Riki and Cassandra Ch. 01

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This is my first submission. In this first part there is not really any sex, so please bear with me. It is definitely coming in the next installment. Any comments will be certainly appreciated.

Riki Carlisle had been thinking about it for a couple of years, and she had finally decided to do it. It had been more and more on her mind over the past five months since her latest relationship had gone down in flames. And now, at the age of 28, this was going to be her rite of passage, a declaration of her freedom. Even so, she still couldn’t believe she was doing this. It was so contrary to the image she had so carefully cultivated in the workplace – an image as a conservative, hard-working account executive for a Fortune 500 company. But she was really her own person and over the past few years she had gone through one bad relationship after another and she knew that the time had come for her to take charge of her life and make some changes just for herself and not to try to please someone else. This was a change designed to heal the hurt from all the pain and loneliness she had suffered from so many failed relationships. This was for herself and no one else.

Her last relationship had ended like so many others, with her boyfriend claiming that she just wasn’t willing to make a commitment. He was a lawyer, on the fast track at the firm where he would soon make partner, and he was feeling pressure to find that trophy bride that could help him advance to the top. The sex was okay, but for Riki it wasn’t anything special. After an evening with Matt, she usually had to take things into her own hands if she was going to get any satisfaction. He was nice, but she knew she didn’t love him. She kept asking herself what it was she really wanted in her life and in a relationship. And the answer just wouldn’t come to her. So when Matt had asked her to marry him, she had told him that she just wasn’t ready to make that kind of commitment. When she said that, he told her that maybe they needed to take a break from each other. She agreed, but deep in their hearts, they both knew it was over.

Ever since the breakup, she had been looking at designs more often. She had even drawn some herself, and now she knew exactly what she wanted for her very first tattoo, the tattoo that would be her personal declaration of independence. Because of her business sense, and because she didn’t do anything without thinking it over, Riki had spent a lot of time researching tattoo shops in her town, and when she made the decision to do it, she knew she wanted only the best artist working on her. After talking to lots of people and inspecting work on even more, she knew that Cassandra and only Cassandra would be the one to ink her.

And so it was on a cool spring Friday that she left work after an early afternoon meeting and found herself on the sidewalk in front of Cassandra’s. Even though she knew what she wanted, she was still nervous as she made her way through the door and into the studio. She knew that by taking this step she would be forever changed, and there was a good chance that how others saw her would also be changed. She realized that she was taking a chance on her professional future, but it was a risk that had to be taken for her own personal growth. She knew from her research that Cassandra was very selective in who she worked on. And she also knew that the artist wouldn’t just ink any design. It had to be the right design for that client. So Riki’s nervousness was not just about getting her first tattoo. It was also about whether Cassandra would even do the design she wanted on her.

So who is Riki Carlisle? She’s a very attractive 5’8″ corporate executive with blond hair and a very nice athletic, toned body. She is proud of her body, and she works out several days a week to maintain it. She also loves to spend time at the beauty salon where she gets her just above shoulder length hair done. Currently she has a loose spiral perm with lots of highlights and lowlights, and both her fingernails and toenails glisten from their French manicure and pedicure. And although she’s only a 34-A, her svelte body is the perfect compliment to her beautiful face. Tall and lean, wherever she goes, both men and women can’t help but look at her, the men with lust and the women with envy and for some of them, lust matching that of the men.

Cassandra’s is an unimposing storefront in a quiet section of midtown. No sign, no neon, no flash in the window. No hangers on loitering on the sidewalk. Not at all your typical tattoo shop. Just a very small and unobtrusive sign. Altogether, understated and very sophisticated looking. If you didn’t know what it was, you might mistake it for an upscale clothing store or a beauty salon.

