Reunion Ch. 01

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Selena reached for the cell phone in her pocket for the third time in five minutes—Can this bus go any faster? —she demanded silently as the man next to her in the rush-hour crowd glanced over irritably. It was 8:16 p.m. … Chris’ train was probably pulling into the station already.

That left her without a second to drop her stuff off, grab her keys and head back out to pick him up. As if she wasn’t nervous enough already—DAMN! Why was she so nervous?

Chris was a gangly, shy and awkward guy—at least, that’s what she remembered about him from high school. He was two years ahead of her in school at the peak of her brief but significant crush; but being his complete opposite back then—outgoing and confident with a larger-than-life personality—she pursued her crush for about three weeks before she tired of his lack of response (well, either that, or she scared him away with her aggression—Selena preferred to remember it as the former).

Selena and Chris had stopped speaking soon after the crush fizzled, and he barely crossed her mind in the ten years that followed. She’d almost completely forgot his existence until his name popped up on in her Facebook inbox. “Remember me?” it read. He still had the same disarming unforgettable smile, but a much better look to go with it. That was almost six months and dozens of friendly e-mails ago.

Chris was single, but Selena was in the “on” stage of an on-and-off long-term relationship so she tried her best to keep the flirtation to a minimum in her messages. It was clear, though, that the two had at least a friendly chemistry going. He wanted to catch up with her over dinner. She said it’d be difficult to make it back out to the town they went to high school in after a long day’s work. “No problem,” he’d said. “I’ll take the train out and meet you.” And just like that, they set a date…

DING! The signal came for Selena’s stop. Shoving the phone back in her pocket and gathering her things, she excused herself and flashed a smile of understanding at the irritated man beside her before skirting around him and making a dash for the door.

Once off the bus, Selena realized her heart was pounding. She hadn’t thought this meeting would be a big deal, but suddenly found she REALLY wanted to impress this man; she wanted to show him what he’d been missing out on after their short-lived almost-romance ten years ago.

As she approached her apartment fumbling for her keys, the phone rang.

“Hey!” she knew it was him.

“It’s Chris. I just got here. Where should I meet you?” God, he sounded so sexy. Sexy, but friendly and unassuming. Why did he have to be so likeable?

“Chris I’m so sorry … the commute took a little longer than usual and I’m going to be late. Do you mind waiting for me at the restaurant? It’s down the block from the station.”

“Yea sure—don’t rush. I know where it is. Just take your time; I’ll grab a beer first.”

Muttering her thanks and hanging up, Selena rushed into her house to switch her work tote for a clutch and ran to the mirror—a quick touch up would have to do. She would have to go the restaurant in the black-and-white print curve hugging-pencil skirt and top that she wore to work that morning. Luckily her silky-straight black hair hardly ever required styling; it fell to the middle of her back in dramatic layers, framing her face perfectly. And her toned, olive complexion didn’t require much makeup; she brushed on some bronzer to accentuate her cheekbones and applied a brighter lip gloss to give herself a fresher ‘evening’ look. Three spritzes of her citrusy Dior Addict perfume and three minutes later, she was satisfied, slipping into her black patent stilettos and running out the door to her SUV.

By the time Selena reached the restaurant, her nerves were noticeably calmer. She just wanted to have a good time with an old (and potentially new) friend, and besides—she had a boyfriend. She craned her neck as she stepped into the restaurant—a tasteful Mardi Gras themed bar that served amazing Cajun food—and saw him in his seat at the restaurant bar the same instant he turned away from the large flat-screen showing a football game and spotted her. She stopped dead in her tracks.

He was even taller than he was in high school—taller, tanner, and oozing as much confidence as he’d lacked in his younger years. His hair was cut short, accentuating his boyish demeanor, and he had the most beautiful arms—big but not huge, but clearly defined to show off an athletic lifestyle. Arms that were moving toward her! and suddenly wrapping around her shoulders…

“Wow! It’s so great to see you. I can’t believe it!” he said.

