Return to the Orchard

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I was six months pregnant now and everything was better than it could have been. My father and I were having sex almost every day which just turned my mother on. She would watch and as soon as he finished with me I would watch them. At this point in my life I couldn’t think of anything better.

My sister, however, was always there in the back of my mind. She is twenty; just two years older than me. Her breasts are just slightly larger, but her pussy is just as sweet. When our parents weren’t around we spent quite a bit of time together ourselves. Yet, she had no idea what our father and I have been doing this whole time.

About three months ago I told both my parents about Katie and myself. Neither of them was angry, in fact they embraced it. What was even crazier is my mother suggested my father get Katie pregnant as well. I know my parents always wanted a big family and why not use their daughters to help fulfill that? I was all for it and my father and I came up with a plan…

Saturday came fast and I convinced Katie to go with me to Mr. Brown’s Orchard. I told her I wanted to make our next time special and a little of the exciting side. She had no objections and we quickly got a blanket and basket and headed out the door.

The walk down to the orchard is exciting for me. My pussy wouldn’t stop dripping with my juices. Not only was I going to fuck my sister again, but she was going to be in for a surprise. I couldn’t wait for either and I especially couldn’t wait to have her pussy in my mouth again. I just loved the taste of her.

We round the last corner and go through the gate. Immediately I see Mr. Brown and I grab Katie’s hand and guide her over to him.

“Oh, Selene,” he says. “Have you come for some more apples?” I nod with a smile. Mr. Brown looks over my body as he always does and then turns his attention to my younger sister. “And who is this?” he asks.

I smiled and say, “This is my sister Katie.”

His smile widens. “My, it’s nice to meet you young miss.”

Katie just smiles and I say, “Would you mind if I got a few extra this time?”

Mr. Brown continues to smile and says, “Take all you need.”

I return the smile and grab Katie’s arm, pulling her toward the trees.

“He is kind of creepy,” she says once we are into the trees.

I smile at her. “He’s harmless, but he does like to look.”

It seems to put her at ease and after a few minutes of walking past apple filled tress she asks, “Where are you taking me?”

“There is a stream down this way with a nice opening. No one ever goes that far out so we will have plenty of privacy,” I answer her.

Eventually we make it down to the spot next to the stream. I throw out the blanket and sit down. Katie drops the basket and sits down beside me. She places her hand over my enlarged stomach and starts rubbing it. “I wish I could have a baby like you,” she says. “You’ve never told me who the father is.”

She looks almost sad and I’m sure if it is because I am pregnant or that I have held the truth from her. We have always been close and became even closer since we started having sex with each other. I want to blurt it all out to her right there but instead I say, “That is part of your surprise, but for now…”

I lean in and kiss her full on her lips. Katie returns the kiss tuzla escort and makes full use of her tongue as well. We strip each other’s clothes off while we kiss passionately. This process has become almost a ritual and easy at the same time. Katie spreads her legs wide as I reach out to touch her voluptuous breasts. I start squeezing them and she throws her head back and moans loudly. With my other hand I slip two fingers into her velvety pussy and start pumping them in and out. And in no time she begins squirming in excitement.

After a minute I slip down between my sister’s legs, pushing her knees apart further and bury my head between them and begin sucking at her sweet pussy. Katie groans with an animal lust. Soon her whole body goes into convulsions and she thrashes around under my mouth. Katie grabs and paws at her own engorged nipples and I continue to suck and lick at her hairless pussy. Then I feel her hand grab handfuls of my hair and she is begging for me to stop.

I do and then I back away toward the basket. I reach in and pull out a good sized blue dildo. I show it to Katie then push it into her mouth. Katie has a shocked look in her eyes, but she complies nonetheless. After Katie get the rubber toy wet with her saliva, I waste no time inserting it into her waiting pussy. I quickly begin thrusting it in and out hard and fast. Katie nearly screams and bites her bottom lip to prevent the scream. It comes out muffled and she resumes playing with her large breasts as she lies back, enjoying the ride.

