Roman Delight Ch. 04

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If there was one problem that seemed to persistently plague Marius it was that he was constantly getting caught with his dick out. He was involved in numerous affairs with the wives and daughters of many visiting politicians, patricians, craftsmen and anyone who happened to leave their women unattended. He was responsible for more scandals in Neapolis then the rest of the population of the city. Like a young mongoose, he was able to duck and dodge through most of the nets weaved around him, until he went to Rome.

Lucius had sent him to stake out a possible expansion of their operation into Rome. They would have some bloody tough competition if they wanted to open a new brothel. There were already several high class establishments, the Lupena being one of the best. In all honesty Lucius had modeled his brothels after the Lupena having learned all about their operations while he was the aedile. There were thirty two brothels of varying sizes that he knew of and he left it to Marius to gauge the state of the industry in Rome and scout out a location that could directly compete with the Lupena.

While in Rome Marius did what he always did. Searched out the company of married women, except this time he chose the wife of Corellius Rufus a Praetor of Rome, a powerful man when it came to influencing government policies and edicts from the Emperor. When the politician walked in on his wife and Marius intertwined in passionate lovemaking it became a blood bath. He drew his dagger changed into the couple, murdering his wife by cutting her throat and then went after Marius who was barely able to escape with a deep slash on his back.

He fled Rome, his mission a complete bust, thinking that would be end of it, but Corellius Rufus was a vengeful man and even though his wife died at his hand he blamed the young scoundrel who dared defile his name and his house. It took him two months of investigation and bribes to find out his name but find it he did. When he learned that this whelp was Marius Petroniun he posted a bounty, 5,000 denarii, for his cock.

Marius was walking home late in the evening with his slave and bodyguard Karpos. They passed what appeared to be a homeless wretch curled in an alcove of a building and didn’t even give him a second thought. As they passed the figure rose from the refuse like a shadow and noiselessly crept up behind the pair. The light from their lantern gleamed off the polished blade of a dagger in the shadow’s hand. In one swift motion it stuck. He clamped one hand over the mouth of Karpos as the dagger penetrated his back, just under the ribs, in a swift upward motion, penetrating cleanly through a lung and just piercing the heart. As quickly as the dagger stabbed it was withdrawn and then sliced across Karpos throat. He dropped to ground, blood gurgling from this slit throat, his lifeless eyes frozen in a look of terror.

At the first instant Marius thought his guard had stumbled. He turned see what happened and saw the shadow leap from the corpse of his guard. Terror filled his soul as he realized what was happening. He dodged instinctively, feeling the tip of the blade graze the side of his neck. For a split second he contemplate going for Karpos’ sword but he’d have that dagger in his back before he got his hand on the hilt. His best option for survival was to run. He broke into a dead sprint, shouting that an assassin was after him. If there was one thing assassins didn’t like, it was attention. He looked back over his shoulder as he ran down the road to the villa, there was no sign of the shadowy figure.

He entered the villa, putting all the guards on high alert, then rushed to his father. They discussed various ideas before coming up with a solution that, while extreme, gave Marius the best chance of survival, and would also would provide him with some opportunities. He would join the legions. This would take him away for a number of years and place him in an environment that was under constant guard. With the languages he spoke, understanding of mathematics and geometry he could eventually make his way to an engineering post which would pull him from the front lines as well.

The next morning he was escorted with armed guards to the recruiter where he was enlisted. From there he was to be transported to Misenum, loaded onto a trireme with several other recruits, and placed amongst the rowers to help power their way up the coast to the Mars Fields north of Rome. There, he and eighty other young men would spend six months in training before being deployed as a new century.

Aurelia was heartbroken over the whole affair. She and Marius had grown quite close in the last few months, perhaps too close, but she was going to miss him terribly. At minimum he would be in legions for five years before any thought of a bribing the legate for and early discharge could even be considered. If the bribe failed, as was often the case, he would be obligated to military service for twenty years. She watched illegal bahis him go, tears streaming down her cheeks. He stopped just before turning a corner and looked back to the villa, seeing her in the window. He waved and blew her a kiss, she reciprocated, then he turned and disappeared around the corner, never to return.

