Remembering When

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Anal Sex

“Quit showing off already,” Janine said, looking up at her husband, her seemingly tiny hand wrapped around the base of his rock-hard cock, at least another 6″ sticking up above her fist. “Betty and Bob will be here any minute,” she exclaimed, stroking him. “If you don’t cum, you’ll have this sticking out in front of you. Is that what you want?” she asked, once again lowering her face to his cock, her mouth somehow stretching wide enough to accommodate him.

“If Betty can suck cock like you, then maybe it wouldn’t be so terrible if she did see…….what she’s missing,” John said with a gasp and a laugh as Janine not so gently bit down on him. “But if you insist,” he said, groaning as Janine buried her nose against his belly, his entire cock deep in her throat.

At that point John allowed himself to erupt, cum spewing into Janine’s throat as she milked him. Then she was sliding back until she had his spurting cock in her mouth, filling it with his thick hot cum. Knowing how much it excited him, Janine opened her mouth to let John watch as his cock lay on her tongue, cum continuing to stream into her mouth.

Gulping once to swallow her mouthful of cum, Janine immediately took John’s cock all the way back down into her throat, slowly milking the rest of his cum as she moved back up to suck on the head of his cock, her tongue teasing the last droplets of cum from his slit.

“God, you are the cum-lovingest woman I’ve ever known,” John gasped as Janine gave one last hard suck to the tip of his cock before releasing him.

“Yes, and aren’t you the lucky one,” she said with a laugh as she got to her feet. “Now, try to behave until they leave, okay?” she asked, smiling at him.

At 6’4″, John was her dream man. Still incredibly fit due to his daily 5-mile swim, his sun-bleached hair and his blue-blue eyes still melted her on the spot, even after 20 years and 2 children.

John watched as his incredible wife sauntered away, her hips just swaying from side to side as she looked back over her shoulder at him, a smile on her face as she pushed a bit of cum from her cheek into her mouth, sucking on her finger. At a mere 5’2″, Janine sometimes looked like a little girl next to him, never less than when they were having sex, which happened all the time. The two of them seemed to have the world’s most intense sex drive.

Her green eyes sparkled at him as she spun away, her mid-thigh length skirt swirling up almost to the cheeks of her perfect little ass, her ringleted red hair swinging about her face as she laughed.

They had been living in their new house for almost a year now, having both been hugely successful with their real estate business. With more than 20 agents now working for them, they had splurged and purchased a house across from the ocean. Their contact with their neighbors had been rather minimal, though not unfriendly. Many of them seemed to be only seasonal residents, something south Florida is famous for. But their neighbors right next door were a bit different, always saying a cheerful hello when they saw each other coming and going. They appeared to be approximately the same age and Janine had finally prevailed upon John to invite them over for an evening.

Precisely at 7:00 the doorbell rang. Smiling at John, Janine went to the door and opened it, greeting Bob and Betty and inviting them in. This being south Florida, everyone was dressed very beach casual. Bob was not quite as tall as John, though a bit heavier muscled and thicker. His dark brown hair was tied back in a ponytail and his deep blue eyes were matched by a nice smile. Betty was taller than Janine by several inches at 5’8″. She was long and lanky with straight blonde hair which hung down almost to her waist. Her grey-green eyes had flecks of gold in them. She was wearing a bathing suit top which only accentuated her C-cup breasts. A short wraparound skirt which came down to her upper thighs and sandals completed the picture.

“What a beautiful home,” Betty said. “I’d wondered what it was like inside.”

“I’m glad you like it,” Janine replied. “Now you’ll have the chance to find out for yourselves. Come on in, meet John,” she said.

“Here, this is for you,” Bob said, handing her a bag from Carmine’s.

“Oh! Why, thank you,” Janine said, opening the bag to look inside. “Oh, my, champagne,” she exclaimed, pulling one of the boxes out. “And Mumm’s Cordon Rouge,” she said. “I just love the stuff, I have to admit. Thank you so much, but it’s totally too much and unnecessary, 4 bottles. That being said, shall we open one of them and put the rest in the refrigerator?”

“I just knew we were going to get along,” Betty said with a smile, her eyes slowly traveling up and down John’s body.

They all sat on the patio to watch the ocean as they got to know one another. Bob was a stock broker and they also had two children, a boy and a girl, both just in college. After finishing the 3rd bottle of champagne with dinner, they were all more than a little buzzed.

