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When her Uncle Denis mentioned it, Melissa wasn’t sure what he meant. All he said over the telephone was that she was becoming increasingly incorrigible, that she had become very difficult to deal with, that she was a real problem. After class that day he planned to punish her severely, to teach her a lesson.

Her Uncle went on, “So on your way home from school today, stop off at the supermarket and pick up a five pound box of rice. And Melissa, I hope this is something I only have to do to you once to get you to behave.”

Melissa said the automatic “Yes, Sir.” She knew from past experience there was never a way to win an argument with her Uncle Denis.

The year before, Melissa had begged her mom to go away to college. Living at home would be just to much of a drag. Her first choice was ASU, Arizona State University. There were several other ‘party schools’ that would do as well, but ASU had an excellent journalism department if Missy every got serious about college.

They talked about it every evening for a week, and finally her mom agreed. In retrospect, it was more quickly than Melissa expected.

“But there’s one condition,” her mom stated. “I don’t want you living in the dorm and falling under the influence of wild friends, of a fast crowd.” Her mom really talked like that. “So for at least the first year you’ll live with your Uncle Denis in Scottsdale and commute to class. I’ve already discussed this with your Uncle, and he told me he’ll let you drive his Mercedes two-seater, so at least you’ll be able to ride to class in style.”

“Oh, fuck,” Missy said to herself. Sharing a house with her Uncle Denis wasn’t what she had planned at all.

Then it got worse and worse. In the three months with her Uncle Denis, the sexy 18 year discovered she was living with a rigid disciplinarian.

“Young girls like you sometimes have to be taught proper behavior,” he told his niece the day he picked Melissa up at Sky Harbor Airport.

“And your mom and I agreed that if you don’t behave, a good spanking will be the usual punishment.”

“That’s ridiculous, mom never spanked me,” Missy started to protest. “I’m 18 years old! You can’t! I won’t allow it.”

Uncle Denis spanked her for the first time that evening for her outburst in the car. He didn’t take down her panties that night. That would come later, but he did make her stand in the corner afterwards for ten minutes, with her nose pressed up against the wall. She looked very pretty, almost helpless, standing there with her hands crossed behind her back, after he spanked her shapely bottom with his bare hand and then a Tai Chi slipper.

Melissa felt absolutely bursa escort ridiculous, standing there, with her nose against the wall when the spanking was finally over. To make it worse, her Uncle Denis sat at her desk and watched the entire time, to add to her humiliation.

For the next three months the pretty college freshman tried her best to behave, but she always seemed to slip up. And after the first time, she knew she could expect a bare bottom spanking from her very strict Uncle each time she did something he disapprove of.

So that afternoon, driving north on the 101 Loop, Melissa though to herself, how can you punish someone with rice? Try as she might, she couldn’t figure it out. So what her Uncle did to her turned out to be a very painful surprise!

That afternoon Uncle Denis spanked her in her bedroom, bent over her desk, the usually punishment. He began with the Tai Chi slipper. Melissa was wearing very tight jeans and although she couldn’t see it, Uncle’s cock started getting painfully hard almost immediately as he spanked his pretty young niece’s sexy young bottom.

“Now, face me and take off your jeans,” her Uncle ordered.

Melissa stood up and faced her Uncle. She had undressed in front of lots of boys while she was still in high school, and she enjoyed stripping for the college guy she was now fucking. But Melissa had never undressed in front of an adult male, and certainly not a close family member.

There was something very erotic about taking down her jeans in front of her sexy Uncle Denis. As she unzip her jeans and wriggle out of them, Melissa could feel the beginnings of arousal. Her panties were very sheer and Missy was sure Uncle D. could see the outline of her pubic patch through the material. Quickly she bent over her desk a second time, before he could see the wet spot she was sure was starting to form at the top of her legs.

Uncle Denis spanked with his hand this time, 15 or 20 very hard swats on each cheek of her shapely young ass, before he pushed her panties down her thighs, to just below her knees. Missy’s ass was starting to sting and her bottom had turned a pretty shade of pink. Then Uncle Denis went back to the slipper. This time he really worked her over from just below the waist to the backs of her knee. The slipper had dimples on the bottom and they left their mark on her shapely young ass.

“Don’t move,” he warned the young girl. “I have to prepare your corner. I know how much you hate doing corner time. You take after your mom. When she was your age, she hated to stand in the corner after I spanked her. And this time, with the rice, its going to be much much worse.”

