Rooftop Fuck

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Ass Fingering

I am more than overwhelmed by the response to my earlier ‘stories’. I am grateful for the outpouring of comments. Based on the comments I have received, I am reducing the use of the vernacular to lend universal appeal and to reduce the tedium of having to look for English to understand what is going on.

Like the earlier ones, this too is a true story, with some literary license. This incident happened when I was touching 20. My hormones were pushing hard, and I had conjured up a tryst with my cousin in my friend’s flat for two nights of raw and unabashed sex.

This story moves from there to my home, where my cousin Mintu had reached for a two day and a night stay with his aunt.

As MIntu left, I staggered out of bed and locked the door and staggered back to bed to rest a little more. After two nights of heavy duty sex, I could do with repairing my wares. Besides I remembered what Mintu said while leaving, “I am leaving for your home. You better come over by evening. When you are there, I plan to fuck you in your home on the roof top tonight. Don’t say no and don’t get bashful.”

The very thought of evading my Mother’s careful eyes and going to the roof top for an uninhibited session of sex would be dangerous and yet very exciting.

I slept for another hour or so. When I woke up, I decided to inspect my pussy and find out if there was now a gaping hole and whether my clit was hurt in any way. I got up and pulled out a hand mirror and I sat on the chair with my legs parted wide and with all lights on. With my left hand I parted the pussy lips while I placed the mirror strategically and inspected my pussy.

Well. It was red as a beetroot. But, this was the first time I was seeing my smooth and bald pussy also. The entire mons area was red and darker than the rest of the body.

Soon I got up and decided to wash al the bed clothes, clear up the house and get the strong smell of sex out from that house. Not that my friend did not know what I was upto. But then, I wanted to protect Mintu from other girls who wanted that roll of meat, dangling between his legs, for themselves inside their bodies and giving them that extreme enjoyment that satisfactory sex gives.

I wasn’t used to washing bed clothes. So it was hard on me.

I had my bath and then changed into a salwar and kurta set, knowing that after I reached home, Mintu will eventually take me to the roof top and make love to me. I was sure that his taking off my saree on the roof top followed by my wearing it would be difficult and could take long. So it would be safer and easier to take off and then wear a salwar and kurta set. Though ideally, I should be wearing a short nightie with no panty. But then we were not married and certainly not supposed to have sex. Incest is taboo!!!!

I strung up all the wet bed clothes. They became dry quickly. Once they were dry I folded them and pout them into my friend’s cupboard and made the bed with fresh bed clothes.

I cleaned the kitchen. Took a wet cloth and wiped all traces of my bum on the table where he made me sit and get fucked.

As I was finishing, the phone rang. My Mother was on the line, “I say, Mintu is here from IIT for only one night with us. You better come back as soon as you can.”

I feigned surprise and asked my Mother if the car could be sent to pick me up. She informed, it was on the way already and would be with me in 20 minutes. I then asked her to put me on with Mintu on the phone.

Mintu came on the line and talked to me (his sister), “Hey. What are you upto?? Where are you?? Never in, when I visit your home.” (“Kee ray. Kotahyey aachchesh? Jokhonee aamee aashee, tuee baadi tay neyee.”

I knew that only he could hear what I was saying and that he was clever enough to keep this trend of conversation, while I said something else entirely and said, “Hehehehehe. You fucker. Now you want me to come back so that we can fuck again isn’t it?” (“Hehehehehehe. Khaalee choodbaar eechchaa. Hain? Tuee chaash jay aamee tarataree pheeree. Taholay toar choodbaar plan ta kortay paareesh.”)

He answered, ‘Okay. Okay. Just come back soon. Always having fun at your friend’s house.”

“Yes and what fun did we have???? Tell me. Tell me.”

“Okay, so should I wait for lunch for you or will you reach later?”

I did not reply. So he added, “Okay, then. So, see you soon.”

Our driver arrived within ten minutes. I handed him my overnighter and locked the flat and got into the car. After a bumpy and noisy 40 minute drive I was home.

When I reached back, I rang the bell. The door was opened by one of the many maid servants. I quickly walked up to the living areas on the first floor. My Mother was sitting in the large sunny balcony with Mintu and chatting.

I stopped and looked him and said, “The food in IIT does not suit you. You look gaunt.”

He had his repartee ready. He said, “And you? You have lost weight. Errrr. In some places.” (I knew he was referring to the loss of weight on account of his shaving my pussy.)