I fuck her for several minute without letting up. Soon, Katie is jerking and lurching wildly again enjoying another intense orgasm. After her gyrations subside, I pull the dildo out and immediately cover her freshly fucked pussy with my mouth. I suck Katie’s cum juice out, licking and swallowing the sweet nectar that I love so much.

Ravaged, but satisfied, Katie lies motionless. I move up her body and lean in and kiss her lips long and tenderly. I reach in and tweak her nipples, then gently twist each one between my fingers and thumbs. Katie squirms around a little and I begin to fondle her ample breasts more vigorously. I then squeeze them gently, kiss and lick them lovingly.

I stop what I am doing abruptly and I move up toward her head, positioning myself over her face. I squat down setting my wet, pregnant pussy over her mouth. I grab her blonde hair and start riding her mouth. I mouth fuck her for minutes until I begin writhing uncontrollably and drench Katie’s face with my cum.

After I regain control of my heaving body, I get off and turn around and slowly crouch down until my ass is lined up with her mouth. Katie doesn’t hesitate to stick her tongue into my asshole. My hip gyrate over her tongue and I fondle my own breasts as I enjoy this wonderful anal tongue lashing. Soon, I am sliding back and forth on Katie’s mouth, forcing her to alternatively tongue my pussy and ass, until my body shudders once again and I squirt another load of my juices into her mouth.

I slide back down next to her and we embrace each other as we kiss. After a few moments I break the kiss and direct her to kneel on her hands and knees. I massage her ass, spreading her cheeks wider and wider with each pass of my hands. Then I spread her ass wide open and cover her asshole entirely with my mouth. tuzla escort bayan I suck and tongue her ass with enthusiasm, causing Katie to wiggle and squirm uncontrollably. After I had her nice and slippery with my saliva I pull away and say, “Daddy is the one that got me pregnant.”

“What?” Katie almost yells. She starts to move to roll over, but I stop her.

“How would you like Daddy to get you pregnant too?” I ask.

“I—” she starts say when my father slips his big cock into her tight ass. “Ahhh!”

I could see Katie clench from the sudden intrusion. So I say, “Just relax and it will start to feel good.”

After a moment she relaxes and starts to enjoy my father’s cock sliding in and out of her tight little ass. Slowly he starts picking up speed, driving his cock harder and faster in and out of her.

“Oh Daddy!” she shouts.

He cums hard in her and when he pulls out a trail of his cum seeps out of her asshole. I lick my lips and slide in behind her sticking my tongue out to lap up every bit of it. When I am finished I grab my father’s cock and I start to stroke it up and down. Then I take the head of his cock into my mouth and get a groan from him. Katie gets on her knees and moves up alongside me. I slowly start to move my head down his shaft before pulling back.

“Can I?” Katie asks.

I take my mouth off his cock and Katie slowly takes the head into her mouth and moves down his shaft, taking almost all of it down her throat. I watch in amazement as she slowly fondles his balls in her hand.

I lean in and start licking his balls as Katie moves up and down on his shaft, gagging each time she tries to go down further on his cock. Her saliva is running down his shaft and onto his balls as I take turns on his balls, sucking one into my mouth, then moving to the other one.

I stop when I feel his balls tighten. My sister wanted to get pregnant and I knew we needed to save some of my father’s cum for her tight little pussy. Katie stops when she notices I have and pulls her mouth free from his cock.

“Okay Daddy,” I say. “Lay down for us.”

He lies back onto the blanket. His cock is pointing straight up toward his stomach, still dripping with Katie’s saliva. I guide my sister to move over his chest and straddle him. Katie brings her pussy over his face. Her pussy lips are tight together, but I could also see glistening coming from them and I knew she was more than a little excited. Our father slowly sticks out his tongue to split Katie’s pussy lips open and taste her sweet nectar. I hear him moan as he tastes her juices and as he pushes his tongue further into her pussy Katie exclaims, “Oh my fucking god, Daddy!”

