Remembering Tomorrow

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John loved to masturbate. He was in the shower at his home in San Diego. It was a million-dollar home left to him by his dying father. It was a huge house with luxury materials. The house had made numerous articles and was even shown in “Southern Living.” The house was built high on a hill, overlooking Mission Bay. And the shower, it was one of his favorite places. John, now naked, had windows on all sides of the ceramic paradise and a door that went out to the deck. John like to walk out there with a towel and air dry after a shower. The shower head was above John and sprayed the water all over John’s head and rolled down his back. The sun was bright outside as he watched through the window while he took his shower.

If masturbation were like a volcano, and I the cum like the lava, then the strokes were like the earth moving its shelves. He was enjoying that right now. He looked up into the Pacific, into the water with all of its boats and closed his eyes so the water ran down his face. He used conditioner to create the lubrication. He stroked his cock slowly and gently. He did not want to reach the climax too quickly. He began to think of Kerry whom he and met at the hospital while he was visiting his grandpa

She was tall, probably 5’7″. She had long, black hair like an Indian or from the Mediterranean, maybe Spain or Italy. He did not quite know her eye color yet. Probably green or blue. She did not have the biggest breasts but the loved the shape that formed in her scrub top. He imagined they were hard and pink, the nipples, when she was turned on. He was building to cum. He thought of kissing her and eating her pussy and the sounds she would make.

He stood up straight between her legs and she reached down and grabbed his cock with both hands. Here comes the eruption. He stroked faster and faster and when he came he squeezed his cock hard. The cum shot forward out of his cock and the waves began to crash all over his body. Everything moved in slow-motion, like the lava flow rolling out of the volcano. John stood below the water and it ran down his face. He loved that feeling. As his body continued to vibrate the continued to hold his cock as it started to soften.

He grabbed the soap and cleaned up the cum from his hand and the wall. He stood there for a few minutes longer and let the water find ways and passages down his head and back. He had only met Kerry for a few minutes, but had every intention to take her out and win her over. He thought silently of being inside her. Maybe one day, he thought. That made him smile.

He had to get ready to go see his grandfather at the hospital. He smiled while he buttoned his shirt. He threw on some jeans and some tennis shoes and he was ready to go. As he was leaving he started to think about Kerry. What was she doing? What did she like? How good would he get to know her? Would she go out with him? One thing John always thought was that you don’t know unless you ask. He drove down I-5 to the hospital. The parking lot was full but he was able to find this spot near the road. He took it, parked the car, and walked inside to the elevator. He went up to the 21st floor where his grandfather was.

He walked into the room and saw his grandfather talking with Kerry. “Hello grandpa,” he said. He also said hello to Kerry and smiled. She smiled back. He looked back at his grandfather. “What is up, Pops? How are you feeling today?”

His grandfather replied, “how bad can it be with this lady standing here. After all…” He raised his hand up toward Kerry. Everyone laughed. Grandpa always made everyone laugh, John thought. He remembered a story grandpa used to tell about the woman who broke her back trying to have sex with her horse. Grandpa was also a sexual deviant. John smiled.

I have to keep grandpa toned down around Kerry. He’ll try to pick her up. But who was he to stop that. She might like that.

He looked straight at Kerry and caught her eye for a minute. “Seriously,” he said. “How is he doing?”

“He’s doing really well. His blood pressure is stable and his and his oxygen levels are good. Umm, Sir, can I see you outside for a minute?” Little did Kerry know that he was going to follow her anywhere. “Everything is fine with your grandfather but his Alzheimer’s seems to be worsening. He goes in and out of knowing where he is. We try to keep him calm but it is becoming more and more common.” She let that sink in for some time.

“Well, what can we do?” John asked sincerely. But there was nothing to be done, Kerry thought sadly. It was going to be whatever it was going to be. As much as she did not want to say so, there was many a sickness that medicine could do nothing for. John looked deep into her eyes and saw the answer. He just could not imagine life without grandpa. Kerry reached out and laid her hand on John’s arm and said “were going to do all that we can.”

John believed her but he still thought of his grandfather as someone who would always be around. He guessed that that was never true. He appreciated Kerry’s sincerity. She turned to go and he watched her after move down escort sincan the hall. Her pants were tight against her ass and she moved from side to side. He liked to watch her walk away. There was something safe about that, John thought.

