Right in Front of Your Eyes

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This story is entirely fictional. The characters in this story are over the age of 18, are not real, nor are they in any way related to any real living individual. The intent is strictly for the enjoyment of all readers, and it is not an endorsement of any theme and/or lifestyle.


She wasn’t the type of woman that you would drool over. She wasn’t slim or tall, she had plain features, straight shoulder length blonde hair, always wore plain clothes, never wore make up and wasn’t overly charismatic. However she had a lovely nature, a beautiful smile and an infectious giggle. Her body was quite nice for woman of her age thick and shapely, not large just a nice roundness to her breast and behind. She’d aged gracefully, albeit in her early fifties she hadn’t looked a day over forty. She would have had a few admirers in her day but now she was just a single working class mom that didn’t seem interested in that sort of thing. Since dad left she’d actually been doing great. It had been almost two years since the divorce and she’d never looked happier.

She had totally got her confidence back. It hadn’t been always the case, in the beginning of the end she was a wreck. But I’d noticed her holding herself differently about a year ago. Something changed in her and she’d become a strong independent woman again. It was nice having her not mope about the place and instead be cheery and interested in what was happening in my life. We were always pretty close, I was always more of a momma’s boy and she was always affectionate. It was probably because she’d always treated me like I was the most important thing in the world to her. I was an only child and I relished every moment of it. I liked being the only one that got all the hugs, the praise and the attention. Anyway I guess I’m writing all this down because you wouldn’t believe it if I told you. This is the beginning of how my mother became the object of my affections.

I know that last statement might make some people lose their minds but let me tell you I was as surprised as you are. I never expected any of this to happen nor did I ask for it, it just happened. In no way am I ashamed of it, disgusted by it or unhappy with what led me to these moments. It’s unorthodox sure and I know in some places it’s severely frowned upon but it’s an age old condition. Boys love their mothers, some just more than others and some in different ways. So I guess I better start how this all happened. It had been a day like any other apart from that it was the beginning of the week. Mondays always sucked, I’d come home and have a ritual to take away the stress of being back at school. Monday’s were porn night. I know it seems a little odd to pick a specific night to surf the net looking for naked ladies but I was a busy boy and Mondays (being the worst day of the week) felt appropriate. I was in my last year of school and exams were just around the corner.

Anyway I usually looked at young naked girls but one of my teachers, Mrs. Vanderbeak had stirred my tastes in the more mature women’s direction of late. I’d look up those teacher videos. You know the ones where the guy needs better grades or he’s got detention and the teacher works out the best way to fulfill his punishment. They always got me day dreaming at school about Mrs. Vanderbeak. It seemed like a pretty routine scan of this site frequented when I opened up a video of this buxom teacher that I was instantly hard for. The video was named Mrs. Kim punishes Johnny: The principal might have something to say. I thought what they hell, it might even be a great three way video. Anyway it started out pretty same same, the teacher has Johnny for detention and then decides the best way for him to work it off is to eat her out. Straight away it was a winner, the chick was hot, big tits, flowing red hair and a bright pink pussy. I didn’t even think I’d make it to the point where the principal rocks up. Johnny bent her over the desk and started fucking her like crazy. Mrs. Kim, screamed with him ploughing her, so loud that it alerted the principal walking by in the corridor. As soon as the principal walked in though I froze, till with my hand on my dick. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The principal was my mom. There she stood in a pencil skirt, shirt, high heels and glasses staring at the two in mid copulation.

“What’s going on here?” She said interrupting their passion.

“Oh fuck,” Johnny says, pulling out and stepping back from the desk.

“This isn’t what it looks like,” Kim replies freezing in her current position.

“Really?” My mom says walking up to the desk. “Is this supposed to be a detention?”

“I got a little carried away,” Kim replied biting her lip.

“Looks like you’re the one that needs punishing for this indiscretion,” she said placing her hand on the middle of Mrs. Kim’s back. She then pulled her left hand back and slapped Kim square on her bubble butt. I was so taken aback as to what just happened.

“She looks good enough to eat tuzla escort doesn’t she Jimmy?” My mom asked spreading Kim’s cheeks apart. Jimmy just nods in agreement. Then my mom dives in and licks from Kim’s clit all the way up to her asshole.

