Reading His Secrets Ch. 02

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The next day both siblings were very quiet during breakfast. Kelly knew what her brother liked for breakfast and she’d made extra for him.

“The rains will come soon I think.” Kelly’s brother said.

Kelly nodded in agreement. “Maybe we should think about getting some bags ready. We don’t want to be caught off guard.”

“That’s true. I’ll leave it to you. Get the men working on it.”

He stood up and brought his plate to the wash bin for Kelly to do later. He headed for the door and Kelly saw him out. Outside the front of the house they saw Mr. Collins passing on his horse and they both waved to him. Kelly wore a bit of a mischievous smile when Mr. Collins waved back.

“Have a good day.” Kelly said to her brother as he started down the sandy road to town.

Kelly stood there at the door thinking of Mr. Collins. Then she thought of his wife Joanna with the fiery red hair. She remembered the last time she’d spoken with her. It was about the sleeves on her dress for he social dance.

Kelly had an urge to read a particular something and this time she wanted read it to the end. She went to the attic ladder but before she pulled it down she stopped herself. What if it wasn’t true? There was nothing stopping her brother from writing dirty fantasies for his own amusement. Maybe that’s all they were. Maybe he was still in love with Helen and writing those things was his way of coping with her loss. She didn’t want to read too much of that stuff and put too much faith in it if it was going to turn out to be imaginary. But she didn’t feel like just asking her brother about it. Was there any way to find out? Kelly formed a plan in her mind.

Mrs. Collins did work at a tailor’s shop. Kelly went in and there weren’t any other customers so she was able able to get Mrs. Collins into a private conversation with her.

“I’m looking for some new undergarments.”

“For yourself?”

“For Albert.”

Kelly watched as Joanna’s eyes flashed with something.

Kelly continued. “I know fabric is getting a bit expensive recently so I was wondering if there was a way to cut down on costs.”

“We could make the legs shorter.”

“But then he’ll be cold in the winter. What if we used less in this area?”

“Oh … ah … I wouldn’t advise that.”

“Why not?” asked Kelly in the most girly innocent manner possible.

Kelly saw a blush come over the other woman who was still in her twenties.

“My dear. Men are so sensitive about their area. Even if they don’t need so much space they usually insist on having it.”

“Oh, Albert’s not like that.”

“Well, we have his measurements here and he fits firmly in the …” Joanna blushed; “oak tree category.”

“I’m not talking about his shoulders. I’m talking about …”

“Kelly, honey. Stop. Albert needs all the room he can get. I’m not saying that to sell fabric I’m saying that because I know. And just in case you don’t believe me I’ll go ahead and give you a discount so you don’t have to worry about the price. Just trust me, if these are going to be for Albert we have to do it right and we can’t cut any corners.”

“Um. Ok. I trust you, Mrs. Collins.”

“You’re a dear sweet girl and I love you. Call me Joanna. Ok?”

“Ok, Joanna. But … How do you know that Albert needs …”

“We’ve measured him here and it’s well known in the shop.”

“I never would have guessed.”

As Kelly said those words she saw Joanna lick he lips.

“In a dress shop we often have to know certain secrets about our customers.”

“I see. The grown up world is so interesting.”

“Now, is that all or did you want to get anything for yourself.”

“That’s all for today.”

Kelly ran home with a bit of an extra spring in her step. She smiled from ear to ear as she pulled down the latter to the attic. She climbed up. She nearly tripped as she made her way to the chest. She pulled the sheet off and … it was locked.

“Oh, no.” Kelly said.

She wasn’t so much disappointed that she wouldn’t be able to read the entire torrid encounter between her brother and Joanna or any of those other women. She as upset because she knew she must have accidentally locked it. Where was the key? What if there was no key? Her brother was going to be angry with her.

She went downstairs and tried to think of where her brother might put the key to something like that. It was such a private thing she figured it had to be in his bedroom. There were so many places to hide such a key. But would he hide it? If Kelly just saw a key she’d never ask what it went to. She had a hunch.

