Rachel’s Cold

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It hasn’t been cold like this in a long time, longer than Rachel could remember. The single digit temperatures were the least of the problem in this mountain retreat however, the wind was gusting upwards of 60 mph outside and the old rustic cabin seemed to creak in the blasts.

The family had arrived earlier that Friday to a beautiful day, the sun was out and it was in the mid 70’s outside. Rachel and Brian had to unload the family car, like the pack rats they were, while their parents started cleaning the cabin. They had owned this since place since Rachel was just a baby, not even Brian remembers not having the retreat. It is great, only an hour out of the city, the view was amazing. It has a wrap around porch on the second level, which aside from the hill on one side and parking lot, offered an unobstructed view of the valley. There are trees for miles, sometimes you could see a cloud layer below, and the sun rises over the valley. It is truly a breathtaking sight, but Rachel was spoiled to it all. It just seemed like another weekend with the family.

After their parents cleaned the house they went out on the porch to relax in the extra large hammock on the deck. The house is set up in a fairly interesting fashion. Rachel and Brian brought all the luggage in the bottom level, which has a game room and pool table. Climbing the stairs was the second level, with a guest bedroom, an open den with a fireplace and the kitchen. There are some sliding glass doors that open to the porch, which are left open from when mom and dad went outside. Upstairs is the master bedroom which opens up over the den, and a really nice shower with a Jacuzzi tub. The porch on one side has the huge hammock big enough for three people fairly closely, and on the other side there is an outside hot tub. “Hey Bri,” Rachel said, “go upstairs and change, lets get in the hot tub.”

“Alright Rach” Brian answered as he bounded upstairs with enthusiasm.

Damn, I’m going to miss him, Rachel thought inwardly watching her brother run up the stairs. He was such a protective brother but she always felt such a connection to him. He hated her ‘boyfriend’ but he also didn’t tell mom and dad. Just turned 18, she’s not allowed to date yet, but Brian didn’t tell when he caught her kissing Gary in the library. How embarrassing that had been, her first kiss interrupted by her 20 year old brother, the cool college junior catching two high school kids kissing. It turned out Brian was more embarrassed than she was, and it caused Rachel to smile as she remembered his stammering reaction. Poor Gary was left just sitting there in shock as Rachel chased Brian out of the library to explain herself. She wasn’t sure if Brian believed her, but his sweating and apologizing was so cute. It made Rachel wonder if the reason Brian didn’t have a girlfriend was because he is as shy as she is.

It certainly wasn’t his looks. He’s not a classic Abercrombie model, but he was a handsome guy. All her friends have crushes on him, as he’s always so sweet and polite to them. If Brian knew what Rachel’s friends said about him at their sleepovers he’d die, Rachel smiled and was somewhat disturbed by her friends. They were all too scared to make a move on him anyway, being a senior. He played offensive and defensive line for the high school football team and would probably get a partial scholarship for track and field. Brian throws shot put and discus, and is one of the best in the state. He keeps his body in shape, but his broad shoulders and thick thighs combined with his 5’9 height makes him look even more imposing than he is. His body was solid, and he took up space.

Rachel went into the spare bathroom on the second level and pulled out her one piece suit. She was so shy sometimes, as she looked at her body in the mirror she wondered if she was attractive to guys. Only one had ever really asked her out, and Gary had just asked her to ‘do something sometime.’ As she peeled her tight beige shorts down her round ass she noticed her cute lace boy shorts. Rachel looks at the milky thigh in the mirror and curve of her ass, and then the profile. ‘Gross’ she thought as she saw the heart shape of her hips taper down into a v shape on her legs. Just as quickly the boy shorts were between her ankles as she pulled her t shirt over her head. Her back arched as her breasts strained against her small bra. Rachel though she had cute breasts, little 30 B cup really fit her frame well, and she always bought the cutest bras. If there was one thing Rachel enjoyed was wearing sexy or fun underwear under her clothes almost every day. If the boys at her school knew some of the thoughts she had about them, well, she would probably get in trouble. Today she was wearing her front enclosed bra that is red and has a thin lace pattern, which promptly hit the floor as she snapped it. It’s probably a good thing she’s so shy, Rachel laughed as she pulled up the blue suit over her legs. As she stretched the straps over her bursa escort shoulder Rachel gasped. She must have grown an inch or so this past year cause she could quite clearly see her pussy through the suit. After the shock wore off, she pulls the shorts back over the suit and walks out.