“Hey, Kerry” he called out to her. She stopped and turned around. Remember John, you don’t know until you ask. “Would you like to grab some lunch?” There, he did it. He asked her out and now he had the wait for her answer. She was a long way down the hall but he remained still. Always the poker player. “Yes, I think that would be very nice.” She said and John’s heart jumped.

“Have you ever been to Rubio’s?” He asked her down the hall. She shook her, no. “Then that is where we will go.”

“How about an hour?” She said and told him that she would come back to the room.

Well, that is that John thought. She going to go out with me. And that is all that I wanted, for now, he told himself.

John sat out with his grandfather for the hour that it took Kerry to come back. He talked of staying in the house and going to the beach. And he told him that there was no significant other in the picture. John liked out the window and thought longingly about Kerry. You never knew what lay ahead. John’s grandfather was laughing and John thought he could not recall what on earth his grandfather had said. I have to be more considerate, he thought but he could not get Kerry out of his mind. He laughed then followed along as best he could. He breathed a big sigh of relief when Kerry walked in almost an hour later. He loved his grandfather, make no mistake. He was just very turned on by Kerry.

“Well good by grandpa. Going to grab some lunch with Kerry.” He smiled at his grandfather as he bent down and kissed his forehead. He grabbed Kerry and moved out of the room. They made their way down to the parking lot and found John’s red Porsche that his father had left with the house. John pulled out of the parking lot and headed towards the beach.

“Do you like fish tacos?” He asked her.

“Absolutely.” She said.

“I fell in love with Rubio’s the first I came out here to San Diego.” He hoped she would like it.

“Well, I love Rubio’s also.” Kerry smiled at John.

John felt much better. They would go and have a nice time at one of the umbrella tables and the courtyard. Maybe lunch would lead to dinner. John smiled. Little did he know, Kerry was thinking the same thing. She reached out and grabbed his hand on the gearshift. Suddenly John’s arm began to tingle. This lady was absolutely beautiful. It turns out she had green eyes. John’s favorite. And a smile to go over her entire face when she let it loose. She had long fingers. John thought for a minute about the saying “you know what they say about men with big feet. Pause. They had a big heart.” That always got a laugh from the women. John wondered what long fingers meant?

There wasn’t much traffic so they made it to Rubio’s in about 20 minutes. John hoped that was okay for Kerry’s lunch. He hoped there was not a clock hanging over their head. He parked and they went inside hand in hand. They had a great lunch together. They watched the traffic. They watched people walking to the beach. They laughed and told stories. When Kerry said she had to go back to the hospital, John did not want to take her back to work. He wanted to play. But, alas, it had to happen.

They laughed together at a joke that John told. “I really had a nice time,” she said. “Maybe we could do this again.”

John drove her back to the hospital and a walk together to the elevator where she had to split. John leaned over and kissed her. She kissed him back. John rode to his grandfather’s floor, smiling. He spent the rest of the day with his grandfather.

The whole way home John thought out where he might take Kerry for their date. As he drove into the garage for the overtly large house, he parked and went inside, straight to the liquor. Bushmills on the rocks. He brought it to his mouth and drinking it was like having an orgasm or drinking a woman having an orgasm. God, that was good, he thought as he drank. He glanced quickly at his watch and saw pay them that in a few minutes the fireworks the starting over Sea World. John had a prime seat right outside on his deck. They were beautiful as they exploded over the Bay. One firework followed another and trickled down from this sky. There were boats on the water stopped to see the fireworks, hanna bees in Japanese, he remembered his first wife telling him. She had taught English to Japanese workers in a factory right after college.

He had it. He knew where he would take Kerry on their second date. The Fishermen’s Wharf in La Jolla. It was a little loud but the dinner was straight from the Pacific and was like candy on their tongues. And the deserts were like they had grown the fruits in the backyard and picked them straight from the vine. That reminded him, he needed to call her and ask her out. She had given him her cell phone number while at lunch. He picked up the phone and started to dial.

“Hello ” Kerry picked up and spoke ankara escort clearly.

“Hey you.” John spoke and waited for her reaction.