The only thing he took was a small purse full gold coins. He wasn’t sure how the pay worked in the army but one thing was certain his taste in women would cost more than what the army would provide him. The extra coin would be a good buffer. He was to spend the next four months at the camp near Rome for basic training. He received his armor, along with an extremely heavy wooden sword and wicker shield. That night while lying in his cot in the barracks he contemplated his situation. He was a soldier now and would dedicate himself to the task. The education he received would be a huge asset. Most of the men couldn’t even read while he could read and write in both Latin and Greek. He also understood the complexities of mathematics and geometry. As soon as he was promoted from a recruit to a soldier he would put his name in to be an engineer’s apprentice, he’d just have make sure he proved himself to justify the request. With these plans set in his mind he finally fell asleep.

It seemed he had barely closed his eyes when the Centurion came into the barracks to rouse the men. He quickly got up when saw their commander kicking cots over of the men who were slow to get out of bed. After a hardy breakfast the men lined up in formation donned backpacks weighted with rocks and marched. The standard for the legions was twenty mille in five hours, calculated at 100,000 paces. It took them seven hours on their first day. Though the march was slower than what was expected several of men vomited from the exertion. The trek consisted of a big loop from the camp, up through the foothills and back. After the march the rest of the day was spent with sword training. He was so exhausted by dinner time he could barely keep his head up. He was asleep almost immediately when he laid down on his cot.

The next morning his body was so sore and stiff he could hardly move. Thankfully the Centurion anticipated this and wasn’t terribly upset when the morning march took eight hours. This regime continued day after day, week after week. They would march their twenty mille, the packs getting heavier and heavier until they reached the required weight at which point the rocks were replaced by their actual equipment. Eventually trench digging was added, along with battle field maneuvers, swordsmanship and shield bashing. Finally, after three months they were able to make a fast march of twenty four mille in five hours then build their temporary camp complete with trench, embankment and barricade in another five hours. As a reward for accomplishing the Legions standards for field duty they were each paid ten sestertii and granted a nights leave from the camp for whores and drinking.

Marius had been looking forward to this since day one. His libido had not turned off despite the strenuous physical program of the training camp. He was getting tired jerking off or waking up to find he had cum all over his tunic in his sleep. He wanted some real pussy and tonight he and his century would be giving the brothels some good business. The centurions had the privilege of bringing whores into their quarters whenever they had the urge but as a trainee he was not afforded that luxury.

His first order of business was to head to one of the many baths Rome had to offer. The training camp did have its own bath but it was small, the water was tepid and it smelled funny. He broke off from his soldier brothers, who were going straight for the brothel, and instead went to the Thermae Suranae. It had been months since he had a proper bath and he planned to take his time to thoroughly enjoy it. He followed the prescribed routine of oiling himself down with perfumed olive oil, building up a good sweat in the yard lifting weights, scraping the grim, sweat and oil off himself and finally jumping into the cool water pool. After he had mostly washed off he stepped into the tepidarium to warm up and relax in a private warm tub.

There were several other men in here getting messages from their slaves which reminded him of home; his slaves, sister and a life of leisure. He could have been running the family business with great success but the fates had other plans for him. Letting go of the opulence he had grown up in had been difficult but life as a legionary did have its benefits. For one thing it demanded fear and respect from normal citizenry, secondly he was bigger and stronger now than he’d ever been in his life. He got out of the tub and entered the caldarium for a nice steam. He sat there naked for a while, letting the fragrant steam envelope him. He laid back on the bench and closed his eyes contemplating his future. When he opened them again he noticed a man, at the illegal bahis siteleri far side of the room, watching him closely. A dark skinned man with a thin, well-muscled body and cruel eyes.

