Reason vs Instinct Ch. 02

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It was a week later, Monday evening, and Jordan was heading home. He found he was smiling; he was looking forward to his time at home for once. His insatiable sister, Treena, was away all week on a school trip and had had to leave at 7am that morning. She had been too busy even the night before to attack him and he was enjoying the brief respite from her sexual demands. It also meant for the next 5 days at least his other self shouldn’t make an appearance, giving his exhausted body some well deserved rest.

When he got in, his mother was out, so he fixed himself some dinner and went into the lounge to watch TV. He woke with a start at the sound of the front door opening, realising he had fallen asleep in front of the TV. He glanced at the clock; geez, 1am. He turned sleepily towards the hall door as his mother appeared. She leant heavily with her back against the door frame, stilettos in one hand the other pressed to her forehead, eyes closed. She let out a moan of tiredness that still managed to sound sexy. It was obvious to Jordan that she was a little worse for drink.

Laura suddenly seemed to realise she was being watched. Her head turned in the direction of the sofa before her eyes slowly opened to see Jordan sprawled on the couch, staring at her. She smiled when, after a few moments, she finally recognised him. She lurched away from the door and moved carefully towards him.

“Well, good evening, Handsome Boy,” she said, using the nickname she had labelled him with the day he arrived.

Jordan smiled back. He was admiring his mother’s figure in the little black dress she wore. It was rather short and hugged her breasts and hips, leaving very little to the imagination.

“Good evening to you, too, Mum,” he said as he dragged himself into a sitting position.

She flopped onto the sofa beside him, resting her shoes between them. Jordan had a momentary glance of something tucked inside the toe of one, which he was certain was her knickers.

“A good time was it?” He asked with a grin.

“Very good time,” she smiled with her eyes closed.

They sat for a while and Jordan was just thinking she had nodded off when she sat up, turning just her torso and leaning towards him, resting on her hands. Her beautiful face was inches from his and the extreme low cut of her dress meant he had an exceptional view of her braless cleavage. His heart skipped a few beats as his blood began to race; he had found his mother just as if not more attractive than his sister since they’d met. He could also smell the alcohol on her breath. Unlike the stale beer reek that came from men hers smelled of strawberries, vodka and liquorice; Jordan liked it.

“Handsome Boy, do your mum a favour and help her to her bed?”

“Of course, Mum,” he stuttered.

She smiled and leant forward to kiss him. Jordan expected the usual peck on the cheek so he was shocked when her lips met his and she held the kiss for more than a quick peck. His mind tried to cloud but he was saved when she pulled away, patted his knee and told him he was such a good son.

He helped her up and then half assisted, half carried her up the stairs. They reached the far door on the landing and he helped her to the bed. Her nightshirt was already lying on the bed waiting for her so he made sure she was aware enough to change herself before saying good night, and slipping out onto the landing. He leant with his head pressed to her closed door and took several deep breaths to calm his nerves. He dismissed the kiss as being down to the drink and her lack of co-ordination and went back down stairs to turn everything off and lock up for the night.

Once in his room he stripped off and climbed into bed, too hot and flustered to bother with pyjamas.


Jordan opened one sleepy eye to see his mother standing in the door way to his attic room. From what he could see she was dressed in just a short silk dressing gown and the same knee high black stockings she had had on the night before. He moaned and rolled over.

“Hey, now, that’s no way to greet your mother when she personally comes to wake you up so you wont miss University because someone didn’t set an alarm.”

Laura said this as she moved to his window and pulled up the blind. Jordan moaned again when the bright light hit his face and rolled back the other way to look at his clock. Crap, his mum was right he would have been late if she hadn’t come to get him. He had come to realise over the last four months that no matter how drunk she was the night before, his mother never got a hangover and was always on the ball the next day.

He suddenly felt her take hold of the bottom of his duvet. That brought him wide awake; he knew he bursa escort naked and what was worse he had morning wood!

“Up, NOW!” She cried as she wrenched the covers off him.

Jordan’s cheeks flared red and he quickly curled up on the bed. Laura seemed frozen, looking a little confused. She suddenly recovered and dropped the quilt, half heartedly covering her eyes with one hand, laughing nervously.