I laugh a little and ask, “You like that sis?”

Katie begins moving her hips against his mouth as his tongue goes further into her tight pussy. “Holy hell, this feels so fucking good Selene,” she groans.

Her legs start to tremble and she moves faster against his face as he moves his tongue in and out of her pussy. Katie’s moans get louder and louder just as her body suddenly freezes solid. A long moan escapes her lips and her whole body begins to shake. “Oh fucking yes!” she screams out as her orgasm begins. Pussy juice shoots out, directly into his mouth. Her body shakes violently as more pussy juice squirts out and into his escort tuzla mouth, overfilling it. It flows out the side and down his throat to his chest. Finally Katie’s body begins to slowly relax as she collapses, breathing heavily.

They both look at me when I start to moan. I am quickly rubbing my exposed pregnant pussy. I focus on my clit as I rub faster and my moans get louder. My ass suddenly lifts off the ground and I hold my hand in place on my clit and begin to squirt out my own juices. My juices fly out and onto the blanket as I cum.

As my orgasm subsides and I collapse, Katie takes our father’s large cock and slowly starts to stroke it up and down. “I sure hope this big thing fits inside of me,” she groans.

“It fit perfectly in your sister,” he replies smiling at her.

Katie moves down to straddle his hips, her pussy hovering just above his throbbing cock. I move up beside my sister and ask, “Are you ready to take this big cock?”

As long as Daddy fills me with his hot cum,” she says smiling.

“Well then, let me help you with it,” I say. I move behind my sister and kneel between our father’s legs. My hand wraps around his thick cock and Katie begins to lower herself further toward it. As the tip of his cock brushes against her pussy lips, he lets out a deep groan. I rub the head of his cock up and down Katie’s slit, getting it wetter with her pussy juices. “Okay Katie, it’s all ready for you,” I say as hold his cock at the base of her pussy.

Katie nods and bites her lower lip as she wiggles her hips slightly against his cock. She pushes herself a little lower, the tip of his cock slips into the outer edges of her pussy. Slowly his cock sinks deeper into her tight pussy. I move my hand away from his cock and grab on to her hips.

Katie continues to slowly lower herself further on to his cock as I moan behind her. “Yes, take is slow. Let your pussy get used to it. Katie continues to slide down until his cock bottoms out. After a moment she starts to raise her hips back up and then slowly back down. When she hits bottom again, she lets out a long, low moan of pleasure.

“Yes, Katie,” I encourage. “Ride that hard cock. Make yourself cum all over his cock.

Katie starts to build a slow and steady rhythm, moving up slowly until just the tip is in her tight pussy, then slowly sinking back down onto his cock. “My god this feels so good Daddy,” she moans. “I fill so full.”

I move up toward my father and ask, “How does her pussy feel?”

“Damn, she is so tight baby. I don’t know how long I can last in it,” he answers.

I chuckle and say, “Make sure you fill her up like me. Help her give you a baby too.”

I move myself over him, positioning my pussy above his face. “Eat my pregnant pussy Daddy,” I demand as I quickly lower my pussy onto his mouth. My pussy covers his mouth and instantly I feel his tongue push into my hole.

Katie’s moans grow louder and more frequent as she shoves herself completely onto his cock and wiggles her hips around on him. I start moaning in pleasure myself and Katie almost screams as she has another orgasm. “Yes Katie,” I moan as I move my hips even faster against his face. “Cum all over his cock.”

Then suddenly our father groans loudly as he deposits his hot seed deep into Katie’s pussy. I grind my pussy harder into his face until I feel my cum squirting out all over it. When it is finished I get off and look at him. “Now fuck my pregnant ass Daddy, but save your cum for Katie. We want to give you all the babies we can.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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