Brian’s already in the hot tub as Rachel comes out. “Haha, nice shorts sis” Brian teased.

“Shut up” Rachel hissed which she knew Brian knew she meant business.

“Jeez, relax and get in silly, I’m just playing, I’m wearing shorts too you know.” Brian always knew the right thing to say, causing Rachel’s lips to upturn in a shy smile. She climbs in the bubbling water and sits on the side with her older brother watching the valley. By this time it was getting a little later, and the sun had nearly begun to start to set. The temperature was falling a little every minute as the siblings sat in silence. The experience of the steam and bubbles rising is so relaxing, Rachel let her hair down and settled back till a jet was in her neck. Man, this is the life she thought, as she just enjoyed the all encompassing feelings all over her body. “You know Rachel,” Brian broke the silence, “I’m really going to miss you next year.”

“Awwww I’m going to miss you too Bri” she responds, “I’d come visit wherever you went but I’m not so sure you’d want your baby sis to visit the big college senior” she teased as she leaned into his shoulder.

“I’d love for you to come to visit Rach, I just worry about the other college seniors” he laughed.

“What do you mean? You don’t trust me?” she responded playfully.

“Oh, I think I can trust you, it’s the guys I’m worried about” Brian said quickly. “As long as Gary didn’t go to school there I’d be fine” Rachel retorted sticking out her tongue. “Haha very funny sis. Perhaps I’ll have mom and dad ship you up every weekend to get you AWAY from him” Brian taunted.

“Oh shush, there’s nothing to worry about. Besides, you’ll always be the favorite man in my life” Rachel beamed and relaxed into Brian’s muscular shoulder. The two lay against each other tenderly as the water and heat washed away any worries. The contrast from the cooler air and the hot water made both siblings a little lightheaded and extremely relaxed, and before the two had known it was nearly dark.

“Hey guys” dad startled them as he came out to the deck, “Dinner’s ready.” The two siblings climbed out of the hot tub and toweled off quickly. Getting out into a cold night is quite a way to get the adrenaline flowing, and when both were dry enough, they quickly ran inside and shut the sliding door.

“It’s getting cold outside kids, you need to get out of those wet clothes and into something warm” mom advised as the two split. Rachel went back to the bathroom with a towel and change of clothes. As she again peels the wet shorts off her legs she notices her pussy even more pronounced against the wet suit. Her lips were always puffy and tender, she could make herself cum just from crossing her legs. This always came in handy in a boring class, smiled Rachel, but sometimes she would get too carried away. She was always afraid of leaving a wet spot in her chair or dress or having someone smell her. By this point she could cum while remaining nearly motionless, and the power she felt when she decided to do that was intoxicating. Rachel pulled the wet suit down her chest as it sticks against her back. Rolling it down her soft body, the last contact was made in between her legs and of course, her thick pussy lips. A thorough toweling off was followed by sliding on her warm cotton panties. They hugged her ass and privates so tightly, there’s nothing like fresh panties she thought as she decided to go without a bra. Pulling over her thick blue sweatshirt and some tight jeans and cute socks and her outfit was nearly complete. A quick blow-dry and pullback and her ponytail fell down the small of her back towards her ass.

The family ate dinner with a vengeance, as dad had prepared grilled chicken and mom had cooked some mashed potatoes, rolls, broccoli and macaroni and cheese. Everything tasted delicious as usual, and after cleanup the family sat down to play trivial pursuit. Rachel cherished these times, everyone was so funny to her, especially her brother. The game promotes discussion, and Brian and dad always had little witty remarks that made the girls laugh. Mom was the genius though, and with her the girls usually won. Tonight was no different, as they all ended up laughing at Brian letting dad have it for talking him out of the right answer. It was all in good fun though. ‘Well guys’ dad said after silence had hit the room, “we’ve got a long hike tomorrow so maybe we should go to bed.” All agreed as the parents headed upstairs for the loft. Brian and Rachel retired to the guest bedroom, complete with two twin beds on opposite walls. The siblings took turns using the bathroom to get ready, Brian going first since bursa escort bayan he was usually faster. When he had finished brushing his teeth he emerged in a grey t- shirt and blue boxers.

