Retreat Pt. 01

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I’d set the cruise control but it didn’t matter; I could hardly keep my foot off of the accelerator. Every few minutes I would look down and see the speedometer reading 115 to 120 km/hr, the posted speed limit was 100.

Once again I would sigh and pull my foot away from the accelerator letting the needle drop back to an acceptable 105.

Was I in a hurry? Yes. Was I excited? Certainly. Being so made this drive seem like an eternity.

It had been months since we’d been together, but now we were each travelling to rendezvous in a small town about half-way between us. We were finally meeting again.

I had a 3 hour drive, Joanne, a little less, but I was determined to get there first. I wanted to be there waiting for her rather than have her wait – I’m a bit old fashioned I guess.

As I drove, my mind drifted back to the previous summer. I was working in her small city and we had met on an online dating service.

We were then and are now in relationships, but then and now are each seeking… something…

One thing we each looked for in the past meetings was the undivided attention and passion that comes with a new relationship.

We found it that summer.

The excitement was palpable.

The passion was hot.

The pleasure was strong and the caresses were soft… and lingering.

As I drove, my memory drifted back to our earlier times.

Often I remembered us simply socializing as we dined or drove or simply chatted. We were just enjoying being together – we did truly enjoy each other’s company.

I remembered the social times fondly, but in the months past when I felt alone, my mind turned to the moments we shared that were less platonic … in my hotel.

My mind invariably returned to the passionate times, the erotic times. Episodes we shared with our bodies entwined, our excitement climbing, our senses reeling and our heartbeats racing.

The memory of our erotic passion is what was driving me to go faster now as I pressed the accelerator enroute to Joanne.

I pulled into the resort and made a conscious check of the parking area looking for her car. I was happy that I didn’t see it here with her waiting in it for me.

I proceeded to the reception area, stopped and got out of my SUV and entered the building.

A pretty receptionist worked me through my reservation details; I signed the paperwork and received the key cards.

I had found this resort online. It was not luxurious, but it was clean, had good reviews and most importantly was not a simple hotel.

“Robin Lake Cabins” was comprised completely of private, rustic looking cabins. The 20 odd cabins were laid out in a loose row along the shore of, obviously, Robin Lake.

The place had a romantic feel. It was sure to be frequented by honeymooners, people on anniversaries and also, like us, people making a secret getaway…

Couples seeking a private romantic getaway were obviously the intended clientele of the resort as half of the cabins were ‘Honeymoon Suites.’

It was one of these suites that I had reserved.

I pulled my vehicle out of the reception area taking direction from a sign that pointed me to a narrow lane disappearing into the forest. I followed this lane past cabin 1, 2, 3… until I pulled up to cabin 16. After I stopped I sent Joanne a note letting her know what cabin I was in, and that I was patiently waiting for her. Almost immediately she sent back that she thought she was only a few minutes away.

It was quite a romantic little cabin. The main room had rough wood planking covering the walls. The King Size bed was set to the right side of the room. What caught one’s eye though was the Jacuzzi tub. It was almost out of place in this rustic setting.

Two doors led out of the main room. I peeked into one I saw a small but functional kitchen. The other door led to a nicely appointed washroom with ‘his and her’ sinks.

Near the Jacuzzi there was a sitting area that included a table with 2 chairs and a leather sofa.

The cabin must have been closed up for a while as it had a slight musky smell. I opened the window in the sitting area about halfway to get some fresh air. I closed the blinds on the window thinking there would be a pretty good show in a few minutes if someone was to look in the window.

I took the opportunity to unpack my vehicle. I took my bag in, hung my clothes and was just washing up when I heard a light ‘Tap, Tap’ on the door.

Although I was already excited, my heart leapt in eagerness at the sound.

I caught my breath to compose myself and went to the door.

Drawing the door open, I saw her. She was grinning and her eyes were wide in excitement. She looked great – I was excited to see her.

Immediately I reached out my hand to take her arm. I pulled her to me and we fell into a wet deep kiss. She dropped the bag that was in her hand and wrapped both her arms around me.

With my arm behind her I drew her closer to me as we continued to kiss at the threshold.

Our tongues escort sincan met and thrashed in wanton passion.

We both knew why we were here.

We both wanted this and we were eager for it.

