Robinson Family Ch. 01

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Alex Robinson slipped quietly into the bathroom and locked the door. He hoped that Melissa hadn’t noticed the erection that was forming the tent in his shorts. It wasn’t his fault, Alex reasoned with himself. So what if Melissa was his twin sister. Alex didn’t cause her to go swimming in her skimpy bathing suit, which so elegantly displayed her beautiful 18 year-old body. Alex had seen Melissa stepping out of the in-ground swimming pool in their family’s backyard. He noticed her firm breasts first, covered only by a black swimsuit top. His eyes quickly became fixated on the crotch of her bikini. Alex realized that his virginal sister had to have shaven her intimate hair before she could have put on that bikini. The image that came with that thought began to give Alex an erection. As Melissa came into the house, Mrs. Robinson commented on her daughter’s choice of swimsuit.

“Melissa sweetie, that’s fine for around the house, but don’t let me catch you wearing that anywhere else, or that swimsuit will be showing off some toasted buns the next time you put it on.”

“Yes ma’am.”

Melissa walked towards her room to get dressed. Mrs. Robinson “toasted buns” remark had been a veiled threat of a spanking. The Robinson family was a very religious family that believed in traditional discipline. Unfortunately for the parents, but fortunate for the two siblings, the child-abuse laws of their state prohibited the spanking of children. It was some bleeding-heart liberal garbage about spanking having similar psychological effects on children as molestation. The Robinson family knew that the Bible was more accurate in the field of psychology than today’s quacks with degrees. Of course, the siblings had recently turned 18, and one of the conditions of them being allowed to continue living with their parents was that they would have to submit to whatever punishments were deemed necessary – including spanking. Neither Alex nor Melissa had been spanked yet, but they knew that if either of them were to be unfortunate enough to earn a spanking, it would be a very unpleasant experience. The threat alone ensured their perfect behavior.

The thought of Melissa getting spanked did it for Alex. He had a full erection now. He quietly walked towards the bathroom as his sister approached from down the hallway. She seemed to briefly glance downward, but showed bursa escort no signs that she had noticed anything unusual. Once Alex was safely in the bathroom, he sat down on the toilet and took his cock into his hand. He thought about Melissa sitting in the tub, her legs spread wide, her razor in between her legs. Alex felt a twinge of shame as he started stroking his cock. He shouldn’t be masturbating over his sister, but yet that was exactly what he was doing. He closed his eyes and imagined that it was not his hand running up and down his cock, but rather Melissa’s small soft hand.

Alex heard a faint noise from outside the bathroom door. He made sure to masturbate more slowly so that the sound of his hand sliding on his cock wouldn’t be audible from outside of the bathroom. He also made sure not to breath too heavily. The thought of someone, probably Melissa, standing right outside the bathroom door while he masturbated turned Alex on even more. It took some self-control to stifle his orgasmic gasp as his cock erupted.

After cleaning up, Alex opened the bathroom door. Just as he suspected, Melissa was casually leaning against the wall beside the bathroom. She smiled at him and then walked away, her bikini-clad buttocks swaying slightly as she walked. Alex was overcome by an awkward embarrassment. He tried to convince himself that Melissa had no idea what he was doing in the bathroom, or if she did, who he was thinking about while doing it.

Alex felt the sudden urge to hide out of a sense of shame, so he headed towards his room, which was conveniently located next to his sister’s room. It just so happened that Melissa’s door was slightly open. Alex stopped to watch Melissa pull the waistband of her jeans up over her white cotton panties that she had just put on. Her back was turned to him, so she didn’t know he was there. Melissa then removed her swimsuit top. Alex gazed at her bare back, wishing he could see her front side. Alex had just finished masturbating, so he wasn’t getting too sexually aroused by this sight, but it did stir his curiosity. He quickly sidestepped out of the line of sight and walked into his room.

Alex sat in his room studying his textbooks. After about an hour, he decided to go to the kitchen to get something to drink. Melissa exited her room at the same time Alex exited his. They immediately bursa escort bayan made contact and stopped. Melissa smiled at Alex.

