Quicky 02: JT and Jenny

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This is a total fiction. Any similarity to real people or events is coincidence. Please check out my other stories. Comments are appreciated.


John “JT” Turley had worked as a public servant for most of his life. He had been a Sheriff’s Deputy, a game warden and a small-town cop. He took some time off during the time when he lost his precious wife, Milly. When he returned to work, his age and spirit made him reluctant to carry a badge and gun anymore. There was an opening that fit him. The county needed ambulance drivers and EMT’s. He had the driving credentials and plenty of first aid training. He signed on as a driver. The EMT classes came natural to him and soon he was a certified EMT.

Jenifer “Jenny” Nelson was a young lady with nursing experience as an LPN and EMT certifications. She wanted to get out of the hospital system and get outdoors. She hired on with the ambulance service. Jenny was a pear-shaped girl of thirty-two. Her hips and butt were far out of proportion to the rest of her. She had big thighs tapering on down to her feet. She wasn’t very tall. Her hair was a frizzy mess, so she kept it cut short. Although she had pretty eyes and a nice smile, she did not appeal to the few local men her age. Jenny had the healthy sex drive of a young woman. With lack of attention from young men, she had a string of “make do” relationships. These were with men of low character. She had a short-term thing with a woman. She had some good times but was not by nature a lesbian.

JT and Jenny were partners. The county had two ambulance stations. One near the major highways and the other on the rural and residential side of the county. The younger and fitter personnel manned the station near the highway. They worked many wrecks alongside the firefighters. The older less fit EMT’s worked out of the rural station. Most of their runs were transporting patients between the hospital and nursing home.

The stations were surrounded by security fencing. The rural drug problem had made them a target. Each station had two main rooms. The first room was the main lounge. It had a kitchenet and comfortable furniture for the personnel to wait for calls. The other room they called the “bunk house”. It had single beds and lockers. Shift schedules were long, and they were expected to sleep when they could. The oft-ignored rule was that only one person slept at a time.

There was satellite TV and internet, but Jenny and JT spent many long hours of down time playing marathons of gin-rummy. They wore out a deck of cards every few weeks. It was a good çankaya escort way to get to know each other at first. It became a welcome past-time. It took their minds off the runs they made that were picking up a deceased person from their home. It took their minds off their personal problems. The sad, lonely old man and the frustrated, homely girl became best friends.

They spent many late nights talking. They opened up about what each was going through. Still it was a long time before Jenny opened up about her sexual frustration. Once they had breached the subject. They became even closer. There were times when JT would sit and watch a baseball game. Jenny would go in the bunkhouse and masturbate herself to sleep. They were adult about it. It was only natural.

Still, JT would think about Jenny lying in there just a few feet away. She must be in there rubbing and fingering her fat pussy to a trembling orgasm. He felt sorry for her. With JT widowed three years, it sometimes aroused him.

“John, I’m going to take a little ‘me time’ and a nap. Wake me in few hours, OK.” Jenny said. It was late. They had picked up a sweet little old lady at the hospital and took her back to the nursing home. “Me time” was her code for playing with herself.

“OK, honey. Do you need a hand with anything?” JT asked and gave his standard little laugh.

“You ask that every time. You’d shit if I asked for your help.” Jenny went into the bunkhouse room and turned off the light.

Out the corner of his sight, JT noticed that Jenny had left the door ajar. He thought about it for a minute before he quietly invaded her “me time”. He could see by the light coming from the bathroom. Jenny’s trousers were bunched on her boots, fireman style beside her bed. She lay beneath only a sheet on this warm night. JT saw her stop rubbing and pull her hand away from her crotch. He quietly walked to her and sat on the edge of the narrow bed.

“John, I’m sorry. I should wait until I go home. I just get so crossed up sometime.”

“Honey, it’s OK. Sleep time is written into our schedule. What you do in here is your business.”

“I know that. It’s just inappropriate.” Jenny said, shyly.

“Sometimes when I offer a hand, I’m not joking.” JT laid his hand on her belly and rubbed it gently.

The touch of his hand was electric. Even if it was just on her belly, Jenifer craved the touch of a man. She slowly moved her hand back down to her hungry pussy. When JT saw that she was rubbing herself again, he slipped his hand up to her chest between her breasts. Jenny ankara rus escort breathed deeply. She rolled her head back. She took her free hand and guided JT’s hand onto her right breast. He rubbed and the massaged it. Jenny moaned softly and rubbed herself vigorously.

“Oh, JT. That feels so nice.”