“I think I need a swim,” Betty bursa escort said, her speech just starting to be a bit slurred.

“I think that’s a great idea,” Janine agreed.

“A little sobering up wouldn’t hurt,” Bob agreed, placing a steadying hand on Betty’s arm as she stood up. See you across the street in a couple of minutes, okay?”

“Sounds like a plan,” John replied, trying not to laugh as Betty stumbled.

“Well, they’re nicer than I expected, especially Betty,” Janine said. “She’s sort of a ditzy blonde, but at the same time she’s basically nice, though I think there’s a serious wild streak in her. Did you see the way she devoured you with her eyes?”

“I hadn’t noticed,” John laughed. “Funny hearing you talk about someone’s wild streak. But I agree, they’re both really nice. Bob is really relaxed, and I mean all the way through. He must really have it made.”

“We better change,” Janine said.

When they got across the street a few minutes later, Bob and Betty were already in the ocean, a couple of towels laying on the sand just outside of the tide surge’s reach. Janine dropped her towel next to them and ran to dive into the ocean, the tanned cheeks of her ass visible in the moonlight.

“Oh, this is nice,” Janine said as she floated on her back, her barely encased breasts bobbing on the surface.

“The champagne was starting to get to me,” Betty said. “This helps a lot. I want to remember the 4th bottle,” she added with a laugh.

“Champagne always hits me harder than other stuff,” John agreed. “But this ocean cures all ills.”

“Say, how did you two meet?” Betty suddenly asked out of the blue.

“Oh my, that’s quite a story,” Janine quickly replied. “I’m not sure we know you well enough yet to tell that tale.”

“Hah! Sounds like fun,” Betty said. “We were young once, too, and did some really crazy things, especially me. I’ve never told anyone about it, or how we met, either. For some reason I feel like you two might not totally freak out.”

“Sounds like you’ve had too much champagne,” Bob interrupted.

“Oh, don’t be silly,” Betty said, turning and wrapping herself around her husband. “Of course, I won’t say anything if you don’t want me to. I just thought…”

“Why don’t we go back and continue this in the hot tub,” John suggested.

“Oh, that sounds really nice,” Betty said. “And more champagne, too.”

“Oh, boy,” Bob sighed in an exaggerated manner, a smile on his face.

Janine was a bit surprised to realize that both Bob and Betty had been swimming nude. Not that the nudity bothered her, but this was a very public beach. She couldn’t help but notice that Bob’s cock, like the rest of him, seemed to be rather thick, and when Betty bent over straight-legged to pick up her towel, the moonlight perfectly illuminated her ass and hairless pussy.

“That was great,” Betty said as she wrapped the towel around herself. “Just what I needed.”

“It would never have occurred to me to swim here without a suit,” Janine admitted.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t think,” Betty said. “We always do it this way at night, less chance of getting caught. We’ll go get our suits for the hot tub.”

“No, that’s not what I meant,” Janine said, blushing and glad that it was dark and nobody could see. “I don’t care about the nudity. We always go naked in the hot tub, but the public beach, getting caught, that would wreak havoc with our business, I’m afraid.”

“I like the little thrill I get from the possibility of getting caught,” Betty laughed, “though I’d probably die if a cop caught me. It would much more fun to shock someone walking by.”

“This is really a nice hot tub,” Bob said as John pulled the cover off.

“I just love it,” Janine said. “It’s the best thing about this house for me.”

“You’re sure you don’t mind,” Betty asked, indicating her towel.

“Of course not,” Janine said, reaching behind herself and untying her top and letting it fall to the ground, her breasts swinging free and her nipples instantly screwing themselves into hard knots.

Janine was fully conscious of the way Bob and Betty were staring at her and secretly enjoyed it. Stepping out of her thong bottom, she noticed the widening of their eyes when they saw her shaved pussy with her big fat clit bulging out from between her pussy lips.

“Shall we?” she asked as she stepped into the tub and sank down onto one of the seats.

“This is delicious,” Betty sighed as she, too, stepped into the hot tub and sat down opposite Janine, Bob quickly joining her.

“Here we are,” John said, handing around newly filled glasses of champagne to everyone.

