Red Convertible

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We sit in silence as you drive. My hands are clasped together in my lap as I stare out through the windshield. I can see your hands, knuckles pronounced, on the steering wheel without turning my head. I swallow slowly.

The sky is heavy, the air warm and thick with suggestion. The car turns off the road onto an unsealed track, driving through the trees, their reflection gliding over the old red convertible. We come to a gradual stop, amongst the thick of the dark green pines. You turn the car off and we sit silently for a few moments. Suddenly I open the door and get out. Taking a couple of steps, I lean against the car, wrapping my arms around my waist, staring into distance: the pastel horizon moving as the ocean heaves up, over and over.

I feel something on my hair, and then again. I run my hand over my hair, trailing it down the back of my head, feeling liquid under my palm. Raindrops land on the back of my hand and I hear the echo of rain as it begins to fall around me, through the trees and on the car. With my eyes closed, I lean my head back and feel the droplets land on my face, splattering on impact.

I continue to stand outside, leaning against the car as the rain falls slowly, yet steadily. The water cooling my skin as it weighs down my sundress, moulding it against my form. The droplets slide down my face and under my chin, running down my neck. They soak into the top of my sundress, which is now clinging, outlining the shape of my breasts. My tongue darts out to taste and collect some of the rain on my lips.

I feel your fingers move the hair across the back of my neck, replacing it with your lips, pressing against my damp skin. You linger there until your lips move, parting on my neck. I feel the tip of your tongue, run slowly, languidly from side to side, between your lips.

I breathe in sharply as I feel my knees weaken, willing myself not to fall back against you. You move your attention behind my ear, brushing my lobe with your nose and your lips. Your teeth graze my skin as you flick my earlobe with your tongue. You run your tongue slowly up and down the edge of ear as my nipples tighten and I feel a stirring between my legs.

Placing your hands under my arms, your run them both slowly down my sides and over my hips, as far as the length of your arms go, your fingertips extending down the sides of my thighs. You stop, then ever so slowly, you gather up the sides of my sundress, moving your fingers alone, until the hem is bunched up under your hands and your fingertips are touching my skin.

You are still, the wet material gathered under your palms. Lazily you circle your fingertips on the skin of my thighs, barely touching, only the slightest contact, my skin prickling at the sensation. A weak groan escapes my lips before I can stifle it, and, in a swift movement you swing me around and lean me over the bonnet of the car, trapping one of your hands between my legs and between the side of the car, your other hand is on my left breast.

Despite your trapped hand you squeeze sincan escort and rub me through the front of my dress, massaging and running your middle finger up and down my line while leaning yourself on me. I feel your hardness against my back. Your other hand rubs over my breast and hardened nipple, up and down, squeezing and cupping, catching my nipple between your fingers through my soaking sundress, as you nibble on my neck and along my shoulder.

Behind my closed eyelids, all else has left my mind. I am consumed by each action or movement it occurs. One arm trapped under yours, the other hanging loosely by my side. Each reaction I make almost involuntarily: a slight twitch of the hips, a soft pant, a quiet groan dissolving in my throat on the way out. I can feel the beating in my chest reverberate in my ears and through my body.

All the while the rain continues to fall.

I turn my head slightly and you lean forward, but you don’t kiss me, instead you stop, and turn me around to face you, as you lean down slightly so that we are eye level. You place your hands either side of me on the car, without touching me.

Once again, you move ever so slowly, closing the gap between our faces, until our lips are almost touching. I am almost afraid to breathe. Then you trace my lips with the tip of your tongue, as I hold back a shiver. I close my eyes, and try to remain still. You press your lips against mine, replacing the tingling with the pressure of your mouth. Softly at first, then you place short repetitive kisses all over my mouth. Suddenly your lips are brutal. Assaulting, bruising my lips, forcing your tongue into my mouth, devouring, possessive, as your tongue strokes mine. I breathe heavily through my nose as I respond to your mouth, pushing back.

Your hands go to my hips and you lift me onto the bonnet of the car, your mouth moving down my neck and onto my chest. My breath is short and sharp as you suck at my breasts through the flimsy material, catching my nipples between your teeth and flicking them with your tongue.

You stop.

I feel you push my sundress up over my thighs, exposing my underwear. You put your mouth on the front of my panties, your lips touching mine. I feel you smile between my legs, then you kiss my smooth lips, massaging them with your own. You kiss them from top to bottom through the moist cotton, tracing my slit with your tongue. I throw back my hands to steady myself, my head hanging back, my face once again exposed to the falling drops.

Leaning back precariously on top of the car, I vaguely concentrate on holding my body up as the sensations of your mouth between my legs begin to overpower me. It’s all I can do to stop from bucking and grinding my wetness on your lips. My mind is awhirl and I feel myself succumbing. My chest is tight, and even my hardened nipples contract as my skin prickles continuously, racing up my thighs, along my ribs, over my breasts and up my neck. I’m losing the battle. I want to cum. Yes. No. I could just cum right now, on your shielded ankara escort lips. I’m so close. No. I want to feel you inside me. I want you to feel me cum on you, over you, with you. Amidst my jumbled carnal thoughts one of my elbows buckle and I almost fall back onto the bonnet.