And that’s how it started.

When Selena went back to her apartment sincan escort that night, she was giddy. Giddy was a feeling she hadn’t felt in years. They’d laughed all night and there was no end to their conversation. The chemistry was like nothing she ever felt before, even with her boyfriend.

Crap! her boyfriend—she forgot to call him to say goodnight, a tradition they upheld religiously. And it was already almost 1am…

Selena got his voicemail. “Hi baby, I’m sorry to call so late. The dinner with my friend went well and we were just catching up. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.”

Just as she hung up, her phone beep!ed a text message alert—not from her boyfriend, though; it was Chris.

“Stop thinking about what a great time we had!”it said, playfully.

After a pause, she typed back.Yea, too bad for you it’s already over! =P

It really was too bad. When they’d parted at the train station, he lingered for a noticeable few seconds, as if waiting for something. She almost asked him over to her apartment, but it seemed against her better judgment and they made plans to meet again later in the week instead.

As Selena turned on the shower she replayed that moment and the palpable sexual tension over a few times. She thought about what she’d do if she brought him home with her … imagined his strong hands roving, feeling her curves, searching for the hot flesh under her clothes. She wanted him to move under her black lace bra and cup her C-cup breasts, and to feel the bulge of his rock-hard cock against her body.

Selena touched herself in the shower, teasing her own clit and massaging her spot with two fingers—all the while cursing herself for not bringing him home and letting him rip her shirt off and hike her pencil skirt up before bending her over and fucking her ferociously from behind. She wanted him to flip her over and move his mouth over her soft, perfectly shaped tits—now peaked with nipples erect just from the thought of it.

As Selena felt the beginnings of her climax she dropped to her knees, the shower water still running steady over her back. The first wave of her orgasm came as she pictured Chris shoving his cock into her, to the hilt—and exploding himself, shooting rope after rope of semen into her, in helpless desire as he clung to her with those muscular arms. Letting her orgasm subside, she washed up and went to sleep, inappropriate thoughts of her old—new?—friend still flooding her senses.

Selena felt guilty the next day for her little fantasy when she met her boyfriend for an early breakfast before work. He said he was annoyed that she didn’t call the night before, but got over it—perhaps a little too quickly. He didn’t seem at all interested in her dinner with Chris, and was more concerned with the details of his upcoming trip to Las Vegas for his friend’s bachelor party, which he was leaving for that afternoon.

He knew she hated Vegas, though—so he spared her any excessive details, kissed her on the forehead as they got up to leave with the remainders of their coffee. “See you next week, hun. Don’t worry; I’ll stay out of trouble,” he said. As he turned around and walked off to get to work, she felt strangely detached about his trip. Just days before, the thoughts of what he’d be doing at a wild Vegas bachelor party were driving her nuts—but now, she was completely preoccupied with thoughts of Chris.

By the time Selena got in to work, an e-mail was waiting for her—from Chris.

“Thought about you last night. I want to see you again.”

Feeling a pang of guilt from just seeing her boyfriend, she ignored the message and got to work. Then just before lunch, though, another e-mail came.

“You busy tonight? Going out with some friends. You should come.”

How could she resist such a friendly, innocent request? She typed out an affirmative response and hesitated for just a second before clicking “send.”What are your intentions, Selena?She asked herself. And as her mind flashed back to her late night fantasy and intense orgasm the night before, she felt a familiar tingle between her legs as she became wet with desire. Without another thought, the e-mail was sent, and her nerves started up again. She shifted uneasily in her chair crossing and re-crossing her legs, her panties getting damp with her juices as she thought about the millions of ways she wanted this sexy man to seduce her. She was already planning what to wear. How she was going to survive sitting near him around all those people the whole time without picturing him naked and fucking her, she didn’t know.

