Sarah visits Gramps: Yacht Party

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I was lying on my bed with a vibrator in my ass. I had my rabbit inserted in my pussy and the bunny ears working on my clit. And the door bell rang.

I opened the app for the video door bell and saw Gramps and his girlfriend Ginny at the door. I quickly unlocked the door from the app and used the audio.

“Come on in, the door is unlocked now. I’m in the bedroom, come join me!”

I’ve been enjoying sex with Gramps, Ginny and my Mom ever since I walked in on them after college graduation.

My grandfather, Tony, was a national salesman and was approaching the magical age of 65, but you would be hard pressed to know it. Always in shape and in the sun, he was a truly handsome beach bum at home. At work he was dressed well and stylish, always turning the women’s heads. Tony never had any trouble finding a partner for sex. His cock when limp was impressive, but when erect was large! Eight inches of rock hard muscle. Thick with a big vein running the length of it. Tony had amazing stamina as well. He was blessed with a large and loose ball sack that hung down low. His balls would fly around when having sex.

Ginny was a tall black haired beauty. Long and lean, she was blessed with big, soft tits. She had just hit 50 and her breasts, if unsupported, sagged down her chest, half way to her navel. Big and full, they were a sight to behold. The areola were large and dark. Her nipples only came out when excited. But when they did they were long and hard. Ginny almost always had a fully shaved pussy. The only hair on her body was on her head. Her pussy lips were small, but her clit was large and sensitive.

Ginny slipped the straps off her shoulders and her dress fell to the floor. No underwear at all, completely naked except for her sandals, which she kicked off. She climbed onto the bed and straddled my head and lowered her pussy to my mouth. Her clit started to get big as I tongued it. Swirling my tongue around it and then directly on it. Her tiny clit head started to pop out. Gramps took hold of the rabbit in my pussy as I took my hands and placed them on Ginny’s hips, drawing her down hard to my mouth. Then I freed my hands and reached up to her tits. Her nipples were already excited, long and hard as I grabbed each one and pulled them away from her chest. I rolled the nipples between my thumb and fore finger. Then pulled on them again. Ginny was moaning, “Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck!”

Gramps was behind her and told Ginny, “Lean forward.” He then slid his middle finger up Ginny’s ass. Ginny seemed to melt on top of me as she came.

Gramps now had the rabbit out of my pussy and was getting ready to thrust his cock in me. Ginny slid off me as Gramps pulled me toward the bottom of the bed so that he could stand on the floor and lean over as he thrust inside me. I still had the vibrator in my ass as Gramps thrust in and out. I felt completely full with both holes filled. Ginny now started to suck and bite my nipples, taking me over the edge as I came.

Gramps pulled out after I came and Ginny and I got to our knees in front of Gramps as he stroked his cock. Ginny and I both had our tongues out and alternated licking his cock head as he stroked his dick, finally letting the first stream of cum hit Ginny’s face, the next on mine. Then Ginny took Gramps in her mouth and sucked the rest of his cum out. As Gramps pulled out of her mouth, Ginny gave me a big wet kiss and shared Gramps’ cum. We both swallowed.

After this short and intense session, we all went to the kitchen and got a drink. As we relaxed Gramps told me why he and Ginny had come over.

“I’m not sure you know, but each year a group of about twenty men and women charter a boat and head out for a day of drinking and sex. Sometimes some of us might even fish.”

I remarked, “And you would like Ginny and I to go along?”

Gramps replied, “Yes, it’s a day of fun and the women all get handsomely tipped.”

Ginny interjected “Best money I’ve ever made tax free in one day!”

“Ginny and your Mom have gone out before. We’d love you to come along as well,” Gramps explained.

“I’ve also got a good friend’s daughter going as well. She’s just graduated from high school and turned 18. She’s small and slim, pretty as can be, a former cheerleader,” Ginny explained. “Her Mom thinks this would be good for her.”

I didn’t have to think twice, “I’m in. When is it?”

“This Saturday. Officially you ladies will be there to serve cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. Unofficially anything goes. Bring any favorite sex toys. We’ll have some on board as well. We’ll provide condoms, lube etc. It promises to be a fun filled day!”


Ginny stopped by late Saturday morning. She had Mom with her. She also had picked up Ashley, the 18 year old former cheerleader. And she was a cutie!

We arrived at the marina. Ginny popped open the trunk and we all took out our bags of clothes and toys. We walked to the yacht and were greeted by Gramps.

