Rebecca’s Rebirth Ch. 01

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My name is Rebecca Young and this is the story of my life so far. I was born 31 years ago in a small town in Nebraska. My parents owned a small dry goods store that did pretty well until a Walmart was built in a nearby town. When the business began to fail, my Dad ended up working in the Walmart for minimum wage and my Mom did clothing alterations from home. Additionally, my parents were evangelical Christians and very strict. We went to church several days a week for services and bible study.

Due to my parent’s religious beliefs, I was home schooled for all but my last year of public schooling. There were certain classes I had to take at the public school throughout my school career like science, because my Mom didn’t have the knowledge to teach me and the state had certain requirements that needed to be met. I was always ill at ease during those public-school classes because I didn’t, really, fit in. My clothes were unfashionable, as was my hair. I didn’t know anybody because all of the kids that went to my church were all home schooled as well.

For my early years, church was my entire social world. I had 2 primary friends who were my age; Ruth and Hannah. We would sit together in bible study and hangout at each other’s houses. They were very good friends, but we missed out so much during our adolescence because none of us had TV and the only radio programs we heard were evangelical Christian.

Over the years we had had many pastors. Some were older, some were younger, some were married and some weren’t. Despite their different looks, they all preached the same thing about the sins of the flesh. Now, to a young girl these admonitions about the sins of the flesh made little sense. I had no idea what fornication was nor alcohol because my parents didn’t drink. But they were all adamant that I shouldn’t fornicate, drink alcohol and avoid at all costs the sins of the flesh because I would be cast into hell for all of eternity!

After a while, Ruth, Hannah and I all decided to ask our parents. I asked my Mom what fornication was and what constituted a sin of the flesh because I was afraid I might cross that line by accident since I didn’t know what those sins were. Not only did I not find out what those sins were, I got a whipping with the belt by my father when my Mom told him what I had asked. The next day Ruth, Hannah and I conferred and discovered that we all got the same treatment.

When I turned 13 I began developing as a girl. I had my first menstrual period and began developing breasts. My Mom explained to me that our periods were due to Eve’s original sin and that I should cover my developing breasts so I wouldn’t lead others to sin. It all seemed like an unfair burden for a young adolescent girl, but I accepted everything I was told because that was how I was raised.

As the years progressed my breasts got larger and larger. I had developed hair in my groin and underarms and grew to be 5’6″ tall. My breasts were considerably larger than Ruth and Hannah’s and I had noticed that the men from our church would stare at my chest when they thought nobody was looking. I asked my friends if they noticed the men looking at my chest and they said that they had. It was, kind of weird, but we all discounted it.

When I was 17, I had two classes at the high school. One was calculus and the other was advanced biology. I had a natural talent in science much to my parent’s chagrin because they were convinced I was learning stuff that was contrary to the bible. I had a period between the classes where I was told to go to the library and study, so I took the first opportunity to use the dictionary to look up the word ‘fornicate’. The definition was, ‘two people who were not married having sexual intercourse’. Of course, this didn’t help me in the slightest because I didn’t know what sexual intercourse was.

I was getting pretty frustrated by this time because I was no closer to finding out what this big sin was that was supposed to be so evil. So, my next effort would have to be via the computers that were available in the library. Since I was the only student in the library, I had the pick of computers, but it turned out that I didn’t have a user name to login, so I checked all of the computers to see if someone was still logged in. On the fifth computer I tried, someone hadn’t logged out. I wasn’t very familiar with computers because my church thought they were tools of the devil, but I looked the screen over and saw a space that said search with a little magnifying glass. I typed ‘sexual intercourse’, but the response I got was that the information was unavailable due to filters put in place.

At about this same time, we got a new pastor in our church because the previous one retired and moved away. The new one was much younger than the previous one and quite handsome. His wife was quite pretty as well. His name was Rev. James Holloway and his wife was Missy. They were a very nice couple and fit in with the congregation very well. Rev. Holloway’s sermons sincan escort echoed many sermons of the past, but his youthful vigor had a greater impact than his predecessors. He preached against the sins of the flesh and fornication with such gusto that I was spurred to find out what exactly these horrible things were.