“Oh my God, I didn’t expect your call.”

“Why not? Is it okay?” John said.

“Yes. I don’t know. I just did not know how you felt.”

“Well dear, I was hoping for dinner. What do you think?”

“I think absolutely. Yes. How about this weekend?”

“Done. How about if I pick you up around seven?” John thought to himself that the weekend was only a couple of days away.

“This sounds great, John. Should I bring anything else?” She asked.

John wasn’t expecting that. He thought for a minute. And smiling, he said no, just yourself.

“Great. I’ll see you then.” She said to John and then hung up the phone.

He was overjoyed. Not only did he want to take her out but they also wanted her. He went outside, finished his drink, and went to bed smiling and as he had a hard on. In the bed he placed his hand over his cock and wrapped his fingers around it. He began stroking and feeling the electricity in his body. He closed his eyes and began to think of Kerry looking up at him while she moved her head up and down on his cock. It was getting hot and he could not hold on and was carried over the edge with Kerry sucking his dick. He came all over his hand and his stomach. He closed his eyes tight and pushed his head back against the pillow and pushed his body down against the bed. He squeezed and tightened every muscle in his body. He was still squirting a few minutes later. He stroked himself slowly and felt the knot in his stomach slightly loosen. He brought his hand to his mouth and licked the cum off of his fingers. He was listening to the sound she made and to the Hanna Bees far off in the distance.

The next day he was running. He put on his running shoes and headed out to the beach. He had slept later than usual so his run began a little later than usual. He was running down the boardwalk on mission beach. It was full of sites and sounds. There was the old man with the fireworks on his side. He passed by a beautiful couple of girls in their bikinis, very well endowed, holding hands and walking together. Later on the ran by a small boy playing with a pail of sand on the deck of this rented the beach house. Tourists from Arizona converge on the beaches during the summer. They were known as Zonies. And they were everywhere John was running. There wasn’t anything that like say gave them away. If you are a local, you just knew.

John finished his run and decided he would swim back to the place that he started. He ran down to the water and jumped in. The water was like a fresh rain. It was so refreshing he wanted to do it again. He would have to wash his shoes. If that did not work he would have to find new ones. Hand over hand , he made progress and was eventually back to where he started. He walked out of the water and back to his house. He would have to fill the time until he went to dinner with Kerry. He went upstairs to take a shower. In the shower he started to think of Kerry and thought he would masturbate again. But he was starting to think he should back off. Keep some of the excitement for Kerry. He felt completely relaxed under the water as it ran down his back and his legs.

After the shower he dressed in jeans and a T-shirt and made his way to the wet bar and poured himself a Bushmills on the rocks. John walked into his office and sat down at the computer. He was working on a novel and wrote for a while, wrote until he went to bed. As a freelance writer he had some control over his work environment. He could run, he could bike, he could even drink. Hell, he could have sex if he wanted to. He started to write and stayed there for hours. He finally went to bed about 2 in the morning.

When he woke up, he decided to go for another run and swim. Then he went out for lunch. He stopped at Diego’s and ate some salmon over salad. He felt much better. He then went back to the office to write some more. It was a beautiful fall day with the sun high in the sky. He looked around the restaurant and saw all of the unhappy people who chose to go to work. When they got home, they usually went further in debt. Somehow…

When it was time, he got ready for his date with Kerry. It would take her to The Fisherman’s Wharf. He wore a pair of black pants and a white button-up shirt with an undershirt. He had no hair to fix because he was shaved bald. You went down to his car and pulled out of the garage. He sped off to get Kerry. When he got to the address she had given him, he got out of the car and went on slowly to the front door. He was very nervous to be with her. Well, I guess it’s now or never. He rang the bell.

When she opened the door he was stricken. He was terrified. He was turned on. She wore a red sundress with sandals. Maybe it’s that was all, he thought. He was seeing that her nipples were slightly hard. He also saw the formation of her breasts better than when she was in her nurse’s scrubs. They were a firm round and bigger than he first thought. All he wanted was to touch etimesgut escort bayan her. So he quickly grabbed her hand and walked her to the car. He held on until she got in. He then walked around to the other side and they drove off to the restaurant.

