Report Card Day

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Special note Thank-you Daddybear for you’re editing skills.

* * * * *

School finally got out that night; I was handed my report card as I walked from the room. For some reason, the boys kept looking at my ass. I didn’t mean to wear the skirt that I had on, it’s just that I hadn’t done the washing this week yet. It was my short plaid skirt, Daddy’s favorite, and one that I was only suppose to wear when he was around. I had coupled it with my skimpy white blouse that showed way too much cleavage for my Daddy’s liking. I had thought that I could get home and changed before he saw me.

I took the report card and stuffed it to the bottom of my bag, I wasn’t looking forward to what my teacher Dr. Dover was going to say about me. I tried to be good, really I did, but he just got up my nose so much, I would do things just to get a rise out of him.

Like the time that he looked at me for an answer, when he knew that I was talking to the boy next to me, what was I suppose to do? I couldn’t have answered him if I’d tried. I had on another little skirt that was inappropriate for school, so after class I walked past him to the front of the room, almost to the door, then dropped my pen. Well, I had to pick it up didn’t I? So I bent over, but not at the knees like Daddy had taught me, I bent at my waist, and Oh my! I had forgotten to put any panties on that morning. Dr. Dover certainly got an eyeful that day. I laughed remembering that incident on my short walk home.

As I turned the corner, I noticed Daddy’s car parked in the driveway. “Oh shit” I mumbled. Now I had to not only get past him with my report card, but also in my skirt, and I knew if he saw me in that it would at least be five minutes in the corner, if nothing else. Now I had to try to get into the house without him seeing me. The way our house was set out I wasn’t going to be able to even if I tried. The front Door led straight into the living room, the back Door straight into the Kitchen, which then led into the Living Room. The stairs then led from the Living Room upstairs, which is where all my clothes were, all over my bedroom floor.

I stood outside looking up at my bedroom window, trying to figure out which would be the best way for me to climb up, I hadn’t had to do this for awhile as I had been a good girl for Daddy. I decided to go with the vines next to my window that led to the ground, I knew they made me itchy but I had to get around Daddy seeing me in this skirt.

The climbing was killing me and I’m sure that most of the neighbors could here me groaning and mumbling my way up. I was hoping that Daddy had the news on and wouldn’t notice. I finally reached the top and was climbing in through the window when I heard “What ARE you doing young lady?”

“ Oh Daddy your home, Umm well I forgot my keys and was trying to get in to start dinner for you” I just hoped that Daddy was buying this.

“ You forgot your keys?” he looked at me really oddly.

“ Yep, sorry about that, but I’m in now so don’t worry” I was trying to get him out of my room so I could get these clothes off.

“ So what? You thought you would just break in instead then”

Oh God I knew he wasn’t going to leave now “Well umm yes I guess so, that’s what I did didn’t I?” Crossing my fingers that he would leave.

“ Nicole give me your bag, then get changed, put something on that covers your body for a change, then meet me in the Living Room please” all said in that slow steady voice that told me I was in deep trouble now.

I panicked, I knew my keys were in there, I also knew that my report card was stuffed at the bottom of my bag. I grabbed the first pair of jeans that I could find in the mess on the floor, throwing them on. Then grabbed a sweatshirt, throwing it over my head as I ran out the door hoping that I would get to my bag before Daddy did. It wasn’t to be.

As I came flying down the stairs, I saw that Daddy had my keys on bursa escort the coffee table, and my report card in his hand, and boy he didn’t look happy. I came to a halt at the bottom of the stairs and did a U turn, trying to get back up the stairs before he noticed me. “Stop right there Nicole Jayne, turn around and come over here please” Oh god that steady voice scared the daylights out of me.

“Yes Daddy” I asked in a very low voice.

“Your keys, in your bag, your Report card, in your bag, don’t you look in there or did you know about them the whole time” he looked up at me, he always gave me the chance to tell the truth.

“Were they? ” I tried so hard to act surprised “Umm nope sorry didn’t know they were there.”

“Nicole, you saw me put the keys in your bag this morning, and the teacher called ahead to let me know that you had been given your report card and that I would be very interested in it. Why do you think I’m home so early?”

“Well I was kind of wondering what you were doing here, umm should I start dinner” Changing the subject and heading out to the Kitchen.

“Get back here and sit down, and not over there” he stopped me before I could sit down on the single chair by the door, “come and sit next to me, we have something to discuss here.”