Marius got up, left the steamy caldarium and took another dive in the pool to cool off, the cold water took his breath momentarily but was quite refreshing. He climbed out of the pool, dressed and left the bath. Upon exiting he mingled with some whores waiting around the bath house while also keeping an eye on the entrance. Sure enough, that same man walked out moments later dressed in flowing black robes, and loitered about. This had to be the same assassin that tried to murder him in Neapolis, only this time Marius had gladius and knew how to use it.

He randomly picked a girl and led her to one of the archways farthest from the bath entrance. He handed her a denarius which elicited a gasp from her in surprise. Normally her services only garnered a couple of copper ases. As they walked he whispered to her specific instructions.

The man in black quietly walked along the path to the last archway, there he was, the target of his employer, humping away with some nasty street skank. With dagger in hand he rushed forward intent on burying the blade deep in his back. Just he was about to strike, Marius lunged to the side, dropped to his knee and spun with his gladius in hand. Before the assassin knew what was happening the sword was thrust into his abdomen, his eyes wide with anger and regret for having underestimated this whelp.

The girl screamed as Marius withdrew his sword and plunged back into the man at a steeper angle, cutting through his vital organs. The man slowly fell to the ground, dead. Marius thanked her for her service, wiped the blood form his sword on the man’s robes and left to find himself a girl with a little more class.

He decided it would be best to stay away from the married women and headed to the Lepana, the brothel he had meant compete with until he was chased away from Rome. It was a luxurious place with an abundance of exotic girls, located near the Forum Augusti and designed with extravagance. The entrance was flanked on both sides by statues of Priapus with his giant erection pointing skywards and on the door hung a large knocker in the shape of a phallus. He grabbed the metal member and banged the balls against the door. A large man opened the door, scrutinizing Marius.

“Yes?” he asked.

“I’m here for a good time?” Marius said and jangled his coin purse to prove he had the funds to pay.

The man continued to scrutinize then stepped aside, allowing Marius to enter. The main entrance had a number of girls lounging around, either semi dressed or completely naked. This is just what he had been looking for. A few of the girls had fare complexions and blonde hair, most likely Northern Celts. Most where Greek or other Latin born girls with a few darker skinned Egyptian and Parthian. As he looked around the girls stood to present themselves when he was approached by an older, fully dressed, woman of Egyptian origin.

“See something you like?” she asked in perfect Latin.

“I do,” Marius answered back.

She smiled warmly. “Please, look around. The fee is a hundred denarii.”

Marius took eight gold aureus out of his purse and gave it to the lady. “I’ll take those two,” he said indicating towards two naked Parthian girls with long black hair and cinnamon colored skin.

“Azra! Fatemah!” she clapped her hands and girls approached smiling seductively.

They led Marius down a hallway to a small room and removed his tunic. Azra kissed him passionately, penetrating his mouth with her tongue as her hands stroked up and down his back. Fatemah knelt before him and took his hard cock gently into her mouth. Marius groaned into Azra’s mouth as felt his cock enveloped in warm wetness. Azra pulled back from the kiss and dropped to her knee’s to join Fatemah who continued bobbing her mouth on his cock. Azra started caressing his balls and planted delicated kisses on this thighs. Fatemah pulled back from his cock to allow Azra to join in and two girls licked, sucked and kissed his throbbing cock from opposite sides.

Marius was in heaven. He let the girls work his cock for several minutes while he stood and watched, savoring the sensation and the view. As soon as he felt the familiar twinkle in his cock he stopped them and bade them to lie down. He knelt before them went down, first, on Azra. Her pussy was plucked smooth, she had large wavy lips and sweet flowery scent. He ran his tongue up her slit tasting her musky wetness. Her body shuddered with each stroke of his tongue. Fatemah begin sucking on Azra’s nipples causing her to moan loudly. He could sense her getting close to cumming and just before she could succumb he stopped, leaving her panting and frustrated. She quietly cursed something in Parthian.

