, they got even more expensive?

“So if you ordered a 34″ band what cup size do you think I’d be?” I asked out of curiosity, and it turned me on to hear the uncommon sizes that I was starting to need.

“I’d probably say a 34G maybe 34GG.” she said just by estimating.

I didn’t care though just hearing that was exciting beyond belief and erotic as hell to me!

I put my top back on that was now probably no longer work friendly as it hung over the ends of my breasts like a curtain and only 1-2″ below them. A moderate breeze would blow it up and over.

I paid Rose for the new bra, another $250. Damn this was expensive, the cream, the bras, the visits every 2-4 weeks. But how I felt because of them made it totally worth it. They said my confidence would improve and they weren’t kidding!

I left the bra store and texted Russ to see what he had going on. I just wanted to show off my new look after this fill. I ran to the store to pick up a few things. I definitely was getting peoples attention. And I ate it up like candy. While there I left the basket for a second and walked back to and end cap for something and when I rounded the corner my left breast caught the cardboard display and the entire thing went crashing to the ground in a spectacular mess. I just stood there in shock and elation. There were a couple of people that saw the whole thing and, luckily, were chuckling about it. They were nice enough to help me pick it back up and ümraniye escort bayan quickly put the bags of chips back in before it attracted more attention.

The rest of that shopping trip was hurried as I didn’t want another knock over incident, despite how happy it made me on the inside. I was elated that my breasts were big enough I was knocking things over with them. I couldn’t help but wonder what was wrong with me, but I loved it!

Russ texted back that he could be available if I wanted to do something. I said yes and asked him what time. I went to the check out and left the store. I arrived home and after carrying the groceries in, I checked my text messages. Russ replied that around 1900 was good for him. I felt like staying in and asked if we could just chill at one of our places.


“1900 is good, can we just chill on the couch and watch something?”


“Sure, whatever you want to do.”


“Great, my place then?”

I couldn’t believe I just sent that txt! What was I thinking!? I wasn’t! Did I really trust a guy enough that I’ve only met 2 times? He seems like a nice enough guy but what if he’s nuts?”


“Sounds great! Just need the address.”

I was thinking this through… The park! We’d meet at the park first. I had nothing past that as a plan but it seemed like my best worst option.


“The park down the street from the 7-11.”


“Interesting choice for NetFlix and chill, but ok :)”

1900 was in 30 minutes! I changed and quickly headed out. I put on a top and toga pants. I had hoped the top was going to be loose enough so I wasn’t really trying to show off the new boobs yet but I don’t think it accomplished the task. It was stretched over them and hung off the front like a curtain just like my work top did. It was obvious that there was a huge open gap from the bottom up under my shirt. My breasts had to stick 10″ out from my chest and the top just hung a couple of inches below the bottom of the bra.

I arrived at the park and sat on a bench close to the parking area. A few people walked by and stared as usual. I was playing on my phone but I still noticed. Even people walking on the sides of the park would notice and they were 50 yards away.

Russ pulled up and walked over. He looked at me and said “You’re not difficult to spot.” as he pulled me to my feet for a hug. He could just get his arms around me, and noticed the boobs.

“Is it just me or did those get even bigger?”

“Today was my Drs appointment for an expander fill.” I explained.

“Awesome! You, they, look fantastic!” he said in an upbeat and supportive way.

“Thank you I’m so glad you like the upgrade. As I’m really getting to a disproportionate spot I’m told.”

“I love the look, and trust me almost all guys love that look.” he said with a huge smile.

“I wanted to talk for a minute before we went to my place. I know we’ve seen each other a couple of times now, and I’m happy you’re ok with my wanting to wait for sex until my divorce is finalized. But this arrangement between us isn’t one that I see as committed. After my marriage I have been learning how to be single again and I’m loving it. I just wanted to be upfront about that.”

“Well I appreciate that. So let me make sure I’m understanding. You like seeing me but also want your options left open if you want to see or just have fun with other guys?”

“Yep that’s a really good way to put it.”

“Hey I’m totally fine with that, you do you, and have as much fun as you can now that you’re 2 months from being single.” kartal escort he said smiling in such a sincere and caring way.

“I’m so relieved you understand. Also I was concerned about telling you where I lived, newly single and living alone I do get scared sometimes. You’re not a serial killer are you?”

“Why are you?” Russ quipped back.

“Maybe.” I said with a menacingly serious face.

“WOW, only 1 in 2 million people are serial killers you know. What are the changes 2 of them are on a bench in a park together?” he said trying not to laugh.

I laughed and pushed him playfully.

“Ok lets go and chill.” I said feeling much more comfortable now.

We drove in his car back to my complex. As I got in and opened the car door I hit my right breast as it was swinging open. It hurt a bit but that’s it. Again I was excited about this new inconvenience, and again I can’t explain why.

Back at my place we heated up some frozen dinners, as being single they’re just easier. Sat down and turned on the TV. As we sat there after only a minute or 2 Russ turned to me.

“I have to ask if I can see them. I swear they’re twice as big as they were at the beach.” he asked managing to look me in the eye.

Laughing “Sure just ask.” I said with a wink.

With that I pulled my top off over my head exposing my breasts that while looked almost as big as basket balls, were neatly tucked into my new $250 bra I bought only 3-4 hours ago. His eyes went wide with amazement. He reached over and immediately felt of them, while rubbing all over the massive surface area they now had. Stopping briefly at my nipples.

“They’re flatter than last time.” Russ said feeling both my nipples.

“Yes they get stretched flat when I have a fill. As the skin adjusts and stretches to accommodate the added volume they will get back to normal and stand up a bit.” I explained, but it’s not that my nipples stuck up anyway, they were pretty flat yet when cold they would stick up a bit.

“That makes sense. They really are just massive Sarah.”

“Ya I know, but I love them honestly. You said you liked them. Do I look stupid with them?”

“I don’t think so but women will probably say differently. But to hell with them, you do you, remember?”

“You’re so supportive.”

“I hope I can be as supportive as your bra.” he laughed.

“Well they don’t need the bra after a fill they stand up pretty well on their own.”

“Really!? Care to show me?” he asked with a wry smile.

I stool up and faced him, reached back and unhooked the bra and tossed it on the couch. He sat there marveling at my breasts that were just in front of his face. He kept rubbing them and then plunged his face right in the middle of them. I’d never had that happen before, then again I’d never had breasts until 2 years ago either. So I grabbed his hair and rubbed his face all over them, as this seemed to make him happy. I though laughing to myself. I let go and he came up for air.

“Sorry, but these are just; WOW!”

I leaned forward to look over the front of my breasts as I also had to take a step backwards. I checked out Russ’s package and I couldn’t tell if he was hard or not.

“So I guess they’re a turn on?” I asked to reassure my ego.

“Oh my God yes! Are you kidding I started getting hard as soon as I saw you as I was parking. I could tell from there that they were bigger. That’s also why I had to point myself down because I knew I was going to be.”

“You got hard just by seeing me?” I asked with a bit of surprise.

“Yep, sitting there talking to you I was hard and have been since.”

I was so excited to hear that and it was definitely an ego boost.

“Well we should get him out and make sure he’s comfortable then.” I said kneeling down and reaching for the button at the top of his pants. As I rested my breasts on this thighs.

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