Although we had been together sexually, it was only a few times and it was long ago. This reunion gave us the best of both worlds. The excitement of being with a new lover without the apprehension of being with a new lover…

Our kiss was deep and our bodies clung together.

We were hot, horny and eager.

Our passionate kissing left nothing to doubt as to where this was leading, and it was leading there soon.

I pulled my lips from hers as I kissed her cheek and held her close. My lips traced little kisses on her face then down her jaw line to her exposed neck. She turned her head to allow me access as I nuzzled her neck. Taking little sucking nips on her soft skin I kissed and nuzzled along the side of her neck, following her flesh behind her ear up to her hairline.

I gently held her ear lobe in my teeth then as I pulled her even closer to me I whispered, “I’m gonna make you cum soooo hard…”

She groaned and wilted in my arms. Clinging to me in an obviously very aroused state it appeared that she liked the prospect.

Regaining her strength, Joanne placed her hand on the back of my neck and hoarsely whispered, “Are you?… Are you gonna make me cum?”

“MmmmHmmm” I answered nibbling on her earlobe. “I’m gonna lick your pussy until you cum all over me… Then I’m gonna fuck you. I’m gonna fuck you as long and as hard as I can…”

“Oh my God!!…” she managed to say as she stepped toward me bringing us past the threshold into the cabin.

“I need to use the washroom. I’ll be right back,” she spoke as she pulled herself quickly away from me.

“It’s right there” I said pointing to the washroom door.

She scurried off and I picked up her bag and closed and locked the cabin door. I set her bag down neat the bed then went to my bag and pulled led a bottle of wine from it. Rummaging through the cupboard I found two wine glasses and a corkscrew.

I uncorked the wine and poured us each a glass and took them to the bed. Setting the wine glasses on a bedside table I drew back the covers then lounged back on the bed just as Joanne was coming out of the washroom.

“Care for a some wine?” I asked.

“Yes please… I need something to settle my nerves.”

“Come… Sit…” I said patting the bed beside me as I handed her a glass of wine.

“Lovers can be good friends” I said grinning as I held out my glass.

“MMmmHmm” she offered as she clinked her glass against mine then took a sip.

“I love his moment, don’t you?” I asked.

“Being here?”

“No…well not exactly… I mean this sense of anticipation. Don’t you feel the energy here – the electricity?”

“MMMmmmm Yes… it’s fantastic. I love it… “

“Me too.”

She leaned into me and I kissed her again. It was not a frantic kiss, it was more controlled but still powerful.

“I’m so horny for you right now,” I told her.

“MMmm Me too…” she replied as I kissed her lips.

I took the top button of her blouse into my hands and unfastened it. I unhooked the next and then the next button.

As I reached into her open blouse I laid my hand on her warm breast.

She moaned as I gently held her breast and kissed her. This moment was passionate without being frenzied.

It was sensual, very sensual, erotic but controlled. The trip she took to the bathroom had calmed me down and I was able to maintain some measure of composure.

Breaking our kiss I said, “I want you naked. I want us both naked and on the bed,”

“MMmmmHhhmmm… Yes. Let’s do that. I want to feel you inside me.”

The thought of having my hard cock inside of her is all I’ve been thinking about for the whole drive and I felt a twitch at hearing her say it.

“MMMmm, I so want to make love to you right now…” I told her as I touched my fingers to her exposed skin… “But I’m not going to.”

She looked up at me in surprise.

“Nope,” I told her, “I want to enjoy you first.”

I lightly traced my finger along her skin and told her, “I want to kiss and caress and hold and massage and lick and touch and rub and kiss and caress and feel you… I want to keep this feeling… this anticipation – this eagerness … This anticipation is the greatest feeling I know…” I continued.

“I want to have time to appreciate you first… THEN I want to make love to you… Let’s not rush it…we have hours and hours…”

“Oh God – Yes. I love that…You can appreciate me all you want. I’m in no rush…” she responded.

“MmmM . That’s good, I love to touch and caress and feel you… Tease you…taste your” I said as I leaned in to kiss her again. Again, still she was eager for my kisses and pushed her tongue into my mouth as I reached behind her to unfasten her bra.

I pinched and squeezed the clasp of her bra but the clasp fought me at every turn. ankara escort I reached my other hand behind her to work at it. I was feeling like a teenager in the backseat of Dad’s car.