‘Come on board ladies!”

Gramps asyalı porno was dressed as the captain of the ship. He had on boat shoes with white linen pants, a blue blazer and an orange and blue ascot tucked into his shirt. He looked swashbuckling!

We weren’t the first ones on board. There were several members of the party there. But Gramps took us to meet the actual crew. The captain and first mate were on the bridge making last minute preparations for our “voyage.” The chef was in the galley and there were several deckhands.

We went down below to a bedroom and changed into more suitable clothing. We all had bikinis to wear, except for Ginny and myself. Ginny had some pasties that she was putting on. Her nipples fit through the body of the sequined flamingos that was highlighted with LED lights. Tassels were attached and Ginny started to move up and down as the tassels started to twirl around her nipples. She had a black g string to complete the outfit. Ginny slipped a sheer, nearly see through camisole over her tits. Her big tits were hanging low and her dark nipples were prominent through the camisole. The flamingos and tassels were evident.

I had a black leather full body strap harness that crossed over my shoulders, with straps meeting above my breasts. One set of leather straps continued to meet between my breasts. Another wrapped around the outside of my breasts. My breasts were framed by the straps and open to full view. From there the straps criss crossed across my stomach and then met above my pussy. They connected to a scant black leather crotchless panty. From behind they opened up to allow easy access to my pussy and anus.

“Mom, should I wear a sheer top with this to cover my tits?”

Mom replied, “Perhaps a short top would be good to start with. I don’t imagine it’ll be on for long though.”

“I hope not. I am horny as hell and need some cock!”

Mom had on a pure white bikini that was cut skimpy. Her nipples were poking out of the bikini top. The outline of her areola were evident as well. Ashley was petite. Her dark brown hair was in a pixie cut, perfect, as I thought of her as a little pixie. Her tits were smallish, but her nipples were swollen and puffy before her tiny floral bikini top went on. She had two smallish star tattoos on either side and just above her pussy. Each was colored with stripes of red, white and blue. She sat on a cushion with her bottoms pulled to the side as she fingered her clit and moaned. She was going to fit right in today!

We went to leave the bedroom and entered the cabin. We each had a little beach bag of goodies with us. The room had a bar set up with a deckhand behind the bar. He was dressed only in tiny white shorts. His stomach and chest were hairless. He had six pack abs and wide shoulders. He was clean shaven with short blond hair.

Next to the door leading out to the deck was a table with the the necessities for the day. White hand towels were laid out along with a bowl of condoms. A bowl with tiny blue pills next to that. Next to them was an assortment of dildos and vibrators as well as anal beads.

The four of us walked out to the sunshine on the deck. We turned some heads as we walked through the door. There were around two dozen guests on board. Most of the men appeared to be of a more mature age, probably 50 and older. I recognized several as men that Gramps worked with and had business dealings with. Surprisingly there were a number of women as well. They varied in age. Some looked like they were wives, over 50 and attached to their husbands. A few looked younger, either trophy wives or girlfriends. All in all a good mix.

The yacht was pulling out of the marina when we were walking out on deck. It was a hot day, tempered by the ocean breeze. Most of the men had on swim trunks and a light shirt. The women were in swimwear of some sort. Many had a light covering on as well. As the yacht cleared the marina many of the women shed their coverings and several of the women shed all. Many of the men shed their shirts, but not many took off their trunks. I decided to take off my sheer camisole top exposing the full effect of the leather strap harness I was wearing. Ashley and Mom took off their bikini tops, exposing their beautiful tits. And lastly, Ginny took off her top letting loose her fabulous tits, with the pasties and tassels attached. Ginny stood on deck and bounced up and down for the tassels to twirl around her tits.

Gramps spied us and came over to say hello and to be introduced to Ashley. I introduced them and Ashley went to work. She slipped her hand down his trunks to grab his cock.

“Oh my! This is an extra large!” She exclaimed.

Pulling her hand back out, she stripped Gramps of his shorts and sank to her knees and licked his cock. Gramps placed his hands on the back of her head and pushed her mouth onto his cock.

“Suck it in! Down your throat it goes!”

Gramps thrust down deep and then pulled out. Ashley was castajans porno drooling over his cock as he grabbed her again and thrust his cock down her throat. Ashley held it down as long as she could and then pulled off, stroking the shaft with both hands. Now she placed it in her mouth and continued to stroke the shaft.

