Quote the Witch, I Want More!

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It was a cold crisp Halloween night, & I was freezing my scantily clad ass off. Dressed in my Gothic witch costume, I eyed myself in my screen door as I stood on my front porch. I was really pleased with what I saw…my long black hair falling in curls down to my ass, perfect makeup & pale skin, my sexy as hell black dress with plunging neckline & leg slits, & last but not least stiletto heels. I even had a small birch broom propped up beside the chair where a huge bowl of Halloween candy sat. I was waiting for my best friend to pick me up so we could go party hard. In the meantime I figured I’d be a good girl & pass out candy to all the brats who showed up. Plus I’d gotten plenty of stares from the teens & dads with kids, who seemed to find lots of excuses to come back for candy.

I sat down trying to keep warm, & focused my attention on the house next door as I heard a door slam. My neighbor (who I’d never met) headed toward his car & drove off. I stared after him & realized I was intrigued. He was a tall black guy who looked absolutely huge & seemed tough as hell. His wife (who I’d only caught glimpses of) was a faded blonde with a meek way about her. The few times I’d said hello to her, she’d always lower her eyes & scurry off after a murmured greeting. No doubt about it though, her husband was someone I’d love to fuck.

My fantasy of big black dick was broken when my cell phone rang. It was my best friend Giselle calling with bad news. In a watery voice she informed me that her asshole boyfriend had just broken up with her. I knew from experience that this meant she was gonna curl up in bed & sob the night away. I cursed mentally but wished her well, then stood indecisively on my porch. It was after 10:30, & most of the kids had gone home. I had no car to go partying, or anyone I could call to pick me up. Most of my friends were at the school Halloween Ball, a place I definitely did not want to be.

I stood for a moment still freezing then headed over to grab my broom & candy bowl. As I did, I sensed a flicker of movement out of the corner of my eye. I subtly glanced up & saw a curtain moving next door. I was pretty sure it was the meek wifey watching me, so for the hell of it I walked between our houses to my backyard, swinging my hips. I sat down on a chair spreading my skirt to show my legs & pretended to hunt for a Snickers bar. I took my time unwrapping it, & popped it into my mouth like a dick to suck. I nearly choked on the candy when I heard her back door slam & she appeared in front of me. She shyly sat down in the chair beside mine & looked down for a moment before speaking. “That’s a beautiful çankaya escort costume.”

I thanked her & then before I could say anything else, she blurted out, “I know you’ve seen me watching you before, but I can’t help myself. You’re so gorgeous & I wish I could have my first time with you.”

Having said this she bounded up & across the yard back into her house. I jumped up & chased after her, in shock but suddenly very horny. I had had my share of women in bed but I wondered how it would be to fuck someone so eager to please. In a split second before I entered her kitchen, I decided to go for it.

As soon as I came in, I walked up to her & asked did she really want to fuck. Her eyes widened but she nodded eagerly. “My husband is going to be gone all night so we can use the bedroom.” She took my hand & led me up the stairs. The room was lit only by candles that gave a somewhat spooky glow. I ordered her to sit on the bed & undress.

After she was completely naked, I made her lay down & examined her closely. Her body was what you’d expect of a woman her age (toned but nothing to write home about) , but she did have perky nipples & small pointed tits. Her pussy was shaved & already glistening.

I stood & began to take off my clothes to show her what a hot body I had. I peeled of my tight dress under which I wore nothing, but kept my stilettos on. I laid down on the bed & slowly ran my finger over her lips. Her body jerked as if I’d burned her as I caressed her lips & cheeks & let my finger slide down her tits. She gasped as I moved closer & kissed her. Our kiss was at first slow, but as she grew used to it she responded by opening her mouth & stroking my tongue with hers.

I kissed her deeper, plunging my tongue into her mouth like I intended to plunge it into her hot cunt soon. My hands cupped her tits & squeezed her gumdrop nipples. She moaned softly & cupped my tits. I ordered her to spread her legs so I could eat her sweet pussy. She shivered & did as I asked, turning me on so much. I ran my tongue ever so lightly over her swollen lips & clit, savoring her pussy juice. She tasted like honey & was so wet my tongue slid straight into her hole. I began to savagely tongue fuck her while my finger diddled her swollen clit. I was so busy getting her off that I didn’t notice her body stiffen & the moan of panic that escaped her lips.

Suddenly I felt a hand on the back of my neck, pulling me off her & tossing me onto the bed. Flat on my back, I stared up at her husband, seeming even bigger in person & glowering at me. Beside me his wife froze & stared at him with haunted eyes. “So you think you ankara rus escort can get my wife off without my permission?!” he roared. Mutely I shook my head & trembled.