She broke the kiss and smiled, “Let me look after me, and you look after you” she said.

“I was seduced before I got here… You don’t need to be coy about it…”

I smiled, “Sure… that’d be easier. Besides I’ll love to watch you undress.”

We each stood and as I was unbuttoning my shirt then undoing my pants my eyes never left her.

She knew I was watching. She looked at me – made eye contact and smiled as she wriggled out of her shirt then that damn bra.

She cast her shirt and bra into the corner where her bag sat, then turned toward me topless. I was aroused before but now seeing her partially clothed I was hard. I could feel the eagerness of my cock pulsing in my pants.

As I unbuttoned my shirt I watched mesmerized as she unfastened her pants and slid them down her thighs.

Watching a woman pull her pants down is the single sexiest thing in the world. My pulsing cock screamed to be released as I watched Joanne first slide down her pants, and then her panties.

There she was in all her beauty and I was thrilled. I quickly cast off my pants, underwear and socks reached for her hand and led her to the bed.

We fell into the bed wrapping our arms around each other, pulling each other close. My lips found hers and as we kissed the feel of her naked skin on mine was intoxicating, my head spun in arousal and anticipation as I felt her body against mine.

I drew my mouth away from hers, and lightly kissed her face.

I drew back letting my eyes take her all in again.

“Would you like a backrub?” I asked.

“Mmmm, Yes, I’d love one.”

I gave her a light peck of a kiss on her lips and said “Lay on your tummy…relax and let me enjoy giving you one…”

Joanne rolled onto her front, turned her head to the side as she lay her head on a pillow wrapping her arms around it.

Her naked back was exposed to me. The sight of her naked, knowing she wanted this as much as I did was making my arousal palpable. I was swimming in excitement, lust, passion and simple erotic pleasure.

I opened the nightstand drawer to retrieve the massage oil. Opening the bottle I poured some in my hand then set the bottle down.

I could just notice the light scent of the fruit flavoured oil. I felt the slickness of the oil as it warmed in my hands while I rubbed them together. The oil was near dripping onto Joanne as I slid my fingers together and apart, covering my hands and warming the oil.

Once I felt the oil was sufficiently warmed, I lay both slippery hands on Joanne’s back. She moaned lightly in appreciation and total submission to my actions as I slowly but deliberately ran my palms down both sides of her spine, leaving a slick trail from her lower back to her neck.

The oil glistened on her light skin and I ran my hands slowly up and down her back watching her skin flex and roll with my motions.

With steady strong pressure my hands coasted over the skin of her back – top to bottom – left to right, leaving a slick trail everywhere my hands had been.

In mirror image my hands travelled across her flesh as I rubbed and massaged Joanne’s back and sides applying more and less pressure.

Always moving slowly and deliberately I was coaxed on by Joanne’s light murmurs of appreciation.

By the time her back was covered with oil it was spread out pretty thin on her skin, so I again reached for the bottle of oil.

As I opened the bottle, I held it up over her back and squeezed the soft bottle drizzling the oil across her back. Joanne flinched only slightly as the cool oil touched her warmed skin.

I watched in erotic pleasure as the oil fell on her exposed skin. I painted her back with a light stream of oil in a zigzag pattern then proceeded down each leg with a stream of oil.

I was generous with the oil as I intended to massage Joanne completely and I loved the feeling of her soft skin covered in oil.

With the oil still oozing from the bottle I lay a stream of slick oil across the exposed cheeks of her ass, then after a pause squeezed a deliberate stream down the crack of Joanne’s her ass.

I watched as the oil leaked down her ass to her tight bum along the crease there to her eager pussy. She wiggled in response to the oily sensation now sliding between her cheeks and across her hot little slit.

Setting the bottle down I started to roam my hands over Joanne’s back again.

Her skin was now even more slick and I was in a state of barely controlled erotic bliss as I slid my hands along her back, her arms, her legs, her feet. Each motion was met with a groan of pleasure, or a quick inhale of excitement from Joanne, and almost as often a moan of arousal from me.

I moved from beside Joanne to kneeling between her legs. She spread her legs to accommodate me and as she did I could see the glistening lips of her etimesgut escort bayan shaved pussy. It took all the control I had not to lean forward and slide my hard cock between those slick lips. I could tell Joanne was eager for this too. The act of spreading her legs with me between them was obviously an erotic feeling to her, this I could tell as she was lifting her ass offering her eager slit to me.

