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“Can I talk to you honestly and privately? I’m down and I need to talk it over.”

“Of course, Megan. Anything.” Megan had called and invited me for a walk around a local park.

“This should probably be a girl chat, but you’re going to have to stand in.”

“I’ll see if I can at least act more intelligent.”

Megan smiled, but then got serious. “Justin, what’s wrong with me? I don’t have a boyfriend, and I am so sexually frustrated. No one is asking me out. I’m worried that I’m a bit overweight for guys, and I won’t get any dates.”

“Wow, Megan, I don’t see that at all. I think it’s more that you’ve recently moved here and need to get into some social circles.”

She looked over at me. “Are you just saying that to make me feel better?”

“No, Megan. We all go through dry spells. I think plenty of guys would find you very attractive.”

“Oh, really? And how do you know? What attracts you, Justin? I want the truth.”

“You know, Megan, I am attracted to a number of different types of women. I’m always surprised at who attracts me. There’s no formula.”

“Nice slippery answer. OK, I’m going to put you on the spot. Describe your ideal woman. And you better be totally honest with me.”

“Find a tennis league. The girls are tanned, athletic, and healthy. I don’t care about hair color. As for looks, I have a reasonable threshold. Once they’re over that, I’m more interested in what’s between their ears. Do they have a sense of humor and enjoy life? Are they good in bed? Can they keep me interested out of bed?”

“And what’s this threshold you’re talking about?”

“I think it’s about balance. I can go for a tight body look. That means a tight chest and butt. If an otherwise tight girl has huge breasts, it seems off-balance to me. I’m not saying that she’s ugly–a lot of guys would jump at that. It’s just not what attracts me. I can also go for a more voluptuous look. Now we’re talking a curvy chest and butt. To me, it’s more about how these things go together. If a woman has a healthy glow about her, I’m attracted. And truthfully, I’ve been attracted to women that violate these rules. I don’t know why, I just get turned on. Sometimes, it’s who they are on the inside, and that just lights up the outside.”

“Give me an example.”

“I don’t think you’d know anyone where that’s happened. And it’s too hard to describe with words. Like I said, I can’t really say why I’m attracted sometimes.”

“And you think this happens with men in general?”

“I’ve talked with a few about attraction, and they all say something similar. How does attraction work with you?”

“Exactly the same. I just thought men went for the usual cheerleader look.”

“Some do, but the guys you want to meet don’t go for the ditzy bombshell. And I know that not every cheerleader is a ditz. It’s just that a lot of guys go for the smart, accomplished girl vibe.”

“Yeah, I know about the hot librarian fantasy. But she’s also a model inside a pencil skirt. I don’t know if I buy your story for bigger women.”

An idea formed in my head, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to open the subject.

“What is it, Justin? I can tell you’re thinking of something.”

“Busted. I am thinking of something, but it’s pretty personal. You’ll probably get too much information.”

“I confessed that I’m sexually frustrated. Go ahead, you can spill.”

“Okay, I can show you a picture of a curvy woman that totally turns me on. In fact, it’s more than a picture, it’s a video.”

“That’s not too much information.”

“It’s one of those videos.”

“You mean porn?”

“Kind of. She’s alone, and she gets herself off.”

“It’s called masturbation, Justin.”

“I know. The point is, she’s on the heavier side, but she totally turns me on. I can’t explain it. But, to put it plainly, I would do her in a second. And to be totally honest, I’ve cum many times to that video. It’s who she is. Passionate, fun, and a little naughty. Her personality shines through and makes her hotter than hell. I know she would be fantastic in bed. And she definitely knows how to get herself off. I would do her in a second, but I could easily see doing her for a lifetime.”

“Okay, I’ve got to see this mystery woman of yours.”

“Let’s find a bench and sit down. It’s on my phone.”

“On your phone?”

“Megan, I’m a guy. I’m sexually frustrated twenty four hours a day, every day. Believe it or not, I jack off to relieve the pressure. So I keep some videos on the phone. I’d be shocked to find a guy that doesn’t have a secret stash.”

Megan laughed. “Let’s see this video that gets you off. And thanks for being honest with me. It may not feel like it now, but I really appreciate it.”

We found a picnic table and sat down. I pulled up my private video folder.

“Whoa! That’s a lot of stuff. What else…”

I whipped my phone away. “Megan, this is personal enough as it is. Let’s review the score. You’ve ‘put yourself out there’ and admitted that you’re sexually frustrated. I’ve told you the same, admitted escort eryaman that I masturbate, and agreed to show you a video that gets me off. Don’t push it.”

