Rick’s Story Ch. 01

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I have been with Cindy for 3 years now. We have never gone further than innocent kisses.

When we met we were both 17. She was a bit chubby. That is the only way I can explain how I ended up with her. I am a cute guy, but not attractive. I’m slightly shorter than the average American (standing at 5″7 in my shoes). I’m not fat, but I have a face only a Mother could love.

Now at 20, she is a nice looking girl. I am horny all the time, so I’m not sure how one would rate her, but I think she’s quite sexy. I don’t know breast size as she dresses conservative (It seems like she practically created the word!). She stands at my height in her high heels. She likes to wear green, and when she’s nervous you’ll probably see her chewing on a wad of gum. (Actually that’s a bit misleading, as she’s bound to be chewing on gum even if she’s not nervous. We’ve even kissed while she was chewing.)

Cindy is an only child so I guess that explains our going slower than most. (Her dad would probably kill her and me if I as much as fondled her bare boobs.) I on the other hand have an older sister and younger brother.

My sister, Amy, is a beautiful girl. I mean that in a spiritual sense. I love her. But I really never looked at he in a sexual way, so I don’t know bursa escort about her looks. I’ll have to check it out so I can let you know. Amy, like my brother Brad, is taller than me. I am the shortest in the family. Amy is 5″7 without shoes, and Brad is 5″8. I thought boys are supposed to be taller than their sisters.


Today is our third anniversary since we met. I was determined to make this special. I had decided last week that I truly loved Cindy and this will be the opportunity to let her know. (Maybe she’d even get a bit “frisky”!)

I went to pick Cindy up. She was smiling that smile of hers that makes me want to do anything for her so she’ll always have that smile.

“Cindy you ready to go?” I asked.

“I can’t wait. What do you have planned?”

“I made a reservation at Hyus Jakys!”

“Really! How the hell can you afford that?”

Cindy likes to use minor curse words.

“I been saving. Don’t worry, I’m not going to have us end up doing dishes” I joked.

Cindy laughed and we went to eat. Neither of us drive, so we walked, but the restaurant is close enough that the walk only took 10 minutes.

During the meal, Cindy asked, “What’s the big occasion? Why the hell are we at this fancy place.”

“Well, tonight bursa escort bayan is our anniversary, and I fancy you, so I was hoping we could have a good time together.”

Cindy looked shocked. “Our anniversary! What are you talking about? What anniversary?”

“3 years ago we met. Don’t you remember?”

“Oh. Right. I’m sorry. Oh, you are so sweet.”

I knew it. Girls love this type of stuff. I will definitely get something tonight!

What I got certainly surprised me!


After supper Cindy came over to my house. We went into my room and sat on my bed. I immediately began putting the moves on her. She responded!

I put my hands on her shoulder, and turned her face towards mine. Our lips got closer and then… we kissed! (This is my third kiss and the second without her chewing gum.) This is going to be a great night!

After a few more rubs and few pecks on the cheek. She excused herself to go to the bathroom. I guess being with me has really gotten her excited.

I waited a bit, then I started neatening up my room, that’ll really impress her. Before I knew it a half hour had passed by. When I saw the time I realized something was wrong. I went to investigate.

I had gone a few steps done the hallway before I saw a sight escort bursa that made me want to kill myself. Brad’s door was open a crack and I saw Cindy lying on his bed while Brad was rubbing her feet.

That would have been bad enough, but both of them were naked and Cindy looked to be very very happy.

I ran back to my room and cried!


I spent the weekend in my room crying.

1) I can’t understand what Cindy was doing with Brad. Brad is a real idiot, how could she fall for him?

2) How could Brad go after my girl?

3) Cindy was so slow with me, how could she get naked with Brad?

4) Why did she have to look like she was having such a good time with him?

On Monday Brad knocked on my door.

“Come in.”

“Here, I have a present for you.” He held a pair of female white cotton panties.

“What is that?” I asked, feeling the anger rise in me.

“These are the panties you wanted to get into, now you can wear them. Cindy doesn’t need them anymore.”

I felt so angry, I wanted to kill him.

“How could you do that to me? You knew I liked Cindy!

“Hey. It wasn’t my fault. She wanted me, I couldn’t stop her.”

“What do you mean you couldn’t stop her. Who would want you anyway?”

“Who would want me? How about Mom, Amy, Cindy, and 10 girls from my class.”

“You are such a liar. You probably put something in Cindy’s drink. Get the fuck out of here. I never want to see you again.”

Brad left. I went back to crying.

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