“Kerry, you look radiant and I love your dress.” He thought of fair legs as they walked to the car. Very nice. As his father used to say, “she stands up and just keeps on going.” And she did. She was both tall and elegant, leggy and graceful.

“Well, thank you John”

“have you ever been to the to The Fisherman’s Wharf?”

“No, I heard of this, heard it was very good but I have never been.”

“Well, you won’t be able to say that after tonight.” John smiled at her. She was even prettier than the first thought at the hospital. She had a pale moonglow about her face. It was all the way down to her cleavage. It was like oriental skin. She placed her hand gently on his atop the gearshift. He was surprised at first though he was very happy to keep it there.

“John, I really looked forward to this. I want you more than you know.”

“You just come right out and say what you are thinking, don’t you?”

“Yes. I feel like it doesn’t allow for misinterpretation.”

“Well you’re very right about that. I’m glad you are. And by the way, I want you too.”

He sighed and smiled. This girl was truly one of a kind.

A few minutes later, John pulled into the restaurant.

“Here we are.”

“Let’s hurry through dinner and get to the desert.” She grinned sideways at John and he felt himself grow a little bit hard.

The went inside and were seated near a window at the back of the restaurant, overlooking the beach.

He felt like he was right where he was supposed to be. Surrounded by everyone that was supposed to be. From them you learn about himself, he told himself.

“Would you like some wine?” John asked. She said she would.

When the waiter came out he asked him to bring them a Bushmills on the rocks and a bottle of white wine. The best that they had.

“What is that?” She asked John.

“Irish whiskey. It’s very good, very gentle.”

She looked sideways and said, coyly “well I’ll have to taste it.”

“Well maybe you should.” He shot back.

The waiter came back and delivered the whiskey and the wine. John smirked. He thought it sounded like a poem. Maybe he would write that. That was be a good look at the two of them. He was rough like whiskey, she was delicate white wine.

They perused their menus and drank silently while the waves crashed outside their window. She decided on the Chilean Sea bass mouse love like with vegetables and rice and he whitefish, Tilapia , and vegetables. They spoke quietly over candlelight and drank their drinks.

“So John, what do you do?”

He looked at her thinking. “Freelance writer. I write pretty much whatever I can sell. Right now I am working on book.”

“How cool is that! I’ve never met a writer.”

“Well you can’t say that now.” He held up his glass for a toast and she followed suit. She smiled and John really thought she was a very special girl. She was so beautiful. Her mouth was tight around her teeth and opened up her whole face. It was magical. What he didn’t know was it, the drink and the wine was gone. He wanted to leave and to fuck her. But when the waiter came back and asked if they want another round, he said yes. He was enjoying the time with her.

“So Kerry, tell me why the health field?”

“I was with my mother and my grandmother when they both died in the hospital and the nurses were the greatest people I had ever met. And I decided that is what I wanted to do.”

“What else do you like?”

“I like you.”

“I like you, too.”

“And what do you like, John?”

“Eating pussy.” He took a chance on that one. She might be, although he didn’t think so, horribly offended.

“Well then we should go…” Thankfully she was not upset.

John left the tab and the tip in cash on the table. He stood and because he did not wear underwear and his hard on was noticeable in the front of his pants. He put his hand forward and she happily took it.

In the car, she leaned over and grabbed his face and kissed, putting her tongue all inside his mouth. He was ready and kissed her back. When she finished and pulled away he quickly left and headed for his house.

She was laughing and saying how much she wanted to be fucked. He wanted nothing more than to give it back to her, hard.

They gone home and the pulled in the garage.

“Is this okay?” He asks.

“What do you think. Fuck yes.” She said and reached down and grabbed his cock through his pants. She started rubbing. He did not know quite what to do. Should he pull her out and take her upstairs? Or just let her jerk him off. He decided to wait and see what she did. It was not disappointing. She reached up and slowly unzipped his pants which made his big dick stand straight up and she grabbed his cock. He was not the smallest and he was glad for that. Her hand wrapped around his cock fully. She stroked it and licked his ear. He dropped his head back on the seat and his eyes rolledi. Her hand was warm on his cock. He felt like cum was not far away. He grabbed her hand and began stroking with her. “Oh fuck, Kerry, I’m going to cum.

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