I walked towards Daddy and sat next to him, trying so hard to see what was on my report card. I could only make out my name on the top, and I truly didn’t want to see the rest, then I started thinking why the teacher would have called to tell Daddy that he should see my report card. I hated that old man and his strict ways, if it was up to him, I’m sure that he would have loved to give me the strap. I tried to sit as far away from Daddy as I could, but he moved closer to me, and I knew that when he did that, if I moved away it was five minutes in the corner for me, and since I hated the corner I thought better of it.

Daddy looked me straight in the eye, not a good sign for this conversation, “Nicole, lets see what we have here” he handed me the Report card…

* * * * *

* Wayward School for Brats*

Student: Walker, Nicole Jayne
Teacher: Dr. Ben Dover

Reading | 1st Sem: D | 2nd Sem: F | Average: F
Spelling | 1st Sem: D | 2nd Sem: D | Average: D
Mathematics | 1st Sem: F | 2nd Sem: D | Average: D-
Art | 1st Sem: C | 2nd Sem: D | Average: D+
Phys-ED | 1st Sem: B | 2nd Sem: B | Average: B
Conduct | 1st Sem: F | 2nd Sem: F | Average: F
Attendance | 1st Sem: D | 2nd Sem: F | Average: D-
– – – –
Your daughter Nicole Jayne is completely incorrigible. She is never on time to class, her grades are terrible, and she is nearly always disrespectful towards me. I’ve caught her on more than one occasion actually lifting her skirt and showing her naughty parts to the boys in the class. This behavior is totally unacceptable and should be dealt with using swift and strict disciplinary measures. I recommend daily punishment sessions for Nicole Jayne involving numerous paddlings on the bare flesh of her tender little bottom. This is exactly what I used to do when corporal punishment was still legal. I would parade them into my office and paddle them all, each and every day. Sigh, those were the days!

* * * * *

I quite innocently looked at Daddy and said “I got a B for Phys Ed Daddy, that’s gotta be good doesn’t it?” He laughed at me, and I saw my Daddy for the first time that night.

“ Oh Sweetie, yes it is, but look at the rest of it, you really do have to learn to control yourself you know.” he looked down at the report card, “The teacher says that you’ve been showing the little boys all your private parts, is that true? And don’t you lie to me young lady”

“Well I have Daddy but, well they sorta asked for it you know?”

“ And how the HELL did they ask for it?” His voice was getting angrier as he spoke.

“ Well they Umm they er they umm Well” He lifted his finger to bursa escort bayan my mouth to hush me.

“ Baby I know you too well, you did it for yourself, you did it to see what reaction you would get, I’m right aren’t I.”

I looked at Daddy with big Puppy dog eyes and breathlessly said “Uh huh Daddy” then my eyes fell downwards and I could feel him looking straight at me.

“ Well baby, you know that I can’t let this go, you know that you have to have boundaries, now stand up and take your jeans off” I stood and took my jeans off for my Daddy, I wasn’t going to argue because I knew that would only make matters worse. “Right, now over my knee” Oh god I knew what was coming, and I also knew what was in that report card, so how much punishment was I going to have in one night?

I lay down over Daddy’s knee, lying face down across his thighs. Was it really worth me putting up a fight? I knew what was coming after seeing the Report from that nasty man Dr. Dover, then making the mistake of trying to get in while Daddy was downstairs, oh then we had the clothes incident, which he hadn’t said anything about yet but, I knew he wouldn’t forget. I knew that I was going to be sore by the time he was finished with me. All I could do was look at the floor and concentrate on good things.

I felt Daddy’s hand rubbing my bottom, slowly moving back and forth. He seemed to rub for a fairly long time, I’m not sure if that was because it had been awhile since my last spanking and he was enjoying this, or whether he was actually getting my bottom ready for what abuse it was about to take.

His hand left my bottom, and I could feel the breeze coming before it as his hand came back and smacked my bottom. He hit me hard and fast on my left cheek. “Thank-you Daddy,” I knew what to say if I didn’t want this to go on too long. Then his hand left my bottom again, coming down just as hard and fast on my right cheek. “Thank-you Daddy.” Daddy gave each cheek two swats for each bad score under the “Average” column and one swat each for my B in Phys Ed. I was hoping that was it, I was soon to find out that I was wrong.

“ Now baby girl, I want you to walk over, so that I can see your glowing bottom, and get my Black Paddle for me, you know where Daddy keeps them baby. Oh and Nicole, don’t you even think of running and hiding”

Damn it, he knew me so well, I didn’t think I was going to make it that far, as I sort of half limped, half walked over to the drawer where Daddy kept some of his favorite paddles. I opened the drawer and took my time getting out the paddle he wanted,

“Nicole you know you’re going to get this even if it takes you 3 hours to get that paddle out, you may as well just do it now and be done with it.” He had a little laugh in his voice.