When Riki crossed the threshold and entered the shop, she immediately felt a warmth and sense of calm. She couldn’t exactly put her finger on it, but she knew everything would be fine. At first it seemed as if no one was there. But after just a few seconds a tall slender woman appeared from the back. Riki could see that this beautiful woman was a couple of inches taller than herself. Her light brown maltepe escort bayan hair was cut in a very cute, very short pixie style which had been heavily highlighted. She had on cut-off jeans and a white cropped tank top which showcased her own tattoos – a full sleeve in a Japanese style on her left arm, an outer space themed half sleeve with stars and asteroids on her right arm, and a large colorful back piece that was mostly hidden. Riki was mesmerized by her beauty, and couldn’t decide if she should focus her gaze on the incredible smile, the beautiful breasts which were not fettered by a bra, or the tattoos. The breasts weren’t huge, just a 36-B, but they were perfectly shaped and topped with incredibly gorgeous and very hard nipples. Riki was suddenly feeling very confused, because she had never been attracted to women before, but there was something about this beautiful woman that not only took her breath away, but also caused a tingly feeling and a very noticeable wetness between her thighs. All in all, the impact of this woman on her was suddenly very unsettling to Riki.

Before Riki could close her gaping mouth, the tall women said, “Hi, I’m Cassandra. But you can call me Cass if you want. How can I help you today?”

Nervously and very quickly Riki blurted out, “Hi, I’m Riki Carlisle, and I’m here to get my first tattoo and I’d like you to do it.”

Cass calmly said, “Well Riki, that’s very exciting. So, why don’t you take a deep breath, relax, and then tell me what you have in mind.”

By this time, Riki had somewhat gotten control of her emotions and was able to answer coherently, but not before she laughed with Cass at her calm response. “Well, I want a piece on my left shoulder that could possibly be expanded later into a half sleeve. It’s a hibiscus with a hummingbird drinking nectar. I’ve got a rough drawing of it here.” And then she handed her drawing to Cassandra.

From the moment she had come out into her lobby and first laid eyes on Riki, Cassandra had been intently studying the woman. She had known from the instant she had first seen the stunning blond standing nervously in her shop that she most definitely wanted to ink her. And the artwork handed to her was surprisingly well done. She couldn’t wait to get started. But she told herself to be patient, as she wanted to get to know this beautiful woman much better before they got started. This woman was someone she wanted to do much more than just tattoo.

Cassandra said, “Why don’t we go in the back and talk for a bit so we can get to know one another? I want you to be totally comfortable with me before you trust your exquisite body to me. I want to know all about you and what motivates you. This is so very important if I am going to paint the perfect picture on you. You can look at this as a kind of interview, and if all goes well, and I expect it will, then we’ll get to work. We’ll probably be here most of the evening, so I’m going to close up the front of the shop so we won’t be disturbed. Is that ok with you?”

“Sure,” Riki said, and then she followed Cassandra through to the back of the shop.

As Riki followed Cass through the curtains, she couldn’t keep her eyes off the taller woman, her vibrant ink, and her cute ass in the tight jeans cut offs. When she finally looked up, she stopped in awe of what she saw. It wasn’t anything like what she had pictured a tattoo shop would look like. It was almost like a living room with comfortable couches to sit on and modern artwork on the walls. There was a round table to one side with an apartment style kitchen just behind it. In one corner was a drawing table with art supplies covering it. In the other corner was what looked like a very comfortable dentist chair with a small work table beside it. And in another corner was an easel with a canvas on it and more art supplies. There were oriental carpets on the floor, and the walls were painted in soft, soothing neutral colors. All in all, it was one of the most welcoming and comforting rooms she had ever been in.

Cassandra went over to the small refrigerator and got two bottles of Perrier, and then invited Riki to join her on one of the two sofas. Riki began to relax as she sat down and took the first sip of the sparkly, lime infused water. Over the next hour, the two women talked about a wide variety of topics as they got to know one another better. They both were feeling so comfortable with each other, and it was as if they had known each other all their lives and were just getting reacquainted after a long separation.