Janine was watching Betty’s face when John pushed his swim shorts to the ground. Her mouth fell open a bit when she saw John’s cock hanging in front of him before he stepped into the hot tub and sat next to Janine.

“Well, here’s to new friends,” John said, lifting his glass in a toast.

“Here, here,” Bob added as he, too, lifted his glass.

“I’m so glad we’re neighbors,” bursa escort bayan Betty said after taking a sip of her champagne. “Bob?” Betty asked timorously.

“Whatever you want is fine,” Bob assured her, letting a hand rest on her upper thigh beneath the bubbling water.

“I want to tell you how we met,” Betty began. “So you’ll know us better. I want us to be friends, but there can’t be things like this hidden. At least that’s how I feel for me,” she added.

“You don’t have to tell us anything,” Janine replied. “I think we both like you and that’s good enough for me. We all have a past; it’s what we learn from it and do with it that counts.”

“I agree,” Betty said, nodding, “and my past is just that, my past. But that’s how I met Bob, so if you don’t mind, I’ll tell you. Then, if you want, you can tell us how you met.”

“Well, we’ll see about that,” John said with a laugh. “But you do as you like. I admit you’ve piqued my curiosity.”

“Well, believe it or not, I was always worried that people didn’t like me,” Betty began. “I mean, all my life I’d been told how cute I was, how pretty I was, how beautiful I was, but I didn’t know if people liked me. So I was always inventing games in my head to test people to find out if they liked me or not.”

“Even when I became a cheerleader and stuff, I always had these doubts. I went out with the football star, just like I was supposed to. I learned about sex with him. I learned that I really liked it, the sex. It felt nice and it also made me feel like he really did like me.”

“Then one day after practice when we thought everyone had gone, we were having sex in the locker room. I was laying naked on a bench on my stomach and he was fucking me from behind. I always liked it that way because it felt like he got so much deeper.”

“Well, suddenly two of the other football players came into the locker room. At first I was really freaked out, getting caught like that. But I was literally pinned to the bench by his cock. They came over and started talking, like I wasn’t even there, though he never stopped fucking me. Then I remember like it was yesterday, one of them asked, ‘Is she any good?”

“I was shocked. How could anyone ask such a thing? But then he said, ‘She’s got an incredible pussy. You wanna try it?”

“Well, of course they wanted to try it. Cary, the captain of the football team, pulled his cock out of my pussy and came and sat in front of me on the bench, his gooey cock sticking straight up in the air in front of my face. He knew how much I loved sucking his cock after he had been inside of me.”

“In the couple of seconds that it took for this thought to go through my head, one of the other two boys had plunged his cock into my pussy from behind and was really fucking me. I opened my mouth and began sucking Cary’s cock while the other boy fucked me. Cary warned him not to cum inside of me just as he blew his own load and came in my mouth.”

“When I finished sucking him off, he got up and told the boy fucking me to take his place and to let the third boy have his turn. For the next hour they took turns fucking me and then having me suck them off. And I loved it. Now I really felt like everyone liked me.”

“Well, it wasn’t long before Cary had me having sex with him and 2 or 3 other guys regularly. It was great. I’d never felt so desired or wanted in my entire life. Then he got the idea that if they won a game, everyone should get a turn. Well, suddenly they started winning a lot of games, and after each game I would do a train for hours, letting all of them do whatever they wanted. I used to especially love it when I’d have all of my holes filled with a cock at the same time.”

“Well, that was my senior year in high school and I went away to college after that. In college I also became a cheerleader, but my old doubts about myself began to return. Without the constant reinforcement of my desirability from my high school football team, I began to doubt myself.”

“But now I knew what to do about it. I needed time to study and couldn’t afford to be up all night, so that meant the football team was out. It was 3 times the size of my high school team anyway, not that that bothered me, but I didn’t have the time. Then I thought about the basketball team. That’s only 5 guys and some backups. That I could find the time for.”

“So I went and found the manager of the basketball team. He was so nice to me. I could see in his eyes and face what he wanted and it made me feel good. I asked if it was okay if I came and watched the team practice so that I would understand things better. Of course, he said yes.”

“So I started going to the basketball team’s practices. I would sort of pretend to practice cheers while they practiced. After about a week the team manager asked me to go out and I said yes. I had been worrying that he didn’t like me because he hadn’t asked or tried anything. I still remember how nice his cock felt the first time he put it into me, so fat, so thick. And when he came, he escort bursa could fill my mouth twice.”

