Revenge of the Nerd: Cheerleaders

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Summary: Nerd uses formula to fuck sister and her best friend in the ass.

Brief Summary of Part 1: BITCH SISTER

Although you don’t have to read part one to read this part, I would recommend it. That said, here is a brief summary of part one:

Brandon was fired from his job due to the failure of a mind control drug he had developed that had major side effects. Humiliated, he moved back home where he perfected the drug and planned to use it to get revenge on the CEO bitch who fired him. But unsure of the side effects, he decided to test it on his bitch sister, who became his personal fuck toy.

Thanks to: Robert, Wayne and goamz86 for editing.

A reminder of how the Drug Itself works when sprayed at a person:

Changed the moral fibre of a person…in reality, it shifted the decision making of the individual to the low standards they had while drunk…but with even more psychological manipulation:

-the person couldn’t lie (like in that Jim Carrey movie ‘Liar Liar’)

-the person’s body would feel the need to obey, even though their conscious mind would argue against such obedience

-the person’s sexual libido would increase substantially,

-the individual would feel constricted by the clothes they were wearing, and want to be naked

-he had also played with the formula to create what he believed would be potentially permanent impacts on the person affected (the original drug only lasted an hour). This was the one thing he was still very unsure of: it could last a few hours, days, weeks or maybe forever.


Revenge of the Nerd: Cheerleader Threesome

All day, Brandon was giddy with excitement. The drug had worked exactly as planned, with no unexpected side effects or immediate impact. That said, there was no way to know if Carrie, his sister, was experiencing having any side effects at school. He had made her addicted to cum on a whim and wondered how that would register in her psyche.

Brandon also was excited by the idea of being able to add to his new harem when Carrie brought her friend and fellow cheerleader, Becky, home after school.

Although he hadn’t created a vaccine, nor did he plan to at the moment, he had created an immunity shot. He also injected himself with it just in case the drug got in other’s hands and he was sprayed. It was a defence that would block the drug from getting to the nervous system, acting like birth control pills when preventing a pregnancy.

The video camera was ready to go, but when Carrie returned home she was surprisingly alone. She stomped into the house and snapped, “Brandon, what the fuck have you done to me?”

Brandon was surprised by the angry reaction, but assumed, happily, that the drug must still be working. He got up from the couch and asked in the same smug confidence as this morning, “I think I already explained that.”

“Damn it, I need cum so bad, you bastard,” she announced with venom as she stomped to her brother, glaring at him the whole time, dropped to her knees and fished out his cock. She took his semi-erect cock in her mouth and began sucking as if her life depended on it. He instantly realized his order to make her crave cum was definitely having an impact.

Brandon was surprised by the aggressive act and realized he needed to be less flippant with life-altering orders in the future. He also wondered how long she had been craving cum. As she bobbed hungrily, another curiosity popped into his head: could he alter earlier suggestions, or had he made her a cum craving slut forever? He could keep it that way for sure, and definitely planned to get his revenge on Sarah Lodge with such everlasting impact, but his sister…he wasn’t so sure any longer…although a live-in cum addicted slut would definitely have its benefits.

Of course, after a couple of minutes of deep-throat sloppy cocksucking, Brandon was shooting his load in her mouth and satisfying her need for cum.

Once his deposit was complete, she stood up, the anger back in her eyes, “That’s the fourth load I’ve sucked today.”

“Really?” Brandon asked, curious.

“Really!” She snapped. “You’ve made me addicted to cum. After about an hour it’s all I can think about.”

“Mike must be happy,” Brandon quipped, for some reason enjoying her plight…revenge for years of being treated like crap by her, although he was going to try and rectify the addiction…eventually.

“Mike wasn’t around after lunch so I ended up sucking some nerd I can’t even name on the promise he wouldn’t tell anyone,” she continued, clearly ready to kill me.

“Well, the nerd is probably a better guy than Mike anyway,” the amused brother shrugged, flippantly.

“Fucking fix it,” she roared.

“Where is Becky?” Brandon asked.

“She will be here in half an hour, she had detention,” she answered. “Now fix it before she gets here.”

“I’m gonna be honest, I’m not sure I can fix it,” he admitted, bursa escort actually curious how powerful the drug was.

“Well, fucking try!” she snapped, still furious.

“Cluck like a duck,” Brandon ordered, wanting to remind her who was in charge.