Lady bursa escort like, I answered, “That is good news then. I am for ever putting on weight!!”

He stood up like all well behaved brothers and offered that I sat down on the cane chair next to my Mother. I instructed the maid servant, “Komola. Bring another cane chair here.”

The cane chair arrived immediately and we all sat down and chatted for a while.

All mundane talk peppered with light hearted teasing between siblings, bordering on quarrelling and some double entendre.

My Mother soon disappeared into the kitchen to organize lunch.

The moment she went away, Mintu asked, “How are you feeling after last night?”

“Fine. A little sore, though.”


“You slapped my bottom pretty hard. There are still some welts on my bum cheeks.”

Naughtily he said, “Let me see!!” and made gestures as if he wanted to immediately inspect my bottom and in so doing he was about to make me lift my kameez and pull the waist cord of my salwaar to do a look-see!!!

“Huh. Shut up.”

Soon lunch was served and we repaired to the dining room and quickly had rice, lentils, spinach, cauliflower curry and crab meat for lunch. We topped it up with some Bengali sweets.

Soon after lunch, my Mother informed that she had to take her afternoon nap and added. “Khuku. Look after your brother.” She went into her bedroom.

Mintu stood up as a mark of respect as she went away. As she left, Mintu quickly looked around to see if any one was around. When he found no one was near, he grabbed my wrist and pulled me near and put his left arm around my waist and held my face with his right and planted a strong kiss on my mouth.

I tried to break away, worrying that one maid servant or the other will see us that way and the news would break quickly. Or she would insist that I get fucked by her boy friend or that she gets fucked by Mintu or she will ask for money.

As I squirmed, he said, “Kiss me. Or else you are not going anywhere.”

I quickly kissed him on his lips and broke away and said, “What are you upto?? Stop it. We can get caught you know!!”

While he let me go, he said, “Take me to the roof top. I have to make arrangements for tonight.”

I repeated what I had said to him earlier in the day, “You are an insatiable imp.”

“Who asked you to have such a juicy pussy?? Huh?” (“Aatow roshalow gooood rakhtay kay bolaychcheelow??)


I escorted Mintu up the stair case. We passed the second floor level, where my Mother’s bedroom, my bedroom and the guest room were located and then and walked one more flight of stairs and walked into the open roof at the third floor level.

He looked around. I could see his IIT type meticulous inspection. I wondered what he was planning. Where will he do it?

He said nothing. Except while walking down the stairs, I asked, “So?? What is the plan?”

He answered, “There are two ways we can be there. The first one is, if you tell you Mother that you and I want to chat on the roof top and you get a chatayee (straw mat) up. The other can be that I go upstairs with a chatayee under the notion that I want to enjoy the open skies and you come up later to see what I am upto.”

“And then?”

“I put you on the chatayee and fuck you.”

“Good God. That is daring. As if no one can see what we are doing from other roof tops!!”

“So?? So what? Let them see. As of they don’t fuck.”

I said, “What if none of them is possible?”

He kept quiet for a while. I wanted to see how devious he could be, the way I had found a method of spending fruitful time with him in my friend’s flat.

“Well. I think you should tell your Mother that I am a nut and that I want to be on the roof till late in the night to see what Kolkata looks like deep in the night. Given my reputation of single mindedness, she will accept this to be one more manifestation of my nuttiness and she will say, okay, let him,” Mintu said.

I thought for while and said, “May be she will agree. But, how ill you get me on the roof??”

“I suggest, after she says yes to my nutty plan, you suggest that I carry the key to the roof top, so that I lock it on my way down for security’s sake. I think, she will think otherwise of my level of responsibility and suggest that you be with me when I am on the roof. You protest this arrangement saying that you had no intention of spoiling good sleep in order to let me gaze the stars!!! In this process, she will be convinced that you are being made to do something that you dislike and that, in the process of sibling irritation lay safety for the house.”

I was amazed. He was inventive. But my concern was if she put her foot down and suggested to Mintu that star gazing was no way to spend a night and that it was best that he abandoned his silly plan. So I asked, “What if she says No??”

“Don’t dare me. I will enter your room and fuck you in your bed with your Mother and Father in the next room Don’t dare me. bursa escort bayan When I want you, I want you. Okay.”

I felt an electric shock passing into my crotch hearing the latent violence and the depth of his desire for me.