She got contrite. “Sorry, Justin. You’re right; you’re sharing some very personal stuff here. But can I say again that I really appreciate it? It really helps to understand guys a little better, and I need that right now. So I might want to know more about what gets you off sometime in the future? And yes, I might tease you a little bit, but it’s to hide that I’m a little turned on too?”

“Thanks, Megan. How about this, to keep the score even? I’ll tell you what turns me on about this video, or maybe some other video in the future, but you have to do the same? Full disclosure?”

“That’s fair. But I might not get turned on by a girl jilling herself off.”

“As long as you’re completely honest, I’m good.”


“Okay, give me a sec to wade through all this shameful stuff and find the right one.”

She giggled, and that broke the ice enough that I could concentrate. I got the video started and tilted the screen for both of us. Megan scooted close, and I felt our hips touching.

“See that sparkle in her eye? That’s what really gets me. She’s outdoors, and she’s talking about how she’s never masturbated in front of a girl before. That means she’s masturbated in front of a guy, and that’s fucking hot. I would love to be that guy. And she also is taking some risk, masturbating in the woods. I like women that take a little risk.”

I let the video play on, and we reached the point where the lady had pulled off her coat and was naked.

“I’m one of those guys that loves the naked girl under the coat thing. And here she is. And she is a curvy thing, isn’t she? If you were unkind, you would say she’s carrying a few extra pounds. If you had any sense, you would say that she’s hotter than hell.”

“Tell me exactly why she’s hotter than hell.”

“Look at her. She’s all woman. Her breasts are full, and I would love to play with them. Look at how her waist narrows down, then flares out to full hips. That’s a huge turn on. We don’t see her ass in this video, but I know it’s magnificent. I’m an ass man, and I fantasize that she likes her guy to appreciate her ass. She glows with health and vitality. Look at how her fingers run over her body. Clearly, she is sensitive. Look at how she plays with her breasts. Look at her pretty pussy, and how she starts slow, then really works herself over as she gets excited.

Look at her face. She’s loving every second of this. Damn, Megan, what’s not to like? This chick is a sex machine. That’s why I watch this video again and again.”

“I get it. You can tell she’s having a great time. Anything else?”

“Is it okay if I get a little more graphic?”

“Go for it.”

“Look at her pussy. See how swollen, red, and wet she is? I know it’s a little crude to say it, but I totally dig chicks that get visibly turned on. With a guy, you’ve got his hard dick telling you everything about his excitement level. I really, really, like girls where you get the same visual feedback. Look at her erect nipples, and the flush around her chest. When she cums, there will be absolutely no question that she is thrashing through a full body orgasm. Megan, I would take this chick any day over a supermodel who is going through the motions. I mean, fuck, my dick is bubbling and I haven’t even touched it. I can’t tell you how much I’d like to have my cock driving into where her fingers are. Damn.”

“So you really jack off to this?”

“After telling you all that, do you doubt it?”

“No, but I wanted to hear you say it.”

We kept watching, and finally, the lady shuddered and gasped through a full body orgasm. She finally relaxed back into her blanket.

“That gets me every time. What I would give to have a girl cum like that whenever we made love. Did you see her face? She was totally lost to the pleasure. And I can’t help but think that since it’s so good, she needs it a lot. So there you have it. Hot, sensitive, passionate, and eager for more. And even better, a little naughty. I would love to find out just how naughty. I’ve got around ten fantasies with this babe.”

“Share one?”

“Not today, Megan. I’ve shared enough.”

“Pretty please? It’s really helping, Justin.”

“Okay, I’ll relent. But I’m giving you a tame one.”

“I’ll take it.”

“See her breasts? I’ll bet she can give a titty fuck that you wouldn’t believe. And with that sparkle in her eye, it would be killer. She’s made for pleasure, and I would explode all over her chest. A titty fuck from a curvy, naughty girl? It doesn’t get any better.”

“You know, I believe you. And thanks for sharing. And I will trade my fantasies for yours. And to make that promise good, here goes: She turned me on, Justin. Not that I want to have sex with her, but her passion rubbed off on me. My nipples and pussy are tingling just like your cock. My fantasy is: I am her. I do that video and became a jack-off chick for elvankent escort hundreds of guys. Guys hit on me because they know I’m a hot fuck. I am a hot fuck, and I am a naughty girl, but nobody knows that.”

