Revisiting Ashleigh

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“I’ve been letting my bush grow in. Need your help shaving it before college, Mr W.”

After three weeks in the wild and no access, this is the text welcoming me back to civilization. I suppose there could be more humdrum ways. This hails from Ashleigh, a luscious, buxom 18-yr-old high school grad – an ex-student of mine – whose delectable body I’ve had the good fortune of tasting twice.

Once was for an unforeseen quickie on the last day of school, when she also asked me to fuck her juicy ass with “just the tip.” [PSA: when a beautiful young woman asks you to sample her ass with your cock head, there is only one correct response.] And once again a few weeks later at her family’s lake house. That visit was also impromptu but decidedly not a quickie. I plundered all of Ashleigh’s juicy openings several times before leaving in the early morning for my annual trek in Oregon.

Being in nature makes me extra horny, and on recent trips, I would meet up with another female trekker that I got along with, and with whom I traded mutual benefits. She was an awesome compatriot and an amazing fuck. Too bad she had to go and get engaged this year. So there I was on a rock for 3 weeks with nothing but a crag, the clear blue sky, memories of Ashleigh, and my fist.

I left strings of my DNA all over that mountain, envisioning Ashleigh and her sumptuous D-cups, her shaved pussy, her always moist inner cunt lips that peeked just past her puffy pussy lips begging to be licked, her pink pucker that so eagerly and quickly learned to accommodate my 8-inch fattie. She was very orgasmic and came easily from my hands, my tongue, my cock. Amazing.

Don’t think I’m the kind of pervert teacher that lusts after his barely legal students. Ashleigh arrived at our school late in senior year, already a young woman – experienced with the knowledge that her peers could show her. But she would share with me later that what she really wanted was a man to show her what’s what – and by that, we mean anal sex. And avid student that she is, she took to it swimmingly.

I text back, “Just got off the mountain. I’m a long way from California.”

She doesn’t reply but texts back a photo of her crotch, wearing girly cotton panties. The panty is somewhat transparent so I can detect her pubic shadow underneath, as well as some hairs framing the sides of her panty. It’s only been 3 weeks, so not like she would be that hairy, but fuck, what a turn-on. I can just imagine the musk of her ass, and the texture from the sparse hairs if I were to run my tongue along her crevice.

“Nice… well, I’m 8 hours away. You’ll have to hold that thought.”

Again, no reply except another photo, this time showing one slim hand pulling down the front of the panty to expose the top of her dark triangle. Fuuccckkk me. Hope I don’t get a ticket speeding down there.

+ + +

I turn slowly into the unmarked road, referencing again to the hand-drawn map she had texted me 3 weeks ago. The lake house is very secluded and quite set off from the main road. Nearly five minutes later, I pull into the winding drive in front of the lake house. Only one car is there, her Mini.

I park, grab my pack, and make my way up the wooden steps. I knock, but no one answers. I knock again. I feel somewhat like a prowler, but I go ahead and turn the door handle to let myself in. “Hello? Ashleigh?” Complete silence. I’m wondering if she had gone down to the lake, this being a rather warm August day. I know which room is hers, so I think to check there first. In case there’s a note or some clue. The door is ajar so I push it half open and am greeted with a sight for sore eyes, and a horny cock.

Ashleigh is sound asleep on her bed, completely naked, with a vibrator by her side. She’s on her side with a body pillow between her knees, the top leg drawn up a little more towards her chest. Her plush breasts are resting against the pillow, as if on display, and with her one leg drawn up, I can clearly see her snatch from behind as well as her cute rosebud. As I approach the sleeping beauty, I can see indeed her crotch has a short regrowth, and somehow this is turning me on immensely. Talk about a peach.

I quietly set down my pack and walk towards the bed. My cock is already at nearly full mast. Remember, I haven’t had any action in 3 weeks except my faithful fist. I carefully lean on the bed with only my hands so as not to wake her just yet and gently wrap my lips around a nipple. No teeth, no tongue – that’s for later. She sighs deeply in her sleep, the slumber of the insouciant. I repeat the gesture with her other breast. She doesn’t respond except to slightly move her top leg, which makes her cunt and ass wink provocatively.

I immediately lean down and start licking out her pussy and ass. Stubble or not, she tastes fucking amazing. Her pussy is tangy, like she had just been creaming buckets while playing with herself. I can’t wait to fuck her, very soon.

