Rumors Ch. 06

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Disclaimer: All sexual activity described in this story is between fictional characters over the age of 18.


The hour-long property tour went well, but is fairly boring to talk about. The takeaway was four one-bedroom one-bath units, about 1000 square feet each, to either side of a badly deteriorated gravel driveway, with parking for one vehicle next to each unit, and several more spots behind. Faded wood siding and chipped floor tiles in the entryways, that were a problem in all four units, filled out the list of needed repairs/replacements. Jack estimated a budget of $21,000, not counting lost revenue from having the units vacant simultaneously while the work is done. The earliest the work could be done was the end of May 2018, due to the existing reservations.

Back at our house, we sat down at the dining table. “Okay, what are your thoughts?” I asked.

“Kinda small,” Annie said.

I responded, “Bigger than my apartment in Boulder, by square footage. Because it’s detached, there are more windows than the apartment. Feels more open, in the daytime at least.”

Mom said, “That’s fine, if you’re the only one there, or even if two people share it. But having four of us, even for the weekend, might feel crowded. Having only one small bathroom, especially.”

I said, “I get that. Let’s separate the decision of whether to purchase them as an investment opportunity from the decision of whether to live in one of them. We can get into the bigger questions that will determine residence after that.”

Annie said, “As an investment opportunity, I say yes. Great return for the asking price, and part of the management fee goes back to our trust. More, if the trust increases its investment.”

Mom said, “I agree. If I had the spare money, I’d go into something like this in a heartbeat. Most of my savings are in IRA and 401(k) accounts for retirement.”

I asked, “Are we not married to each other, in our hearts at least? However we need to manage it, it’s our money, now, so we all get a vote. Marissa, what’s your opinion?”

“Seems good to me, on the investment question at least,” she said.

“Make a cash offer of $475,000?” I asked, getting agreement. I called Jack and put in the offer. He said he’d get back to me.

“Okay,” I said. “On to the thornier questions. After I graduate next year, can the four of us be in four different places for the next few years? Let’s start with Marissa and Annie. Do either of you see yourselves transferring schools to Reno to be closer to here?”

Annie said, “Not really. I picked Sonoma State for the nursing program and for the proximity to San Rafael. Reno’s nursing program wasn’t even on my radar.”

“Same here,” said Marissa. “After none of the California business schools appealed to me because the cities they’re in are so crowded, Boulder was a great choice. Small city, the mountains. I wasn’t even aware you were going there when I made my choice, but I considered it a bonus when I found out from Annie. To have you be there as my husband is just beyond anything I expected. It will be hard being there without you for three more years after you graduate, but that’s where I want to get my education. Even if it means flying back and forth frequently.”

I said, “That gives me a decision to make. Do I accept Jack’s job offer for next summer, put him off by saying I’m going after my MBA or even a Master’s in Real Estate at the same time, or do I just get a short-term job in Boulder to stay close to you. I’m actually leaning towards the MBA option, because the trust would keep paying for my housing there and I would have the beginnings of its distributions to live off of as well. You should check whether being married exempts you from having to live in the dorms as a freshman.”

“I hadn’t thought about that,” Marissa said. “That would suck, having to leave your arms every night, to avoid getting in trouble with the university. I was about to say my dad would be happy to not have to pay for the dorm room, but if we’re getting married, he’s going to want you to pay for my schooling, too.”

“Not a problem, Riss,” I responded. “I expect it.”

Mom said, “I guess my decision is the next to discuss? Do I stay in San Rafael or move closer to Sonoma State for Annie?”

Annie said, “No, Mom, it’s not that far away to begin with, only 30 miles, even if Highway 101 sucks some times. I would rather live at home and commute than ask you to sell the house to move away from your job. Sonoma State doesn’t require freshman students to live in dorms because there isn’t enough housing available, so letting someone on the waitlist have my spot makes more sense.”

I said, “So, we’re settled on living in two places for the next four years and only being together on vacations and the occasional weekend. What about after that? Is living in South Lake Tahoe still our goal? Should Marissa and I come back to San Rafael, taking over Dad’s house instead? I need to give Jack some answer on his job offer, whether bursa escort that’s ‘No thanks’ or ‘After my MBA’.

