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We hadn’t seen each other for a long time, but we had been talking still. It is hard keeping up on both a regular friendship and a sexual one, but we tried. Of course, it regularly delved into a sexual one. Neither of us felt like putting our futures on the line by being fodder for local gossip, so it was easier to talk to each other, and sometimes it got dirty. We kind of decided when we met again, we would just cave in to the conversations and began planning for that day. Our talking became mostly sexting the closer we got, swapping photos and stories, and describing what we wanted to do to each other. Meeting up again for the first time was fun, catching up on work and school and other gossip while we drove around the old neighborhoods, we decided to stop at the park and wander around the old trails.

We tried to keep the conversation light, but as soon as we walked up to the pier I knew I wanted to change the subject. We walked out, with the afternoon sun high in the air, and kept under roof. The small lake flat in the absence of wind, and the cars driving by were just distant enough that we knew we wouldn’t be seen through the guard rails. I sat you on the bench, ostensibly to take a photo of you, it turned out to be the only PG photo I got that visit. You sat as directed, one leg up on the bench, your skirt pulling dangerously high, and before you could fix it, I knelt beside you and told you I was going to make this wait difficult.

Pulling your skirt back further, I leaned in between your legs and began lapping at the lacy underwear you had on. You gripped my head as your sighs turned to whines and had to push me away after a few moments. You were already wet, but it was too risky out here. We picked up and walked on, at your behest, and we continued through the woods to the next juncture of trail and city road, turning to walk along to the next part of the trail and turning off of that into the old paths we took during our younger years.

Safely secluded from the rest of the world, we hiked through the scrub brush and trees through the old teenage haunts, our talk going from work to school to sex and back around again. I stopped us again when we were safely hidden and began to grab at your ass and breasts through your clothes, going so far as pulling your tank top down to expose you. I began telling you we were alone and that I had half a mind to strip your panties off out here and take you in the dry grass. You moaned and pulled back, saying you wanted it, but that’s why you had a room. The restraint is a new aspect of you, but I don’t mind, and I don’t want to push you somewhere you don’t want to be, so I only tease you further before we move on. As we come back around to the initial trail head I call the hotel and verify your room being ready and, since it is, we decide to head to it, and steal away from the public world.

Once inside and settled, cooling off from the soggy heat outside, I accosted you from behind, wrapping both arms around you at your neck and navel. Your sharp intake and the way you pushed back into me tells me you know what comes next. We talked about it, and came during those talks about it…You want to be used and fucked and owned. I tell you up front you can always back out, but I expect you to behave in the meantime. As I push you onto the bed and kneel behind you, I reach out to my back and fish around for the rope. The first thing on the plan is to tie you up, so you cannot take any control over the next couple of hours. Knot tying may not be something I have a lot of practice at, but each loop around your wrists is met by you subtly humping the bed, trying to get some pressure on a clit that is beginning to need it, and you are soon secured with a rather sloppy knot.

Next for you is your panties, the frilly lace number that I have already seen matches your bra has to go, and I shimmy it down off of your pale ass. You can feel my fingers lightly caressing your slit as I ask you where you packed your toys, and after a breathy response, you can hear me rummaging through your bags, leaving you alone for the moment.

While I am preparing our collective playthings, including you, I am telling you how today is going to go. Mostly it is to tease you, knowing how you like to be reminded of your status as a toy, but also so you aren’t left devoid of contact. I tell you I will get to use you however I see fit, and that you can whine and moan all you want, but you are to obey. At this point I walk away to wash off the toys as a precautionary measure, getting the dust and lint from travel off of them, returning with them arrayed on a towel for my use on you. Having seen it occasionally in your photos, I am most intrigued by one of your toys in particular, what is best described as a medium sized egg on a thin wand, a g-spot stimulator.

I escort ankara run my hands over its smooth head, and pop its cleaned surface in my mouth momentarily to cover it in my spit before I press it up against your wet pussy. I know I won’t need more lubrication than enough to get inside you, as you are dripping of your own accord. You reflexively resist the intrusion at first, and physically lurch away from it as I suddenly turn the vibrating head on. I have to remind you with a quick swat on the ass that you don’t get a say in it. The head of the device is just large enough to need coercing into you but, as expected, your body recognizes what’s coming, and you relax, letting it slip inside to rest just inside your soon to be abused entrance. Your moans tell me you are enjoying the feeling of the machine whir inside you as I settle on a desired vibration pattern. Once that is settled, I lean back on my heels to admire my work, the wand sticking out of your slick pussy looks lewd and erotic, and prompts my first racy picture of you, catching your open legs and display of submission as well as your bound hands.

Fully clothed I lean over your body, pressing my denim clad cock into your ass so I can reach around your head. Eliciting the most satisfying gasp, you are forced by my handful of your hair to look up at the photo of you, forced to listen to me tell you I was going to take as many as I pleased, forced to beg for it when I added you would only see the rest when I sent them to you, one by one, during our inevitable conversations about this night and beyond. I tell you that by the time we are done, I will have photos of you sucking and fucking and marked up and covered in cum.