“Oh, Jordan, I didn’t know, I’m sorry,” she apologised even as she laughed, backing out of the room, “I’ll go get breakfast ready.”

Jordan simply lay there. He could have sworn she paused for one last look before she closed the door. When he heard her safely downstairs, he uncurled and lay flat on his back, heart racing. He laughed suddenly, seeing the funny side of it. It was just one of those things. Shaking his head, he got up to get ready.

As he entered the kitchen, he had a minor de ja vu incident with his mother stood at the oven, wearing very little, just like the other week after … well that morning. She turned to him just as before and smiled, if a little sheepishly.

“Good morning, Son,” she said in too high a pitch.

“Good morning, Mum,” he said, perfectly normally and moved to sit at the table.

Laura seemed to relax when he played it cool and started dishing up his breakfast as normal. She brought the plate to him and sat across from him, head in her hands a wistful smile upon her lips. Jordan found it a little strange that she was watching him but he quickly tucked in to another perfect Laura Monnis Breakfast.

“Is it good, Jordan?”

“Mmm, ‘ery gum,” Jordan smiled, his mouth full.

Jordan ate in silence for awhile, staring at his plate thinking about how Treena was getting on and that despite himself, he missed her. He suddenly looked up when he got the feeling his mother’s stare had intensified.

“Baaah!” he gasped.

Her face was inches from his as she was kneeling on the table, her chest tucked against her thighs.

‘Scared me half to death,’ he thought as he regained his composure.

“Is something wrong, hunny? You look distracted.”

‘Gee, Mum, your kneeling on the dining table and I can see your great cleavage again due to how flimsy your gown is, why would I be distracted?’ he thought.

“No … no nothings wrong, just … thinking of Treena.”

“Of course,” she said with a knowing smile.

Jordan was puzzled. That remark could mean several things and he didn’t like the idea of most of them. Laura slipped off the table, and moved to stand behind him. She lay her hands on either side of his neck and began to massage his tense shoulders. Jordan slumped a little at how good it felt, then he realised what his mother was doing and tried to pull away. She simply pulled back into his seat and continued to massage him. He was nervous at first but he couldn’t help himself, he soon relaxed back, his head leaning against her stomach as he enjoyed the feeling.

His vision was clouding slowly and he could feel his dick begin to shift as she intensified the treatment. His breath quickened and he let out a little sigh.

“You like Treena, don’t you Jordan?”

“Of course, Mum, she’s my sister.”

“No I meant, you REALLY like her.”

His vision suddenly cleared and he leapt away from his mother, knocking over the chair in the process. He backed towards the wall, just to crash against the spare chair and fall heavily into its seat. Laura had turned to face him, hands on hips.

“Wh-what do you mean, Mum?” He asked knowing full well.

“Oh, come on, Jordan,” she smiled as she stepped round the table so she was directly opposite him, “You didn’t really believe you and her were getting away with it because I didn’t know?”

“Well, I had hoped so … I mean, I hoped it would stop … no I wish it hadn’t started … I mean … oh Mum, I’m sorry, I just don’t seem able to control myself around her.”

Jordan hung his head. He felt her move to him and lift his chin with one finger.

“Don’t be upset my Son, I happy for the two of you.”

Jordan looked confused.

“You’re a hot young man and Treena deserved better than the idiots at her school. No, I’m glad you’re hers.”

Now Jordan was not just confused but scared, too. This wasn’t right, his mother shouldn’t be so accepting … unless …

“All I want from you is a promise you wont hurt her AND …”

‘Here we go, the ultimatum,’ Jordan thought.

“That I get to have you, too,” she said as she pulled open her gown.

Jordan blanched; beneath the gown his red hot mother wore only the black stockings and a black lace corset, the kind that left her breasts on show. Her small patch of pubic hair was short and bursa escort bayan neatly groomed, her spread feet meaning her pussy lips were on show. She was perfectly toned and her breasts were the most beautiful he had ever seen, and that seductive expression she wore really drew him in.