She opened the drawer to the bedside table. In there was a little brass key that was shorter than the others. That might be it. It was especially suspicious since it wasn’t on the key ring with the others. She grabbed it and went back up the latter. She went to the chest and the key fit perfectly in the lock. She turned and then her anxiety flew away as the lock opened.

The first thing she did was put that bursa escort key back where she found it. Then she went back up the latter. All this going up and down was starting to tire her out. But she didn’t dare take anything from the chest out of the attic. She found the section about Joanna and she began reading again from the beginning.

November 25th.

I met Joanna by the big oak where you could see the river empty into the sea. She tried to hide it but she was happy to see that I’d kept to what I’d said.

“I shouldn’t be here.” she told me.

“Why not? Why can’t women have just as much fun as men?”

“I’m getting married tomorrow.”

“You keep saying that. But you know Henry has been with other women.”

She looked away from me. Her red hair glowed in the dying light of the sun. Her skin was almost milk white. She bit her bottom lip and looked away from me. I couldn’t believe she still needed convincing. She’d come all the way here and yet I had to hold her hand the rest of the way.

I brought her fingers to my lips and I kissed the back of them. That got a smile from her. I didn’t let her go. Next I brought her close to me and put her hand of my cock. She felt it through my pants.

“It’s true.” she said.

“Indeed. Have I ever lied to you?”

She started to stroke me and I planted my lips firmly onto hers. I felt her body go into the kiss and she nearly lost her balance. I held her body in place which meant pressing it up to my own.

I put her down on the blanket I’d spread out for us. I got my cock out and let her know what I wanted her to do with it. I remember she told me it felt so naughty to put that dirty thing in her mouth but she did it. I felt her tongue glide along my shaft as she brought one hand to my balls and started to caress them.

“That’s good.” I told her. I guess she loved the taste of my dick because she licked the entire length of it on both sides and then on the top and the bottom. After each lick she’d put it in her mouth and suck the head. It was very nice to see her lips contort to the shape of my dick.

There was only so much of that I could take. I reached down and tried to get at her clothes. This woman had come prepared for sex. She’d left all that extra fancy stuff at home and in no time at all her tits were open to me. They were so fair and soft. I knelt in front of her and leaned over to take one into my mouth. She liked that. She came closer to me and pressed her privates onto my thigh. The more I sucked the faster she rubbed herself on me. Up and down. Back and forth. She was getting so wet that her juices went through not only her clothes but mine as well.

I thought it best to get all the way out of my clothes. She loved my muscles and proceeded to run her hands all over me. I yanked at her skirt and in once quick motion she had it off. There she was in front of me with only her panties on. They would make a nice addition to my collection.

Sometimes I think that it was a shame to take them from her. They went well with her hourglass figure. But she has more at home and I’m sure she wouldn’t want to wear them again after she became Mrs. Henry Collins.

I picked her up in my arms and swung her around a few times. The ladies seem to like it when I do that. Plus it gives me a chance to put her down right on the blanket. By this time I’d had her panties off and now her legs were up in the air welcoming me in.

I placed the head of my dick by her vagina. She was trying to pull me to her but I waited. I could almost count down the exact seconds in my head until I heard them complain and Joanna was no different.

“Don’t tease me.” she said.

That was official invitation enough. I have to say, she was tighter than I expected. She was even tighter than Clair and that’s saying something, though she still didn’t have Josie beat. Then again she didn’t have Rachel beat either. She was actually somewhere between Rachel and Ruby.

I made love to Joanna for a good long time and we both worked up quite a bit of a sweat. The sun had finished its fall behind the horizon but it wasn’t dark yet. I didn’t know how long I’d have her there like that and I wanted to do as many things with her as I could so long as she was willing.

I put her into the dog position. She fought me at first and I thought I’d have to just finish her off old missionary style but then she acquiesced to my suggestion.

It was some sight to see her milky white ass expose to me and the world for everyone to see. I went in as deep as I could go and I guess I hit the right spot because she started flipping out on me. It’s true. She started making noises like she was a horse in heat and her whole body was bucking. One moment she had her back arched into the air like she was some damned cat and then it would sway all the way back down like a mare.