He suddenly left the room & I heard him pulling something toward us. He reappeared with a chair in one hand, & a large black box in the other. He grabbed his unprotesting wife & hauled her bony ass into the chair. She didn’t dare move as he flipped the lid off & produced a length of rope, which he swiftly tied her to the chair with. Then he dumped the box over to reveal a huge black dildo, strap on harness, & nipple clamps.

“So the little white witch wants a good fuck, huh? Bet you want some of my cock crammed in you, tearing you open.” As he spoke, a strange thing happened to me. I was no longer afraid, just extremely horny & thrilled at having his wife watch him fuck me.

So I smiled pertly & spread my legs to show him my glistening shaved box. He smiled & jumped onto the bed, burying his face in my pussy. His bald head gleamed in the candlelight as he shoved his tongue deep in my cunt. I moaned & bucked my hips, gasping with pleasure.

He paused to scowl at his wife & order her to watch us, then dived back into sucking my clit HARD. I loved it & was so turned on by his wife watching, as I pinched my own nipples. He stopped again & ordered me to stand up on the bed. Then he knelt in front of me & attacked my sopping wet clit again, while also shoving 4 of his huge fingers in my aching pussy, & his thumb up my tight ass. It felt so good that I came in less than a minute, but his assualt didn’t end. He began to rub my clit roughly while tongue fucking me. I screamed & writhed in unimaginable pleasure. I came over 4 times before my legs gave out & I collapsed on the bed.

He had me lay flat on my back & sucked aggressively on my nipples, before clamping the clips on. He slapped his huge black dick (10 inches, very thick & veiny, with a huge mushroom head) against my pussy & thigh, before he slammed it into my aching cunt. I screamed & bucked again as he seemed to tear me open. It felt so good with the pain & pleasure of my nipples clamped. I had never had such a big dick fucking me hard & fast like he was, his huge balls slapping my ass.

I lifted my legs up to his shoulders so he went in even deeper. I came all over him, & he slipped out. He lay down on his back & ordered me to mount him. So I gladly sat on that sweet dick, riding him hard while staring at his wife. I fingered my clamped nipples & screamed in ecstasy. “Who’s white pussy is this? Who’s my little white slut with the best pussy ever?”

I ankara yabancı escort moaned that I was his slut & my pussy was only his forever. I rode him while his fingers dug into my ass, slapping my cheeks, until I came so hard again & again. Then I was told to get on my hands & knees & spread my lips open. The next thing I knew his cock was jammed in me again, fucking me like there was no tomorrow. I screamed & moaned & came over & over until finally he exploded in my pussy with a hoarse groan.

We both collapsed on the bed, sweating & out of breath. I sat up & gazed at his wife, smirking at her obvious pain. “I love your husband’s black cock, & he can have my pussy anytime.”

She blinked but didn’t look away. He stood & untied her from the chair, then ordered her to ‘clean me up’. She obediently got on her knees & began to lick his & my cum from my soaked cunt. I moaned as she ate it all gooey & thick out of me, while I sucked the huge dick that had so violently & brilliantly fucked me senseless. I let him cum in my mouth, after he had brutally fucked my face & I’d cum 2 times from his wife’s busy tongue.

Then he stood again & picked up her, making her stand. He motioned for me to put on the strap on harness, into which he inserted the enormous dildo. It was even bigger than his (at least 13 inches & even thicker, with a huge head) . Then he said he wanted me to fuck his wife’s pussy hard & hurt her. He pulled out a fresh pair of clamps (with long thick chains hanging from them) & brutally snapped them on her. Even I had to wince as I saw how they dragged her nipples down. She looked like she was in some serious pain, but I didn’t dare not listen.

He pushed her onto her back & motioned for me to start, as he lay down beside us to watch. I awkwardly slipped the dildo into her & felt her shudder as it invaded her tight pussy. I shoved it all the way in with no warning, & she screamed in pain. Her husband gave her a quick slap & she closed her mouth, tears streaming down her cheeks. I began to ram her hard & fast, tearing her cunt open & pulling on her stretching nipples. I loved the feeling of power & how I was getting off on this.

I then told her to get on her hands & knees, which she did without hesitation, but still in agony. Her tight brown asshole beckoned my attention, & I suddenly shoved the cock into it. She was so fucking tight that it almost didn’t go in, but I managed to worm it in. I raped her ass savagely while I screamed that I was gonna tear her ass wide open. Her husband was jacking his meat off & I came while slamming my dildo in her. I pulled out & removed the dildo, then made her suck her nasty ass juice off it.

I then hopped back into my clothes & gave him a hot kiss, while telling him to call me anytime he wanted some real good pussy. I walked out back to my own house, my pussy tingling, & happy as hell with my Halloween treat…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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