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I’m relaxing on my stomach on the bed. Naked. Flipping through my phone or some such. Up on my elbows. You start on the tip of my big toe. Run a feather light finger up the bottom of my foot, over my heel, up my calf, back of my knee. Your hand splays out going up the back of my thigh, slowing down but not stopping over my ass.

As you hit the small of my back it’s fingertips and nails skating over my skin. Up my back, shoulder blade, slowly, across my shoulder, up my neck, through my hair at my scalp. Then your hand tightens and you pull my hair. Crane my neck back a bit and you kiss me. Deeply. Hard. Supporting my head with your hand now. The other hand snaking around to cup my breast. Grasping. Massaging. Pinching my nipple. Your tongue finds mine.

Deep kisses. Exploring. Tasting. Teasing. You bite my bottom lip.

Your hands start to pull at me. Urgent. Turn me over. Pull me up and into your lap as you sit crosslegged on the bed. I wrap my legs around your waist. Slide my hands up your arms and around the back of your neck. Cradling your head. Feeling your soft short hair.

Still kissing. Kissing me like you need it. Need it to çankaya escort survive. Your hands are all over my back. Moving. Scratching lightly. Gripping my ass. Squeeze. Pull me closer.

My head tilts to one side and you kiss down the side of my face to my jaw. Nibble. You kiss my neck. I feel your teeth graze my skin. Anticipation. You kiss down my neck to the spot where neck meets shoulder. You bite. Just a little. I love it! I moan your name.

At the same time you tilt your hips toward me. I feel you. Hard. Sliding against me. I tighten my legs. Press against you. She’s so wet. She wants you. You feel it. Your hands spasm on my back and you scratch deep pulling me into you.

We separate just enough for Him to find Her. You slide in. Slowly. Such a good fit. So big yet so right. She tightens around Him. You gasp. I whimper with pleasure. You are so deep inside me. I start moving my hips against you. Grinding. Moving away and then back again. Feeling him almost slide out then back in. God damn. That feels so good.

One of your hands finds the center of my back. You nibble at my collar bone. Start kissing down my chest. My back ankara rus escort arches as I continue to ride you. In and out. In and out. I have one hand planted behind me on the bed.

You find my nipple. Like a pebble. Wanting. You lick and suck and nibble. Your other hand slides up to find my other breast. Cupping. Kneading. Pinching. My back arches further. My hips pick up the pace. I’m moaning. You’re groaning with your mouth against my skin.

Grabbing your shoulder with my other hand. I ride you as you devour me. My hand clenches on your shoulder. Nails digging in just a bit. You know I like this. A. Lot.

You roll up and over me without breaking contact. Your hand, that was on my back, slides up to my face. You kiss me. Press our foreheads together. You say my name. You tell me how good my pussy feels. Pushing into me so fast. Then you slow down. Really feel it. Every centimeter. Sliding in and out. In and almost out. Such a tight fit. So wet. Sooooo good.

You kiss me again. Tongue finds tongue. We play. My hands on your back. My legs still wrapped around your waist. Holding you inside me.

You push ankara yabancı escort yourself up. Kneeling on the bed. You thrust. Pull my right leg up your chest. Ankle by your ear. You hold my hips as you move inside me. In and out. Faster. You moan. I cry out. It feels so fucking good.

Your head turns toward my leg. Your face says pleasure almost to the point of pain. You kiss my calf. Mmmmm. You move faster. I cry out again. And again… and… again. You love it. Making me loud.

Your mouth still on my calf, you bite down. Hard. I gasp. You plunge faster. One of my hands finds it way between my legs. I start playing. Rubbing. No lube needed. She is soaked. I add more sensations to what you are already doing to my body. I’m gonna cum. I feel it. Building. The ache that turns into ecstacy. You see it. You know.

You drop my leg back to your waist and bend toward me again. Kiss me. You pump. I play. We fuck. Your hand on the side of my face again. Forehead to forehead as my climax builds. So does yours.

I crane my neck back and groan as it sweeps over me. I feel Him start to pulse as you cum too. We ride it together. Slow to come down from the peak. Your movements slow down and eventually stop. My whole body trembles. You kiss my lips and then my forehead as I lie below you.

Spent. You relax. Fully lay down. Bodies in line. Your head next to my neck. You kiss me there. We are sated.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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