“What the…cluck-cluck-cluck,” she began, while moving her arms.

He chuckled, “You may stop.”

Her anger softening slightly, she shifted to pleading, “Please, Brandon. I can’t take this any longer.”

“Be a nice sister and do as you’re told without the anger and pretentiousness and I’ll attempt to at least end the cum cravings,” he offered.

“Can’t you take it all away?” she asked.

“I don’t think so, I think you’ll always obey whatever anyone tells you,” he admitted with a shrug, “but you’re the guinea pig, so who knows for sure.”

“I can’t believe you did this to me,” she said, still angry, but not yelling anymore.

“Truthfully, you did this to yourself,” he pointed out, “if you weren’t such a bitch I wouldn’t have tested it first on you.”

“Whatever,” she shrugged, still not able to just be nice.

“Go get a cucumber from the fridge and fuck yourself,” he ordered, going to continue to make her do slutty things until she accepted her position and became a nicer person.

“Brandon, please, stop this,” she protested, again, even as she walked to the kitchen. “I’m not some bimbo slut. I demand that you give me an order not to do this.”

“Okay,” he agreed, adding to the task, and wondering if she would ever learn, “finger your ass while fucking your cunt with a cucumber.”

“You fucking bastard,” she accused from the kitchen, as he heard the fridge open. “Please don’t make me do this, I’m your sister. This is so sick and twisted and illegal. And if I ever figure out how to end this I’m going tooooooo, fuck it’s cold, end you.”

Brandon walked in the kitchen and saw his bitch sister, the fridge still open, fucking her cunt with a cucumber while also trying to finger her ass. It was both hot and hilarious and he pulled out his phone. “Tell the cucumber how much you love it,” he ordered, as he began filming.

She glared at her brother, but obeyed like she had to, “Oh yes, cucumber, I love you so much. You’re such a good fuck toy, filling my cunt so nicely.”

“Is your new best friend bigger than Mike?” Brandon questioned.

“So much bigger,” she moaned, clearly getting off from the makeshift vegetable fuck toy.

“So who’s in charge?” He asked.

“You are, dammit,” she admitted frustratingly, even as she was apparently getting close to orgasm.

“Do you want to come?” Brandon questioned, even though he knew the answer.

“Yesss, dammit,” she again admitted, clearly mortified by her inability to resist the pleasure she was giving herself.

“Each derogatory name gets you hotter and hotter,” he began, “but you can only come when I call you a bimbo sister slave.”

“Okaaaaaaay,” she moaned, clearly close to reaching orgasm.

“Come my sister slut, my dirty whore, my cum slut bitch,” he listed, greatly amused. Each one making her twitch and moan, but not allowing her to cum.

“Please call me a bimbo sister slave,” she begged, as she furiously fucked herself with the cucumber, while half her finger also filled her asshole.

“You want to be my bimbo?” Brandon asked.

“Yes, your bimbo sister slave,” she repeated, as if her words could allow her to reach orgasm.

“My bimbo sister slut,” he teased, only saying two of the three words.

“Damn yooooou,” she whined, her breathing getting erratic, her desire to come overriding everything else.

“Just remember who is in charge, bimbo sister slave,” he finally gave in, noticing she was barely able to stand up.

“Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck,” she screamed, as the long rejected orgasm finally cascaded through her.

Brandon filmed the entire thing, immensely enjoying watching his sister’s utterly humiliating submission, even as he pondered his real objective…the complete humiliation of Sarah Lodge. Based on just one small dose, his sister was a complete submissive, obedient slut, albeit with her strong-willed personality and attitude still very much alive. He liked that; he liked the idea that Sarah would know and understand exactly what was happening to her, hate it completely, and yet be unable to prevent herself from obeying.

Suddenly, he was brought back to reality when the doorbell rang.

“You may put your new toy away,” he ordered, “while I get the door.” He originally wasn’t going to spray Becky, just see if he could get his sister to convince her to have a lesbian twosome, which would turn into a threesome, but he decided he wanted to test the drug on another person and see if the results were the same.

“No, I’ll get it,” Carrie said, pulling the cucumber out of her cunt.

“Clean your cum off the cucumber first, my slut,” Brandon ordered, before adding, “then put it back in the fridge and wait for me in your bedroom.”

“Damn you,” she cursed, bursa escort bayan frustrated that she couldn’t disobey him, “don’t you spray her too,” before she began licking the cucumber and retrieving her own pussy juice.