Gramps then had Ashley stand up. “Turn around and bend over to grab your ankles. Ashley’s holes were now exposed to Gramps. He placed his cock head at the entrance of her pussy and started to penetrate. Her pussy was wet and his cock slid in easily. Gramps was stroking in and out of Ashley’s pussy as he placed a thumb on her rosebud and pushed it in.

“Oh shit,” Ashley exclaimed. “How about your cock in my ass next?”

Gramps finished a few more strokes in her pussy and then withdrew and placed the head of his cock on her asshole and pushed in. Then out and then in, popping by the sphincter ring and was soon balls deep in her ass. He had his hands on her hips and was thrusting as deep as he was able.

“Come in my asshole,” Ashley commanded. And Gramps obliged. Shooting several streams of cum deep into her rectum, before pulling out.

“Suck my cock clean,” he told Ashley. She grabbed his cock and swallowed as much as she could, swirling her tongue around the shaft. Then cleaning off the cock head. She had cum leaking out her asshole and found a white hand towel to clean that off.

“Ashley, have a good time on our excursion today!” As Gramps walked away to visit some others.

While Gramps was introducing himself to Ashley, Ginny was entertaining an old couple. She had her tassels twirling around her nipples, and then around the opposite direction. The wife was fascinated with Ginny’s tits, while hubby was stripping off his clothes.

“George gobbled a couple of blue pills when he came onboard,” Gloria told Ginny. “He wants to be able to fuck someone in the ass today! At 80 his cock needs a little help!”

“Let’s have George lay on this chaise lounge and I’ll sit on his cock, cowgirl style.” Gloria helped George lay back as George was stroking his hard on, afraid that he might go soft. As Ginny started to lower herself on his cock, Gloria was stripping off her clothes. She had put on some weight with age and her tits were sagging, but she looked ready for anything. Ginny was up and down on George’s cock as Gloria reached around and grabbed Ginny’s nipples. She pulled the nipples and rolled them between her fingers. Ginny was having fun!

“Time for you to stick that cock in my ass. Gloria, go get some lube and spread it on my asshole. Place a couple fingers in to help lube the whole thing!” Gloria found the lube and placed the lube around the outside of her asshole and then inserted her fingers in Ginny’s ass to lube there. Then she reinserted her fingers again.

“Having fun Gloria? I’ve got a surprise for you after this!”

All the while she was getting lubed, Ginny kept her pussy stroking George’s cock up and down. George was doing amazingly well. Ginny lifted off George’s cock, turned around and repositioned his cock at the entrance of her asshole, and sat down, impaling herself on George’s cock. Now she faced Gloria. Her tassels were twirling with the rhythm of her ass fucking George.

“Gloria, get that tongue out and lick my clit while George is fucking my ass.” Gloria leaned in and placed her hands on Ginny’s hips as she found Ginny’s large clit with her tongue.

George was thrusting back as Ginny was riding his cock up and down. “I’m gonna shoot my load!” he cried. Ginny slowed down as George thrust up and exploded in her ass. With Gloria tonguing her clit and George fucking her ass, Ginny came as well.

After George shot his last stream of cum, Ginny got up and bent over in front of Gloria.

“Lick that cum out of my ass'” she commanded Gloria. And she did!

When Gloria was done, Ginny found her bag of tricks and found her strapon. She stepped into it, tightened it up, and told George and Gloria to stand at the railing, bent over.

She took some lube and greased up each of their assholes. As she was spreading the lube, she inserted two fingers up George’s asshole.

“I’ve never had my ass violated, I didn’t sign up for this!” George exclaimed.

Ginny replied “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander,” and ignored him, except to thrust her fingers farther up his ass.

Gloria protested as well. “I’ve never been ass fucked. I’d never let George fuck me anally.”

“Then it’s about time you started to have a cock up your ass.”

Ginny got behind George and placed her strapon at his tight asshole.

“Relax your asshole and it won’t hurt as much,” Ginny warned George. Ginny started to apply pressure with the strapon. Slowly she made constant progress, then relaxed and then some more until she was in his ass.

George said through gritted teeth, “It doesn’t hurt as much now.”

“Your ass is getting bangbros porno used to it. After today you’ll be begging Gloria to shove a dildo up your ass!”

Ginny pulled out slowly and moved behind Gloria.

“Put your hands on those ass cheeks and pull them apart. You’re gonna love taking my strapon up your ass!”

Gloria spread her cheeks and Ginny started to push her strapon into Gloria’s starfish.