The rest of the day passed generally chatting. His seeing my collage books, notes etc. He spent a lot of time teasing me about inane matters. Most of the time I complained to my Mother loudly, “Maaa. Daykho Mintu amaakey jaa taa bolchchey.” (“Mom. Please intercede. Mintu is really bothering me.”)

She paid no heed to my complaints.

In the evening when we went for a walk in the front garden of our house, Mintu said, “Khuku. In the night, you wear a salwar kameez set. I want you to wear the blue and red kameez which has buttons all the way in the front.”

“Why?” I asked. Demonstrating what a bitch I was, all the time knowing why he wanted that kameez.

He did not answer. He only added, “And no bra. Okay.”

I nodded my head.

Then he asked, “Did you feel the difference between fucking when your bladder is full and when it is empty?”

I remember, he was pressing my lower abdomen down while he was giving me some powerful strokes. As he pressed my abdomen down, urine almost came out. The more I tried to stop urine from coming out, the pussy muscles contracted and the fucked became maddeningly good.

A shudder passed through my spine thinking of the incredible pleasure it caused.

He said, “You loved it. Isn’t it? Tonight also, drink a lot of water and no peeing. Okay.”

Later I went into my bedroom and changed into the salwar kameez set he wanted me to wear. I did not take off my bra as he asked for. I was sure that such a digression would not miss my Mother’s hawk eyes. Besides, I like him taking off my bra and then feeling the creamy boobs one by one. Or even gasping and grabbing both of them.

Dinner was served by 9.30 PM. I drank a lot of water.

During dinner I casually mentioned, “Ma, Mintu wants to enjoy the weather on the roof top after dinner. Really silly plans he has!!”

My Mother asked him, “Mintu. Really?”

Mintu nodded his head.

She responded immediately, “Of course. That is no issue atall. Khuku, you ensure that the door leading to the roof top is locked when he comes down back.”

I protested copiously and said, “Naaa. Ma. Aaamee parbo naa. Mintu’r paglamee amaakey ghumotay debay naa.” (“No. Mom, I cant do that. Mintu is a nut. And in pampering his nuttiness I won’t be able to catch some sleep.”)

My mother looked at me with that exasperated look which only harried mothers can give and said, “So what? He is here for only one night!! And you cant do this for your brother?? Shame on you!!”

I did not respond to my Mother but turned to Mintu and stuck my tongue out at him to make face at him.

Mintu smiled and said, “You can make as many faces as you like. I will see the stars and you will have to look after me. Serves you right for wanting to sleep all the time. Hahahahahaha.”

A dinner ended, I called the maid servant and said, “Komola. Take that thin coir mattress to the roof and place it there. Mintu will spend some time there.” And then I muttered, “Really stupid. I have to stay with him.”

To cement the scheme I loudly asked my Mother, “Ma. Why cant Mintu lock the door and come down?? Does he have to be chaperoned by me? And why me?? My brothers cant do that?”

My Mother then became firm and said, “I have asked you what you should be doing. I want to chatting back Okay?”

Komola took up the 3 inch thick coir mattress upstairs and asked, “Didi, should I take a pillow and a sheet also?”

I knew, it would be better to have some of those handy. So I responded, “Okay. Take one pillow and a bolster and take one light night cover.”

Komola again went upstairs and placed all and came down and reported that she had completed the activity.

While the servants went about closing the kitchen and shutting all the outer windows and locking all the other rooms, we chatted till about 11 PM. My parents went into their bedroom. In fact I could hear my Father snoring. The servants all retired to their quarters.

Eventually, at about 11.30 PM, Mintu got up and whispered, “So? Let us go upstairs.”

I got up and walked to my parents’ bedroom, knocked lightly on the door and peeped in and softly told my Mother, “Ma. I am taking that idiot upstairs. Okay? When I come down, there may be some noise. Don’t bother too much. Really what all I have to do!!??”

My Mother simply said, “Okay.” And lay back to go to sleep.

When Mintu was about to go to his room, he whispered to me, “Heeshee korbee naa.” (“Don’t pee, kay?”)

Soon Mintu appeared back in his track suit. I could see a slight distension at his crotch and the clearly dangling motion. I knew he had taken his underwear off to make it easy. Also I knew that his cock was half on the hop and was anticipating its meeting my pussy.

We went upstairs like two good siblings.

As escort bursa I unlocked the lock and was pulling the hasp of the bolt to the side, noisily, he wrapped his arms around my waist and slowly ran his fingers over my entire front, tarrying a while on my boobs and then at my crotch.