“Close your mouth and quit staring,” Brian teased his sister.

“You wish” Rach scoffed as she went into the bathroom. As she changed into her soft pink t and blue boy shorts she laughed at her brother’s quick quips. He had such a fun personality; he’s going to make some girl really happy she mused as she brushed her teeth.

When Rachel came out she noticed Brian in her bed. “No way!” she pouted, “that’s my bed, you have to move.”

“If you insist girl but I promise the other bed will be warmer, it’s gotten really cold and windy outside” Brian protested. Rachel thought and noticed she had heard the whipping wind outside and noticed a chill in the poorly insulated cabin.

“What makes you think that bed is warmer” she questioned as she starts to walk over to it.

“Well, that wall shared is the wall to the den, so there isn’t any wind, this wall is right outside to the deck” Brian grinned.

“Fine, you can have my bed if you want, I know it’s what all your friends dream about” Rachel teased as she crawled into the other twin and got beneath the blankets.

“Yeah that’s gross. None of MY friends are coming anywhere near you sis” Brian said fairly seriously.

“I’m just playing silly, goodnight Bri.”

“Goodnight Rach” Brian said as he cut off the light. Rachel awoke to a loud clap as her eyes flew open. The wind was howling outside and the room was pitch black. After a few seconds she noticed the power was off. No other noises were to be heard except her brother lightly snoring. He slept through everything, no fair Rachel pouted. She figured it was maybe midnight, felt like she had been asleep for a couple of hours. Drat, now it’s going to take forever to go to sleep, unless…she grinned inwardly. Her pussy hadn’t gotten her daily cum, but Brian was in the same room. Her pussy started to throb with the dirty thought though, and besides, he was asleep. Slowly her hand went down between her legs to her fresh white panties. As her fingers start to gently stroke her swollen lips she felt the familiar feeling purse through her insides. She started to ache as her pussy started to glisten, the wetness spreading through her panties. Her fingers continue to push and rub over the material, gently kneading her clit against the wet cotton. Soon she flipped over in bed on her back and kicked her panties down off her legs and spread them. Now she had room and her pussy was waiting. God, it’s so wet, Rachel thought as she massaged her lips a little more insistently. Her bare legs felt so good rubbing against the cool sheets, as the only warm spot in the bed was where she had been laying when the power went off. Stroking faster she started to gasp at the feelings. As Rachel pushed her fingers up into her tight pussy while grinding her clit with the heel of her hand, she knew it wouldn’t be long. Her breath increased as she started the climb to the peak, when all of a sudden Brian shot up straight in bed. The movement startled Rachel so much that she immediately started cumming all over her hand. “Ohh” Rachel squeaked out before she could control herself, silently thrashing on her bed as she bucked on her hand. She could sense Brian was looking at her and was never so happy that the power had gone out. If it was anything like what she could see, he couldn’t see his hand in front of his face.

“Rach, are you awake” Brian whispered. “I think the power’s out.”

“I know” Rachel responded in a quivering post-orgasm voice.

“What should we do?”

“Go back to sleep” Rachel whispered.

A few hours later Rachel awoke again, but this time in a much worse mood than she fell asleep in. She realized she was freezing, this time there was no warm spot in her bed. Her nipples ached with cold and she reached up to feel her face. Cold to the touch, she became aware that she was shivering. “Brian” she said intently. “Brian, wake up I’m freezing.”


“Brian aren’t you cold? You’re in the cold bed.”

“I’m sleeping Rach…”

“Brian! Wake up. I’m too cold. Please get in my bed with me; I’m too cold…please?”

“What? Oh, yeah, the heat went out.” Brian stretches and realizes how cold he is too. “Ok Rach, scoot over sweetheart, we’ll keep each other warm.” Brian slides into the bed and gets under the covers. Rachel rolls towards the wall as Brian slides behind her. She pushes her back against his chest and her butt against his groin, and immediately jumps.

“You’re freezing you suck!” she hissed as Brian laughed.

“Mmmm you’re so warm sis” Brian laughed as he snuggled tight against her as she squealed.

“Alright now we have to kick our legs to warm up the bed and we’ll be fine” Rachel theorized. escort bursa The two siblings began to thrash their legs in a bicycle motion, generating heat after a minute or two. Rachel felt her brother’s powerful thighs slapping against the back of hers and laughed nearly silently as she heard the sound. Sounds almost like someone, and then she froze. Her legs stopped kicking. What was that? It moved and then it was Brian’s turn to stop kicking.