Feeling my movement, you look up at me, my face dazed, my eyelids lazily drawing down after flying open in shock from the sudden movement. You smile at me, baring your teeth, but your eyes are not smiling. You put your hand between my breasts and push, forcing me to lie down on the bonnet. You slide your hands back under my dress, and roughly pull my panties, all the way down and over my feet. Pushing my legs further apart, you plunge your tongue mercilessly into my wetness and I cry out. I feel my legs try to kick out but your hands are holding down my thighs. Steadily, rhythmically, you plunge your tongue in and out of me. I am losing control as I cover my face with my hands and whimper. Your stroke changes, alternating with a broad lick from the bottom to the top of my lips and just ever so slightly making contact with my bud. I am sitting on the edge, and I can feel the burning in the pit of my belly, I am drowning in the darkness.

My center is in engulfed in your mouth as you suddenly suck me forcefully and grind your lips into mine. Your rhythm slows and the pressure from your tongue softens, bringing me back from my from my mindlessness. Suddenly I feel your two fingers plunge into me as you suck down tightly on my bud. The pressure is so intense I cry out again about to explode and gush into your mouth and over your fingers, only to have you move your tongue back to my lips, licking and sucking them as you slow your fingers down, and stop. Shakily I move my hands away from my face, the rain still falling. I open my eyes, and through the rain I notice the sky has darkened. In the distance I can hear the heavens rumbling.

You grab my hips and slide my body towards you. My legs drop down and as my feet touch the ground, my knees give way, and your press your body into mine, holding me up against the side of the car. You kiss my lips and I respond automatically, my lips parting. I feel the heat of your mouth and the wetness on your lips as you drive your tongue into my mouth and I taste myself. We kiss, our tongues dancing wildly together, our swollen lips moving firmly against eachother until I am sure that I have almost as much of myself on my face as you have on yours.

Once again you turn me around to face the car. You lift my sundress over my backside and I feel the heat and length of your hardness pressing against me. You push on the inside of my thigh, gesturing for me to spread my legs. I move my legs and feel your tip resting against my lips. My body stands to attention. Slowly you slide your length, back and forth, running along my saturated slit. I groan. You stop, then start again. My head drops down and I place my hands on the car. It is sheer, exquisite torture. I desperately want you, but I force myself to be still.

You etimegut escort rest your tip against my lips again and then slowly begin to nudge your head between them. I hold my breath as I feel the slow ascent. The aching pulse between my legs, and heat, almost unbearable. I feel my composure slipping once again, as I fight the urge to push back onto you and take your whole length in one swift movement. I sense your slight smile, twitching at the corners of your mouth, a knowing smile for it is almost a battle of the wills between us: however the battle is within myself. You push yourself into my depths, until there is no more, and so begins your leisurely decent. You continue your excruciating movements, your slow dance, until I am weak with want. Then you withdraw almost your entire length, leaving your head resting between my lips.

With no movement, I notice the sounds of my own laboured breathing and I open my eyes. The noises of the distant cracking are drawing closer. The rain has eased and is now only falling gently. I breathe in through my nose, the scent of our engagement is overpowered by the damp smell of earth.

Suddenly the rain begins to fall heavily from above, and I gasp as I feel you swiftly slide your hardness inside me; however this time you do not stop. My body rocks with each thrust, your fingers clamping onto my hips. I push against the car with my hands and meet your thrusts, squeezing my muscles around you as you plunge into me. This is only seeks to increase your rhythm as you grab the back of my neck and buck against me, into me, the unrelenting assault of your hardness.

I hear a deep groan, and another, and I realise they are coming from my own lips. The rain beats down on us, the thunders cracks nearing, my body tenses, inside and out. I begin to flinch sporadically, the burning in the pit of my belly spilling into my center. I pant heavily, almost painfully, but we don’t stop as the noisy heavens roll around us.

My eyes snap open at your increase in speed. Somehow you’re pushing even deeper. I can feel you in the pit of my stomach, our wet skin slapping together as I spiral out of control. My entire being is in chaos, the core tightly coiled, threatening to spring forth at any moment. Your rigid self sliding quickly in and out of my slick center, the force of your movement echoing in every cell. I want, I need for you to drive into me until I know no more, our rhythm escalating, our soaking bodies, burning up in the rain. Words are on the tip of my tongue, trapped between laboured breaths and sounds. More, harder, deeper. Suddenly, there’s a giant boom of thunder directly above us. You push me up and over as I cry out, my legs shaking as I thrash and writhe under you, breaking your rhythm into a single deep hard thrust, finally squirting your liquid into me as I flow down over you. You withdraw slightly, thrust, and squirt again. You continue your deliberate push as I quiver around you. My body reeling, my mind falling into the darkness once again.

I sag against the car, the aftermath pulsing through my body, my inner muscles still intermittently spasming. You are still hard inside me, and you lean against me, smiling into the back of my neck, the rain still falling as the thunder moves away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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