Mom said, “I vote here. I love the area and this house, always have. As your income from your trust and investments rise, my need to be the breadwinner for the family goes down and that could let me go back to teaching. I stopped, because I could make more money writing documentation for an I/T company and needed to do that, after the divorce. Or maybe I can switch gears and write romance novels instead of manuals.”

Marissa said, “I vote here. I love the mountains, can’t wait to spend a winter where it actually snows. To live here in the winter, here or somewhere else in town, would be perfection.”

Annie said, “I’m not so thrilled about learning to drive in snow, but I’ll manage. I love it here in the summer. Small communities like this always need nurses, too. Besides, you taking over Jack’s business seems fated. The synergy between owning rental properties and the business that manages them pops out at me and I’m not a business major.”

I said, “I know. Combine that with a real estate license and a big pool of capital and it really opens up some possibilities, maybe even to get into home building. I hope Jack is okay with waiting.”

My phone rang and it was Jack. I put it on speaker. “Hey, Jack,” I answered. “What’s the answer on the offer?”

“They accepted it, Tyler. You’ll need to come by the office to formalize that offer and sign some other paperwork. How soon do you want to arrange closing? Assuming you come by tomorrow, the soonest the title company can have everything ready is three weeks from Friday, July 7th.”

I asked, “Since my sister and I are buying the property together, we both have to come back to Tahoe to sign closing paperwork, right?”

Jack said, “No, not at all. The title company has an office in San Rafael. You can do your signing there with their notary public, or even have the notary come to your house, then the paperwork comes back here to be filed with El Dorado county. After that, we will change the locks as each rental finishes and your copies of the new keys will be here at the rental office when you visit in August, or if you decide to visit sooner to pick out which unit to live in.”

“About that,” I said. “I’ve reached a decision since we talked that I want to pursue my MBA, maybe combined with a Masters in Real Estate, after my Bachelor’s. Would there still be an opening for me with your company, four years from now? If so, I will probably purchase something larger to live in than one of those townhouses.”

Jack said, “I can work around your graduate studies. I wasn’t planning to get out of the company completely for five years, then work the real estate job for another five. Have you and your sister reached any decision about whether to take the company over through your trust? It would be a lot easier to start the transition if the trust increased its ownership percentage to 35% this year, at a price of $50 per share? If you increase to 51% by the time you have your MBA, you don’t even need to ask me to hire you, you’ll be asking me to stay on to show you the ropes.”

Annie nodded, so I answered, “We’ll agree to the 35%, for now. I’ll have to check the financials to see if $50 per share is fair. I seem to remember the valuation being closer to $45 at the end of last year.”

Jack laughed. “I think when you take a look at last quarter, the preliminary numbers from this quarter, plus the bookings for the next 12 months, you’ll agree that we’ve grown enough to support that valuation or we soon will. We can haggle after that. As I said, I’m in no big rush. Have a good night and give those pretty ladies a hug from me.”

“Good night, Jack.” I disconnected the call.

Annie laughed. “Hugs. If he only knew.”

I grimaced. “Just what we would need, rumors swirling around Lake Tahoe, before we’ve even moved here.”

“I sure don’t intend to tell him,” Annie said, sounding hurt, as if I’d accused her.

I said, “Sorry, sis. Kneejerk reaction to the idea of Jack knowing. Emphasis on the jerk.”

Annie leaned her head back, sighing. “Damn Gary,” she finally said. “Even here and now, he’s having an effect on us, keeping us worried.”

“Everyone take a breath and relax, okay?” Mom said. “Worrying about rumors here in Tahoe isn’t going to help anything. We’re safe here, even if it’s only a week for now. Let’s not imagine otherwise. I want to stop worrying about San Rafael, too. I want to throw an idea out there for discussion. Let’s plan for Annie and I to move to the Denver area, for at least the next four years, before we move here.”

Annie frowned, before asking, “You’re thinking for me to transfer to the nursing program in Aurora?” CU Boulder doesn’t have a nursing program, the Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora being closest. “I looked at it briefly when I was looking at schools, because it was close to Boulder, but I set it aside because Ty and I were only going to overlap bursa escort bayan for a year. I’d want to take a closer second look before making a decision. I’d have to attend at Sonoma first, before applying to transfer. What about your job, Mom?”