“Actually, take the cucumber upstairs and resume fucking yourself,” he ordered, “you clearly still do not understand the concept of obedience.”

“Fuck, Brandon, I’m going to find a way out of this,” she began, even as she began stomping to her bedroom.

“Fuck your ass with the cucumber,” he added, shaking his head at her humorous threats.

“Please, no,” she begged, but her voice was fading as the doorbell rang a second time.

He went to the door and opened it. He smiled at the fact that Becky was still in her cheerleading outfit. Being a nerd in high school who was completely ignored by the cheerleaders and popular girls, his fantasy was to make one his slut…which he was about to do now.

She gave him her usual look of disdain and asked, “Is your sister home?”

“Yes,” Brandon nodded, “come on in.”

She was walking by him when he sprayed her directly in the face.

“What the hell was that?” She snapped.

“A mind control spray,” he answered rather nonchalantly.

“A what?” She questioned, hearing the words, but not processing them.

“You’re quite the bitch aren’t you?” He accused, smiling smugly, ignoring answering her question.

“Says the loser who still lives at home,” she shot back, surprised by his words. He was usually so meek and usually was drooling over her like some love sick puppy.

“Give me your panties,” he ordered.

“Excuse me?” she questioned, stunned by the gall of the nerd.

“It was only three words, were they actually all that confusing?” He asked, even as he watched her tug her panties down.

“What the hell?” She said, feeling she must comply with his ridiculous demand. Taking them off, she handed them to the pathetic nerd.

“Do you like sucking cock?” He asked.

“Not really,” she answered, doing it because it was what was expected by her college boyfriend and it usually got her what she wanted. Realizing she had answered his question, she then added, not remotely trying to hide her complete disgust at him, “Not that you would ever have a clue about what getting head feels like.”

“Knees, bitch,” he ordered, hating her pretentious I’m-better-than-you-because-I’m-pretty attitude.

“Not in a million yearrrrrrs,” she scoffed, even as she dropped to her knees. “What the fuck?” She questioned, as she obeyed the nerd’s order.

“Mind…control…spray,” he said, purposely slowly, mocking her.

“You can’t be serious,” she said, trying to stand up, but her body wouldn’t move from her submissive position.

“You will obey any order given to you by any person for the rest of your life,” he explained.

“Fuck you,” she snapped, his words pissing her off, even as they scared her.

“That’s part of the plan,” he nodded.

“Never,” she defiantly replied, even though she was beginning to realize she was in a bit of a predicament.

“Give me the best blow job you possibly can,” he ordered, as he pulled his cock out from his pants.

‘Holy shit,’ she thought to herself, ‘the nerd has a huge cock’. Yet, there was no way she was sucking her best friend’s loser brother’s dick, no matter how big it was. Yet, even as she thought it, she felt her body lean forward and take it in her lips.

“Good slut,” he groaned, as she began bobbing.

‘Why can’t I stop obeying him?’ she pondered, as she bobbed back and forth, anger boiling inside her. How long did this drug last?

He added to her conditioning, this time just a temporary order, knowing word choice was crucial, “Each forward bob while sucking my cock gets you hornier and hornier.”

‘That’s fucking ridiculous,’ she thought to herself as she continued slowly sucking his cock. Yet, after a couple more bobs she could feel her pussy getting excited. ‘Shit,’ she thought to herself, realizing just how powerful this drug was.

He continued, “Be a good, obedient slut and I won’t add lifelong instructions to your condition, unlike I have to Carrie.”

Her eyes went wide for two reasons. One, the term ‘lifelong’ terrified her. Not having control of her body and maybe even her mind was utterly terrifying. Two, what had he done to Carrie? Even as her brain considered her predicament, her body was getting more and more excited. Out of the blue, she thought to herself, ‘Fuck, this cock would feel good in me.’ Just as quickly, she scolded herself for thinking something so disgusting.

Brandon asked, pulling his cock out of her mouth, “Do you swallow?”

“Sometimes,” she answered, knowing she had to. Before he could say anything else, she pleaded, “Please, don’t do this to me.”

Ignoring her pleas, he asked, “Do you let your college boyfriend shoot his load all over your face?”

“No,” she shook her head, the idea completely disgusting.

“But you will let escort bursa me coat your face with my cum?” He asked.