As they got to know one another, their conversation turned into something resembling a mutual admiration society. First, Riki told Cassandra how much she loved her haircut, and then Cassandra gently touched Riki’s hair and confessed to her that she had a weakness for blondes, especially those with perms and highlights. That confession sent a chill running through Riki, and a little while later, Riki ran her fingers lightly over the koi and lotus blossoms on Cassandra’s left arm as she marveled at the beauty and clarity of the tattoo. Cassandra couldn’t mamak escort bayan help but shiver also as Riki’s soft touch brought her lust to a fever pitch. Very calmly, Cassandra asked Riki if she could take off her blouse so she could see where she wanted her new tattoo. When Riki said yes, they both stood up and Cassandra, her eyes never leaving Riki’s, began slowly unbuttoning the pink silk blouse, pulling it from the waistband of the black linen pants, and then in freeze frame slow motion sliding it from Riki’s shoulders before turning to hang it on a hanger. When she turned around to once again face Riki, Cassandra’s eyes were wide with wonder at the beautiful sight in front of her – the long, toned athletic torso with those small, but exquisitely shaped breasts encased in a very sheer pink lace bra.

Riki had never before had feelings like she was experiencing at that moment. The look she saw in Cassandra’s big brown eyes was mesmerizing and worshipful, as if the body she was gazing at was a priceless gemstone. And while she had never before been attracted to another woman, Riki began to realize that her feelings for Cassandra were much more than simply mutual admiration. She really liked this woman she had just met. She was fascinating, intelligent, and funny – all the things she had always looked for in her male partners before. She found herself looking at the tall tattoo artist’s body and marveling at how perfect it seemed – the long graceful neck exposed by the cute and very short haircut, the tanned legs that seemed to go on forever, the cropped tank top that showcased a firm six pack type abdomen, the gorgeous breasts with their hard nipples poking out from their fabric covering. But what drew Riki’s attention most were the beautiful tattoos with their vibrant colors covering Cassandra’s arms and back. Even as she regained control of her thoughts, Riki was having trouble controlling her breathing, and she realized that it was a good thing she had on dark pants, because otherwise the drenching moisture in her panties would be very noticeable.

As Cassandra approached Riki, she reached out and once again touched her left shoulder, the intended location for the new tattoo. And just that touch was more than Riki could bear as all her months of pent up emotions came crashing through, and she had a spontaneous climax just from that soft touch on her shoulder. As that happened, Cassandra simply took the beautiful blond in her arms, held her, and gently kissed her hair. When Riki had recovered enough to stand on her own again, she looked up into the dark pools of Cassandra’s eyes and, in the haze of her emotions, brought her lips to those of the other woman. That initial kiss was long and slow as Riki tasted the soft lips of another woman for the very first time. The only thought running through her mind was how wonderful Cass tasted and how soft her lips were, how unlike it was to the kisses of any man she had been with before. Cass let the kiss proceed at Riki’s pace, and it wasn’t long before Riki felt their lips opening in unison as two tongues began to gently duel in mutual exploration. After what seemed like hours, but in reality was only a couple of minutes, the two beautiful women came up for air, each realizing that something quite magical had just happened.

Cassandra was the first to speak. “Riki, I can’t believe what just happened. You are just so beautiful and desirable, and I’m sorry if I offended you, but I just couldn’t help it.?

Riki responded, “That’s ok Cass, I don’t know what happened either. I’ve never felt anything like I just felt with you. Never in my life have I even dreamed about being with another woman until I met you, and now it just seems so very right. Whatever it is, I like it and I’ll be disappointed if it doesn’t happen again.”

“Riki, if it never happens again, it’ll be because we’re both dead. I definitely want to continue getting to know you better, and I’m hopeful that maybe you’ll consider going out with me sometime. But I think we need to take this slowly. These are new emotions for you, and all the physical stuff can wait for much later. You came here for a special reason today, so what do you say let’s get to work on your ink. If we don’t, we’ll probably never get started because we’ll be way too distracted.”

“That sounds good to me. I think I’m ready. I’d better be, because I’m sure not turning back now.”