She is waking up now, coming to ataşehir escort bayan awareness generally and specifically becoming aware of me licking her out. “Hmmm, you’re here finally, Mr Watley.” I smile inside at her continued use of my professional moniker, even though we’re way (way!) past first-name basis. She reaches back and rakes her long fingers through my salt-and-pepper hair. “You don’t mind I’m kind of hairy…?”

“Uhh-uhnnnnnn,” I reply as I give her pussy lips and anus a light suck. I pull away from her crotch momentarily to give her a long, deep kiss, my tongue plunging down her teenage throat.

“Mmmmmmm, I’ve been thinking about you nonstop, Mr Watley. I’ve been playing with myself so much, my clit is almost raw.

“Well, that sounds dire. I’d better check to make sure it’s OK.” I reply.

I open her knees to expose her downy pussy mound. Ashleigh has long, wavy raven hair, so her 3-week pubic shadow is likewise growing in dark, a stark contrast to the fair skin of her strawberries-and-cream complexion. I hunker down on my front on the bed, scoop my hands under her ass globes, and set to eating her out, clit to ass. Her aroma and flavor is amazing. My head feels a light and my cock is stiff as a flag pole, leaking precum onto the bed sheets.

“Mmmmmm, I’ve missed your tongue, Mr Watley…” She takes hold of her gorgeous tits in her hands, the flesh peeking through her fingers. Her eyes are shut tight, her lips are in an “O” as her head pushes back into the pillow, her pretty pedicured toes pointed in acute pleasure – girlie magazine perfection.

Still licking her out, I slowly insert my ring finger into her pussy to lubricate it. Her sweet cunt is creaming like crazy. Once my finger is adequately lubed, I slip my middle finger into her pussy and the lubed ring finger into her ass at the same time. She is very responsive: “Oooooooh, oh yes, finger-fuck me, mmmmm.” I am viscerally reminded what a beautiful slut my girl is.

Per request, I slow-fuck her pussy and ass hole with a finger in each, soon adding my index finger into her pussy. This makes her wild as she snaps her hand down on my head to hold it more firmly on her mound. I’m licking her clit in small, firm circles – a rhythm I know she likes from before.

“Omigod, Mr Watley, I’m already so close to coming. You’re eating me out so goooood!” Not a minute later, her orgasm comes crashing in as she bucks into my face, one hand on my head, her other hand roughly pinching her cherry-pit nipples. Unlike some large-busted women, Ashleigh’s breasts and nipples are very sensitive and responsive.

She comes hard, and I relish the feeling as her ass clamps down and pulsates on my finger. She coos her pleasure and mumbles a string of incoherent obscenities and endearments. After a few moments, I slow down the action of my mouth so that I’m just gently nuzzling her mound. I slowly withdraw my fingers from her slippery pussy and her cozy ass hole. I’ll never tire of feeling her reach an orgasm in my hands.

Munching on her tits on the way, I make my way up her voluptuous body to give her another deep kiss, sharing the taste of her pussy with her. “See how good you taste? Do you know how ready I am to sink my cock inside you…?”

She moans deep in the back of her throat as she wraps her hand around my cock and guides it right into her greedy pussy. “Ohhhhh, yessss, Mr Watley, put your cock straight in. I love getting filled up right after I cum. Yes, fuck me slow and deep…”

I allow my cock to glide into her wet, warm pussy. Tight and velvety, she feels like pure heaven. I bury my face in her neck as she wraps her legs around my waist. I ride her smooth and deep. Like I said, it’s been 3 weeks so it wouldn’t be long before I’m ready to cum, but I just drove 8 hours and want this delicious moment to last just a little longer.

Ashleigh motions to get on top of me, and I help her. We’ve enjoyed this position before, when I was here last. I love her heavy yet buoyant breasts bouncing against my face, her nipples within reach for sucking. The sensation of my nose pressing into her pillowy tit flesh alone is enough to send me on my way. Not to mention the benefit of being to reach around to grab her ass cheeks and probe her pucker with a fingertip.

“Mmmmm, Mr Watley, you fill me up so gooood…” She croons as she’s riding me cowgirl. “I want to take your cum everywhere today.”

“Oh yeah, baby, you’ll have my cum in all your nooks and crannies by day’s end,” I say as I go back and forth sucking on her luscious tits while bucking my pelvis up into hers. “I’m gonna start with your pussy in about 30 seconds.”

“Oh yes, pleeeeeze shoot your cum inside me!” She puts a finger in her mouth to wet it, reaches back, and begins to fuck her own ass with her finger. For someone new to ass play, she certainly has taken to it like duck to water. I can’t wait to fill up her backside with my cock later, but for now, my cock is loving escort kadıköy her snatch.