“Uhh..I’m sorry” Brian whispered.

“Is that your..” Rachel trailed.

“Umm yeah, it’s not what you think, I’m sorry it was just the friction and heat and..”

“Oh so now you think I’m ugly” Rachel pouted. It moved again.

“No Rach, it’s just you’re my sister.” Rachel flipped over on her other side and pulled her groin away from her brother.

“Oh, I forgot silly” she teased. “Now simmer down and let’s get some sleep”

As the two slept Brian found himself on his back with Rachel on her side beneath his arm. Brian has such wide shoulders that he took up most of the width of the twin bed, but Rach was happy in his nook with her leg thrown over him. As she lay there contently she noticed it was still pitch dark, but her brother was providing heat. She snuggled closer to his chest as she raised her leg higher over his crotch to his stomach. Brian responded to the contact to roll towards his sister. His other arm embraced her tightly as the two mingled together in the bed. Just then something caused Rachel to become aware. She felt her brother’s boxers against her skin. Not just her skin, but her crotch. After she had cum she had been so concerned with not getting caught she forgot her panties at the bottom of the bed. As she turned beet red she knew if she put them on now she’d get busted. Just then Brian pulled her closer and sort of pinned her against the wall on her side, her leg now over his hip.

Her sex was now spread nearly directly over his crotch. Rachel froze as Brian began pushing his mouth into the top of her head and down her neck. He started to gently rock his sister in his sleep while Rachel was scared to death. Should she do something? It was nice rocking with this strong guy, his embrace completely swallowing her, his heavy sleep breath betraying his hands which were now rubbing up and down her back. This causes Rachel to push deeply against her brother, her hard nipples piercing his chest between the only article of clothing she wore, a thin t shirt. She softly moaned nearly half asleep when something caused her to jump again. This time she felt it again, but this was fleshy. His hips had started to slightly grind as she felt a soft spongy tip brush her labia. Afraid to breath she felt as it grew to life, a snake searching its home. At first it was just a soft touch here and there, leaving a wet spot to mark its territory. Then it became longer, fuller, still soft but thicker. Now Brian’s hips had started driving towards her instead of around, and his hands had worked around her ass. Slowly he began to knead her cheeks and pull her crotch tighter against his cock.

Her pussy was soaked; Rachel didn’t know what to do. It was exciting, although she had never considered it before; her brother seemed the ideal person to lose her virginity to. In no less than 20 seconds she had decided if Brian wanted to fuck her she would let him. “Brian” Rachel said softly. His thrusts became a little more insistent as his thick cock slipped in between her thick pussy lips and parted them. As Brian thrust this time the bottom of his cock received a thick wet coating as it slid against Rachel’s sensitive clit. Brian’s cock was hard now, nearly seven inches she thought but thick. Jesus he was thick, and hard, but still spongy as his cock rode up and down her hungry slit. Fuck, if he keeps this up I’m going to cum, Rachel thought when all of a sudden Brian pulled his hips back. His cock slid down obscenely and he thrust slowly between her legs this time. “Ohhhhh” Rachel moaned in her brother’s chest as he pushed forward. Her arms wrapped around his neck, she leaned in to kiss Brian. His lips were so soft, as she gently brushed and wetted them with her own. Soon he returned her kisses as his left hand went all the way down the curve of her ass and to her thigh. His cock was soaked with her juices now, as it sawed back and forth against her bare pussy.

Brian continued to absently kiss his sister as Rachel continued to work his lips open with her tongue. Soon both began kissing passionately, locking their lips together sucking and exploring each other’s mouths when suddenly Brian froze. “Don’t stop” Rachel whined.

“Uhh shit, I’m sorry Rach I didn’t..”

“Please, don’t stop. I need you…” his sister begged. He sighed and leaned down to kiss her softly on the lips as his cock throbbed between her legs. The two resumed kissing intently for a few minutes. Light began to peak through the window just barely as the two’s eyes adjusted.

“You’re really beautiful Rachel, I love you” Brian said simply as Rachel blushed.

“I love you too Brian” she said sincerely as the two embraced lewdly.

“We don’t have to, I’ve never…” Brian said.

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