Ring of Truth 02: Aunt Jess Learns

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Author’s note:- As previously explained in my preface to my previously submitted “Ring of Truth,”

This is alternative scenario, so please do not point out the obvious — that the beginnings of both stories are identical.


Ring of Truth 2 — Aunt Jess Learns

I was in my room watching some porno after dinner when the phone rang. Mom was in her office downstairs, and had asked me to field all calls, because she needed to concentrate on some tricky corporate law cases she had brought home to work on over the weekend. Hastily pulling my pants up, I bolted down the stairs three at a time, and grabbed the receiver in the living room but it stopped ringing before I could answer.

“Hello, who is this?” Mom’s voice coming through the partially open door sounded a bit cross, but then her tone changed. “Oh, hi Jess. Sorry, I didn’t mean to snap at you, but Mark was supposed to be taking the calls so I can get some work done.” She gave a dirty giggle. “He is probably in his room spanking the monkey, the filthy swine. You know what sons are like. All hormones and no brains.”

She laughed again, and I felt a stab of resentment, partly because of the way she had talked about me to my best friend Wayne’s mom, but mostly because she had guessed what I had been doing.

“No, it’s OK, I’m glad you rang,” she went on. “I needed a break anyway. So what’s happening?”

I moved closer to the door, wanting, but at the same time not wanting to hear what else she would say about me in the one sided conversation.

“Really? You have to be kidding me? Again? You lucky bitch. That must be what? At least five times this week? If Mark fucked me half as much as you say Wayne fucks you, I’d be over the moon, but I don’t think he’s interested. It’s not for want of trying. Heaven knows I’ve sort of accidentally let him see my boobs often enough, and when I was doing my yoga the other day, I let my leotard slip so he could see half of my pussy, but even that didn’t work. I swear if he ever touches me I’ll cum like a waterfall. I’m wet just thinking about it.”

I chanced a quick look through the gap in the door. Mom was leaning back in her chair with her feet braced against the edge of her desk. Her skirt was raised and her rapidly moving hand was pushed into the waistband of her panties, as she spoke breathlessly into the phone. In total shock I fled back to my room, trying desperately to process what I had seen and heard. I couldn’t believe what she had said to Aunt Jess — not really my aunt, but I had known her my whole life, so to me she was Aunt Jess, just as mom was Aunt Hannah to Wayne.

Most of what she had said was pure bullshit, because I had never seen even the tiniest hint of her tits, let alone her pussy. Not that I didn’t want to, because I had tried often enough. After all, at five feet seven and a fairly slender forty two years old, with shoulder length auburn hair and green eyes, she was definitely worth more than a casual glance. What I had just seen wasn’t bullshit though. Even a blind dog could have seen she was feverishly fingering her pussy, and my cock was standing up like a ship’s mast.

Lying on my bed stroking my boner, I thought again about the conversation. Growing up and hanging out together, Wayne and I had often joked about how hot each other’s mom was, and no doubt he had fantasised privately, and maybe even jerked off at the thought of seeing mine naked, just as I had about his, but hearing that he had actually fucked his own mom had floored me completely. The whole idea was inconceivable, and even more inconceivable was the fact that she had boasted about it to my mom, even though they had, like Wayne and I, been best friends since childhood.

The strangest thing though, was that I was not nearly as shocked at hearing mom confess that she wished I would fuck her. It was almost as if I had fantasised about it so much and so often, that she had somehow picked up on my thoughts, and felt compelled to admit she wanted it as much as I did. Of course, being mother and son, neither of us felt we could state our desires to each other, so she had confided in Jess. Perhaps, I told myself, it was meant to be that I was in the right place at the right time, to overhear her conversation.

With the image of her fingering herself still fresh in my mind, my hand flew up and down my cock, until a powerful jet of cum splashed over the front of my tee shirt.

I slept late on Saturday morning, and picking up my cum stained tee shirt, I took it into the laundry and buried it under the clothes in the half filled pendik escort washing machine. Mom was squatting in the lotus position on one end of the large ‘L’ shaped corner couch in the spacious living room, which was one of the benefits of being a successful lawyer. I took a seat on the other end facing her, trying in vain to make out the outline of a cameltoe in her tight leotard. I had no better luck with her nipples, which were flattened by the lycra fabric.

