Ruth Dispatches Her ‘Stepmom’

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Anal Fingering

Ruth Dispatches Her ‘Stepmom’

By Susan Greenway

[This story involves incest. If that offends you, read no further. All characters are over 18.]


Ruth was happy to be back in her home, the one she had come back to from university only to find that she was subject to the control and dominance of her father’s new girlfriend, whom he intended to marry, and who already acted like her stepmother. Melissa was gone now, after Ruth had gone to a women’s clinic where an experienced lawyer helped her and Harold, her father, go to court, win an order barring Melissa from their house, and in effect, restoring their life.

Ruth had some work restoring the house after Melissa had purposely left it in a mess. She had used the living room floor as her toilet and had yanked all of Ruth’s panties and bras out of her underwear drawer and ripped them or otherwise soiled them. For whatever reason, she hadn’t bothered to do anything nasty to Harold’s clothes or possessions.

One other matter remained foremost in Ruth’s minds. The 25-year-old had been focused on cleaning up the house and getting back to her job. Harold too had gone back to work. She wondered what would be the impact of their spending that first night back in the house in bed together.

She looked at herself in the mirror and saw her attractive face with her auburn hair in a cute ponytail. Ruth had had some boyfriends in both high school and college, but there was no one special in her life now. She had initiated the sex with Harold when she had asked to sleep in his bed to avoid the mess Melissa had made in her room.

Then she had extricated his cock from his boxers and given him a blow job. He reciprocated by going down on her between her legs until she was so excited that she told him she needed him inside her. So they fucked and Ruth enjoyed her father’s lovemaking. It was wrong of course, she thought, but she had really enjoyed it and needed it last night.

She also knew that Harold was susceptible to a woman taking charge of him. Melissa had spanked him and made him wear pink panties under his suit. Ruth did not really want to dominate him as she got no charge out of that. But she realized that he had stimulated her libido which had been quiet for some time as she had adjusted to leaving university.

Ruth realized she needed to reach out because she could find herself confined to going to work and staying at home at night. She had liked to party and she resumed her friendships with some girlfriends who were back in town. She went out to have some drinks with her pals Nancy, Barbara, and Jill.

The girls had a favorite hangout where they knew the bartenders, especially a pleasant blonde named Tracy. One night when it had gotten late and all of them had had several rounds, Tracy was closing up and came over to her favorite table.

“How would you girls like to come back with me and we can kick up our heels and relax with a light cocktail?” she asked the four women in their 20s. Tracy was all of 28 but she seemed so much more experienced than Ruth and her friends. Ruth warmed to her smile and admired her figure and her blonde tresses.

The four whispered for a moment and then Ruth said to Tracy that they’d be delighted to join her. She said she could get them into her car, and she would bring them back later. Their cars would be safe in the bar’s lot, she added.

Everyone managed to get into her sedan and it only took a few minutes to get to her garden apartment, a classic single-woman’s pad. Tracy efficiently served them their light drinks and some nice hors d’oeuvres it only took her a moment to heat in the micro. As they settled in and enjoyed the drink on top of all they had already consumed, Tracy looked at the extremely attractive Jill and sat down next to her on the couch and snuggled into her.

Jill responded by holding Tracy tight in her arms. Everyone was sufficiently loosened up that Nancy put her arm around Ruth and Barbara, not wanting to be left out, dropped down between Ruth’s legs, rucked up Ruth’s pleated skirt, and nuzzled her panty crotch. Then Ruth reached down and pulled her panties down and off, so Barbara began licking Ruth’s hairy slit with her tongue.

Tracy had her hands under Jill’s skirt and had pulled her thin panties to the side so she could push her bursa escort finger right into Jill’s shaved pussy. She knew just how to turn Jill on and soon Jill was moving her bottom in rhythm with Tracy’s fingers moving in and out of her vagina.

For her part, Nancy found her hands moving under Ruth’s blouse and unhooked her bra to massage her nice breasts. Ruth felt her nipples get hard and pointy and she was desperately wanting someone to get her off. She urged Barbara, still licking Ruth’s pussy, to press harder on her clit.

It wasn’t surprising that Ruth and Jill came at the same time. Jill exploded from Tracy’s attentions and Barbara’s tongue brought Ruth off. Tracy then stood and invited them all to retire to her bedroom where the bartender welcomed them into a comfortable king-sized bed. The women quickly shed their blouses, skirts, shoes, and bras, crawling under the covers in only their panties, except for Ruth, who had had hers taken off already.

The others quickly pulled their own undies down and then everyone fell into one another’s arms. The scent of aroused female secretions permeated the air in the bedroom.

Nancy now hooked up with Barbara and both Ruth and Jill began to arouse Tracy, their hostess. Tracy spread her lithe legs wide and Ruth moved in to lick her cute little quim. Ruth was surprised that such a large, aggressive woman had a relatively modest-sized pussy, but Ruth got her tongue right into Tracy’s vagina and the bartender quickly began to respond. Jill worked on Tracy’s tits. These were formidable in a way that her pussy wasn’t.