I did not take that offer – yet… I wanted to tease her – prepare her – arouse her – stimulate her, make her so very hot that when she came she positively exploded with release.

With Joanne’s ass raised in offer to me I slipped a pillow under her hips and she lowered herself against it. I took her ass in my hands and massaged it, caressing the soft skin. I pressed the skin of her ass in my hands and felt my arousal growing as I watched my hands manipulate her soft flesh. I moved my hands from Joanne’s ass to rub her legs and back again. Since I was now kneeling between her legs as I leaned forward to rub along her back I felt my cock laid against her slick, slippery ass. Joanne felt it too and she rocked against me to try to draw my hard cock into her wanton wet pussy. I let my cock slip down the slick crack of her ass and as it neared her pussy she pushed back to draw it in. As I felt the tip of my cock near her wet opening I moved back not letting her have it.

She tried again to slide her wetness onto my hard cock, and again I dogged her.

She knew now I was teasing her. She was as horny and as hot as I was but I wanted to tease her and get her to the brink of her excitement.

She struggled to line herself up on my cock, “Ugghh, Let me feel it… I want it inside me!!”

“NUh, Uh,” I told her, “You don’t reeeeeaaaly want it yet.”

“Oh yes, yes I do… I want your cock in me…”

“Nope,” I teased as I dropped my hips letting the tip of my cock crease her lips.

Immediately Joanne pushed back against me to try to impale herself on my cock, but I was anticipating her and pulled back, keeping my cock from slipping inside her.

“OH! That’s mean” she moaned.

“Mmmm … You love it” I replied.

Feeling her hot pussy against my hard throbbing cock was incredible though and it was all I could do not to drive my hips forward to bury my cock into her.

I was able to restrain myself though and instead pulled my hips back and drew my hands down her back. As my slippery fingers reached her ass I began to caress and massage it.

Joanne was quite aroused by now and immediately responded to my massage. Again she lifted her ass in the air in eagerness. I let my fingers wander down her legs and between them slowly moving my motions closer and closer to her eager pussy. I slid my hands further between her legs and let my fingers just brush her pussy.

“AAHHhhh” she moaned and spread her legs further encouraging more and deeper access.

She lay on the bed naked and oily. Her legs were spread and she was breathing heavy in excitement and anticipation. It was all I could take and I bent down and took a long wet lick across her exposed wet pussy.

“AAHHHH!!” she groaned as she withered under me. I again gave her slit a long wet lick and felt her respond to it as she moaned aloud again.

“Come lay on your back,” I said.

Immediately she complied, apparently eager for more attention of my tongue on her sex.

She rolled over, looked at me with a smile as she spread her legs inviting me to her slick wet slit.

She knew what I wanted and was as eager to have it as I was to give it to her.

I moved to the bottom of the bed and positioned myself between Joanne’s legs. I leaned toward her, giving her inner thighs light nips and wet kisses.

As I kissed and licked my way up her thighs Joanne was starting to squirm under me trying to bring her wetness to my mouth. As I got close to her puffy lips I smelt the aroma her wanton sex – she was positively oozing wetness in arousal. The scent of her pussy was a huge turn on and I am eager to taste it again.

I reach out with tip of my tongue and just barely brush it against her bulging lips. She throws her hips forward and tries to grind herself against me. I pull back and only let her have the momentary touch of my tongue.

As Joanne settles back onto the bed, I again flick my tongue across her wet slit. She thrusts against me and I pull back again.

She drops her hips to the bed and I once more take a lick along her slit – this time a little stronger. Again Joanne thrusts her hips to me and as she does I bury my face into her wetness. All my senses are alive now as I taste her, smell her, see her, feel her and hear her excitement.

I bury my tongue inside her as she grinds against me. The bridge of my nose is her lever as she rocks her clit on me in excitement. Wrapping my arms around her legs I draw her to me. I hold her tight as I ecstatically keep my face buried in her crotch then ease off enough to take long long wet licks along her oozing wet slit.

Joanne has settled into the stimulation now and as she moans and whines in appreciation as I lick along her tasty pussy. I LOVE the taste of her juices, and she is generous with them now in her excitement – her slick secretions cover my face.

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