But if fucking his sister was wrong, doing his mother would be a whole new level of weird and he tried to hide his blatant lust. Unfortunately, his dick had other ideas, rising to attention under his jeans. He quickly covered the bulge but he knew from the twinkle in her eyes that she’d already seen it.

Sliding the gown slowly off her shoulders, she dropped it to the floor and straddled him, her legs either side of him and her arms around his neck so that her chest was less than a foot from his face, the breasts jiggling ever so slightly with her rapid breathing. His vision swam but he tried to fight it.

“You don’t have to hold back, you know. I can tell you want me as much as I want you,” she whispered to him in her silkiest and most seductive voice.

“But, but, but …”

Laura took hold of his right hand and pressed it firmly to her right breast.

That tipped the balance. In Jordan’s head a little boy with the word REASON written on his shirt stood before a huge man with the word INSTINCT tattooed across his chest. The man lifted a huge weight disk of Instinct above the boy’s head and let it drop, squishing Reason beneath it.

Laura saw his eyes darken and his mood change. She smiled triumphantly. Treena was right about the split personalities. She’s described the boy she loved as if he was at her school but Laura had just had to watch her around Jordan to work out the truth. Ever since she’d been waiting for an opportunity and now she had him. She just hoped Treena wasn’t exaggerating his sexual prowess.

Jordan’s lips suddenly found her left teat and he began to ravage it with his tongue and teeth. Laura gasped at the sudden onslaught. He knew just when to bite, lick and suck while his right massaged and squeezed her other breast. His left hand was suddenly behind her, pulling open the corset straps one by one.

“Oh, yesss, that’s it Jordan, don’t stop!” She cried.

It was a mix between pleasure and pain he was delivering and she loved it. His nimble fingers soon had her corset undone and he left off kissing her nipple so he could remove the offending clothing. He gazed upon her flat abdomen and bared hips with a sly smile on his face which turned Laura on even more. Suddenly he had her stand so he could reach her abdomen with his mouth as he kissed his way across her stomach, his hands returning to her breasts to continue playing with them.

“Ooo, Jordan, give me what I want!”

Jordan stood, too, and their lips met in rough kisses, each seemingly trying to eat more of the other’s face. His arms wrapped round her and he played his finger tips across her back causing her to moan and arch it. He spun her around and pushed her down to all fours, kneeling beside her as he trailed kisses from the nape of her neck down her spine.

“Oh, yesss, that’s it, further! Further down, please!”

His tongue suddenly found her asshole and circled it a few times. Laura had never had her anus licked before and she wasn’t sure if she liked it but it made her moan and her pussy dripped a little juice. Then his mouth latched onto her pussy and she forgot everything as a wave of pleasure hit her. She couldn’t wait any longer, she wanted him inside her.

“Jordan!?” She cried as another wave hit her.

“Yes, MOTHER?” came his sarcastic reply.

‘His voice really is different,’ she thought, “I … I can’t take it … fuck me … fuck me NOW!” She said aloud.

Jordan smiled that wicked smile of his. He was enjoying fucking his mother and it made his blood run faster when she moaned in that sexy voice of hers.

“As you wish, Mum.”

He undid his belt and pulled open his jeans, not bothering to use the zip properly. He pushed both his jeans and boxers down together, freeing his dick which sprang to full length. Kneeling behind Laura, he quickly positioned himself at her entrance and with out any warning, drove in hard and deep.


His mother gasped as he filled her up and began to pound her pussy and hard as he dared. She was gasping and squirming with each slam of his big dick into her hot pussy and it felt sooo good she couldn’t help her outbursts or control her volume; she just had to scream.

“Oh, Son, you’re — AH! — you’re such a big boy!”

Laura’s juices were free flowing by this point thanks to a mini orgasm and Jordan grinned wickedly at the sight. He let go of her hips and leant over her instead, taking hold of her breasts escort bursa instead, using them to pull himself into her. He knew his yanking on her tits would hurt her but he didn’t care; he also knew that she’d be more concerned with the stimulus coming from her nipples, trapped between his fingers, driving her crazy.

“Mmm, oh yesss! AH! That’s it, yesss!”