Because I was the equivalent of a junior in high school, I took the SAT college placement exam. The exam went on for 6 hours with a 30-minute break for lunch. My biology teacher, Mrs. Lerner, was the proctor for the test. I liked her a lot and thought she was a very good teacher, so after the exam was finished I went up to her and asked her if I could ask her a question. Since the test was being held at the high school on a Saturday, she said I was welcome to ask any question I liked and that we should go to her classroom to talk.

When we arrived, Mrs. Lerner asked, “So, what can I help you with Rebecca?”

I was a little nervous considering the responses I had received before from my parents, but I was determined to find the answer. “Well, in my church the pastors are always warning about the ‘sins of the flesh’ and ‘fornication’. The dictionary says that fornication is sexual intercourse between unmarried people, but nobody will tell me what any of this means. Can you answer these questions for me because I don’t want to inadvertently commit one of these sins out of ignorance?”

Mrs. Lerner looked a little gob smacked with her mouth hanging open when I had finished with my question. She took a few moments to consider her response and then said, “Haven’t your parents told you about the facts of life? You know, the birds and the bees?” I shook my head no, so she continued, “Well, I’m not sure that it’s my place to tell you this. Generally, a mother will tell her daughter all about these things.”

“When I asked my Mom what fornication was, I got a whipping with my father’s belt,” I explained. “Please tell me. I won’t tell anyone where I got the information.”

Mrs. Lerner pondered for a few moments and then said, “Okay, I tell you because every woman should know this information. Come sit with me at my computer and I’ll give you the facts of life.” She pulled up a site on her computer that diagramed the reproductive systems of men and women and then showed how intercourse worked. At first I was stunned, but got more interested as the demonstration went on.

When it was finished, I sat thinking for a few moments and then asked, “So, fornication is when two unmarried people have intercourse, is that correct?” Mrs. Lerner nodded, so I went on, “So, what are ‘sins of the flesh’?”

Mrs. Lerner chuckled and said, “I think the definition depends on the church you go to, though I would suppose that there are a lot in common amongst churches. My guess would be things like oral and anal sex, lesbian and gay sex, adultery and so on.” I had no idea what any of those things were and Mrs. Lerner knew that, so she continued. “Lesbian sex is sex between two women. Gay sex is sex between two men. Anal sex is when a penis is placed in another person’s anus. And, oral sex is when a mouth is put on either a man or woman’s sex organ. Most religions condone only sex between a married man and woman when the penis is put into the vagina. Does that answer your question?”

“What are the ‘sins of the flesh’ at your church?”

Mrs. Lerner had a wry grin and said, “I was afraid this question might come up. Well, to tell you the truth, I don’t attend church because I’m an atheist. I don’t believe in god.”

It was my turn to be gob smacked! My church said that anyone who doesn’t believe in the lord our God would be subject to eternal damnation. “Aren’t you afraid that you will go to hell?”

She chuckled again and said, “I don’t believe there’s a hell…or heaven, for that matter.”

“You are such a nice person! How can you not believe in God?”

“Look Rebecca, now is not the time to discuss theology. Some things happened in my past that pushed me away from religion. So much of religion is just the foibles of men and mankind. Perhaps, in the future we can sit down and discuss belief vs. non-belief. Right now, however, I just want to make sure you are clear on human reproduction.”

I was thinking about everything Mrs. Lerner said and was wondering how anyone could not believe in God. But since she asked, I turned my attention back to fornication. “So, people really do those things you said with their mouths and bottoms?”

“Yes,” Mrs. Lerner replied, “I think most people do some of those things.”

“Why would they do those things if they are contrary to God’s teachings?”

“Well, first, because not everybody believes in god and second, because many of those things feel good. It’s not fair to condemn something if you haven’t tried it.”

I was even more confused after my talk with Mrs. Lerner. I told Ruth and Hannah what I had found out, but didn’t say who told me. They were both amazed and disgusted at what I had ankara escort told them.

Later that year, just before summer and just after my 18th birthday, my mother got sick and died. It was all very sudden and a shock to my father and I. We were comforted by people from our church and Rev. Jimmy (as he liked to be called) and Missy were very attentive of our needs. People brought food for several days as my Dad and I mourned the loss of my Mom.