The night out turned out not to be torturous at all. Chris’ friends were almost as funny as he was, and the group had a great time out chatting and talking ankara escort about their various travels over drinks. Every once in a while, Selena would glance over at Chris mid-conversation and see that he was just as engrossed, but looking at her intensely at the same time. It’s like he was watching her, but secretly, and no one was the wiser. He was wearing a black blazer, perfectly tailored to his tall, muscular frame, over a graphic t-shirt and jeans. His loafers were clean, but not overly polished. She loved it.

It was casual Friday and Selena herself wore a tailored button down shirt made from an exquisite brown fabric she bought in Vietnam, with three buttons open from the top that gave a subtle glimpse of her generous cleavage; she paired it with her favorite pair of jeans, which hugged her thighs and showed off her pert ass. She knew she was curvier than most Asian women, and had no qualms about showing it off.

As the night wore on, no one realized how late it was until a server announced that the bar would be closing in 20 minutes. The group was the last to leave.

Outside the bar, everyone said their goodbyes, and Selena recognized the silent nods of approval they were giving to Chris. She agreed to let him take her home—he’d driven out that night, and she couldn’t decide whether he’d done so intentionally so he could give her a ride. At this point, though, she didn’t care.

As the pair walked to the garage to pick up Chris’ car, he reached over and grabbed her around the waist, joking that it wasn’t safe for a young girl to be walking around at such a late hour. Selena happily let him hold her close, smelling the scent of his masculine cologne.

The closer they got to the garage, the fewer words they spoke. Chris’ hands were gradually moving toward Selena’s waistline, brushing his fingers against the skin above her low-rise jeans. Taking his signal, she moved her own hand slowly underneath his shirt to feel the flesh underneath, now flush as she touched the smooth skin of his back for the first time. He squeezed her close involuntarily at the first contact Selena’s soft fingertips made with his skin; feeling his goose bumps rise, she knew he wanted her as badly as she wanted him at that moment.

They rushed breathlessly to his car, he paid the valet and they sped off for her apartment. As they stopped at a red light, Chris turned to Selena and looked deep into her eyes as if to say—touch me again.

Selena decided to make a bold move and reached directly over to his thigh. Chris groaned audibly as she massaged around his groin, brushing past the visible bulge that was forming in his jeans. Applying more pressure, she realized with delight that he was well endowed. His dick strained against its denim prison as he tried to shift to give it more space as Selena’s touch woke it from its slumber.

Unable to hold back any longer, she unzipped his pants and let his throbbing cock spring free. Pushing his thighs apart and cupping his balls in her hands, she descended on his 8-inch member, licking it from bottom to top, then swirling her tongue up and down again just as he drove onto the bridge that would take them to her apartment. His breathing became a pant. “Oh god, Selena … oh fuck … you’re so good…” he said.

Chris battled with his urge the entire way to pull the car over and just fuck Selena then and there. But ever since the night before, he knew he wanted to wait patiently and make it last. He knew she was an amazingly self-aware, sexual woman … a sexual woman who was giving him the most mind-blowing blowjob of his life as he drove. He watched her head bob up and down, first slowly massaging his skin with her tongue, then sucking his dick faster and faster, and suddenly taking his balls in her mouth and sucking them, too. She alternated between tugging at the base of his cock with her hands and taking the entire thing deep into her throat, almost all the way in.

Chris could barely tear his eyes away from the silhouette of Selena’s ass next to him in the passenger seat as he drove, and as she drove him almost to a climax…

He’d always wanted her—since ten years ago as hormonal teenager. Selena was too much to handle then, though; he was intimidated by her openness and afraid of the dirty thoughts that were constantly running through his head. Each time she called him, he felt as if he’d faint or make a fool of himself, and yet he couldn’t even count the number of times she’d been the subject of his sexual fantasies because it happened so frequently.

When she suddenly stopped calling, he didn’t know what to do about it so he just let her be—and watched from a distance as she moved on with her life, still fabulous, and clearly over him. etimegut escort He moved on too … he went to college before she did, filled out to match his height and dated several women who excited him just as much as Selena did in high school. His confidence and prowess both in and out of bed gradually grew.