She paused. She understood that he could just make her say it; she also understood that he was likely not bluffing with the whole life-long threat. So, even though it disgusted her, the idea completely vile, especially coming from this nerd, she answered, “Yes, you can coat my face with your cum.”

“You’re a lot quicker learner than my bimbo sister,” he nodded, approvingly.

She was curious as hell what he had done to her, but knew that the best way out of this situation was just to give him what he wanted…and she was good at giving guys what they wanted anyway…this wasn’t anything new…just a means to an end. So, figuring the quicker she got him off, the quicker this may be over, she leaned forward and began sucking again, this time at a much faster pace.

He groaned, “Apparently, my new cheerleading slut wants to get off.”

That was not the original plan, but as she sucked him, she could feel her own orgasm rising. It usually took forever for Becky to get off. She had never reached orgasm from fucking, only from oral, and only once…at cheerleading camp when the older coach got her off one evening. Her only other orgasms came from her fingers. Yet, she sensed a different pleasure as she sucked him, one much more intense in its build up than any previous sexual experience, with a person or solo.

“You will reach orgasm the minute your pretty face is coated with cum,” Brandon announced, after a couple minutes of eager dick sucking from the cheerleader. Her moans were increasing the longer she sucked and she was now taking over six inches in her mouth with slobbery excitement.

‘Fuck, I need to come so bad,’ she thought to herself as she hungrily sucked his cock. Hearing his last words, she doubled her efforts to get him off; the idea of a facial no longer disgusting, but exciting.

“It will be the most intense orgasm you have ever had,” he added, being sure to keep the additions to the moment at hand.

‘Fuck, I’m going to come,’ she moaned, no longer caring about whose dick was in her mouth, but only on the promise at hand.

Ready to erupt, he pulled out and instantly sprayed his load all over her face.

She closed her mouth just as the first spray of sticky, surprisingly warm, cum splattered her face. Instantly, the orgasm that had been boiling just underneath the surface erupted like a ten on the Richter Scale and she screamed, “Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.”

Brandon smiled, his phone slyly filming her submission as the second, third and fourth rope of cum rocketed out of his cock and onto the cheerleader’s beautiful face.

The orgasm was as promised as it caused tremble after tremble, coursing through her entire being. More cum landed on her face and some in her mouth as she had opened it to scream.

Upstairs, a frustrated, angry, and horny Carrie heard her best friend scream, and was crestfallen at the assumption she too had been conditioned. Her ass also burned, the thick cucumber unnaturally widening her virgin ass. Suddenly the well-used cucumber broke in half. Looking down mortified, she couldn’t see half the cucumber, but could feel it lodged in her ass. She screamed, “Brandon, get up here right now.”

Even as her orgasm kept rumbling through her, Becky asked, “Carrie is herrrre?”

“She’s upstairs being punished for her disobedience,” he explained.

“Ohhhh,” was all she could muster as she focused on the pleasure she was still enjoying.

Brandon, phone now directly in front of her, ordered, “Smile for the camera.”

She looked up and saw his phone. She begged, “Please, don’t,” not wanting him to have evidence of her humiliating, yet satisfying, experience.

“Just do as you’re told,” he demanded.

Knowing she had no choice, she looked into the phone, her face coated with cum, and smiled.

As he took picture after picture, he praised her. “Good girl.”

The condescending words pissed her off, yet she hid that anger as she instead played along, “Thank you.”

“For what?” He asked, surprised by her words.

She admitted the truth, but mostly to pacify him, understanding petting his ego was likely the best way to avoid being disciplined or turned into a life-long something or other, “I’ve never had such a powerful orgasm.”

“I could make every orgasm feel like that,” he nodded, before adding, “if you continue being a good girl.”

“I will,” she nodded, playing him like she had so many other guys before with her seductive voice, sultry looks and sexual allure.

“Get up here, Brandon,” Carrie yelled, both pissed off and annoyed.

“We should go check on princess bitch,” Brandon said, looking forward to witnessing his first girl-on-girl act soon.

“What did you do to her?” Becky asked, curious.

“Quite a lot,” Brandon answered, “she is not a quick learner.”

“She’s very stubborn,” Becky added. Although Carrie was her best friend, it always annoyed her that Carrie thought she was always the top dog.

Brandon, noticing just the slightest hint of resentment from Becky towards his sister, asked, “Do you want me to make Carrie your personal pussy pleaser?”

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