When she was finally finished her head was all the way to the ground over the side of the blanket. Then I felt my own climax coming soon. I released my cum bursa escort bayan all over the red pubic hair that lined her asshole and vagina.

I think we both had a lot of fun and she was certainly satisfied. When she sat up to look at me she had mud on her face. She moved in for a kiss and I figured it would be rude not to kiss her so I did, and some of the mud got on me. We both laughed so hard. It’s a shame she’s got to get married tomorrow. She was a good lay. I hope she makes Henry a good wife. But of course if she wants to carry on after her vows I’ll always be here for her. She just needs to say the word.

Kelly let herself smile as she read to the end of it. She put the notebook down and then she got on all fours.

“Neigh” she said as she pretended to be Joanna pretending to be a horse. She imagined a man kneeling behind her and touching her ass.

While she was like that she wondered about what her brother had written at the end. Would he really not mind having sex with a married woman? That just sounded so sinful. It was bad. It was so, so bad. And the idea of it turned Kelly on. Her brother was making love to married women. Her brother made love to Joanna Collins the night before her wedding. That was only three years ago. Kelly had been there. That was so naughty. She wondered if Joanna had ever taken her brother up on another go at it after her wedding. It seemed like her brother liked her.

But Joanna was married now so it would be wrong. It would be so, so wrong. Kelly shuttered.

While she was on all fours she put her hand to her pussy. She rubbed herself. Then she slowly started to insert a finger into herself. She opened her mouth and gasped. She imagined herself as Joanna, Mrs. Joanna Collins, coming to call on her brother and get another taste of that big, hard man thing of his.

Her muscles tightened and she gushed all over herself. Her face flushed with blood and then she was finished and she had to lay down for a moment to recover herself.

Her time in the attic that day was at an end. She needed to get back downstairs and get dinner ready for her brother. She looked at what they had in the pantry. She should have done some shopping that day. It was too late now.

She made a very good dinner even if it wasn’t what she really wanted to make and when her brother got home he was very happy to have it. He even complimented her on coming up with something original. She watched him as he ate with that big appetite of his.

She wondered if there was a way to get a look at what he had so she could put an image to all the stories. She kept thinking about it. When she drew him a bath she as still thinking about it. Her brother got ready for bed and went into the bathroom to wash up. Everything seemed to be going just like a normal day. Kelly wondered if he’d had sex with anyone that day and if so who it might be. The lady who worked at the flower shop. She was very pretty. She could see her brother with her. Or the woman she always saw sitting by the statue in the part by the court house. Her brother could make love to her real good.

Her brother closed the door to the bathroom and Kelly again waited outside. Then she felt her courage rise up in her. She heard him get into the water and move around a bit. Then she just entered the bathroom without knocking.

“Kelly!” her brother said as he first froze in place and then he tried to hide himself in the water.

“What? I need your laundry.”

“You can wait until I get out.”

“I’m an adult now, not some little kid.”

“I know that but …”

“But what?”

“A man needs privacy sometimes.”

“For what?”

“When you’re married you can look on your husband as much as you like but …”

“You’re my brother. We’re family. Stop being so stuck up about it.”

“I’m not stuck up. It isn’t suck up to try to maintain some level of proper decorum.”

“Is that your underwear right there?”

“Kelly, get out.”

“Just give it to me.”

“You can come and get it later.”

“Albert.” Kelly was trying to put her foot down. “I always obey you in all things. Your opinion of me is very important. You say I’m an adult so treat me like an adult.”

“Whoa. Where is this coming from? When have I …”

“Right now. Come on. I’m a big girl and I still have chores to do before I go to bed so hand me those or get out of the way so I can get them.”

He was still trying to hide himself with his hands as he reached over the back side of the tub and got his underwear for her. He was very self conscious when he extended them in her direction.

“Thank you. And get over yourself. You’re as bad as Mrs. Collins down as the dress shop.”

“The dress shop?” Her brother took notice immediately.

Kelly tried to just leave that lingering in the air but her brother called her back into the bathroom.

“What did Mrs. Collins say?”

“She was going on about some oak tree thing. I don’t know what she was talking about.”