“Stop, stop. I can’t take that in my ass,” protested Gloria.

George told Gloria, “Suck it up. You didn’t say anything while she ass fucked me!”

Ginny squirted more lube on Gloria’s butt hole and pushed farther in, until it slid by her sphincter. All of a sudden Gloria was pushing back against the strapon, forcing more up her ass.

“George, I’m starting to like this in my ass! I think you and I will be having some anal fun!”

Ginny continued to alternate ass fucking George and Gloria. Finally she finished as Gloria diddled her clit to orgasm and George stroked his cock until he spurted on Gloria’s face.

As this was happening, I had grabbed Mom’s hand and we approached a middle aged man with a young woman at his side. She was topless with smallish tits with dark nipples.

“Hi! My daughter and I wanted to know if the two of you would like to get to know us better!”

The woman immediately slid her hands under my sheer top and grabbed my tits and had me in a lip lock as well. As she finally broke the kiss she exclaimed, “What tits you have! I could worship them. I love how big they are and the little bit of sag caused by their weight! The areola are big and they just look like the want to be fondled, and bit, and bound, and everything!”

I looked over as Mom had the bikini top off and her tits were being sucked on. Mom had her hands down his swim trunks and was starting to jerk his cock. He slid his trunks down and Mom pulled off her bottoms as well.

For a moment we were stopped and Maria introduced herself. “And this is one of my boy toys. His name is Geraldo. Most people think I am the toy before they meet us, but it is the other way around. I keep him around for sex and of course, his cock.”

Geraldo was definitely hung. A good thick cock that was perhaps 8 inches. Enough for a girl to have a lot of fun with.

“Hold on a minute, I have another friend here. His name is Mark and I know he would love to join us.” Maria called out to Mark and he turned and walked over. He had already gotten rid of his clothes and he was built. Sun drenched, longish blond hair and perfectly hairless other than that. He was long, lanky and muscular, like a surfer. And his cock swayed back and forth as he walked over. He was also hung.

Four of us were nude and I took off my top to completely reveal the black leather harness on my body.

As Mark got closer he remarked, “She looks kinky! I wonder where she is hiding her whip!”

I told Mark to bend over the railing and grabbed his ass cheeks. I spread them wide as I spit on his asshole. “Step back and spread those legs. His ass cheeks parted as I took my hands off and began to rub the spit into his butt hole. Taking my index and middle fingers, I slid them up his butt. “Yes, I can be kinky!”

Mom was sucking on Geraldo’s rock hard cock when she pulled off and grabbed his cock, leading him over behind Mark. She placed his cock head at Mark’s pucker and told him “Fuck his ass! Stick it all the way in.” I squirted some lube down the crack of Mark’s ass as Geraldo violated his ass. On the second thrust he made max penetration as Mark moaned “Slower, slower. You’re ripping up my ass!”

Maria laughed at this. “Enjoy it boys. I’ve has Geraldo fully up my ass, you can too!”

I took Maria’s small dark nipple in my mouth and sucked and nipped at it. With my hand I trapped her other nipple and rolled it between my fingers. My other hand was playing with her clit in her completely smooth cunt. After rubbing her clit, I moved my middle finger to the entrance of her pussy and then penetrated her. Maria was writhing in ecstasy as my middle finger pumped in and out of her pussy, with my thumb on her clit. “Faster, faster. Make me cum!”

Meanwhile Mom had a finger up Geraldo’s ass as he was finishing off in Mark’s ass. As Geraldo finished off his last spurt of cum and pulled out of Mark, Mom grabbed his cock and sucked it in her mouth. She cleaned his entire cock between her mouth and tongue. Mom then grabbed Mark’s cock and with Geraldo in the other hand, put their cocks together and took as much as she could of both cocks in her mouth.

I had Maria lying back in a lounge with my face buried in her snatch. My ass was in the air as Mark pulled the black leather straps from my pussy and slid his cock in from behind. I was already sopping wet and Mark slid in balls deep on his initial thrust.

It was hard to concentrate on eating Maria with Mark pounding in my pussy. Each thrust pushed me harder into Maria’s cunt. I tried to keep my tongue on her clit on each thrust. Geraldo was now straddling Maria’s face and dropped his butt on her mouth. She grabbed his butt cheeks and spread them wide. Maria started to tongue his starfish. Darting her tongue in his anus, she reached between his legs and grabbed his cock and started to pump it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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