Hearing his voice made me think stupidly that he might go easy on me this time around. I took the paddle out of the drawer, holding the small black handle, that worked its way out and around. It reminded me of a Ping-Pong paddle, and I hated it. I walked back to Daddy and handed it to him, getting back over his knee before he even asked me too. “Good Girl Nicole,” he actually said this with pride in his voice, just before raising the Paddle and smacking it down on my ass.

I jumped, not really being prepared for the hit. He lifted it again, lowering it with as much force as he did the first hit, I think it was the shock that got the tears running, as I truly did love to be spanked, but he seemed intent this time in teaching me a lesson.

I heard him say to me “Baby you have to know this hurts Daddy more than you, but baby you seem to be on the wrong path just lately, and Daddy needs to teach you right from wrong. The paddle is being used because of the break in, and you know that’s what it was, then you did the worst possible thing” as he said this he hit my bottom again “You lied about it, you hid something from Daddy and you know he hates that.”

escort bursa I am SO sorry Daddy, I didn’t want to lie, I just didn’t know what else to do” I tried saying through sobs.

The paddle again hit my bottom, faster and harder with each swat. Embarrassingly I was getting wet; I was being turned on by the punishment that Daddy was putting me through. Tears left my eyes, rolling down my face, but the feeling my body was going through was just amazing.

Daddy swatted me ten times with the paddle, then he asked me “Nicole would you please get to your knees for me”

I looked at Daddy, and I knew what was to come “Oh God no Daddy, please I have learnt my lesson, really I have.”

“ On your knees little one” he said it lovingly as he stroked my cheek with the back of his hand. Daddy only ever spanked me when I had done extra wrong, he never once spanked me out of anger or hurt.

I got to my knees, and before Daddy had to say anything more, I started to take his belt off with my teeth, my hands behind my back. His hands moved to my head as he watched me remove his belt. My teeth slowly opening the buckle, then threading the belt out of the loops, he looked down at me and smiled “Good girl Baby,” I tried to smile back but, my bottom was on fire and I knew what was coming next.

Daddy helped me remove the last of his belt, taking it in his hand and folding it in half. He lifted me to my feet, walking me over to the chair, “lean over the back of the chair baby” he had such a soft soothing voice, a trusting voice.

I leant over the chair, holding onto the back of the chair for support. I felt the breeze as the belt headed towards my bottom, and as it hit, I let out a cry. Then again it hit my bottom, I was screaming now “Please stop, Daddy please, it hurts Daddy.” I could feel my bottom burning now and I was screaming out to him “Daddy please, what is this for, what are you using the belt for?”

“ The belt is for the skirt little girl, you KNOW, you damn well KNOW, that is for me and me only,” he said this the whole time listening to my cries and watching my bottom turn purple.

Daddy gave me twelve swats with the belt, ten for the clothes and two for having to ask why. He turned me towards him and kissed my tears. Holding me tightly in his arms, as he held me we slowly slid down the back of the chair, my sobs and tears falling onto his chest. He sat there with me in his arms, kissing me gently on the head, saying repeatedly “I love you, I love you, I love you Baby.”

I felt so safe in Daddy’s arms, like nothing could ever hurt me, and I knew full well that the spanking’s that I’d just received were to teach me to be a better person. I couldn’t have asked for a more loving Daddy.

Daddy stood and lifted me in his arms carrying me upstairs and laying me face down on my bed to not hurt my bottom anymore; he kissed me on my forehead and left the room. I lay there my bottom burning, my heart pounding. Daddy walked back into the room with a glass full of ice; he walked over and placed the glass on the chest of draws next to my bed. Daddy took out a piece of ice and started to rub my bottom with it, I jumped because it actually felt so good.

“ Baby you know that Daddy would never hurt you right?” he had true concern in his voice “You do know that whenever Daddy spanks you, it’s to help you become a better person?”

“ Yes Daddy I know, and I know that I did wrong and that’s why you needed to do that,” I tried to take the pain out of my voice, as the ice was soothing my bottom so much now.

Daddy sat rubbing the ice along my bottom, humming a lullaby as he did this. I never felt as safe with anyone as I did with my Daddy. I knew that he loved me, and I knew that he was trying so hard to raise me to be a good girl.

Daddy lay next to me on my bed, still rubbing the ice on my red sore bottom; he leaned in and kissed me, our tongues finding their way around each other’s mouths. As we moved back from each other he looked me straight in the eye, then wrapped his arms around me and held me tightly, all I could think of was my love for this man, the one man that took true loving care of me.

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