With that being said, Cass went over to her work table to get everything set up and ready for what promised to be a long session that night. She got all of her needles and inks prepared, and then she went to prepare the stencil of the design that Riki had brought to her. As Cass was getting everything prepared, she asked Riki if she was serious about possibly extending the design into a larger piece at some time. Riki said that she was pretty sure that she would, but she wanted to see how the first part turned out, and also, how she handled the pain. Cass assured her that the pain would be minimal, and then she told Riki that she already had some ideas on how they could extend the piece when she was ready. ofise gelen escort By this time, she had finished with the stencil, and she asked Riki if she wanted to take her bra off or did she just want to lower the strap since she would be working on the area where the bra’s strap sat. Riki asked if it would distract Cass too much if she just took it off, because she didn’t want to distract her from her work. Cass said she could take the bra off; not only would it not distract her, but rather it would inspire her. With that said, Riki reached behind her and unsnapped the lacy bra and let it fall down her arms until her beautiful breasts were bared. The cool air instantly hardened her nipples, and Cass couldn’t help herself as she reached out and tweaked first one, and then the other nipple. The moan from Riki as she did this was audible in the quiet of the room, and it was all either girl could do to keep from embracing the other and consummating their lovemaking. But refrain they did and Cass went and got the stencil and came back and placed it on the top of Riki’s left shoulder. After she took it off, she had Riki look at the location in the mirror and affirm that it was exactly where she wanted it. Riki looked at the outline which began on her shoulder and continued part way down her upper arm, and it was exactly where she wanted it. So Riki told her to go for it, and Cass had her sit in the chair as she got her gun and prepared to begin the outline.

Cass instructed Riki to take a deep breath, but not to hold it and just relax. Then she began the outline, first with just a small line so Riki could get comfortable with her touch.

As for Riki, when she heard the buzz of the gun and then felt the needle on her skin for the first time she immediately started getting wet again. She felt the vibrations all the way down in her pussy and she shivered with excitement. Cass asked her if she was okay, and she told her she was fine, just excited by all that was taking place. The needle felt just like the little pin pricks that it was, and soon she didn’t think any more about it. As Cass continued to ink the outline into Riki’s skin, they continued their conversation, getting to know one another better. It turned out they had so much in common, from a shared interest in independent and foreign films, to their tastes in music – a love of female folk singer-songwriters – to their love of all things seafood.

While Cass was inking the outline, she was also thinking about how she would like to expand it into a more expansive work of art. This hibiscus and hummingbird would be the centerpiece with more flowers, birds, and butterflies on a blue sky background with a few wispy clouds that would extend down to her elbow and wrap around her shoulder onto her upper back and possibly down her ribcage. As she and Riki talked, she shared this vision with her, and she heard an audible gasp come from Riki’s mouth. When Cass asked her if she was alright, Riki said that what she described was just like the vision she had for the expanded tattoo.


Riki then asked Cass how she got started in the tattoo business. Cass told her about her background in art growing up, her classes, and winning ribbons in school and community art shows. In high school she realized that she was attracted to girls rather than boys, but growing up in a very conservative small town she realized that it was not wise to broadcast her sexual orientation. So she went through high school knowing what she wanted, but never experiencing even a date with another girl. After high school she went on a scholarship to art school rather than college, and it was there she met her first female lover, a girl from Los Angeles who was heavily into the tattoo scene. As they began dating, Cass became more and more interested in tattoo art. But just like Riki, and unlike her first girlfriend Amanda, Cass didn’t just rush out and get inked immediately. Instead she researched career opportunities in tattooing while she was also deciding what ink she wanted for herself.

And while her relationship with Amanda only lasted for a few months while they were in school together, it had a much longer and lasting impact on her life. She realized during that time that her attraction to girls was not going to go away and that she was a lesbian. And she also came to the realization that she wanted to use her artistic training in a career as a high end tattoo artist.

Riki asked Cass about her first lesbian lover, and what it was like for her. Cass told her about Amanda’s and her first time, their mutual attraction, the first tentative kisses while watching a movie one night, and how the relationship progressed from tentative exploration to full blown sexual ecstacy. She told Riki about the first time she went down on Amanda and how she became addicted to the sweet taste of pussy. She told about their first sixty-nine, and her first anal rimming, and the first time Amanda fisted her. She told Riki that those few short months were a sexual blur, since their lives revolved around pleasing one another continually. But she came to see during that time that Amanda was a sex addict and also a drug addict, and she knew that she wanted much more from her life than Amanda wanted from hers. And one day when she caught Amanda with one of their instructors, that was the end of the relationship. For Cass, fidelity and faithfulness and honesty were too important to compromise.

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