Kelly escort bursa tried to leave again and her brother got out of the tub and reached for her as she was in the doorway. Kelly got a clear full look at the large member her brother had.

“What did she say? Tell me exactly what she said.”

“She was trying to describe to me something about how to make proper garments for men so that they had enough room for their man-ness. She said you were oak tree size, whatever that means.”

“Is that all?”

“I think. Or maybe there was something said about a picnic blanket. You really don’t want to use just a thin sheet for that.”

“What did she say about that?”

“It might not have been her. I don’t remember. Someone was saying they had a really great time having a picnic under an oak tree and how they’d like to do it again this summer. Then we were talking about … Ah! Albert! What’s happening?”

Her brother looked down at his cock starting to get hard as he listened to what she was saying. He hid himself behind the bathroom door.

“It’s nothing. In the future try to give me some privacy. Please.”

“What’s the big deal? You’ve seen me naked.”

“Only when you were little and that was because I had no choice.”

“I don’t have anything different than what Helen had.”

“I know that but there’s a certain … Look, we’ll talk about this later. Could you at least knock next time. Don’t just barge in and scare me like that. Ok?”

“Ok. I love you.”

“I love you, too, sis.”

Kelly left her brother to finish his bath and she wondered what it would be like to show him part of her body. She didn’t have that much to show yet but she was an adult now so she surely had more to show him than what she had as a little girl.

That night in secret Kelly went to her brother’s door. She didn’t go in because she heard him moving about in there. Eventually she was about to give up and go to sleep but it seemed as if he was finally resting soundly. She pushed his door and it opened without her even having to use the knob. There she saw her brother. He must have been touching himself because his lower sleepwear was not pulled all the way up and his … he called it his cock in his writing. She could call it that. His cock was exposed to the air.

Kelly crept up to the bed and wondered what she would do. Maybe it was enough just to look. She drew closer to him.

Her initial thinking was that she was going to kiss the thing. She felt affection for it and for him and what better way to show affection than to kiss something. Then she wondered if she could put it into her mouth. What would it taste like? She took a deep breath and then just decided to go for it. If she didn’t do it this night she was sure she’d do it another night so why wait.

She didn’t use her hands at all. She didn’t want to touch him for fear of waking him. She used her tongue to get a taste of the head of his cock. Then she lifted it up and part of it slid into her mouth. That was good and soon she didn’t need to support it at all since it was getting bigger and stiffer and it was standing up on its own. She tried to suck the head but she didn’t know what she was doing. It was made more difficult by the fact that she was determined not to used her hands.

“Joana.” she heard her brother say in his sleep. So that’s who he was thinking of this night. Kelly remembered the story and how her brother had described the future Mrs. Collins as she bucked like a horse.

Her saliva was getting his cock very wet and then she was startled when his hips pushed up.

“Joanna.” she heard again from her brother.

Kelly wondered if she should leave. He was stirring so much he might wake up. Then she felt a blast of hot cum hit the roof of her mouth. She didn’t like the taste of it but for fear of waking him she kept all of his cum in her mouth and didn’t remove herself until she knew he was finished. She didn’t know what to do with it all so she backed away and saw his cock flop back to his body, having lost its hardness.

She walked through the house wondering what to do with the substance that had been deposited into her mouth. There was no where to put it. What would she do? Could she swallow it? That idea made her gag and it was then more urgent to find a place to spit it out. With no other option readily available she exited the home through the backdoor and spit the semen out.

Whereas the initial taste had not been to Kelly’s liking, the after taste was much better. There was something of a good flavor there. She went back into the house and then had to hide really fast because she saw her brother awake and walking about the house.

“Kelly.” he called out her name.

“Yes?” she returned and then came out of the shadows into the moonlight coming from the window.

“What are you doing up?”

“I was waiting for my red star to appear but I can’t find it tonight.”

“I keep telling you, stars aren’t red.”

“This one is. If you would just believe me and come take a look at it you’d see.”

“Well I can’t take a look at it tonight if even you can’t find it. Come one. Time for bed.”

“But Albert. I’m an adult now. Doesn’t that mean I can stay up if I want to?”

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