“For the next week we had sex all the time and everywhere. It was so nice to feel liked and wanted again. I became a familiar fixture at the basketball practices and could pretty much do as I pleased. One day I finally got up the nerve to put my real plan into action.”

“I waited for about 10 minutes after practice had ended and everyone had gone to the locker room to shower and change. On the pretext of looking for the manager, I went into the locker room, calling his name. Well, almost all of them were totally naked. And I had never realized that such big and tall men would be equally big in other areas. My mouth actually fell open when I saw so many huge cocks just hanging in front of me.”

“The team captain came over to me, his huge black cock in his hand as he gently massaged it, and asked me what I was doing in their locker room. When I replied that I had been looking for the manager, he smiled, then laughed. ‘There’s a price to be paid for coming in here uninvited,’ he had said to me.”

“What price, I had asked, knowing that there would only be one answer. ‘We don’t wear clothes in this locker room,’ he said. ‘That’s the first price.’ Okay, I had replied, unbuttoning my shirt. ‘The second price is that everyone gets some,’ he then said, reaching out and lifting my chin so that I was looking into his eyes. ‘You have a problem with that?’ he asked as I pushed my skirt and panties to the floor to stand naked in front of him. No, I replied, reaching out to wrap my hand around his cock, needing only to lean over a bit to suck on it.”

“The next few hours were a blur as they took turns fucking me, and I had never been fucked by such big cocks before, and certainly not so many. When it finally ended, I was on my back on a bench, covered in cum. Opening my eyes I saw the eyes of the manager looking down at me, a wry grin on his face. ‘I see you met the team,’ he said, then burst out laughing.”

“The next four years at college were wonderful for me. I had a wonderful boyfriend, the basketball team manager, and he had no problem at all watching me take care of ‘our team’. When they had finished, he was always there to help me clean up, then we’d go home and he’d have his turn. It was some of the hottest sex imaginable.”

“Then college finally ended and I wondered what I was going to do with myself. But the basketball team manager had other ideas and he asked me to marry him. And I said yes and I’ve been completely and totally faithful to him ever since, because I know he loves me, likes me, and wants me,” Betty finished, turning to Bob and kissing him, long and deep.

“That is an incredible story,” Janine finally managed to sputter. “I would never have thought…”

“That I was such a cock slut?” Betty finished with a laugh. “Well, that’s true enough, though that was only the half of it. I really did have a problem with my self-esteem and thought I could fix it that way. I now know that I was wrong, though it was a lot of fun anyway.

“You’re quite a guy, Bob,” Janine said. “Not many guys would be so understanding, sort of like John here.”

“I’m so lucky and I know it,” Betty agreed. “And we have two beautiful kids now to show for it. But what about the two of you, how did you meet?”

“Well, our story is a bit strange, too,” Janine said with a smile. “We didn’t know each other until we met in college. I had had a pretty normal high school, also a cheerleader like you, though without all of the extras. I wasn’t a virgin and really liked the sex that I experimented with, but that was before I went away to college.”

“I wanted to be in the coolest of the sororities, but they had unusual pledge requirements. I had heard that they had the coolest parties and that the coolest people came to them, but they were strictly invitation only, so my only chance as I saw it was to become a member of the sorority.”

“I applied and got asked for an interview. There were four of the sorority sisters interviewing me. They explained that they had a hierarchal structure to the sorority and that everyone had to advance through the hierarchy the same way, just as they had had to do in their time.”

“They explained that the first step was this, the interview. If I gave satisfactory replies to the interview questions, then they would proceed to the first test. If I passed that test, then I would be allowed to the 2nd level where I would be required to help the new pledges fulfill their pledge at the appropriate time. If I did that satisfactorily, then there was a month of probation with certain requirements to fulfill. If I completed the probation satisfactorily, then I could complete the pledge requirements and be a full member.”

“Well, that sounded like it would be fun and I told them so. They smiled at each other, I remember, and then began asking me questions about myself, especially about my sexual experiences. I remember being completely shocked by how graphic their questions were. They wanted to know what position I liked best for sex, if I swallowed cum when I sucked a boy’s cock, if I liked eating pussy, if I liked anal sex. It seemed that most of their questions were about sex.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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