She knew she couldn’t take much more of this and she wanted to ride him before she came so she pushed him off her. He growled and tried to grab her back but she shoved him so he fell onto his back instead. He quickly got the idea and smirked.

“Come on then, ride your Son, you bad Mother!” He taunted.

And she did just that. She wanted him reverse style and so turned her back to him. As she prepared to lower herself onto him, his finger tips found her clitoris and squeezed it between them as he slid inside her. The pure pleasure crashed over her like a ton of bricks, almost setting off her proper orgasm. She leant back on her elbows and rocked herself on his prick even as he pumped up into her. It was less than a minute before she couldn’t take it any longer.

“Oh no! I can’t hold … Oh God!”

“Let go, Mother, CUM FOR YOUR SON!” Jordan roared.

“Ah, ah! AHHH! AHHHHHH!!!” Laura screamed, “I … I’m cumming!”

Jordan felt her pussy explode around his dick and he smiled triumphantly. He continued to pump her for awhile even as she collapsed on him. When he neared his own, he pulled out of her and sprayed it up her back and side instead before letting her fall onto him. He was going to need a new shirt and jumper for Uni but he didn’t care.

It took a couple of seconds for Jordan to figure out were he was. Last thing he remembered had been his mum straddling him. Then he realised she was naked on top of him, and that they were both covered in slime. He blanched; he knew exactly what had happened even if he couldn’t remember it. He slid out from under her and scooted backward to the wall, hugging his bare legs and hiding his face against his knees.

Laura rolled over to face him, propping herself up on one elbow. She was puzzled why he looked so upset. Then she remembered from what Treena had said that he would be suddenly innocent Jordan once more.

“Jordan?” she cooed.

“I’m sorry, Mum. I did it again, I lost control.”

“Hey, don’t worry about it,” she said, reaching for his face and lifting it to look at hers, “That was a great fuck, you should be proud.”

“Maybe I would be if I could remember them,” he looked away, then quickly back to her, “There’s something wrong with me isn’t there? Fucking my family and all that? I’m going to hell aren’t I?”

“Hmm, not before I’m finished with you,” she whispered seductively as she crawled to him.

Jordan panicked but she simply kissed his cheek.

“Now, upstairs, change and clean up. Even late, you can’t go to Uni like that.”

Jordan practically fled the kitchen.

“Oh and bring your dirty washing down, will you?” Laura called after him, as she sat on the kitchen floor, licking his juices off her fingers she had just run across her back.

Ten minutes later, Jordan was leaving the house. He got to the end of the pathway and turned into the street, running headlong into Melanie Louve, their next door neighbour, aka ‘The Virgin Killer’.

“Oh, good morning, Jordan.”

“Good Morning, Miss Louve,” Jordan replied.

She was 38 years old, 5′ 6″ and had a body men would die for complete with 36 C breasts. Jordan had had a crush on her since he moved here but she was married and he was too young. Also, if the stories were true, she only went for virgin boys when she wanted a fling.

“Off to Uni I see?”

“Yes, Miss.”

“Say, was there a fight in your house just now, Jordan? I’m sure I heard your mother’s raised voice.”

“Oh, uh, no, just the TV I think,” he lied even as his eyes widened and he blushed.

Her smile said it all; she knew and it scared him.

“Jordan! Jordan, wait! You forgot your lunch … Oh, hello Melanie.”

Laura had just joined them, now dressed in a cotton tracksuit. The two ladies had never gotten along as far as Jordan knew. They stared at each other, each knowing exactly what the other was thinking.

‘I’m going to give your son the ride of his young life, Mummy Dearest.’

‘So you think you’re going to fuck my son, you old cow?’

“Jordan, get going or you’ll be late.”

“Sure Mum, bye Miss Louve,” Jordan said as he strode away, trying to outrun the hostile energy coming off the two women.

“Make sure to drop in for a chat sometime, Jordan,” Melanie called, to Laura’s great annoyance.

“Yeah, ok, sure,” Jordan called back nervously.

They both watched him disappear round a corner, before glaring at each other one last time, then striding back to their respective houses.

‘Dammit,’ Jordan thought as he walked, ‘Mum still didn’t give me my lunch!’

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