“Damn, Megan, that’s pretty hot. We’ve got to stop talking about this, or I’m going to cum in my pants.”

Megan laughed. “Let’s get back.”

We walked back to her place, both pretty quiet. We had shared a lot, and I think we were lost in our own thoughts.

When we got to her doorstep, she stopped and turned around. She looked straight into my eyes. “I’m going to say this before I lose my nerve. I think we are both going to be masturbating as soon as we get alone. Let’s not waste the moment. I’ll be that chick for you, but for real. You tell me if I turn you on like she does.”

“Are you sure?”

“You’ve got a girl that’s offered to get naked for you. And you’re asking questions?”

I laughed. “Say no more. I’m a red-blooded male. Let’s do it.”

“That’s more like it. Now get in here.”

I followed her inside. She turned on some soft lighting and pointed to a chair.

“Make yourself comfortable. I’m going to change into a long coat, I think it was?”


Megan got her trench coat out of the hall closet and winked as she showed it to me. “This will look a lot better in a minute.” She traipsed down the hall and went into her bedroom. Soon after, the door opened and I heard boots coming down the hall.

“Wow! You look fantastic.” My cock was straining, knowing that she was naked under that coat and a pair of high boots. Megan smiled.

“I don’t know about you, but it’s getting kind of hot in here,” she said. She unbuttoned the top button, then slowly worked down all of them. However, the cinch belt still held the coat in place. She looked into my eyes, took a breath, and untied the belt. One more look deep into my eyes, and she must have found what she was looking for, because she got a naughty grin and slowly opened up her coat.

“Oh, my God!” I whispered.

The sides of her heavy breasts came into view, but my eyes were drawn down between her legs. She was indeed naked, and I saw a neatly trimmed patch of hair leading to the junction between her thighs. My cock jumped to know that I would be seeing a lot more soon. Her coat kept parting, and my eyes moved up and my breath caught when her areolae and nipples came into view. Her breasts sat heavy but proud, with slightly upturned nipples standing at attention. I took a good, long look at her body, ending with a lock on her sparkling eyes.

“Megan, believe me when I say that you are spectacular. Wow.”

“Thank you, Jason. It feels a little naughty to stand here naked for you.”

“I’m going to enjoy it a little longer, then I’ll join you. I’ve just got to prolong this unbelievably erotic moment. I’ve never had a woman display herself like that.”

Megan smiled at that, then thrust her chest out and shifted her arms akimbo, which opened the coat fully.

“Wow, Megan. There’s a power and confidence about you that is really getting to me. Did I tell you that you look fantastic? Well, I need to say it again.”

“Keep up the compliments, although your eyes are telling me everything. I feel sexy as hell, Jason.”

“You look sexy as hell, Megan. Like off the charts.”

I watched a shiver travel through her body. “Fuck,” she whispered to herself. Then she looked back up. “I’m about to explode, Justin.”

“I can tell. I think it’s time for both of us to get some relief.” I got my shoes off then stood up and pulled my shirt over my head. Next it was my pants. Megan eagerly studied every detail. I finally eased my boxers over my straining erection, then stood facing her.

“My, my,” she giggled. “You definitely are appreciating my body.”

“And the naughty mind that goes with it. Don’t forget that.”

“You really like naughty girls, Justin?”

“You better believe it, baby.”

Megan laughed, then sat down on the couch, spreading her coat around her. “Well, I’ll let myself be extra naughty, then.”

I sat down as well, and I drank in the sight of Megan brushing her fingertips along her breasts.

“What are you thinking, Justin?”

“That I wish those were my fingers.”

Megan smiled. “Play your cards right, and maybe they can be.”

A hot wave shot through me at that comment. Megan’s fingers were now rolling her nipples, and I brushed mine along my legs and balls. I kept away from my cock, because I knew I wouldn’t last long with such a sexy nymph tempting me.

One of her hands drifted down, brushing along her tummy before wandering over her thighs.

“You sure about the naughty part, Justin?” Her eyes were back to questioning.

“I’m really sure, Megan. I know that a lot of guys talk it up but really don’t want it in their own partner. I’m not like that. If anything, the closer the partner, the more important it is.”

“Really? Say more about that.” Megan’s eyes searched mine.