She saw me studying her and smiled. “A penny for your thoughts?”

I shrugged, hoping she hadn’t noticed exactly where my eyes were focussed. “Nothing much mom, I was just thinking how nice you look.”

She gave a tinkling laugh. “All boys say that about their mothers, even if most times it isn’t true. Even Wayne says it about Jess. I must admit though, they are very close.”

I nodded non committally. “Why shouldn’t they be? They are mother and son after all.”

“I mean really close.”

Thinking I saw an opening, I tried to keep a straight face. “I know,” I lied, “Wayne told me.”

Her surprise showed. “Really? What has he told you?”

“Nothing much. Just that he thinks a lot of her.”

“Oh, I see.” With a thoughtful shrug, she rose to her feet and went into the kitchen.

The sensuous movement of her ass under the tight leotard as I watched her prepare lunch made my cock stiffen, and I turned away with a sigh, wishing I had the nerve to grab the rounded cheeks and pull her against my erection. If what she had told Aunt Jess about wanting me to fuck her was true, she might welcome any move I made, but she had lied about letting me see her tits and pussy, so who was to say that everything she said wasn’t a lie?

Sitting at the table eating lunch, I couldn’t stop thinking that there was only a thin layer of lycra between mom’s pussy and my itchy fingers, and by the time we emptied our plates I had a boner that would break rocks. As she cleared the dishes I remained in my chair until the beast had subsided, then I told her I would be hanging out and shooting pool with Wayne.

Maybe it was my imagination, but she seemed a little disappointed. “Oh, OK, that will be nice. I think I might see if Jess wants to meet up for a little retail therapy, then maybe come back here for dinner.”

Wayne was sipping a beer and chatting to a couple of women playing on the adjacent table when I turned up at the pool hall. Both bottle blondes, they looked to be dressed for the hunt, especially the older of the two, a plump woman who struck me as being in her mid thirties. She was wearing a loose open neck blouse which, when she leaned over the table to play a shot, as she was now, allowed an unrestricted view of her huge jugs.

When he saw me, Wayne hurried toward me and shocked me by kissing my cheek. “Thank fuck you’re here,” he whispered. “Another few minutes and this crazy bitch would have sucked me in like a fucking meat grinder.”

I looked at the woman again, and saw her face twisted in scorn. “I might have known he was a faggot,” she snarled to her companion. “Let’s get out of here and find some real men.”

“Sorry about the kiss,” Wayne grinned. “It was the only way I could think of to get away from her. She started coming on to me the second I walked through the door. I like them willing but she was over the top.”

“OK,” I laughed, “but if you ever kiss me again you’ll be sucking your meals through a straw!”

Over the next couple of hours or so, we played pool and drank beer, and as the booze loosened our tongues I steered the conversation in the direction I wanted.

Trying to sound casual I remarked. “It’s not like you to turn down a sure fire fuck.”

He grimaced. “I know, but to be honest she scared the shit out of me. She came on too strong. It wouldn’t surprise me if her cunt had teeth.”

Having seen what he was like after a few too many beers I laughed cynically. “Yeah right. Another couple of drinks and you would have been so far up her you could have licked her navel from the inside.”

Easily evading his half hearted swipe at me, I said, “Hey, guess what? I saw my mom’s cameltoe this morning.”

Wayne leered at me. “I bet you weren’t complaining.”

I shook my head. “Hell no. She was doing her yoga in her leotard, and it was pulled up tight into her crack. It nearly made me go ape shit.”

As I hoped, he responded in the same vein. “Same with my mom. When she flounces around in her underwear with her big tits nearly bursting her bra it’s all I can do not to try to jump her bones.”

Now that I escort pendik had the opening I wanted, and enough beer in my belly to give me the nerve, I asked the question I had been leading up to. “What’s she like in bed?”