Uncle bursa escort bayan took the box, opened it, walked to her corner, and sprinkled about half of rice on the floor. Then he came back to pull up her underpants, giving them an extra hard tug to make sure they were tightly wedged into the crack of her shapely 18 year old ass.

“Up,” he commanded. Melissa pushed herself up off the desk. Her Uncle put his left hand on her shoulder, and with the other grasped her right arm firmly behind her back. Melissa had no choice but to march over to her corner.


Melissa tried to resist and her Uncle had to push her down. Slowly the young girl sank to her knees. As soon as her knees touched the floor the new pain hit her. It wasn’t like a spanking, and it hurt even more. The rice cut into her knees, and it hurt like nothing she had ever felt before. After three minutes, Melissa begged to get up, asked to be spanked with a hairbrush, offered to cut switches for him to use on the backs of her legs.

“Seven more minutes” was all he replied.

At about the five minute point, Missy started to cry. Jeez, the pain was so intense.

“Please, Uncle, please let me up. Use a ruler on the insides of my thighs, or on my tits, but please let me up.” Her Uncle wondered how she thought that up.

“Five more minutes,” he replied in his coldest voice.

Finally the punishment was over. Her Uncle helped her up when the corner time was over, and watched as Melissa picked the embedded rice from her skin.

“Save the box – keep it in your bedroom on your dresser – where you can see it -as a reminder. If you displease me, I may have to use it again.”

Her Uncle spanked Melissa regularly over the next six months for misbehaving. Some girls have a knack for that, for getting into trouble. But she was thankful that he didn’t mention the rice. Then one Friday night she came home very late from a date, way past her curfew, without her underwear.

Melissa had been fucking and sucking all evening, two guys and another girl, and her cunt was still wet when Uncle examined her. The little slut had bruises on her tits and the insides of her thighs from the rough sex she confessed she had come to love. Her Uncle flew into a rage, beat her that night with the hairbrush and a riding crop, on her tits and her ass, over and over, over and over.

Melissa was sore from the beating when he finally fucked her, bareback in the ass, punishing her with his thick penis. This was the most intense sex she ever had. She could feel every inch of him inside of her. Finally she came, whimpering his name over and over, telling her Uncle how much she loved escort bursa him, as he filled her rectum with his hot cum.

She licked him clean when he pulled out of her, and she was surprised that he got hard so quickly. What surprised her even more was that he got a rubber from nightstand and made her roll in down on his stiff prick. Then her Uncle lubed her asshole with Vicks and did her a second time. G-d, did that sting. With the rubber on he took forever to cum as he slowly fucked her in the ass, ripping her a new asshole. Melissa whimpered and moaned and loved every painful minute of it. Before he put her to bed, Uncle got out the bondage gear. The black leather collar went around her neck. Uncle cuffed her wrists in front of her, and then locked the cuffs to the collar. As a final punishment he put clips on her sore nipples.

“I’ll punish you again in the morning,” he told Melissa as he walked to the door. And just before he turned out the lights in her bedroom, all her Uncle said was “Rice.” Her asshole burned and the little girl cried herself to sleep that night.

Her Uncle woke Melissa very early that Saturday morning.

“Listen very carefully,” he told her.

“First I’m going to beat your naked bottom with the hairbrush I used last night, and then when your ass is good and red, you’ll put the rice on the floor, and you’ll get another dozen or two with the riding crop. After that I’ll take off your cuffs and what else I want to do to you.

Melissa begged him not to do it, pleaded, told her Uncle she was sorry. He pulled her over his knees and used the hairbrush on her ass, over and over, until she started to cry. Then he turned the brush over and scrubbed her beaten ass with the bristles.

“I’ll give you an hour to think about it – and then we’ll get on with your punishment. Sometimes I think you really enjoy this, first misbehaving, and then getting a beating. And I’m sure that last night, you loved the feel of my cock stuffed up your pretty little ass.”

Her Uncle walked out of Melissa’s bedroom. Then the fear began. She wished he was joking about the rice, but she knew he wasn’t. She didn’t know how long he would spank her, kneeling on the rice, as he used the riding crop on her ass, or how long it would take for him to make her cry again.

The box of rice was sitting on her dresser, but Melissa was afraid to look at it.

Exactly an hour later her bedroom door opened. Her Uncle had the riding crop under his arm. First Melissa looked at the front of his trousers, could see the bulge, could see how aroused he was. She knew he would fuck her ass when he was finished, and prayed that he wouldn’t fuck her with his dry cock to make it hurt even more. Then she looked past him to the box of rice sitting on her dresser. Even before he started, the little girl could feel a tear beginning to form in the corner of one eye.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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