“Hi there, brother.”


“So, um… thanks for offering to drive me to work next week while my car is in the shop. You’re cool like that.”

“Yeah, well… you are a pretty cool sister.”

Alex placed a hand on Melissa’s shoulder. Melissa awkwardly stepped forward and put an arm around him. Alex put both of his arms around her and hugged her. Alex became suddenly aware of the fact that their bodies were pressed up against each other. Alex could feel Melissa’s breasts wedged in between them. He also became aware of how close together their pelvic regions were. He began to panic when he realized he was having another erection. His first reaction was to shift his body weight some and lean more on Melissa, hoping that would help him disguise his problem until it could subside. Melissa laughed.

“Hey, I love you too, but I’m losing my balance here. You can stop hugging me.”

Melissa stepped back with one leg, and moved the other leg slightly forward, so that she could maintain her balance. Her forward thigh lightly bumped into the bulge in Alex’s shorts. She quickly glanced down. Alex panicked. He didn’t know how Melissa would react. He couldn’t read the expression on her face. He didn’t know what to do, so he quickly placed one hand on the back of her neck to get her to look up at him. He then leaned forward and softly kissed Melissa on the lips.

Alex’s eyes widened as he pulled his head back quickly. He wanted to disappear right then. Melissa looked confused. They stared at each other for about two seconds, but it felt like an eternity. Melissa gave an awkward smile, and then she eased his embarrassment somewhat by leaning in and kissing him right back.

The siblings looked into each other’s eyes. Each of them could tell that the other’s heart was racing. They both knew what was about to happen next. Melissa put her hands on Alex’s shoulders, and Alex put his hand on Melissa’s hips. They pulled each other close, and their lips made contact again.

“What are you two doing?”

The fraternal twins quickly spun around to see their mother standing down the hallway with a confused expression on her face. She was quickly joined by their father. Mrs. Robinson whispered escort bursa frantically into her husband’s ear. Mr. Robinson spoke up.

“Were you two… um… kissing each other?”

Alex stumbled on his words.

“Uh… uh… we were just playing. We were joking about some of the couples we went to school with who kiss each other in front of everyone, then we just started… practicing, for when we get married. We know you don’t want us kissing before marriage.”

Mrs. Robinson appeared to be on the verge of tears.

“No… but… your shorts… you two were actually… enjoying it.”

Her husband placed an arm around her to comfort her.

“You two go wait in your own separate rooms. We will call you out in a few minutes.”

The thirty minutes that elapsed felt like weeks. Alex’s was a nervous wreck. It was him who had kissed Melissa first. It was him who had gotten an erection at the though of seeing her spanked. It was him who paused to watch her change, wishing he could see her breasts. Surely, there must be something wrong with him. After what seemed like an eternity, the twins were called into the family room. Mr. Robinson spoke solemnly.

“Your mother and I have been praying about this. You know that any sort of lustful activity outside of marriage is a horrible sin, but we have reached the conclusion that what you two did must not be a horrible sin since you are family by blood. It’s not marriage, but it’s family. Adam and Eve’s children did the same thing. Surely, God foresaw things like this happening in families, and surely he doesn’t condemn these expressions of brotherly and sisterly love. I am determined to raise you two the right way, so that you can become godly spouses to your future marriage partners, who God will bring into your lives. I think though, that perhaps we should have prepared you more for the physical side of a relationship. We didn’t allow you to take sex ed in junior high because we didn’t want you corrupted by that sinful filth. Perhaps we neglected our parental duty to prepare you for this part of life. That is why your mother and I are going to teach you our own sex ed class. We aren’t going to punish you two for exploring each other’s bodies. Instead, we are going to teach you how to do it.”

Melissa gasped.

“You two aren’t going to… you know? That would be gross.”

“No, Melissa darling. Your mother and I are not going to do that in front of you. Instead, we are just going to teach you how to do these activities with each other. Now, I think it’s time we all go into the guest bedroom.”

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