Mom answered, “My company has a subsidiary in Denver has tech writer openings right now and they’d pay relocation expenses, so that part’s easy. But it’s both of us or neither, wife. If you prefer Sonoma State, we stay put. As Tyler has pointed out before, if he’s not in San Rafael, neither is the incest. Not having a place in Denver means we’d have to stay at his apartment or a hotel when visiting him and Marissa, though.”

Marissa said, “Dios, what are my parents going to think, when I say I’m moving in with Tyler?”

Annie asked, “If you announce a wedding date that is before you move to Boulder, what can they do? Tyler’s already said he’ll take over paying your tuition. Hell, if you wanted to, you two could get married this week.”

Marissa gasped. “In Nevada? Some quickie wedding? My parents would kill me.”

Annie laughed. “They actually do them just as quickly on both sides of the state line here. The relevant counties have clerk’s offices in both South Lake Tahoe and in Stateline Nevada just for that and there are wedding chapels in both towns.”

Marissa shook her head. “Unh-uh. No way. It’s taken me years just to get them to accept that I don’t want to get married in the Catholic church. Dad is still determined to walk me down an aisle, though. Mom’s already got the ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue’ all lined up. We take that away from them by eloping? I’d never hear the end of it. Even my sisters would be mad, since it would put more pressure on them.”

I asked, “What about what I pictured, a small wedding here in August, when we have this house reserved again? Something on the deck or the grounds between the house and the lake, or inside the great room, if it rains? Get a local officiant to perform the ceremony?”

Marissa said, “At minimum, we’re talking about my parents, my brothers and sisters, your grandparents and my grandmother? That’s 14 people, including us. How do we make everyone fit? We barely fit for dinner at my parents’ house.”

I said, “This place is arranged for higher occupancy, hon. I was thinking of folks driving up the day before the wedding and driving home the day after, so we’re only talking two nights. I envisioned my grand parents in the master downstairs. Then, the night before the wedding, when we’re not supposed to be seeing each other, I’d share the rightmost bunk room with your dad and brothers, while Mom and Annie take the king bedroom and you share the other bunk room with your Mom, grandma and sisters. It’s designed for 6 adults, after all. You’d just have to share a double with one of your sisters, while your mom and grandma do the same, with your other sisters in the top bunks. I expect you’d have some kind of hen party that night, so you could use Mom and Annie’s bathroom to avoid running into me. Our wedding night, you and I will be at a hotel, so everyone can rearrange as they see fit. Even kick your brothers down to the great room so your mom and dad can have that bunk room to themselves.”

Marissa grinned. “You know what? I like that idea, of bringing them up here, spending the night before in a bachelorette party combined with pajama party with our moms and sisters and letting the view from the deck be my cathedral. However, I think we should wait at least a couple more weeks before announcing our engagement to my parents. They’re likely to think I got pregnant if I announce it this soon after starting to date you. You owe me a ring by then, anyway.”

“Why don’t we check out some of the local jewelry stores tomorrow? If you don’t find something you like, we can shop elsewhere, but I’d rather get it out of the way, even if you don’t wear it right away. I ought to have it to show your dad when I ask for his blessing, anyway. All we’d need is one jewelry store clerk in San Rafael who knows us, and word could reach your parents before we’re ready to reveal it.”

Annie said, “So, that’s decided, even if Mom and me moving to Denver isn’t. How about we celebrate this wedding night, between the four of us, starting right now?”

“Dinner first, honey,” Mom said. “We’re going to need the energy. Before that, we actually haven’t exchanged vows to each other, just jumped from proposals to considering ourselves married. Everyone stand, and hold hands.”

Mom took my hand and Marissa’s, as we took Annie’s, making a circle, the public couples opposite each other.

Mom went first. “This morning, I awoke as your mother and cousin. Today, I relinquish both roles and become your wife in private, and Annie’s fiance in public. I love all three of you, with every fiber of my being. I commit my self to this circle, as symbolic as any ring. May we be safe, happy and prosperous. Marissa, you’re next.”

Marissa looked escort bursa across to me, saying, “I love all three of you so much. I wish I could shout that out loud in public. Instead, we have to keep half of our love a secret. But you’re worth it. I commit myself to this circle, as symbolic as any ring. Annie?”