He looked at me incredulously. “How the fuck would I know? Where did you get an idea like that?”

It was not the answer I expected, so I said a little more cautiously, “She rang Mom last night and I overheard. She told mom that you fucked her at least five times in the past week alone.”

“You’re kidding me, right?” I shook my head, and he went on, “The lying bitch! As much as I would love to I’ve never touched her. She would cut my balls off with a rusty saw if I even looked like trying.”

Now that he hadn’t ripped my head off for suggesting such a thing, I saw no reason not to push it further. “I wouldn’t be so sure, Wayne. Would she have told mom you fucked her if she didn’t want you to?”

He didn’t reply, and we played the next few games in relative silence, then he asked, “Didn’t you say mom was going to your place for dinner?”

“Yeah, why?”

“I’ve got an idea, so I might invite myself along. You know what she’s like. She’d rather die than admit she lied, so if things work out we might both get what we want.”

We played a couple more games, then after Wayne picked up a six pack of beer and a couple of bottles of wine we headed to my place.

As soon as we walked into the house my jaw dropped. I was so used to seeing mom in business clothes, that I scarcely recognised her. She was wearing a bright yellow casual shirt with matching shorts that seemed to emphasise her slender legs, even more than the leotard she had worn that morning.

“Wow mom!” I blurted without thinking. “You look amazing.”

“Thank you Mark,” she smiled. “I’m glad you like it. Jess and I decided to treat ourselves.”

I glanced at Aunt Jess and smiled. “You look nice too Aunt Jess.” She was wearing a pale blue shirt of a similar pattern to mom, but with a flared knee length skirt. I kissed her cheek. “You know, moms are not supposed to look as good as you two. Right Wayne?”

Wayne nodded enthusiastically as he stared at his mom. He suddenly remembered the wine, and he handed the bottles to mom. “Here Aunt Hannah, Mark told me mom was coming for dinner, so I thought I’d invite myself and we could make an evening of it.”

Mom smiled and placed the wine on the dining table. “Thank you Wayne. That was very thoughtful of you. You know you’re always welcome.”

Whilst Aunt Jess brought wine and beer glasses, I watched mom’s shorts tighten across her ass as she bent to extract a casserole from the oven. I licked my lips wishfully then turned my attention to Aunt Jess. Her breasts were larger than mom’s, filling out her shirt enticingly without straining the buttons.

I guiltily tore my eyes away when Wayne nudged me. “Stop perving at my mom’s tits and get me a corkscrew,” he whispered. He filled two wine glasses, and I opened a couple of beers as mom served dinner. He and I sipped our drinks sparingly, just enough to keep us mellow without getting drunk, but Aunt Jess took a large swallow and held out her glass for a refill.

The meal was good, and the wine helped lift the normally good moods of both of our moms even further, although neither seemed unduly affected, and after we finished eating we moved to the living room. With mom and I seated at one end of the corner lounge, and Aunt Jess and Wayne at the other, half facing us the banter continued.

As the evening wore on and the wine began to take effect, Wayne laid a hand lightly on his mom’s breast. She appeared not to notice until he gave a gentle squeeze, then she looked at him sharply.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” she hissed, pushing his hand away.

He grinned as he chose his words carefully, and cupped her other breast. “It’s OK mom, I’m not sure Aunt Hannah quite believes we do it as often as you told her, so I thought we could show her you’re not all talk.”

Her eyes took on a hunted look, as though she realised she was trapped in her own deceit and couldn’t see any way out without admitting she had lied. She shot a glance at mom, hoping for support, but mom merely nodded and smiled expectantly as she watched Wayne’s hand start to move. Aunt Jess made a weak attempt to push him away again, but the stroking appeared to be having some effect, and she just sat with her hand covering his.

I could hear mom’s breathing change, and I laid my arm along the back of the couch behind her shoulders, as Wayne began to pendik escort bayan unfasten his mom’s shirt. Aunt Jess’s eyes darted around the room, looking everywhere but at us as her breasts were uncovered, then she sighed helplessly when he took a hard nipple into his mouth.