The moment his fingers ran over my boobs, he felt the bra strap and he knew that I had not taken my bra off; he pushed me and hissed, “You are wearing a bra?”

In the meanwhile the door was open. As we stepped in, he shut the door from the roof end, pulled the hasp shut and grabbed me and turned me around with my back to him and pulled me closer and slowly raised both his palms to softly cup one boob each on one palm and whispered, “Take that off.”

I did not take steps to take it off. He released my boobs and then, one by one, unbuttoned my front opening kameez. The moment all the buttons were open, he pulled the back of the kameez all the way up my back and using both his hands, released the bra hook. The elastic released and the boobs bounced out.

He whispered, “I want this silly thing completely off your body,”

I knew he would simply take off my kameez and make love if I did not take it off immediately. Quickly I took the shoulder straps off from the small clasp that is used for adjusting the lift of the bra. The bra disintegrated and fell off.

He was happy.

Then he slowly slid his hands inside the front open kameez and started to fondle me. He whispered, “Lift your hairs from your shoulders.”

I did that. As I did that both my hands were up and he was having a field day playing with my full breasts. As my hair came up, he started planting hot kisses on the nape of my neck.

I felt, may be somebody was watching. So I hissed, “Stop. Someone may see us like this!!”

He stopped and looked around. I quickly wrapped the kameez around my body, but I dared not button it up again. He would simply tear it away and keep me naked. I knew if I did not co-operate in his urgency, he would not like it atall.

Then he said, “Wait. Let me get the bed ready.”

He quickly put the pillow in its right place and placed the bolster on the side and then took the cover and kept it aside, ready to be used.

On seeing his preparations, knees were giving way as I could feel the heat in me increasing and I could feel electric shocks passing through my body and terminating in my crotch.

I was buckling. He stopped me and turned me around like a doll and made me sit down on the mattress on the floor.

He sat next to me and said, “The stars, the moon and the Gods will now be able to see a brother fucking a sister.”

I almost felt violated by a piercing eye from heaven.

He slowly put his left hand over my shoulder and slowly pushed the kameez down my shoulders. As it slid down, it restrained my elbows from the back.

He looked at my naked breast and said, “Your breast. They are luscious. On seeing these two my cock starts jumping for more!!”

I suggested to him, “Toar pant taa khuley nay.” (“Take your pants off.”)

Mintu stood up. I held the elastic waist band and with one pull, got the track suit down. Indeed he was not wearing any underwear. His cock lumped out and stood erect in front of my face.

I assisted him step out of the pants on the floor and then slowly raised my palms and cupped his balls with my left palm and wrapped my right palm around his cock. I slowly pulled the foreskin of his cock back and forth and got him more excited.

I said, “Toar baada ta to akkebaarey khada hoye aachchey.” (“Your cock is really big and hard and raring to fuck.”)

He quickly sat down next to me and kissed me repeatedly on my face and mouth and eyes and then slowly came down to my now fully exposed and swollen breasts.

I was now shaking with desire and anticipation as to what he will do next.

While kissing he suddenly stopped. He said, “Shuyey pod. Tokay nangto korbo.” (“Lie down. I will now strip you naked.”)

He pushed me down onto the mattress and placed my head on the pillow. My elbows were restrained by my lowered kameez and then without any fuss, he fished out the cord of my salwar and gave one tug.

While he spread the kameez apart from my torso and exposed my breast while restraining my hands, he suggested, “Paachchaa ta tol. Salwaarta nambiye dee.” (“Lift your bottom. Let me take down this salwar.”)

He let his fingers stray under the loosened waist band of my salwar right over where my pubic hairs were once there. It was rather exciting.

He repeated, this time with urgency, “Paachchaa ta tol. Salwaarta nambiye dee.” (“Lift your bottom. Let me take down this salwar.”)

I was too hot not to do what he wanted. I lifted my buttocks. He held the salwar with both his hands and pulled it down right till me knees.

As I put my buttocks down, he pulled the salwar down further till my ankles and left it there and then firmly held my two knees and said, “Spread your legs. Let me caress your bald pussy.” (“Paa phaak kor. Toar nayada goooodey ektu haath dee.”)

Firmly he held my knees and slowly bent them up and then spread them both on two sides. The salwar at my ankles was restricting my spreading my legs wide, straight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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