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Claire sat in front of the window watching the rain fall outside. A peculiar sense of something she couldn’t quite place always came over her when the rain came. A fire blazed behind her and a mug of tea warmed her hands as she cupped it. The robe she wore over her worn nightgown felt comfortable, but she felt restless for some reason. From the kitchen, she could hear her husband, Will, finishing the dishes. Sighing, she settled onto the window seat a little more and let the feeling wash over her. Outside, the rain fell in a gentle rhythm, the streetlights shining off the puddles on the pavement. As she sat there, she caught a motion from the corner of her eye before Will’s hands came down on her shoulders. Leaning down, he placed a soft kiss on the side of her neck. A shiver ran through her spine the way it always would when her husband did that. Curling her body, she turned to press her back against his thighs. In silence, they watched the for a while, just enjoying each other’s company.

Will’s hands began to softly massage he shoulders after a few minutes, working out to the tips and then back again to slip under the brown hair covering the back of her neck. He let his fingers walk along the soft skin and felt her head roll forward as she relaxed. His hands slid down the sides of her neck and caress the front of her shoulders along the bones, dipping under the robe and nightgown to run lightly over the tops of her breasts before withdrawing to the back of her neck again. Under his hands, he felt her breath catch as he slid down her chest again.

Claire’s head was rolling on a totally relaxed neck, but everytime he moved down with those magic hands of his, her breath shortened and she became acutely aware of his body heat so close to hers. She pushed back against his thighs, clad in a pair of soft cotton lounge pants, and felt his manhood, already semi-hard, press into her back just below her shoulder blade. Almost instantly, her nipples puckered and she could feel a wetness forming between her thighs. She reached over to carefully set her tea down as he moved his hands down further and brushed her hard nipples with the tips of his fingers. A soft moan vibrated its way up her chest as kızılay escort she dropped her hands to run along the outside of his thighs, feeling the muscles of each leg through the thin fabric covering them.

Will slid his hands up a little, then back down to encompass her breasts, his palms rubbing her aching nipples. Claire bit her lower lip against the moan building in her throat as he slipped his hands to the sides and thumbed the tips of her breasts. The only thought she could think was that he really knew how to push all her buttons, then he bent to place a kiss behind her ear, and everything else was lost. Her hands left his thighs and came around to her front, untying the belt of her robe. Leaning forward, she shrugged and let the robe fall off her shoulders, and spun around to face her husband. She placed her legs on either side of his and pulled him close. Will cupped her face in his hands and captured her mouth with his, his tongue pressing past her lips to twirl around her tongue. She wrapped her arms around his waist and pressed her breasts against his thighs. His excitement tented out the front of his lounge pants. Her legs hooked around his and the cool air hit her swollen labia as she spread her legs a bit further.

Suddenly, Will drew back, and she could see a wicked gleam in his eyes. As Claire opened her mouth to ask what he was thinking, he reached out to place a gentle finger across her lips. She trusted him, but couldn’t help the thrill of nervousness that ran through her when she saw that look. Without saying a word, he took her hands in his and pulled her to her feet. Holding hone hand, he led her through the house to the sliding glass door at the back. He opened the door and they stepped out onto the covered patio. Without the light in the backyard, it took a couple of seconds for her eyes adjust. Through the rain falling, she could see the yard laid out before her, the high fence around the edge assured the privacy she so loved sometimes. Without actually climbing the fence, it was impossible to see the neighbors, and equally impossible for them to see into the yard. The grass glistened slightly in the faint light coming from the house.

Her husband, still holding ankara etlik escort her hand, dragged her into the yard. The rain pelted them ans she was set to object when he spun and grabbed her arms, pulling her close and bringing his mouth down on hers. He plundered her mouth even as he ran his hands up and down her arms. Claire’s hands came around to rest on his lower back for only a second before slipping under his t-shirt. Rather than easing the craving for the touch of his skin, it increased it, and she roughly pushed him away to drag the shirt over his head and toss it away. Will quickly reciprocated and pulled the nightgown off her rapidly heating body. Exhilaration filled her as she stood exposed the elements, the cool rain sluicing over her skin. With a hungry look, Will stepped forward, his arms surrounding her and his lips encircling one of her rock hard nipples. The shock of the warmth contrasting the cool water had her gasping in the night air.

As the twirled his tongue around on nipple, then the other, Will slipped a hand between her thighs and ran his fingers along the slick folds. Her hands came up to fist themselves in his hair even as he slipped a finger into her and covered her clit with the pad of his thumb. A cry escaped her lips as he toyed with her, her face upturned, eyes closed, the falling rain covering her features. Within moments, she was ready to come, but he kept her from plunging over the edge until her wanted her to. With a final push, he sent her soaring into her climax. Her body hunched over and her hips pumped in rhythm with her orgasm. With the one hand between her thighs, the other wrapped around her back, he held her up when her legs threatened to give out on her. The waves crashed over her repeatedly, until she couldn’t take anymore.

Claire pushed off of him and stood swaying in the rain for a moment before dropping to her knees and reaching for him. Slipping her fingers into the waistband of his lounge pants, she almost ripped them off to expose his manhood. She stared at it for a moment, watching the rain soak it and the water drip off the bottom of the hard shaft. She leaned in to lap the water dripping off it before demetevler escortlar she slowly lowered her mouth over the head. She could feel it pulsate against her tongue and heard Will’s sigh over the patter of the rain. With her free hand, she softly stroked the bottom of his scrotum, feeling his testicles draw up slightly. She moved her head back and forth, bobbing on his hard member. His hands rested slightly on her hair and when she glanced up, she could see his eyes with the pleasure she was giving him. She drew back until only the head was still in her mouth, and swirled her tongue around it, dipping the tip into the hole at the end and tasting his pre-come. The salty taste brought a fresh flood of juices from her already soaked center.

Pulling off Will, she decided the she needed to feel him inside of her. Still on her knees, she turned and dropped onto her hands in the wet grass. Looking back over her shoulder, she saw him staring down at hem backside before dropping to his knees himself. He grabbed her hips and positioned himself at her entrance. She reached and guided him into her. The sensation of him filling her, the on her bare back, of being naked outside, all of it was too much to bear.

With a steady rhythm, he stroked in and out of her, leaning over to reach around to her breasts. He palmed one in each hand, and the feeling against her rain slick skin was exquisite. Soon, she was grunting with the effort and feeling her orgasm building. When Will ran his hand down her side to slip it around her hip, she knew what was about to happen. His finger found her clit and slid it wetly under the pad if his finger. Within seconds, she was coming again. As her climax swept through her. She could feel him pick up his pace until he was pounding away at her and she knew that he was about to come also. She gave herself over to the sensation completely and was soon rewarded by his crying out her name, his hot seed spilling within her. That set off another climax and together they shuddered with the force of their orgasms.

Spent, they fell to the ground, gasping for breath. After a few minutes, they looked at each other in the rain and laughed. Slowly, they dragged themselves to their feet and swayed in each other’s arms as they kissed again. A quick chill speeding through their bodies let them know that was time to get out of the cool rain and into a hot shower. They both knew, however, the next time it rained, they would have to do this again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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