Taking a chance, I moved closer to mom and laid my arm across her shoulders, and nervously pushed my hand inside her bra. Instead of pushing me away as I expected, she sighed. “That’s nice,” she whispered, unfastening her shirt and leaning forward for me to unclasp her bra, as Wayne tried to slip a hand under his mom’s skirt.

As I fondled mom’s small firm breasts, Aunt Jess gave her one last despairing, pleading look, but mom just grinned and parted her legs suggestively. The change was sudden and dramatic. The instant he touched her pussy, all resistance disappeared, and her mouth grew slack as she thrust against his fingers. Kneeling between her legs, he folded her skirt around her waist and tugged at her panties.

“Time for these to come off, mom,” he told her firmly. With no longer even the slightest pretence at reluctance, she slipped the garment off and lay back, legs apart and waiting.

Mom had been sitting with her hand resting lightly on my knee, and with a gasp she squeezed my thigh painfully when she saw Wayne remove his pants and slide his hard cock into his mother’s pussy.

Unable to restrain myself any longer, I pressed a finger against mom’s crotch, and when she didn’t resist I knew she had genuinely meant it when she told Aunt Jess that she wanted me to fuck her. Stroking the damp fabric of her shorts, I whispered, “Let me see it mom.”

Without hesitation, she nodded and raised her hips so I could draw off her shorts and panties, then smiled as I stared raptly at her pouting slit, with its auburn fringe that perfectly matched the hair on her head. She had told Aunt Jess that she would cum like a waterfall if I ever touched her, and as I slipped a finger into her wetness I discovered that she hadn’t been far from the truth.

When I stroked her engorged clit, she shuddered and looked pointedly at the bulge in my pants. “Yours too.” It took only seconds for me to drop my pants and boxers, and she grasped my cock eagerly. “Oh Mark, he’s beautiful. I want him in me. Now.”

Sinking to my knees, I took aim and watched my cock part her pussy lips, not stopping until I was fully inside her.

“Oh Mark,” she murmured again. “You don’t know how often I’ve dreamed of this. I’ve wanted it but I was afraid you would reject me.” I couldn’t think of any words to reassure her without sounding trite, so I simply kissed her as I slid in and out.

To say that I fucked her, or that she fucked me, or even that we fucked each other, does not come close to describing it. Certainly we fucked, but it was more than that. We gloried in each other’s bodies, in each twitch of her inner muscles, in every gliding thrust of my hard cock, and in every kiss and caress of lips and hands, then together we exclaimed with joy as the hidden recesses of her cunt welcomed each spurt of my hot cum.

If we had enjoyed our joining for an hour or even more, it would not have been enough, but as it was, even though it lasted no longer than twenty or thirty minutes, it still couldn’t have been more perfect.

When we finally separated, I resumed my seat beside her and took her hand. “Are you OK mom?” I asked anxiously.

She smiled and nodded. “I couldn’t feel more wonderful. My pussy has never felt more alive.” She looked across at Aunt Jess. “Jess looks happy.”

I followed her glance, and although Aunt Jess was smiling as Wayne fondled her tits, she seemed as much relieved as happy. “This is the first time Wayne has done her.” I confided, reluctant to use the word fuck unless mom did.

“I suspected as much,” she replied. “I know how much she likes to boast, but she was genuinely shocked when he touched her boobs. I really didn’t believe she would have the nerve to let him go all the way, but once he touched her pussy she couldn’t help herself. I don’t think there will be any stopping her now though.”

She was silent for a while, then she added. “With me it was different, because I’ve wanted you for so long that I promised myself if you ever showed the slightest interest, I wouldn’t hold back until we fucked. I also swore that if we ever did do it, I wouldn’t be so selfish as to try to keep you all for myself.”

Her last statement turned out to be almost prophetic, because a few minutes later Aunt Jess caught my eye, and pointing to my cock, and then to her cunt, she crooked a finger at me.

The gesture wasn’t lost on mom, and she smiled and gave me a gentle push. “Go ahead, I know you want to,” she chuckled, and opening her legs wide, she beckoned to Wayne.

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