“Holy fuck,” I uttered out loud. I’d always thought my mom was pretty conservative and here she was eating out another chick in a porno! I was stunned staring at my mom suck on this chicks juicy pussy. I was somewhat confused as to if I should be finding it so hot but my body was reacting in a way I never thought possible. I was harder than I’d ever been, my cock was probably another twenty percent larger than I’d ever seen and it was pulsing with my every heart beat. I was super aroused but this was only the beginning.

“Get over here and take my clothes off Jimmy,” she ordered standing up facing him. He began helping her out of her clothes as Kim worked her neck from behind, licking and sucking from neck line to her ears. Within moments she was writhing naked as their hands ran up and down her body. I hadn’t seen mom naked for a while, it wasn’t the kind of thing you went out of your way to see. She had a fit body, not rigid, not muscly, but soft and supple. Her large breasts didn’t sag and her nipples stood erect. I scanned down her body to her slit, she had a little patch of fine pubic hair which framed his pink lips perfectly. I wanted to see more and couldn’t wait for them to explore her body.

She edged backwards onto the desk and spread her legs open for Jimmy to inspect little did she know it was for me to enjoy her wares as well.

“Does that look just as tasty?” She said as if daring him to eat her.

“Sure does Principal Myers,” he said spreading her lips apart with his fingers, her hole glistening with her excitement. Mrs. Kim slid to the side of my mom when Jimmy dove in to slurp on my mom’s slippery pearl. Kim began to suckle on mom’s hard nipples. Mom began to moan softly, grabbing the back of Jimmy’s head pushing his face harder against her.

The scene went on in the usual fashion. Jimmy proceeded to fuck both of them, switching from time to time. The ladies sucked and licked each other when the other was being fucked. It was pretty stock standard three way porn, but fuck me. I’d never been more turned on; I could barely touch my cock for fear of it exploding. In fact by the end of the clip my dick was almost sore from being so hard. The tip was covered in pre-cum and that wasn’t from me puling on it.

Once Jimmy had blown his load all over the lovely ladies faces I decided to pause the video. I scrolled down the page to see if in the comments anyone had mentioned what my mom’s screen name was. Low and behold I find this comment.

“That Abigail Day does it for me every time, can’t wait for her next one!” The statement alone had peaked my curiosity. Every time? How many films had she’d been in? Once I’d seen her stage name I decided to hit porn imdb and I was blown away once again. There she was, accredited for ten scenes to date only starting a bit over a year back.

“That’s almost one a month,” I said out loud still in shock. So his is where she’d gone and found her new confidence. She’d be banging guys and girls for money and obviously having a good time with it considering how many performances she’d already racked up. I knew I shouldn’t have opened Pandora’s box as it where but once I’d started there was no going back. I searched for the first production on the list. I thought if I was going to start somewhere I should start at the beginning. So I hunted for about five minutes before I found a clip of the whole first time. It was one of those casting couch type scenarios. They ask her questions about what she likes and get her to strip. It’s like she hadn’t even dressed up to go there. There she sat in her grey cardigan and blue jeans. You could tell my mom was nervous. She looked all mousy and innocent, exactly how she was over a year ago. It must have taken her some convincing to get her to this point. My mom wasn’t the type that you thought would ever do this, maybe the money was too good to turn down? Maybe it made her feel sexy again.

“So what kind of guys do you like?” The voice behind the camera asked. She looked a little shy before answering the question.

“I like young boys,” she replied as if a little embarrassed at what she’d just said.

“You mean like this guy over here?” The voice said once again, the camera swiveling to a guy on a chair next to the couch.

“Exactly like him,” she said, giggling afterwards.

“Does it excite you to know he’ll be deep inside you very soon?” She nodded in agreement before being spoken to again. “How about you show us how excited you are?” The voice prompted as she stood up of the couch. Slowly she took of her cardi and undid her shirt underneath. She was wearing a white bra with a red rose pattern around it that I’d never seen before. She unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down before kicking them off tuzla escort bayan with a laugh. Her knickers matched her bra. I figured it must have been a gift from dad at some point, maybe only seen the light of day once or twice. She looked great though. It almost looked like she wanted to cover up but the voice pressed again.