Soon Tracy was on the verge of cumming and then she did, and it was if an explosive went off in the bed. Ruth felt the boom emerge from Tracy’s quim with a force that belied the diminutive size of her cunt. Tracy went through a series of orgasms until she ceased, exhausted.

Ruth left her to recover or go to sleep and moved over to hug Jill and start playing in Jill’s sex with her fingers. She teased Jill’s clit until it felt hard and then she ran her finger through Jill’s legs and pushed her finger into Jill’s welcoming anus. It was obvious that Jill was a veteran of anal entry, so Ruth enjoyed moving her fingers in and out of her bottom-hole.

Once everyone had been sated, they all began to fall asleep. When they woke up in the early morning, Tracy got herself up and made coffee while the rest were still sleeping. She then returned and took out of her dresser four pairs of blue and orange striped panties with the name of the bar printed right in the lower center of the front panel.

She had them all put the panties on and then they picked up and put on the rest of their clothes. After some coffee and coffee cake in the kitchen, everyone, especially Ruth, thanked Tracy, who proceeded to drive them back to pick up their cars.

Ruth walked into her house and found Harold asleep on the couch. She gently shook him, and he woke up, surprised to see her dressed. He stood and took her in his arms and asked her if she had been out all night. She told him about meeting up with her friends and that they all spent the night at the home of a woman they had met.

Harold took Ruth by the hand and led her to his master bedroom. He stripped off and asked Ruth if she would join him. She managed to remove her blouse and bra and then when her skirt followed, Harold saw the panties with the bar’s name on the front. She told him that the women they met was a bartender and she had given these to all of them.

“I enjoyed last night, Ruth,” he admitted, “but I’m now wondering, do you like doing it with girls?”

Ruth grinned and told him that she liked doing it with people she enjoyed being with.

They lay together in bed and Ruth massaged his member until it rose to its seven-inch length. Then she asked him to mount her as she lay back and she guided him into her still sopping pussy. Harold began to thrust more since he was refreshed, and Ruth was sort of spaced out from her all-nighter. Somehow, she felt loved and lucky to have him inside her now even as she was running on empty.

“Dad, you’re the best,” she managed to say softly to him with a smile as he kissed her sweetly and softly in response. She was totally nonplussed when she felt her ardor rising and as Harold was ready to cum deep inside her, she bursa escort bayan exploded, and she was sure he felt the pressing of her vaginal walls on his cock.

Then as he moved out of her, as he shrunk, and then he lay down next to her, he watched as she faded into a much-needed sleep.

About six hours later, Ruth awoke, and it was mid-afternoon. She was surprised, after she dressed, to hear the doorbell ring as she sat having coffee in the kitchen.

She went to the door and it was Melissa, her almost-stepmother.

Ruth took a deep breath and managed to say right off, “There’s an order keeping you away from us. Do you want to go to jail?”

Melissa smiled and said, “I thought you and I could just talk calmly. I’m really sorry for what I did to you, sweetie. I was a bad, bad girl. Will you give me a few minutes?”

Ruth thought to herself that she didn’t really want to give her the time of day.

“OK,” she said slowly. “Come in, but I’ll be serious about the few minutes.”

She opened the door and the informally attired Melissa came in. Ruth brought her into the kitchen, which was large and there was coffee, which Ruth offered, much against her own wishes.

Melissa sat down and to Ruth, she seemed like a different person from the termagant who had punished and degraded her in front of others.

“Ruth,” Melissa said plainly, “I behaved abominably. I suspect that I killed any chance I had of marrying Harold, whom I truly love. I think he felt something for me, too.”

“Well,” Ruth responded coolly, “so where does that do anything? You blew it, then, and you’re history around here.”

“I don’t deny everything you said and obviously feel…and for good reason,” Melissa said in a much more agreeable voice. “Since I was so bad, I came here to have you punish me. Bad girls get spanked. Would you spank me?”

“Is that so you can then come back here?” Ruth answered, not wanting to accept any trade-off.

“No, I have no expectations,” Melissa said. “I blew it. Your punishing me will just do a little to make me feel I got what I deserved for being such a bitch on wheels.”

Ruth thought that she really didn’t want to have anything to do with this woman, who had messed up her life enough already. Then she realized that it all had only been for a day or so, and this might end everything on a decent note.

“OK, Melissa,” Ruth said. “I’ll spank you and I’ll even say that we left each other on a decent note. No hard feelings. No more court stuff. No more ripped-up panties.”

“I’m sorry about that, about your panties,” Melissa answered, again without arguing. “I got carried away and behaved badly. Are you ready to spank me?”

“Yes,” Ruth said. “But you’ll do now what I say and if you don’t want to do that, just pick up your stuff and leave.”

“I’m ready,” Melissa said plaintively.

“Then stand up, Melissa,” Ruth said much more firmly. “You have indeed been a very bad girl. And yes, bad girls get spanked on their bare bottoms.”

