Roller Derby

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I cruise around the track and weave through the rest of the girls. The warm-up music blasts and the crowd filters in. The rink is already filling up.

I feel a tug on my skirt. Paige zooms ahead of me. She skates backward and flashes me a wicked grin. Her calves flex as she moves.

“Ready to die, Ramos?”

“Oh, please.” I push forward and get up in her face. We keep going round. “You didn’t win the last three, and you’re not winning this one either.”

“I guess we’ll have to see about that.”

She pushes off and I hurry to catch up.

“Wanna make it interesting, Pain?”

“What did you have in mind?”

“Loser gives the winner head.”

Paige arches her eyebrow at me.

“Okay, deal. You’re gonna suck my clit, Rocket.”

She zips ahead and Kaylee takes her place next to me.

“You still fucking her?”

“Not really.”

“I hope not. That bitch is crazy.”

“Yeah, I know, I know.”

“Just keep your head in the game, Rocket. We need this one.”

“Always do.”

We beat the Bombers 156-121, and I score more points than Paige. We cheer and jump around and sign autographs before heading into the locker room. The rest of the girls pass around a flask and head for the showers. I wait.

Paige rolls in and does a spin in front of me to stop. escort ataşehir Her hair is in short pigtails at the base of her neck, and her tattoos glisten with sweat. She wears white athletic socks that go up to her knees. I smile.

“Pain Eyre. We meet again.”

Paige puts a finger to my lips and shushes me. I lick and suck the tip. She pushes me against the lockers and kisses me passionately. I bite her neck and put my hands under her miniskirt. Her boy shorts ride halfway up her ass.

Paige roughly gropes my breasts and kisses my hipbones. I snap her sports bra as she moves south. She kneels on the tile and her wheels make a loud clunk.

She pulls down my shorts and takes in my scent. She spreads my lips and goes in fast and hard. I push her face into my pussy. She devours me, and I hold a towel over my mouth while I climax.

Paige kisses me and I taste cum in her mouth.

“See you next time, Rocky.”

She winks at me on her way out the door.

I get changed, and we all pile into the shitty rental school bus. We break out a case of Miller Lite and get hammered on the ride to the motel.

I sit in the back and make out with Willa while everyone celebrates. We’ve been hooking up for a few weeks, but it’s still casual. She has an amazing ass. The girls are so kadıköy escort bayan busy partying that they don’t notice us.

We arrive at the motel. The team continues the festivities at the pool. I put my arm around Willa’s shoulders, and we walk back to my room. Paige is smoking a cigarette and leaning next to the door when we get there.

“Uh. Raquel?” Willa says under her breath.

“I got this.” I walk up to Paige and kiss her on the cheek. “Hey! What are you doing here?”

“I came for a nightcap but I see you already have company.” Paige blows a kiss past me. “Hey Willa!”

“Do you two know each other?”

“Oh, we go way back. Are you guys going to invite me in?”

I look at Willa. She shrugs. I turn back to Paige.

“I hope you brought alcohol.”

She pulls out a handle of Jack.

“You know it, babe.”

We play cards on the bed and pass around the bottle. Paige inches closer and closer to Willa. I give them the side eye until Paige goes out for a smoke.

“You guys used to bang, right?”

“Oh, totally. I know she’s insane, but the sex was amazing. Took me ages to get rid of her. What’s she doing here?”

“She ate my pussy in the locker room.”

“Oh. Well. This is weird.”

“Yeah. Sorry. I have no idea why she came.”

Paige escort bostancı comes back in and sits on the bed. She seizes Willa and gives her a long, intense kiss. Willa kisses her back. They lie down together and it’s like I’m not even in the room. Willa moans as Paige rubs her crotch.

“What the fuck…” I mutter.

Paige grasps my wrist and yanks me over to her. She places my hand on her lower back. Willa reaches up to my face and kisses me while Paige watches. I pounce on them and we drunkenly put our hands all over each other.

Paige undresses us and puts an arm around each of our waists. She goes back and forth, kissing our breasts and sucking our nipples. We each put a hand on the back of her head and I brush Willa’s lips with mine.

Paige gets on top of Willa and boxes me out. She penetrates Willa with her middle and ring fingers and pins her wrists above her head. Willa twists and cries out in passion. Her breasts shake as she cums. I’ve never seen her orgasm like that before.

Willa lies exhausted on the bed, and Paige moves on to me. She bites my lip and pulls my hair and digs her nails into my back. She straddles me and grinds into my clit. I rub hers with my thumb and we climax together.

I go to the bathroom, and Paige is gone by the time I’m done. I curl up under the sheets with Willa and kiss her scapula.

“Tonight took a weird turn, huh?”

“Mmmm.” Willa opens her eyes and looks around. “Did that psycho take my purse?”

I scan the room. My bag is missing too.

“We probably should have seen that coming.”

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