Rick’s Wife_(0)

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Rick and I grew up in the same town, a half a mile from each other. We were best friends. We went to school, fished, rode bikes and hung out together at every waking moment. Rick was tall, tanned and athletic with wavy black hair and brown eyes. I was shorter, thin and blonde with petite features. When we went swimming, I couldn’t help but notice his huge cock when we got dressed in the locker room and I’m sure he noticed my smaller one, but was too polite to say anything. When Rick and I were teenagers, we would hang out by the river, drink beer and smoke a little pot. Rick and I were both interested in girls, but neither of us seemed to get lucky. After high school, Rick had a car and found dates, but none of them never seemed to work out for him until he met Kim.

Kim had graduated with us in high school. She was really religious and was always quoting the Bible. Rick had told me that many things about Kim bothered him, but he kept seeing her. He was an exceptionally horny boy, but she wasn’t giving him the sex that he craved. She would masturbate him in his car, but would not go down on him or give him her pussy, claiming that she was “saving herself for marriage.” Kim was very clingy and wouldn’t give him much free time. Finally, Rick told me that she had given in and let him fuck her by the river. She had felt extremely guilty of their “sin” and told him in no uncertain terms that she was not going to do it again until they were married. A week later, Rick told me that he and Kim were going to be married and I was devastated. When they lit the unity candle in her church, I felt as though I was loosing my best friend. I didn’t see Rick for days, but soon enough, he was calling me, complaining about Kim.

Rick and I had both gotten jobs working third shift in a factory. Kim worked days. Rick was happy to have me come over in the mornings, play some video games, drink a beer or two and hang out. Most times, I would leave before Kim came home because I couldn’t stand to hear their arguing. If I stayed, I had to listen to Kim yell at Rick for not picking things up and for making a mess, but she wasn’t any better. When I came over, each room in the house was messy and the kitchen was filled with dirty dishes. Kim could not cook and Rick illegal bahis made the meals or they ordered out. I would do the dishes and pick up sometimes before she got home, just to avoid hearing the arguments. One day, Kim surprised me by offering to pay me to clean their house every week. I told her that I would do it, but I refused any payment.

During that summer, we were all on vacation for a week. Rick and Kim were going away and asked me if I would clean and look after the house while they were gone. Kim offered to pay me to clean the whole house from top to bottom and told me where the key would be hidden. They left on a Sunday night and were scheduled to come home the next Sunday.

Neither of them knew about my kinky fetish of dressing up. I arrived at their home on Monday morning, I showered and took a pair of shiny black pumps out of my bag. I had already set out my lacy black garter belt, stockings, silk panties and a bra. I had been anticipating looking through Kim’s things to see if she had an outfit that I could wear since we were nearly the same size. I found a short skirt and a top that fit me nicely and I pranced around in front of the full length mirror in the hall, my little cock getting harder by the minute. I kept my body hairless and smooth, as it added to my fantasy and I had let my hair grow long. This time, I decided to go a step further and I painted my nails and used Kim’s eyeliner and lipstick. It was all I could do to keep from playing with myself right then and there, but I decided I would tidy up the living room a bit first. Before long, I was on the couch with a glass of wine, rubbing myself through my panties, my legs feeling all tingly in the stockings. Later, in the bedroom, I carefully hung up Kim’s skirt and top and slid out of my panties. I was quite excited watching myself in the dresser mirror while lying on the bed. I oiled up my purple vibrator and was soon plunging it in and out of my asshole. As I lay back and closed my eyes, I thought what a shame it was that Kim treated Rick so badly. I wished I were his wife. I thought of Rick fucking me hard as I inhaled his scent on the pillow. Soon I was coming, shooting all over my quivering tummy. When I recoverd, I looked in the mirror. I was a hot mess. I illegal bahis siteleri fell asleep right there, deciding I would wash the linens tomorrow.