“Sexy baby, how about you pull those panties to the side a little?”

She sat back down on the couch and spread her legs. Tugging her panties to one side she showed of her haired bush. It hadn’t been as trimmed as it was in the other movie I saw but it was still neat. She spread her pink lips open so the camera could get a look. She was already wet with excitement and I was already twitching with anticipation. I couldn’t hold on, I had to see her getting fucked. I fast forwarded to the moment the guy lay her on her back, with her arms behind her head and her legs spread out before penetrating her. She moaned as soon as he entered. As far as I’d known my mom wasn’t overly promiscuous. She’d only told me about two boyfriends before dad. Then hear she was taking it from a complete stranger for money. It was fucking hot. For a split second I saw myself as the guy. I was way too into it. As she roared with passion my cock throbbed. Without any hand stimulation I could feel my orgasms welling up inside. I watched her get fucked in different positions until my cock burst with the seed of passion. It dribbled out of the end of my cock, splashing my pants. I was awestruck, I didn’t even think it was possible, but there it was. My own mom had given me a hands free orgasm. The pure sensual idea of her was enough for me to unload my balls. I was hooked. I knew from that moment on I had started something, something that would drive me to deviancy. My biggest problem was how the hell was I going to face her now? Was I just going to come out and tell her that I knew? Would I hint at it just to see what her response would be? How would I ever look at her just like my mom again? I didn’t really have a lot of time to work things out either dinner was less than an hour away.

I entered the kitchen like I would on any other night. I stopped suddenly as I stood in the frame. She was standing against the stove cooking dinner, her back to me. I took a second eying her behind, remembering how sexy it looked in the videos. I knew I couldn’t stand there for long though so proceeded to wander in.

“Hi mom,” I croaked with barely enough strength to form words.

“Hey sweetie,” she said turning a tad towards me smiling. “How was your day?”

“Good,” I said bursting to tell her that it was one of the most magnificent in my life.

“Get up to anything special?” She asked.

“Hmmmm,” I mumbled shaking my head; if she only knew. “What about you?” I asked quickly trying to keep the conversation rolling.

“Oh you know the usual, shopping for groceries and what not. Nothing special,” she replied nonchalantly. A thought had entered my mind though. She had gone out today. She could have been halfway across town getting her ass shagged off. An image of her naked body flashed into my brain before I heard her speak again.

“Are you ready?” She said. I choked and coughed sputtering out a few words

“Ready… for what?”

“For dinner silly? What did you think? To run a marathon or something,” she said looking at me in that quirky way only a mother can.

“Uh, yeah,” I said stumbling out of the kitchen.

She dished up our meals in front of the tv and she sat next to me.

“So what did you want to do tonight?” She asked bringing her plate up to her lap.

“Ahhhhh, I dunno,” I said still swimming from early events.

“Well I’m happy to do anything you want” she said spinning me out even further. Everything she said became sexual in my mind. I had to get a grip.

“How about… about you pick?” I managed to stutter out.

“Well I’d be up for some tv on the couch with my special man.”

“That sounds grrrr…” I said trailing off for a moment to think what that meant. She lifted her gaze from her plate to look me over.

“Are you sure you are ok? You seem funny,” she said concern in her eyes.

“I’m ok mom, honestly. I’m just tired is all,” I said hopefully throwing her off my odd behavior.

“Well I won’t keep you up too long,” she replied smiling. Oh keep me up as late as you like, my brain screamed.

“I’d be happy to stay for a few shows.”

“What would you like to watch?” she asked.

“Your porno’s,” I wanted to say. “I’m easy,” is what I actually said.

“Ok well how about that new sci-fi we’d been meaning to get around to?”

“Yeah sounds great,” I agreed. But then again I probably would have agreed to anything that made her happy.