“I guess I’m afraid I’d etimesgut escort get bored with a goody, two-shoes type of girl. For a few dates, anyone is new and exciting, but it doesn’t last for me. While I try to act like a good person in my public life, I kind of need an outlet for my naughty side. I want a girl that not only puts up with it, but likes it and initiates it herself. Like you did at your doorstep.”

Megan took that in and nodded in some type of decision.

“I’m a naughty, naughty girl inside, Justin. I’ve been trying to find a guy where I can let that side of myself show. Just promise to tell me if you think I’m veering into some type of slut in your eyes.”

“I promise. But for me, a slut is someone who doesn’t respect themself in their choices. So, in my book, you can be a very naughty girl without being a slut.” I decided to take a little risk and see where it led. “Of course, sometimes naughy girls need to be punished just to keep them in line. I kind of like girls who know that but can’t help themselves, or maybe don’t want to.”

Megan swallowed, and the look in her eyes confirmed that my words had touched something inside. A vision of Megan naked across my lap flashed through me. I swear my cock was bubbling at this point, then Megan amped it up even more. She shifted position, her legs opened up, and they kept going as she hooked a knee over the arm of the couch. Her flushed pussy opened up completely to my gaze, the inner lips peeking out and dripping with desire. Her eyes went back to confident and challenging.

“Damn, girl, you are a naughty one, aren’t you?”

“Justin, you haven’t seen anything yet.”

I laughed. “I can’t wait.”

“Be careful what you wish for.” But her eyes were sparkling.

After giving me a good look at the goods, she dropped her fingers down to frame her pussy. Then, she gave me a lesson in how she pleasured herself. She started slow, rubbing along her lips and gently rolling a nipple in her other hand. Soon, her body started writhing in time to the waves of sensation flowing through her. By now, my hand was lightly traveling up and down my cock, and I found myself swaying in time to Megan, mesmerized like the cobra by the snake charmer. I looked up, and I saw a knowing smile on her face. We each knew this went pretty deep.

Megan dipped her fingers inside herself, and they came out shining with arousal. She used them to frame her clit, indirectly rubbing through the hood. Her body kept climbing, and I noticed that her fingers were pinching her nipple harder. For my part, my cock kept bubbling precum, and my fingers slid easily up and down the shaft. Megan’s eyes picked up all of it.

Then Megan gathered another helping of nectar from inside herself and settled her fingers directly on her clit. A long sigh followed. Her fingers started slow, but they rubbed deeply into her pleasure centers. I increased the pressure on my cock. Megan noticed, and her fingers went faster.

My brain was on overload. There was so much going on. I had this sexy goddess doing herself in front of me, sure. But I also had a good friend sharing deeply of her secrets. I also had a potential girlfriend on tryouts, and I knew I was fooling myself if I thought I was still making a decision. Then, I had a really naughty girl drawing me into her world, and I knew I wasn’t completely in control of this situation. And Megan guessed everything going through my mind.

We both increased the speed and pressure on our sexes. We were linked together, and I somehow felt Megan’s journey locked together with mine. We got closer, and then I backed off to prolong the climb. Megan’s eyes went wide, then she did the same. A tingling wave started in my groin and spread outward, and I edged my cock to build it to almost unendurable levels. My toes curled and my skin buzzed. Megan’s burning eyes told a similar tale. Suddenly, an almost pleading look took over her face, and I clamped down on my cock to hold back the explosion. Through the narrow tunnel of my vision, I saw her savagely twisting her nipple and pinching her clit. I looked into her eyes and howled out as I lost it. That set off her own explosion, and I looked straight into her soul while she convulsed through the most intimate orgasm I had ever witnessed.

Our thrashing tapered off to twitching, but I was still outside of conscious thought. With a start, my mind returned, and I saw the same spark animate Megan’s eyes. A range of emotions flashed across her face, then she burst out laughing. Instantly, I was doing the same. There was no other way to respond to whatever had happened. We had each confessed so many wordless things to the other that we were beyond naked, and the rush went through both of us.

Megan finally calmed down, and she looked at my cock still stiff in my hand.

“Justin, tell me that you’re a smart boy and carry a condom with you.”

“Of course. Never know what fortune may bring.”

“Get it out and get over here, lucky boy.”

I reached for my pants and fished the condom out of my wallet. Megan hooked her finger at me, and I got up and walked over to her couch. I kneeled down in front of her and beckoned her up. She flashed a big smile and scooted to the edge of the couch. I took her in my arms and fused my lips to hers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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