“Fuck… Ashleigh, your little pussy is so tight and hot. You’re gonna make me cum, baby! Ahhhhhhhhh, fuucckkkkkk!!” I mash my hips hard into hers as I unload what felt like a week’s load of cum inside her, even though I did masturbate this morning before the long drive. I pump my hips rhythmically up to hers as she crushes her fleshy tits in my face and mouth. Dear God, she is literally engulfing me with her nubile, sumptuous flesh.

“Mmmmmm, I looooove receiving your cum, Mr Watley. It’s so fucking hot!” With this, she mashes her face onto mine for a long, deep, wet kiss, the ends of her long hair hanging down ticking my neck and shoulders. My hands are still grasping her hips, grinding her hips onto my crotch.

Fuck, that was amazing. Totally worth the wait. And the best part is this is just the beginning of what I anticipate will be a marathon day of enjoying Ashleigh’s treasures.

+ + +

“Wow, I guess we dozed off.” I looked at my watch and see that about an hour had gone by. We have plenty of time, but I don’t want to waste it sleeping. We had fallen asleep in a spooning position, my cock nestled between her silken inner thighs. I smile slightly to myself, feeling the slight stubble of her growing-in muff on my cock. I reach around front to lightly stroke her pussy, feeling the moisture just inside her vagina, a mixture of her girl juice and my cum. “Hey, sleepyhead,” I mutter as I kiss the crook of her neck.

“Mmmmm, I love waking up to your cock between my legs…” She extends her limbs in a long cat strength, squeezing her legs more tightly together as she does so, thereby giving my cock a hug. I can feel myself getting hard again, but I am also dying for a shower after my long drive.

“I need a shower, hot stuff. Wanna join me?” I ask as I reach my hand up to gently squeeze a breast.

“Mmmmm, yes, but you’d better quit feeling me up or we’ll never get out of this bed.” Devilishly, she punctuates this statement by pressing her ass into my crotch. Fuck, she’s such a hottie.

I lift onto an elbow and give her a wet kiss. “Let’s go, trouble.”

She smirks, kisses me, then makes to get up. “We can use the outdoor shower. I love being naked outside.” She’ll get no argument from me on that.

We make our way to the outdoor shower on the back patio, her leading the way and me admiring the view from behind. She’s got an amazing ass – slim hips with an athletic bubble butt. Mmmmm, can’t wait to tap that later.

I clean myself off head to toe, appreciating the perfect water temperature and pressure. I wash Ashleigh, too, very (very!) thoroughly. My cock is again half hard, kind of a nice feeling not doing much about it. Just enjoying an easygoing sense of anticipation, lathering the body wash on her beautiful tits and the globes of her ass, foaming under her pits, gently washing between her legs, and watching the soapy water rinse off her hard teen body.

“I’m ready for you to shave my pussy now,” she says. I had forgotten about this, how the day had started. I grin as I bend down to kiss her again, the water dripping from my face to hers.

We turn the water off, and she hands me the shaving cream. There is a wooden ledge inside the shower cabin so she bends one leg and puts her foot on it and flexes her standing leg a bit to give me access. I pump out a handful of foam and swab it first along what would be a classic bikini line, left and right and a little across the top. She giggles slightly, being a little ticklish.

I kneel down with the razor in hand and carefully shave one side, then the other, then across the top, being sure to run the razor in several directions to catch the various hair growth patterns. Turning the water back on, I lower the handheld part of the shower and hose off the parts I just shaved. Back in the day, this would have been it. She’s got a cute, trimmed close-cropped bush.

“Keep going, Mr Watley. I want it bare.”

“I know you do, baby. I’m taking my time. I’m enjoying this.” I smile at her as I tease her inner lips with a fingertip. Her nipples perk up right away, and I give them a quick, playful flick of my tongue.

I repeat the shaving routine, moving half an inch in on the sides and down from the shape I had established. I shave the three fat lines of foam off, then hose the area clean. Hey, I’m pretty good at this! She now has a tiny martini glass shaped triangle, much like what many women sport after a Brazilian wax. Her pussy is definitely starting to achieve that centerfold look now.

I stand up and kiss her again, more deeply this time as I finger the opening of her pussy and feel the moisture inside. “I’ll come back to that later. Turn around, spread your legs, and bend over.” As I say this, I realize I sound like a cop and grin to myself. She whimpers slightly and slowly turns her amazing body around. As requested, she bends over and steps her bostancı escort pretty feet apart on the wood planks.