But ever since last night when he saw Selena again for the first time in ten years, he realized he wanted her more than ever. Ten years ago, she was just an unattainable fantasy—a girl whose image he jerked off to in the privacy of his room. Now, he could barely believe his eyes and the amazing sensations going through his body as this amazing Asian goddess was licking and sucking him to ecstasy.

Selena suddenly stopped and looked up at Chris with a devilish grin. “See what you passed up on back in high school?” she said. That look alone was about to make him bust a nut. Luckily—they were finally there.

Getting into Selena’s apartment, a second-floor walk up, was a blur to them both. Suddenly they were halfway up the stairs, his blazer in a pile at the bottom, her shoes strewn in two directions; Selena pulled desperately at his t-shirt, gasping for air between deep kisses. His tongue dove into her mouth, searching, probing insistently. Somehow, he got her to the top of the stairs and over to the couch in her living room, then urgently removed her jeans to reveal her barely-there thong, a pink swatch of fabric standing between Chris and his objective.

A wet patch was already visible on her panties, and she frantically moved to take them off—but he stopped her. Held still by his strong grip, Selena watched curiously as he drank in the sight of her long legs, and inhaled the smell of her sex. He tamed his urgency into slow motion, lifting her left leg up and kissing her slowly, inch by inch, from her toes up to her thighs.

Selena’s body writhed with pleasure, her head thrown back and straight black locks splayed out over the arm of the couch.

She reached up, desperate to have him take her and just fuck her. But he kept a steady pace, and was now just three kisses away from the brown lips of her shaved vagina, which he exposed by moving her panties aside with his hands. Moving them aside revealed her glistening wet cunt, which clenched in anticipation of what was going to happen next.

As his hot breath hit her wet, exposed skin, Selena whimpered. She rotated her hips, her body pleading for more.

For a moment, Chris simply looked down at her, smirking as if he would let the torture go on forever. And then, just as Selena was about to cry out in frustration, he attacked her pussy, ripping her panties off and pushing his tongue deep inside.

“OH FUUUUUCK!”Selena screamed, taken completely by surprise. She bucked her hips, meeting his rhythm as he lapped at her warm insides, twirling his tongue in multiple directions. Thoughts of her boyfriend flashed in and out of her mind, now conflicting her, now disappearing.How could something wrong feel so fucking good?She thought.

Chris, meanwhile, moved his tongue expertly, drinking in the sight of her beautiful pussy as she ran her hands through and then gripped his short black hair tightly, grinding against his face as her juices oozed out of her. He reached up and massaged her voluptuous breasts, squeezing them rhythmically, making all thoughts of her boyfriend disappear into oblivion.

Knowing she was close to a climax, Chris moved his tongue even more intensely over her clit, teasing the protruding knob relentlessly while finger fucking her with two, then three fingers.”Say my name…”he muttered between laps, increasing the pressure still more.

“Mmm… oh Chris… CHRIS OH GOD, I’M CUMMING, I’M…”and with that, Selena let out a shriek as she lost control and wave after wave of her climax shook her body, with Chris’ tongue still not relenting. After what seemed like ages, her orgasm subsided and Chris’ cock felt hard as steel and ached to be inside that tight pussy.

Selena was still coming down from her climax, breathing hard and a little dazed from the pleasure he just gave her. It was so much better than her fantasy from the night before, and they hadn’t even fucked yet!

Looking over at her handsome lover, she saw he was pulling at his beautiful cock, looking lustily at her now-naked body. His tan skin looked so good; his bare chest glistened with sweat from their first round. She loved that his skin was so smooth, and his almond-shaped eyes were so tender yet so hungry andviolating.

“Mmm…”she said, leaning her face next to his throbbing dick and watching it twitch with each hot breath she blew over it.”Let me take care of this for you, baby … come take a shower with me…”

And with that, she stood up and walked down the hall, her hips swaying this way and that—Chris was transfixed. Selena glanced coyly over her shoulder as her naked form disappeared around the corner, beckoning him to join.

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