Of course, we run into our only real hiccup then, as you tell me the marker is in the car still. I swatted your ass a few times out of spite before fishing out your keys and walking out the door. We both knew I would be back shortly, but I cannot help but wonder what was running through your head as I let it close itself it behind me, leaving you bound and alone upon the mattress, with the door not even latched properly. Did you spend your time worrying if someone else would happen upon you, or did you just succumb to the feeling of your toy thrumming away inside you?

As I walk in, I see your head snap up to greet me, the briefest bit of bright daylight pouring in from behind the open door before I shut and lock it for good. Now it is time for me to shed some clothes, and to that effect I waste no time removing my denim and my shirt. I clamber up onto the bed with you and rest on my knees, with my cock still hidden from you by my boxers.

By now the confined room smelled like you, wet as you were, and I did not hesitate to tease you about it. You barely acknowledged it this time, and as I looked down at you, I could clearly see why. Your face was now only inches away from the tent I had formed in my boxers, your eyes were locked on it as you tried to inch your way forward. I’m certain that all you could smell was the musky aroma of my cock as you tried to wrap your lips around the fabric. While you crawled towards me, I took my time, leaning around you to the toys and began picking up the electric ones to make sure they had fresh batteries, leaving you to try and taste me through thin material keeping you from what you sought. Your breath and tongue proved to be a welcome distraction for me, and as I finished, I hunched over and grabbed you by your chin to pull your head up until you could see me.

“Tell me you want it,” was all I said to you. Your reply was croaked out at first, but you quickly fell into proper composure as you told me, “Please. Feed me your cock. I will do whatever you want. You can do whatever you want.”

As my other hand slipped my eager dick out of its confines, I told you I didn’t need your permission to do what I want to you anymore, and I rammed myself into your waiting mouth. I only shoved myself partially inside though before I let you take over, trying your best to properly suck me off despite being laid out on your belly and unable to use your hands. You worked my shaft with all the skill you could muster, alternating between teasing the tip with your tongue, and trying to swallow with it buried in your throat. I stayed on my knees in front of you, enjoying the spectacle of each, and tried to let you enjoy yourself as you did so.

I held off on thrusting into your hot mouth while you had me by the tip, and didn’t force myself in you while your throat tried to milk my cum out of me. I picked up my phone again and took a few photos of you trying to please me before I decided to take a more active role. You could only watch as I leaned over you again, running my hands over your still clothed body, before reaching your skirt and hiking it up. My fingers escort etlik roamed where they pleased, grabbing fistfuls of your ass, or gently teasing your puckered hole. A few times I even made sure to slap your tender backside, eliciting a moan from you as you jerked yourself forward onto my cock in shock.

You tried so hard not to let me slip out of your mouth as I finally pulled away from you, slipping off the bed and finally dropping my boxers off me completely. I knelt again, this time, directly behind your exposed pussy and ass, and pried you open. You squirmed, feeling me so close to your sensitive lips, feeling my breath as I edged myself closer; and you positively jumped when I adjusted the setting on your toy again, setting it to a a pulse of alternating strengths. As you settled back into the lull of the machine inside you, I began to lap at your thighs, wet from your arousal dripping down them. I teased you, mockingly asking you if you were turned on, if you enjoyed being put in your place. You just buried your face into the sheets and moaned as I lapped at your flesh between questions.

I tugged on the wand sticking out of you, pulling the toy until its bulbous end was just inside your tender opening, and I twisted it so that it swung up and out of my face. I could see your needy pussy trying to open up around it as it was being gently pulled out of you, and watched as you clenched hard to keep it in. Rather than tug it out of you, I let it rest there, pulsing against the inside of your tight opening, and I brought my face beneath it to take my first tentative lick at your clit.

I expected you to jump, but instead you tried to drop yourself down and bring yourself to my tongue. It probed you gently, from your clit to your lips working to keep your toy inside you. Soon I was above the handle again, and I briefly lapped at the edge of your sweet pussy before jumping to lick your anus. As I did so, and you squirmed and whined in protest, I began pulling on the toy once more, this time firmly and gently. You were stuck now between jerking around and possibly yanking the toy out yourself, or letting me have my way and keeping it inside you.

Before you could make any real choice, it popped free of you, eliciting a resentful sigh, not even bothering to cover it up in any way. I now stood up behind you, and pressed my hard cock into your loosened and lubricated cunt, and began pressing myself into you. you felt me entering you slowly, and enjoyed the sound of your quiet moaning. I enjoyed it more when I pressed the tip of your slick toy against your asshole as you realized what I meant when I said I didn’t need your permission anymore.

You tried to thrash about and keep me from slipping your toy inside you, but you were by now rooted on my cock. All you ended up doing was writhing on me, causing you to edge closer to an orgasm. Your body betraying you as you enjoy being impaled, and you soon felt your vibrator inside your tight ass, pulsing through your bowels and your filled pussy. I buried myself in you to enjoy the feeling of it as well, alongside your rhythmic clenching around me. I rode that feeling as I pulled out of you slowly, feeling you clench along every inch. When you tried to bounce your ass up and fuck me, I stopped you with a hand on your lower back. I was enjoying teasing you, enjoying you before I turned your cunt inside out, and I was going to ignore you until I was done with you.

