Samantha Ch. 1

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I’d wanted Samantha from the first day I started my new job. She looked stunning – 5 feet 7; long dark brown hair; gorgeous brown eyes; beautiful hour-glass frame with slim legs and lovely breasts as far as I could tell – more than a handful shall we say.

I loved it when she leaned over a desk with her back to me, the shape of her ass was wonderful – her legs looked so long in her short skirt. I just couldn’t get this gorgeous girl out of my mind, so I asked her out one day and to my total astonishment, she said “yes”. Our first date went well, with the usual fondle at the end, tongues entwined as we said our goodbyes in the car, but it was our second date that I wish to share with you now…

I knocked at Samantha’s door for our date and she appeared in what must’ve been her sexiest gear – mini-skirt, tight t-shirt, the lot! There was plenty of time before the meal, but she’d asked me to arrive early…

She closed the door behind me and instantly, we were in a clench – our mouths exploring each other’s – tongues entwined, darting around. Our hands are all over each other’s bodies – we just couldn’t control ourselves. My hands start in her hair, then ran down her neck to her shoulders; down her back to her tight ass, then back up her hips to her stomach and then her gorgeous perfectly curved tits. Samantha’s hands made similar actions, but finally come to rest on my firm ass.

Still in a frenzy, she led me through to the lounge, but before we could sit down, I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her towards me, then made her walk backwards, finally pinning her against the wall. My escort ataşehir hands followed the curves around her firm tits, her nipples could be seen to harden through her t-shirt. We kissed frantically as I ran my hands under her t-shirt to feel her smooth skin – working up to her tits again. I pulled her t-shirt up so that her tits are exposed, then lent my head down, running my tongue around her tits, then taking one nipple into my mouth, my tongue circling around it, keeping it so erect! My mouth sucked hard on it, then released it to move to the other one, doing the same again as one of my hands kept the first nipple hard with it’s touch. Her t-shirt got pulled up and over her head, then flung over onto the nearest chair.

I knelt down in front of her and unzipped her mini-skirt, letting it fall to the floor. As she stepped out of it, I was faced with THE most wonderful view – her mini-skirt had been hiding the fact that she was wearing crotchless pantyhose and no panties. I couldn’t believe how good she was being to me and immediately, my hands grasped at her ass, pulling her moist looking pussy towards my face. My tongue lapped around her pretruding lips, tasting her, loving every bit. One hand came round and pulled her pussy lips apart, revealing her now wet inner cunt – my tongue delved deeper now and she felt it teasing her hole open, pushing hard past her opening, now exploring the very inside of her… “ohhhhh baby, her ass is so tight and her pussy so wonderful to the taste” I said. “Lap all of my sweetness up – it’s hers” she replied before moaning out in pleasure. Her hands kadıköy escort bayan were now on the back of my head, pulling me in closer, as she felt the expert tongue work her gorgeous cunt.

My tongue now slowly slid back out of her hot cunt and ran up between her wet pussy lips to her clit – flicking it with my tongue, lapping at it, making it even more swollen than it was before. I then kissed it gently, before the tips of my lips sucked at it. Samantha moaned out louder now and I was aware of her cunt leaking precious juices, so I used my fingers to catch them before sucking on them myself, tasting her wetness. 2, then 3 and finally 4 fingers were pushed inside of her as my mouth devoured her clit. One of her hands helped push those fingers deep inside – she gave out a little scream as they stretched open her cunt and explored her inner depths.

Neither of us could take much more and as we looked at each other, we knew what we both really wanted. I removed my fingers and she quickly stripped me – allowing my rock hard cock to spring out of my boxers upon release. In no time at all, I’m naked and she jumped up, wrapping her gorgeous legs around my waist, the underside of my shaft being rubbed up against her wet clitty. We kissed, but at the same time tried to get a breath as we’re both so very hot. I held the underside of her thighs, holding her up with her back against the wall as my hips pushed my long shaft towards her soaking wet cunt. No sooner had my cock’s head touched her outer lips, than it was sucked inside by her eager pussy. I pushed in slowly but forcefully – her hands escort bostancı grabbed at my hair as she felt me fill her up.

Deeper and deeper I went with each hard thrust – faster and faster I fucked her as my hands lifted her up and then almost dropped her back down, impailing her tight dripping wet cunt onto my thick love shaft. Her legs were still tightly wrapped around my waist – I could feel the lovely smoothness of her pantyhose rubbing against my skin. The way I lifted her up with each thrust turned her on sooooooo much, as it meant that her clit was getting a good rubbing as well.

I sucked hard on her lovely nipples as we began to reach our climaxes. Samantha screamed out loud, telling me to fuck her as hard as I could. I could feel her pussy tighten around my cock, my hot cum building up at the bottom of my shaft. I was fucking her so hard – lifting her up off of me and then dropping you back down, fucking my large cock so deep inside of her – fucking her pussy almost raw. “Ohhhhhh yessssssss baby – we’re cummmmming together…” she said with her part of her hair sticking to her face with the heat of our passion. My cock started to jerk; her pussy went into spasms as an almight orgasm ripped around her pussy and then around the rest of her body. Her nails digged deep into me as she clung on tight, feeling my cock jerk hard inside of her at the same time as she came as well. Loads of hot cum shot hard inside of her with each jerk of my cock – her pussy squeezing each last drop of creamy white cum from my shaft and she then flung her arms around me, almost collapsing if it were not for me still holding her up.

There was still time before we had to go to the restaurant for our dinner reservation… as we lay on the bed, stroking each other, enjoying each other’s bodies with the smell of sex in the air, I wondered what would come next…?

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