JT got a little bolder. He massaged both of her tits. He pulled the sheet down and slipped his hand under her tee shirt. She had taken her bra off and welcomed JT’s fingers to explore and roll her tender nipples.

Jenny began to moan and squirm. This was already the best sex she had had in two years. “Oh, God! That new, young intern at the hospital got me so hot. Damn, he’s gorgeous.” She said and rubbed her clit.

JT’s cock was swelling and crawling around in his pants. Jenny’s pleasure built. JT surprised himself and her both by sliding his hand down until his palm rested on her mound. She pulled her had away from her pussy in anticipation of what her friend would do. She was not disappointed when he pressed his thumb onto her swollen clit. JT rolled her clit left and right. Jenny writhed with pleasure. She spread her chubby legs. JT rubbed and played with her lips and clit. Then Jenny gasped and nearly lurched off the bed when JT took his thick index finger and shoved it all the way up her hot wet pussy. Her body quaked with pleasure as JT rolled his finger around and explored the inner secrets of the young girl. Assessing the dimensions of the orifice he decided that it was best to slip another finger inside her. Jenny cried out. JT gently tested her fit then began to slide his fingers in and out. She was in a state of pure bliss. JT rolled his palm up and put his wide thumb back on her clit. He increased his rhythm, finger banging the young woman and grinding her clit under his thumb.

“That young doctor got you all fired up, didn’t he?” He asked. He increased pressure with his thumb and dug is fingertips up into her g-spot area.

“Oh, God. That’s good. Yes. I wanted to drag his cute little ass into the bathroom.” She said between breaths.

“What would you do in there?” JT asked and pumped his fingers into her.

Jenny was writhing around but steadied her voice and quietly said. “I’d get on my knees and pull his scrubs down and suck his cock.”

“Would you Jenn? Would you take that boy’s cock in your mouth?”

“Oh yes. I’d suck the man dry!” She said and began a thrashing, flailing orgasm. She moaned and grabbed JT’s wrist with both hands. She pulled his fingers into her and stopped his pumping. ankara yabancı escort “Just hold still. Right there for a minute.” She lay back and breathed hard for a long time.

JT was suddenly aware that he had a handful of warm slippery fluid. He eased his fingers out of Jenny. They were quiet for a few minutes. JT wiped his hand on the sheets and began to stand.

“Wait, John. I want you to show me your cock.” Jenny said and sat up on the side of the bed. She pulled him to her. “Please take it out and show me.”

JT didn’t know what to say. He just unzipped his fly and pulled his hard cock out for her.

Jenny touched it then gripped it. She unbuckled his belt. “Show it to me right.”

He unfastened his trousers and pushed them down along with his boxers. He flexed his cock to full hard to try to impress.

Jenny reached around and pulled him to her by grabbing his ass cheeks. She took his cock into her mouth as if hungry. JT gasped. With her hand, Jenny pulled back his leathery foreskin and dug her fingers into his ass with the other. JT’s cock head was swollen and thick. Jenny explored the smoothness of it with her tongue. JT began to make small short thrusts and gently fuck her wet mouth. Jenny sucked harder and scrubbed the underside with her tongue. JT relaxed and fucked her mouth more rapidly until he felt himself starting. “Watch out. Here it comes.” He said out of courtesy, in case she wanted to move away. She didn’t. Instead, she sucked, pumped and bobbed her head. A flood of cum raced out of JT and into her mouth. Some ran down her chin and still her little mouth was full. She tilted her head back and swished the semen around in her mouth. She put a finger in her mouth and felt of it. Then she swallowed the load and sucked on her finger. The smell and taste of the cum almost gave her another orgasm.

The sun behind the curtains and the smell of coffee woke her around six. She dressed quickly, freshened up and went into the main lounge. “You were supposed to wake me at five.”

“It was a quiet night. I thought I’d let you sleep a little more.” JT said and poured her some coffee.

“Thanks for last night. You don’t know how badly I needed something like that.” Jenny said, sipping her coffee.

“I think I needed it too and didn’t know it. It was special for me, Jenn.” JT said and blushed.

“John, do you think we could do some more things like that sometime?” Jenny asked, blushing.

“We might try it sometime… sometime very soon.” He said smiling.

[Mechanical voice] Station four-oh-two. Ten-fifty-two. Ten-seventy-two.

“Shit! Let’s roll. Something’s on fire.” Jenny said.

Sometimes two lonely people can find each other and lend a helping hand. 10-52 is “Ambulance needed”. 10-72 is “fire in progress” (I had to look it up.)

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