Melissa was standing in front of Ruth now. Ruth took her by the hand and led her into the living room, the place where Melissa had humiliated Ruth.

“Unzip your skirt and put it over on that chair,” Ruth ordered.

Melissa did unzip her pleasant navy skirt. She now stood before Ruth in just her blouse, bra, and panties.

Then Ruth said, “I want that blouse off, and your bra too.”

Melissa was surprised but she complied with the order and removed both her pleasant dark yellow top and her lacy white bra. When Ruth saw her bare breasts, definitely at least a 36C, she started realizing finally what Harold had seen in this woman, who was probably 20 years younger than her dad

“How old are you, Melissa?” Ruth asked her, bluntly.

Melissa was surprised but only hesitated a second before responding that she was 35.

Now Ruth leaned forward and her thumbs in the waistband, pulled Melissa’s white panties right down almost but not quite to her knees.

Melissa, it turned out, had a cute little dark brown landing strip above her pussy. Now she seemed embarrassed to Ruth.

Ruth tapped her flannel-skirted lap, signaling Melissa to lie across it.

Melissa again followed Ruth’s unspoken order, feeling ridiculous being naked except for her panties almost down escort bursa at her knees.

Once she was across Ruth’s lap, Ruth locked her left arm over Melissa’s waist and then began spanking Melissa’s bottom with her right hand. She started slowly and lightly and gradually increased both the tempo and the power of the spanks. She alternated cheeks and then spanked one ten straight times as it reddened, then the other for the same duration.

Melissa began to whimper and then cry out. Ruth reached into her handbag and took out her hairbrush. With no warning, she began spanking with the wood side of the fancy brush. Melissa could immediately feel how much more impact the hairbrush had and began to scream.

“No one can hear you,” Ruth advised, “so scream all you want.”

Finally, Ruth had given her probably fifty spanks with the hairbrush and stopped.

“You can get up now,” she said calmly.

Melissa rose from Ruth’s lap. Ruth looked down and saw that there were some large wet spots on her skirt.

“Did you get your jollies from being spanked?” she asked Melissa, more out of interest than to embarrass her.

Melissa hesitated, then shyly said that, yes, it always turned her on to be punished on her bare bottom.

She then asked for permission to get dressed. Ruth liked it that Melissa had asked for permission and she nodded affirmatively.

Melissa quickly but calmly hooked her bra, buttoned on her blouse, and pulled up her panties and her skirt, zipping it up finally. She now looked like a 35-year-old suburban housewife with a nice rack and good figure. Ruth liked her hair too. She also despised her.

Just as Melissa was about to say her good-bye and depart, Harold opened the front door and walked in.

“What the hell?’ he burst out.

“She’s just going, Dad,” Ruth quickly calmed him. “She came by to apologize and it’s behind us. Am I right, Melissa?”

“Yes, Harold,” Melissa said in a steady soft tone that neither Ruth nor Harold had heard before. “We’ve settled things between us, and I’ll be leaving. Good luck to you both.”

And with that, she smiled at Ruth, ignored Harold, and opened the front door and departed.

Ruth turned to Harold, “In case you’re interested, and I have a sneaking suspicion

that you are, she came to make peace. I figured it was ok. And she more or less asked to be spanked. So, I spanked her. If you’d come in five minutes earlier, you’d have seen me finish it up and she had all her clothes off and her panties at her knees over my lap.”

Harold smiled and whistled.

“You’re a great take-charge person, Ruth,” he said and in a tone that indicated that he meant it.

“Well, Dad,” Ruth smiled at him, “someone around here has to wear the pants…as well as the panties. Did you want her to have you wearing pink panties?”

Harold blushed at his daughter’s question.

“I guess I’m at the stage where I sort of like a woman to call the shots,” he replied slowly.

Ruth warmed to him when she felt his sincerity.

“There’s nothing wrong with that,” she said softly. “I love you, Dad, whether you want that or not.”

He took her in his arms and hugged her tightly.

“I love you, Ruth, and I owe you so much,” he admitted. “You’ve been the daughter I didn’t seem to deserve.”

“Well, all I’ll hold against you is not letting her put you in panties, because I think you liked that,” Ruth responded. “But you fell for a gold-digger. She did show a little class, coming back here, when I could have had her arrested for violating the court order, and asking to be punished. I was definitely ready and willing, after she tore up my lingerie drawer.”

Then she laughed. “And she was also ripping up panties in there that you could’ve worn,” she giggled.

If Harold hadn’t felt well-treated, having in the past week had the pleasure of fucking first his fiancée and then his daughter, he might have been offended. But he admitted to himself that he did like to wear panties. There was something about them, he thought.

That night, Ruth moved into Harold’s bedroom to stay. She left all her clothes in her own room. Except for all the panties that she had either taken with her the day they had left to escape Melissa and the dozen or so she had bought since then at her favorite shop. She let the woman pick out some wonderfully lacy and racy specimens that she was planning to try out each night when they went to bed together. And she also stopped at the mall to pick up a whole pack of pink undies for Harold at Targée.

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