I held my hand on your lower back as I dragged myself in and out of you. I wanted you to hate me for going slow, to hate me for prolonging your torture, even though we both knew you would soon be cumming hard. I was slow and thorough, and when I felt you knew your place I pulled my hand down to your toy, to press it deeper into you in time with my thrusting, and nearly pulling it out alongside my cock. alternating between filling both of your holes at once, then nearly emptying you. Of course, you were only too happy to be filled, even if you wanted it rougher.

I worked you slowly, pushing you further and further towards an orgasm, looking to reward you and remind you why you let me treat you like a fleshlight; and when your orgasm finally began to overtake you, I was only too happy to fuck you right through it, making sure you did not get to come down for well over a minute. With that, I uncapped the pen and wrote on your tender ass, on the right side, ‘He Came’ and on the left ‘I came’, and put single slash mark underneath the second one. I told you then that you don’t get to wash it off this weekend even if it was visible around your bikini bottoms, and that I would be making sure it stayed bold and fresh for you.

Then it was time for me, and as soon as you wound down, I rammed myself and your toy home. You bit the mattress and moaned escort demetevler as I took advantage of your open pussy, fucking you hard for my own pleasure. With your hands tied behind your back, and being bent over the bed, all you were allowed to do was take it. I knew you had been silently waiting for it, and I knew you would beg for me to not let up until I was satisfied. I thought briefly about just letting myself go and filling your waiting cunt up and coming around to make you clean me off until I was hard again, but decided against it. You would appreciate it more if I let it build, and just allowed myself to become more depraved.

So I pushed on, mashing your vibrating toy into your still-unfucked ass with my hips, and driving myself to my base. the next 15 minutes were spent like that, changing my angle, my speed, and my depth to alternate between drawing out your next orgasm, and sending it crashing over you. I enjoyed the feeling of the toy buzzing through your delicate membrane, and brought myself close to an orgasm a few times, letting my cock swell inside you as I got close, and enjoyed felling you try to milk the cum out of me in response.

Once you had cum for your fourth time and been marked up accordingly, I decided it was time to move on, and I pulled myself out of you, letting your wet pussy drip onto the tile. I climbed onto the bed and knelt beside you, yanking you up onto your knees by your hair. Your cry out was a mix of pain and depraved pleasure as you struggled to right yourself. I stood in front of you and dangled myself before your panting lips, allowing you a moment to stare at it as you orgasm befuddled brain put everything together. As you tried to clear the euphoric fog, I shoved myself down your throat. You were not entirely unprepared, as you have swallowed my cock before, but I did little to make it easy on you, instead holding you by your head and fucking your face. I shoved myself down your throat with abandon, drool soon forming slick rivulets down your lingerie covered chest. Pausing momentarily, I leaned down and with on hand yanked your nightie top down to expose your breasts further, and telling you that you should feel your own drool coating you as much as it coats me.

I asked if you were going to be a good girl and continue fucking your own face if I let you go, to which you could only mumble out a yes with a nod of the head, so I released you and stood over you to let you work. While you did so, I demanded you hand me my phone and set to work taking photos of you and your degrading violations. I snapped photos and videos of just your face and your entire body, using the mirror across the bed, all with you trying to suck my cum out of me. I talked to you the whole time, telling you how I would send these to you when I felt like it, when I expected you to send me something in response. I know how you felt about being recorded so clearly, but you long ago gave up on controlling the night, and in your state, you were too distracted to argue with me on it.

When I got tired of recording you, I threw you down onto your back and forced your weakened legs open. I finally felt ready to end the night, and this next bout of fucking was going to bring me right to that point. You wrapped your arms around me as I slid into you, knowing you were in for another orgasm.

I stayed distant, propped up on my arms as I drove myself to my hips inside you, slamming myself into you all at once. At first, all you could do was moan as I withdrew and slammed into you again and again. You tried to lift your hips to meet me, but we were losing coordination as I tried only to fuck you into the mattress. I did my best to keep my thrusting long and deep, looking for the stimulation I needed to bring myself to the edge quickly, and set out to build a steady pace, crashing into you with wild abandon until you built up to what would have been a screaming orgasm if I hadn’t clasped a hand over your mouth in an effort to muffle you. As before, I didn’t let up while you came, drawing it out until your muted screams went silent and you let it ripple through you. That last little bit was all I needed, and you soon found yourself empty again as I slid off the bed.

I pulled you to the edge, still on your back, leaving your exposed cunt open to the room, and your head dangling off the edge with your mouth open wide. I told you to open wide and I’d give you what you wanted.

You readily complied and I began shoving my cock down your open throat. I watched you lie there and let me use you as I fucked your face. I watched you covered in sweat in your partially exposed lingerie, still twitching as the vibrating toy in your ass occasionally thrummed powerfully enough to just stimulate your clit again. I watched as I boiled over, and pulled myself out of your mouth, to finally unleash the night’s passion and cover your face with cum. Your mouth stayed open, as you gasped for your breath and moaned one final time.


I hope You liked it. Feel free to let me know what works, or what does not.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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