One night I was invited to the Rev. Jimmy’s house to have dinner and to pray with he and his wife while my Dad was at work. I thought it was very thoughtful of them. I left a note for my Dad to pick me up at the parsonage when he got home from work. We had a nice dinner of fried chicken, potatoes and salad. After dinner, I was invited to swim with the pastor and his wife.

One of the perks of preaching at our church was that the parsonage had a swimming pool. If you have ever been in the Midwest during the summer, you will know how hot and humid it can get. Though there had been many gatherings over the years at the pastor’s, I had never been swimming in the pool because it would require people to have to few clothes on and was for the use of the pastor and his family.

When I was asked to join them in a swim, I was surprised and wanted to join them. “I’d love to because I like swimming, but I don’t have a swim suit,” I said.

Missy walked up to me and said, “Your bra and panties are as good as a swimsuit, just use those. We won’t mind, will we Jimmy?” Since it was the pastor and his wife, I thought that it would be alright. While I was deciding, Missy unzipped my dress and began pulling it off my shoulders. Before I knew what was happening, I was standing in their living room in only my underwear and shoes.

“Oh my, look what has been hiding under that dress,” Missy said. “You’re quite a girl Rebecca. Maybe you should show us some more!” With that, Missy unhooked my bra and pulled it off.

My breasts had never been exposed to anyone but myself and I was a little confused as to what the pastor and his wife were doing to me. I covered my breasts with my hands as I looked between the two until Rev. Jimmy spoke. “We are going to bare ourselves to God and pray to him that your mother will find a place in heaven!” With that, Missy pulled my panties off of me while the Rev. Jimmy began stripping his clothes off. When she got my panties down, Missy stripped herself and we were all naked.

Rev. Jimmy told Missy and me to get on our knees and pray for the soul of my mother. I did what I was told and began to earnestly pray for my departed mother and asked that Jesus let her into the kingdom of heaven. After a few moments, while he was praying loudly for my Mom, he stood right in front of me beseeching Jesus to care for my mother. I felt something rub across my lips and thought that someone rubbed their fingers over my lips, but when I opened my eyes to peek, I saw Rev. Jimmy’s engorged penis in front of my eyes,

Now, I was really confused and a little curious. Confused as to why Rev. Jimmy’s penis was rubbing along my lips and curious because I had never seen a man’s penis before. As I look back on it, the Rev. Jimmy was circumcised and didn’t have a very big penis, but I didn’t know that at the time. I watched it as it danced before my eyes until the Rev. Jimmy put his hand on my head and pulled me towards him forcing his penis into my mouth. Wasn’t this one of the sins of the flesh that Mrs. Lerner described to me a month or so ago?

Anyway, Rev. Jimmy forced his penis in and out of my mouth a few times and then pulled out and moved over to his wife, who gladly took it into her mouth and sucked on it greedily for several minutes. When he removed his penis from Missy’s mouth, he told me to lay back and open myself to Jesus. Missy pushed me onto my back and told me to spread my arms and legs out to welcome the Lord and to close my eyes and pray for Jesus to come to me. Again, I did as I was told and spread my legs and arms exposing myself. Missy was kneeling behind me and had her hands on my shoulders for a few moments and then she reached down and began fondling my breasts.

I was surprised when I felt her hands massaging my breasts and pinching my nipples, though I had to admit it felt very nice. I was relaxing nicely until I felt the Rev. Jimmy kneel between my legs and then thrust his penis into my virgin vagina! The pain was unbearable as he began fucking me hard, burying his penis all of the way into me. I screamed out in surprise and pain as loudly as I could and began crying in pain. I opened my eyes to see a look of total lust in the eyes of the Rev. Jimmy as he fucked into me. In an effort to quiet me, Missy sat her pussy over my mouth!

I couldn’t believe what was happening as our pastor and his wife committed multiple sins upon me. I struggled to escape, but they were too strong for me. What was weird, was that as the pain of the initial penetration ebbed, what the Rev. Jimmy was doing etimegut escort to me began to feel pretty good. But, just as I started to enjoy my first foray into intercourse, I heard my father yell with rage as he first pulled the Rev. Jimmy from between my legs and heard him hit the Rev. several times. Missy jumped off of my face and tried to escape, but my Dad managed to grab her and punched her several times in the face.