I pump out another handful of foam and apply it her entire anal area and the crevices where her crotch and legs meet. “Hold your cheeks a little open for me, baby.” She is quite a sight standing there with water dripping off her body and white foam on her backside, spreading her ass cheeks open. So very beautiful, and slightly perverse.

I kneel down and shave her ass and perineal area, again going over the skin in several directions with the razor. I rinse off the foam, running my fingers over her skin to make sure I didn’t miss a spot. Just to make sure, I run my tongue over the area too, but bypassing her pink anus for now. Perfectly smooth.

She slumps onto her hands supporting her on the ledge and moans slightly. I lick just inside her little lips. She is drenched with her girl juice. I stand up again and rub my now-hard cock along her wet lips. “I think you’re good back there now. Pretty sure I got it all.” I reach to her front again to caress the little triangle of hair. “Shall we keep this little guy?”

“Mmmmmm, you decide,” she answers as she takes my cock in her hand and turns around. I shove my tongue in her sweet mouth again as she slowly pumps my cock.

“Let me take a look…” I pull my lips from hers, take a step back, and look appraisingly at her mound. “I can go either way. It’s sexy like this, or bare.”

“Then shave it off. It turns me on to have you shave my pussy. I’ll take that memory with me to college.” I smile and comply.

Pumping one last handful of foam from the can, I lovingly smear it onto her mound and shave off the little bit of hair that was remaining. I hose that off and lean back on my knees to admire my handiwork. Her pussy is completely bald and glistening from the water running down her hips and mound. I can’t resist flicking out my tongue and running it along her tender inner lips and pillowy outer lips. Fucccckkkk, so hot.

“Mmmmmm, no fair, you get to lick me all the time. I haven’t sucked your cock yet today.”

“You will. Let me tongue you a little bit.” I resume licking her out as she rebends one leg to put a foot on the ledge again. This gives me access to travel my tongue towards her backside. I run my tongue back and forth, clit to pucker and back again, lightly sucking on her clit and hair-free ass hole. I love licking her tight little star. Amazing that she can take my cock in that cramped space.

She’s moaning pretty loudly now, her fingers in my wet hair. “Mmmmm, Mr Watley, you’ll make me cum again.”

“Cum for me, baby. Let’s see how many times I can make you cum today.” I slip my middle finger into her wet snatch to lube it up and gradually work it into her ass. Once it’s half way in, my thumb tip comes in contact with her pussy lips, and I am poised to hand-fuck her two sweet holes as I focus on her distended clit. I swirl my tongue on her nubbin and I slowly work my two digits in her pussy and tight ass.

My other hand is slowly pulling on my rock-hard cock as I work to bring her off. Her moans are getting even louder – good thing we’re in the woods. She’s got both hands on my head now, holding it in place as she humps her crotch up and down on my tongue, thereby also humping my hand. “Oh my god, Mr Watley, I’m gonna cummmm…” Her second orgasm of the day with me hits, as she grinds her pussy hard on my mouth and her anal ring twitches involuntarily on my finger.

“Oh my god. Oh my fucking god, you just made me come so hard, Mr Watley,” she moans as she slows down the cadence of humping my face and hand, her ass still pulsing slightly. I soften my tongue and just let her do her thing, at her pace. I wouldn’t want her clit getting too raw or numb, considering it’s only midday.

+ + +

“Mmmmm, I want to taste your cock now.” She still has her hands on my head and draws me up to standing. I kiss her deeply, letting her taste herself on my lips and tongue. She moans deep in the back of her throat as she sucks my tongue into her greedy little mouth. Sometimes, I still can’t believe my luck – the circumstances that delivered me to this moment.

She lowers her foot off the ledge and slowly sinks to her knees. She wastes no time taking my cock into her beautiful mouth. Oh fuck, the inside of her mouth feels good. I look down to enjoy the POV. Luscious Ashleigh with her wet glossy hair, her eyes closed with their damp lashes, her pendulous breasts with the dark ruby nipples, her shaved pussy between her parted thighs as she kneels on the wooden planks, her lips in an “O” around my cock. She is very good at giving head – again I find myself envious of the college boys who will get to taste her charms. Professors, too, I would bet. She is every man’s dream girl, without a doubt.

She has one hand on my cock with her long slim fingers wrapped around the base. Her other hand has crept down to her crotch, and she’s slow fucking her pussy with two long fingers. I really could stay here all day, but I am eager to feed her a serving of cum, sooner than later. I’m toying with whether to cum down her throat or on her tits. Or both.

“Baby, you want me to cum in your mouth or on your chest?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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