I’d realized that I wanted to make her happier than usual. Like somehow I had a stronger bond with her from what I’d seen. Somehow I thought she wouldn’t feel the same way. In fact if she knew she’d probably be mortified. She escort tuzla wasn’t the most private person in the world but we hadn’t really we really delved into her sex life before. She was pretty cool about talking about that stuff with me though. When we had all the birds and bee stuff she hadn’t sugar coated it nor used euphemisms, she was straight up. She even talked to me about masturbating. I thought it would be super embarrassing but she didn’t make it seem taboo. It was just something boys and girls did. Exploring your sexuality wasn’t a bad thing. In fact she encouraged it. Thinking back to it now, her calmness might explain a little bit about what was going on now. I mean before I’d seen those movies I would never have thought she was all that sexually active; obviously I was wrong. You don’t usually wonder those things about your own mother. Well I didn’t but I guess I can’t speak for others.

Anyway after we’d finished dinner I took the plates out and she got the show ready to go. I came back in and plonked down beside her. She’d stretched her legs out and wedged her back into the corner of the couch. I sat at the other end of the couch; it was only a three seater so I wasn’t that far away from her. I sat there staring at the screen or the longest time, mostly trying to keep my mind off the events earlier in the evening. Before I knew it we’d finished the first episode.

“That was good,” she said as the credits rolled. “Wanna do another?” I just nodded and smiled. She pressed skip and the next episode started. She placed down the remote and began to stretch her legs out placing them on my lap. “You don’t mind do you?” She asked.

“Nah it’s cool,” I said placing my hands on her feet, digging my fingers into the arch. It was like a reflex, it was like I wasn’t even in control of my own body.

“Ooh, I didn’t mean you have to do that,” she said surprised. “But I won’t say no,” she giggled.

“You made dinner so it’s only fare,” I replied with a snigger.

“Does that mean I get one of these every night?” She joked.

“If you like,” I said grinning.

“In that case you never have to move out,” she replied laughing. I continued to rub her feet, pushing firmly against her heel. She moaned softly obviously enjoying the attention. I worked her whole foot until she was a relaxed puddle. She looked so comfortable lying on her side.

“Mmmm, that was amazing sweetie. Come over here and give me a cuddle,” she said opening her arms up.

It wasn’t like this was a weird situation we’d cuddled on the couch plenty of times before. But it was a little different this time. I lay down sideways and shimmied up the couch. I threw my arm around her back and placed my head on her ample bosom, only a thin skivvy separating me from her naked skin. It was a soft and inviting pillow for me to rest on but at the same time arousing. Only inches away from me was her right nipple, erect and supple, my eyes fixing on it. Maybe my foot massage had excited her, the thought filling my mind with even dirtier ideas. It took all much strength not to reach over and take it into my mouth. On top of this her scent instantly filled my nostrils. It was that sweet familiar smell, like freshly fabric softened clothes. It hadn’t had the same effect that it had in the past, that comforting loving nurturing smell. Now it excited me. The scent of a woman that you wanted to touch, taste and be inside of. It’s like seeing her in all her sexual glory awoke a deep desire in me to suckle on her forbidden fruit. But how could I be feeling this she was my mother, I had come from her womb and right now all I wanted to do was to be back inside of her.

It felt so wrong to be having these thoughts about my own mother that even my stomach felt empty. A nervous energy swelled inside me. I was fighting biology and morality. On one hand I had this nurturing mother that society said I could only be so close to and on the other a sexual goddess that my body craved. I was so conflicted. Well I would be if I ever thought I’d get any closer to touching her than this. Still, it left me horny and confused, so horny that I was sporting a huge erection. I’d just hoped that mom had no idea. I mean what would she think? She’d think I was sick no doubt. So I lay there very still, enjoying what closeness I could get from her. We sat there cuddling for almost half an hour before she moved, when to my horror and surprise she moved her leg across to my crotch. Still hard it pressed firmly into her thigh. I shimmied my butt back a little as if trying to get away but her leg followed until I had nowhere else to go, I was wedged. I closed my eyes and hoped she didn’t notice. I could feel her neck turn as if she was turning towards me. I titled my head up to see her looking at me.

“What?” I gulped.

“What is that?” she whispered.

“Ummm… what?” I stammered as if having no idea as to what she was asking.

“Is that?” She asked stopping before asking the rest of the question.

“Is what?” I croaked starting to sweat.

“Is that…” She said nudging her thigh into it, “what I think it is?” I felt like dying of embarrassment.

“I’m sorry mom,” I said shying away from her eyes.

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