When I looked around I saw the Rev. Jimmy was beaten unconscious as was his wife. My Dad handed me my clothes and told me to get dressed. I was sobbing as I sat on the floor clutching my dress to myself. My Dad went to the phone, dialed 911 and reported a rape at the Rev. Jimmy’s address. Within moments I heard sirens blaring as my father kneeled beside me and tried to comfort me.

When the police arrived, my father let them into the house and quickly explained what he heard and then how he reacted to it. “That man was fornicating with my daughter as she was being held down by her. I heard Rebecca’s screams as I approached the house to bring her home, so I entered the house, saw what they were doing and proceeded to beat the living shit out of both of them. When they were unconscious and could no longer hurt my daughter, I called 911. Thank you for getting here so quickly.”

Moments later 2 EMT’s entered the room and made their way towards me. It was then that I noticed blood on my thighs and on Rev. Jimmy’s penis. The EMT’s took samples of the blood and then, at the direction of the policeman, swabbed samples of blood off of Rev. Jimmy’s penis. I told the policeman that Missy had put her vagina on my face as she held me down. The policeman smiled and then told the EMT to swab my face and Missy’s vagina. The policeman handcuffed the unconscious couple and called on his radio for back-up and another ambulance.

He then took multiple pictures with his phone of the scene and made sure I was covered up before taking pictures of me. He then told the EMT’s to take me to the hospital which was in the County seat 20 miles away. I put my dress on and then let the EMT’s escort me to their ambulance. My Dad followed us in his car as we drove to the hospital. The EMT who was attending to me in the back during the drive was a woman who had a real look of concern. “Are you okay honey? This has been quite a shock for you and pretty soon it will really hit you. When it does go ahead and cry your eyes out. I’ll be here for you.” About halfway to the hospital, the reality hit me and I began crying like a baby. The EMT held me close in a hug and stroked my head as the tears burst from my eyes.

When we arrived at the hospital, I was pretty cried out and felt very exposed. The EMT explained to the physician what had happened and then I was led to a curtained area in the emergency room. A nurse entered the area and asked me to remove my dress and to put on a backless gown. I was reluctant to remove my dress again because of what happened, but the nurse was very kind and explained that the doctors were going to have to examine me and it was easier with a hospital gown. She, also, said that part of the examination might be uncomfortable for me, but that I should be brave because it will help the police convict my assailants. I understood what she meant and then removed my dress and put on the hospital gown.

The nurse helped me to sit up on the bed and then she took my temperature, blood pressure and pulse. When she had finished, she told me to lie back and that the doctor would be in to see me in a few moments. The doctor, a woman, came into the area and commiserated with me as she checked my body and told me she was going to do a thorough examination to make sure I was going to be okay. When she looked at my breasts she noted some bruising and asked me if my assailants had handled my breasts.

“Only Missy touched my breasts. She squeezed them and pinched my nipples,’ I reported.

“So, one of your assailants was a woman,” the doctor asked?

I replied, “Yes. The pastor’s wife held me down while the pastor fornicated me. When I screamed with pain as he thrust his penis inside me, she put her vagina on my face to quiet me down, but my Dad heard my screams and helped me.”

“So, you had never had sex before, correct?”

“That’s correct. I had only just learned about what sex was a month or so ago. I don’t think I like it too much because it hurt me a lot!”

The doctor patted my arm and said, “Your pastor sounds like a horrible man and I’m sure it hurt a great deal since it was your first time. I promise you it will feel better when you have sex with someone you want to have sex with. Don’t give up. Now, I saved the worst part for last. I need to open your vagina in order for me to examine inside and take samples if your assailant left any discharge. I will use this tool, slowly insert it into you and then I will spread you open.” The doctor showed me what I learned to be a speculum later on in my life. She spread some lube on it and gently pushed it into me. At first it didn’t feel too bad, but as she began spreading me it began to feel a bit uncomfortable. The doctor did her work quickly and efficiently and after just several minutes she removed the tool.

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