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I lie back against the tub and close my eyes; the water is covering my entire body except for the peaks of my breasts which are peaking out of the water like 2 tiny islands in a sea of bubbles. I sigh as I let the warm water soothe my aching muscles. I am remembering our rendezvous this afternoon and am already turned on again just thinking about how your touch turned my skin to fire.

I begin to explore my body under the soapy bubbles and can feel my pussy get wet even though I am submerged in water…I reach down and feel the wet mound of hair above my shaved pussy lips and begin to move my fingers in slow circles on the outside eventually spreading the lips and dipping my fingers into the silky smooth depths of my hot pussy. My clit responds to my touch and gets hard and I flick it with my fingernails and spread my legs open to allow full access. I insert two fingers into my pussy remembering how good it felt when your cock entered me for the first time. You spread me open like my body was made to receive yours and you brought me to the brink of orgasm so many times before you let me cum like never before, canlı bahis şirketleri each wave shook my entire body and I begged you to stop touching me but you didn’t let me go and the waves kept coming and coming. I was left spent and exhausted and aching for more.

I bring my hands to my breasts and massage them gently rolling and pinching my nipples until they are hard and throbbing.

I remember how much you liked having your nipples played with, they are very sensitive and having me lick them with my flat broad tongue and then bite then drove you mad…you grabbed my hair and moved me back and forth between them as you moaned softly. I reached down and felt how hard your cock had gotten already and I couldn’t wait to take you in my mouth and make you even harder.

I unzipped your jeans and slide them down off your ass and began rubbing you through your boxers eventually pulling them down too. Your cock popped out of the underwear and was staring me in the face, I started by licking just the head lightly, rolling my tongue all around it and ran my hands up and down your thighs circling canlı kaçak iddaa around back and grabbing your ass. I pulled you into my mouth all the way and began sucking you in long deep strokes gagging each time your cock hit the back of my throat. I massaged your balls gently rolling them in my warm hands and gently tugging on them as I sucked harder and faster.

I had a glass of ice water beside me and I took a sip and the feeling of my cold mouth on your hot cock was an amazing sensation, you gasped when I took you into my cold mouth so I took a small piece of ice into my mouth and began sucking you with it in there, The sensation was like nothing you have felt before, my hot mouth with an ice cold center drove you crazy, the ice melted before long and my hot mouth was once again hot. You told me that if I kept sucking you like that you would cum any minute so I stood up and you pulled me close and started to kiss me, long and deep passionate kisses that left me breathless. I could feel your cock pressing into my belly and I wanted to feel you inside me. I leaned up and whispered in your ear that canlı kaçak bahis I had to feel you slide your cock into me now!

You pushed me back onto the bed and brought my legs up to your hips and wrapped them around you and slide inside me with ease. My pussy was so wet that you almost couldn’t feel me wrapped around you. I moaned loudly as your entire cock filled me up. You began pumping slowly and first and then faster and faster, I brought my hand down to my pussy and began massaging my clit while you pumped your cock in and out of me. Each time you pulled out and pushed back in I gasped, the sensation of your cock opening up my pussy was driving me crazy and I begged you to keep doing it. I continued to rub my clit with my right hand and my left hand was teasing my nipples as you pumped faster and faster…little beads of sweat were forming on your brow and you were going to cum. I increased the speed of my fingers on my clit and you groaned and pushed as deep as you could into my pussy and filled me up with your hot warm cum. You fell down on top of me panting as I came seconds later, my body again wracked with convulsions…I wrapped my legs around your hips and wrapped my arms around your neck and pulled you close to me and we fell asleep with you still inside me.

I have cum again in the warm water and sigh as I feel the stress leave my body again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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