A tear flowed down Annie’s cheek, as she said, “A year ago, we were still trying to free me from foster care and I wasn’t sure I would be reunited with this family before my 18th birthday. Today, my mother, brother and best friend become my spouses and I couldn’t be happier. I commit myself to this circle, as symbolic as any ring. Okay, husband times three, your turn.”

I beamed. “Three wives. Most men would say I’m out of my mind. I’m not one of them. My heart belongs to all three of you. Everything I have is yours. Forever. I promise to love, protect and cherish each of you as equally as I can. I commit myself to this circle, as symbolic as any ring.”


After grilling chicken and veggies on skewers, and eating those with salad and a locally baked apple pie, the four of us cuddled during a movie on the projection system in the great room, then finally made it to the master bedroom for our first night as a wedded quartet.

Sure, the physical aspect of lovemaking was no different than the nights before, but I felt different, attaching the word wife to each of them.

Mom and Annie pushed me to make love to Marissa first, while they got into a 69 beside us. Mom and Marissa were on their backs, side by side. Marissa’s right leg curled over Mom’s left, as they both spread their knees apart. As I lowered myself between Marissa’s legs, Annie’s left hand gave my cock a quick squeeze. She then spread Marissa’s labia for me. I took my cock in hand to slide the head up and down Marissa’s labia, flicking it across her clit four times.

Marissa’s left hand shot down between us, pushing my cock towards her opening, thrusting with her hips to seat my glans inside. “Fuck me, husband. Not like my boyfriend, not like my brother, not even like my fiance. From today forward, together with our wives, you’re my husband. I want my husband’s cock inside me, as deep as he can get it!”

I shoved deep inside Marissa, out pelvises slapping against each other. Rose up and fell again, Marissa squeezing with her muscles to tighten herself around me, trying in vain to slow me. “Yes!” she shouted. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” I continued with long, deep thrusts, for five minutes until Marissa came apart beneath me, then I quickened pace with shorter, faster strokes, trying to bring on my own orgasm. But when she came again, she called out, “Switch!”

Mom and Annie had both already orgasmed a couple of times beside us. Annie pushed herself up to a kneeling position beside Mom, then turned to wiggle her backside at me. “Care for some doggy style, hubby?”

How could I say no? I withdrew from Marissa and climbed over Mom’s legs to reach Annie, while Mom rolled over Marissa and began sucking on her tits. Marissa bent her right knee and pressed her thigh against Shelby’s pussy.

I caught myself thinking of her using her first name, rather than Mom. Was Mom saying that she was relinquishing the role of mother already changing how I thought of her? I didn’t examine it for long, as I was pushing my cock into Annie’s pussy. She shoved backwards, seating me on the first stroke. We vigorously slammed against each other for five minutes, before my orgasm finally burst through me and pushed Annie over the edge into her own orgasm.

Panting, we fell to our sides, watching as Shelby and Marissa were tribbing on the other side of the bed. They moaned each other’s names, before Marissa started to scream in ecstasy, followed soon after by Shelby. I noted to myself that my thoughts had called her by her first name twice more. Would I have trouble going back to calling her ‘Mom’ in public, now?

Watching two of my wives shaking against each other, pressing their quaking bodies against each other, not slowing down in the least, revitalized my erection, now pressed between Annie’s asscheeks. She wiggled a bit, bringing it the rest of the way to stiffness. She looked back at me and whispered, “Another round with me, or is Mom next?”

I whispered back, “Mom’s turn, to be fair. Unless she’s wiped out.”

Marissa pulled away from Mom, falling partway towards Annie and me as she got clear of Mom’s legs. Annie scooted down the bed slightly, and began to lick at Marissa’s pussy, almost immediately triggering another orgasm in Marissa. Marissa grabbed onto Annie’s hips and pressed her mouth against Annie’s pussy, letting her moans vibrate into Annie’s clit.

I worked my way around them to reach Shelby, who watched me approach with a tired smile on her face. “I need cock, now, baby. I still get to call you that, right?”

I joked, “Did you say something after ‘I need cock’? Seriously, you get to call me whatever you want to call me. In my own head, I’m trying to figure out whether to call you Mom or Shelby, given what you said during our vows about relinquishing the Mom role. Do I only call you Mom in public, the reverse of Annie, or is our relationship always going to be a mix of parent-child and spouse?”

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