The next morning after I had showered, I put on a white lacy garter belt, stockings and my strappy heels with the bow at the ankle. I went to the kitchen and found a frilly apron in the closet and went to work on the dishes. I was listening to dance music on my ipod as I shook my ass, I was not hearing anything else, nor was I aware of what was about to happen. Suddenly, I felt a large pair of hands on my ass. I jumped to see Rick standing behind me with his shirt off, grinning widely. I’m sure that I must have blushed beet red and I tried to say something, but I just stammered a bit. Rick put a finger to my lips, first hushing me then trailing it down to my chin. He unbuckled his pants and his massive cock popped out, erect. I was in a daze and my stomach was full of butterflies as Rick took me by the shoulders and forced me down. I met his effort with little resistance as I dropped to my knees to worship his huge cock. I inhaled his musky scent deeply as I kissed under his balls, teasing with little kisses and tonguing underneath his twitching shaft. Once I met his engorged head, I flicked it with the tip of my tongue and sucked him hard, taking him all the way into my mouth. Everything seemed to disappear around us. It was just Rick’s cock and my eager mouth being filled as I bobbed up and down, getting him all wet and hard.

Moaning loudly, Rick scooped me up in his arms and carried me into the bedroom. He laid me down, undid the apron and started kissing me wildly. I returned his kisses deeply and was rewarded with tiny kisses down my neck as he breathed hotly on me. I lost track of all time and space as Rick continued down, kissing my breasts and sucking on my nipples. His hot tongue trailed down my tummy until he found my hard little girlcock. His beard tickled as he sucked and wildly stoked me. I cooed and moaned his name while his tongue trailed down to my pink pucker. Soon Rick turned me over and raised my ass in the air to give me what I craved. He reached over and smeared a dab of lube on his cock and pushed it against my hungry boy pussy. He moaned my name softly as he pushed in canlı bahis siteleri harder. I gasped and whimpered, clutching the pillow as he pushed past my ring and deep into my ass. Soon he was plunging in and out of me as I pushed back, eagerly meeting his every stroke. He placed me on top and let me ride him for a while, as I twisted and bucked, my ass sucking up his hot throbbing cock. He gazed up into my eyes smiling as I rode him. Soon he lay me back down on the pillow under him and drew my stocking clad legs over his broad shoulders. Rick moaned loud as he plunged deep into my winking hole. I felt so full, as the head of his cock rubbed my prostate again and again. Rick was dripping sweat all over me as I shuddered and came all over my tummy. “Oh fuck I’m gonna cum!” Rick yelled. “Yes papa, fill me ups, cum deep in me, make me your girl,” I cooed in his ear. Rick’s face grimaced as he tightened and filled me with wave after wave of hot cum. Rick leaned in to kiss me, his cock pulsing, as I milked him dry. Finally, Rick turned me on my side as his cock continued to throb deep in me. Rick put his arms around me and whispered that he loved me. I felt so feminine and so very sexy; it felt so right, curling up in his arms, his girl. I fell asleep right there, my ass still winking around his cock, seeping cum.

In the morning, I asked about Kim and why he had returned so early. Rick told me how she had already planned to leave him. She had packed up most of her things weeks ago and had taken them little by little to her new place. “She’s not coming back,” he said “and anything she kept here, she no longer wanted, because I had bought it for her.” “So, I suppose its all yours now, my hot little wife,” Rick chuckled.

I continued to be Rick’s hot little wife all summer in that house, until Rick told me that he had landed a managerial position, upstate. After we moved, I could stay at home, cook, clean and decorate, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

After we were officially married, I legally changed my name. Rick bought me breast implants and a pearl necklace for our anniversary. I started taking hormones too, as they make my skin and hair soft and make me feel more feminine. When we are out in public, I can pass as female and no one knows us here. I still keep my sexy little secret between my legs. Every night, I fall asleep, snuggled in Rick’s strong arms and he whispers, “I love you, my sexy little wife.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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