He indicated to Fatemah to lie back down as he moved over to her sweet pussy. canlı bahis siteleri He performed the same method on her. Her pussy was much more compact with much smaller lips that were mostly hidden by the outer folds of her pussy. It was beautiful all the same but truth be told Marius did prefer fuller lips. It gave his tongue little more to play with. He focused more on her clit and could feel her body respond. Azra leaned over and kissed Fatemah while stroking her breasts. Marius played her pussy like a harp, bringing her to the edge then letting go. After three times of this torture he pulled away, she went to touch herself to finish off but he stopped her.

“Not yet,” he whispered.

Marius laid down on the pad between the two girls.

“Get on top of me,” he ordered Fatemah. She straddled him and positioned his cock at the entrance of her hole and swiped the head across her slit getting it nice a slippery from her wetness, then plugged down on it with unbridled passion, involuntarily moaning as her clit made contact with his pelvis. She bounced on him savagely, fucking like her life depended on it. Marius then ordered Azra to straddle his face so he could continue to eat her delicious pussy. The two girls ground into him from both ends, Fatemah bouncing like she was on horseback and Azra pressing hard against his tongue. They leaned towards each other to kiss as best they could, given their asynchronous gyrations, and caressed each other’s tits.

Azra felt her orgasm build suddenly and before she could slow her motions to prolong the pleasure it hit her hard. Marius clasped her legs to keep her from getting off him as he pressed his tongue firmly to her clit. Her juices flowed profusely, running down his cheeks and chin. She squealed loudly, her eyes shut tight, as her orgasm crashed down on her over and over. Marius still held her in place but stopped flicking her hypersensitive clit and simply caressed her folds with his tongue. She slumped over, completely spent.

Fatemah, upon seeing Azra’s orgasm, doubled her efforts, she was getting close, so close. Marius guided Azra off of him then pulled Fatemah down to the mat, switching positions with her so that he was now on top of her and in control of the motion. He could feel his own orgasm building and slowed the tempo to an agonizing crawl. He kept himself right on the edge of cumming and held it there for as long as he could. I only took one little thrust from her to push him over the edge. He pushed into her deep and hard as he spewed his seed into her depths. The sudden motion pushed her over as well, causing her cum with him. The two of them thrusting against each other savagely trying to eke out as much pleasure as they could. He collapsed on her, delirious and breathing hard from the exertion. He rolled to side of her as she and Azra snuggled up to him, lying together for some time, basking in the afterglow of the best fuck any of them had participated in for some time. Eventually he tore himself away from the girls and dressed. He tossed them a few extra denarii and bid them goodbye. They blew him kisses as he departed and invited him to return as often as he could. He looked back over his shoulder at the two lovely creatures, smiled and left.

With his cock satisfied he next headed to a popular popina for some food and wine. When the army was on the march all the soldiers rations contained wine but it was always watered down to avoid any drunkenness. Tonight he wanted full strength and the establishment he was looking had some of the better wine. He had heard of this place from those who frequented Rome. They claimed it had some of the best stew in the empire and the wine was made at the owners own vineyard. It was a good fifteen minute walk from the brothel but he eventually found it. It was a small corner shop with pots of steaming food set in the counter top. He ordered his dinner and paid the man. In return he was given a bread bowl filled with thick meaty stew and wooden goblet of undiluted wine. He sat down on a stone bench that ran along the sidewalk next to the popina and ate, it was delicious.

He noticed several men further down the street playing dice, he still had some time and figured he could win a few coins. He spent the next hour throwing dice with these strangers, taking an occasional break to get more wine from the popina. By the time he left he had five new best friends and an extra four denarii worth of coins. He made his way back to the barracks at the training camp, staggering all the way. It seemed a lot farther away than he remembered. When he finally arrived he collapsed on his cot and slept soundly the rest of the night.

The next morning his head felt a little fuzzy but he was none the worse for wear. He was dressed and lined up for roll call right on time. Several of his fellow soldiers weren’t so lucky and were forcefully dragged and tied to a post in the training yard where they were whipped.

The training regime started right back to where they’d left it; marching, digging, weapons, and maneuvers. Eight days later training was done. Their Centurion informed them that the next morning they would be deployed to the Judean province, a three month march from Rome.

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