Queen Yavara: Chapter 10

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Asswink Booty

Part Four: Man Eaters

Chapter Ten


One breath, then another. Adarian taught me that. ‘When you’re in the shit, and the world’s falling apart around you, just take one breath, then another. The first breath keeps you in the present, and the next brings you to the future. You’re still alive; you took the second breath. Congratulations. Now, take another.’ Of course, Adarian taught everyone that lesson. Only for most other rangers, it was meant to keep them centered in combat situations. For me, it was social. I didn’t realize until my first day of ranger training how much I’d used Yavara as a crutch, and that’s when I realized the crutch had crippled me. I sat by myself in the mess hall, isolated myself in the barracks, and went to the library during rest hours. When I was assigned to a squad, I couldn’t hide myself anymore. After three panic attacks, Adarian pulled me out. ‘One breath, then another.’ He told me as I clutched my chest, eyes bulging, my heart pounding. ‘Shit, Elena.’ He said, ‘I’ve seen you operate under fire without so much as breaking a sweat, but Brian cracks a gay joke and you shatter. No, don’t give me that; it’s not your fault. It’s mine. Most rangers are like wolves, you see; they operate in packs, and the lone wolf dies. But you’re not a wolf. Wolves bark and growl and harry herds until they can pick off the weak prey, but the tiger… the tiger stalks the dangerous game in dead silence. Now breathe, tiger, breathe. One breath, then another. I’ve got some dangerous game for you to chase.’

One breath, then another. The green canopy overhead was broken with beams of sun, giving light to pollen that floated listlessly through the air. I was on my back with an arrow in my shoulder. A Nadi arrow. Adarian’s arrow, for only one ranger in the corps had access to Nadi arrows. I didn’t think he knew who he was shooting at, for my identity had been concealed. Still, he’d find out eventually, if he was still alive. I glanced at the haft sticking in my shoulder. That certainly was one way to get a dishonorable discharge. I knew I deserved worse. I’d killed one of my brethren; I’d shot him down in the streets. I felt guilty, but not nearly as guilty as I thought I should. For as much as I’d made the rangers a part of my identity, Yavara had defined me for much longer, and of her fate, I did not know. My worry encompassed my guilt, and compelled me to action.

The wound in my shoulder was bloodless, and the petrified flesh it left would be useless. I flexed my hand, or tried to. I couldn’t feel my fingers. Shit, I couldn’t feel my whole left arm. I glanced at the proximity of the haft to my left breast, where my heart thrummed alive. It could’ve worse, I guessed. With gritted teeth I reached across my body, and tore the arrow free. No pain, for the nerves were dead. It left a yawning puncture that showed cleanly through the milky fat and pink muscle, bloodless all the way to the bone. If I’d eaten breakfast, I would’ve lost it there. I rolled to my right, my left arm flopping uselessly after me, and I pushed myself to shaking feet. Across the clearing, Brock had managed to get to a sitting position. He was porcupined with ten arrows, two of them Nadi, but his thick hide kept the arrowheads from doing mechanical damage. Still, the regular arrows had done their work, and black blood dripped down his back in thick rivulets.

“Ranger, you need to show me your secret path to the Gorge. Can you walk?” He asked with a rasping voice.

“We should wait for the others.” I murmured.

Brock shook his head. “They won’t come. The portal was destroyed on the other side.”

“Do you think…”

“Do you still have your powder?”

I reached into my belt and handed Brock the satchel. He took a pinch of the substance and threw it across the ruins. They glowed neon green with magic.

“Zander’s still alive,” Brock grunted, “and he would die before he let the elves take Yavara, so she’s still alive too.”

I breathed a sigh of relief, and took one stumbling step. I was hit with a wave of dizziness, the world seeming to rotate about the axis of my heels. I closed my eyes, and took one breath, then another. Centering myself, I opened my eyes, took one step forward, and collapsed on my face. My head beat like a drum, my body ached, the world spun around me. Distantly, I heard Brock saying something. Then his blurred visage thundered next to me, his black eyes unfocused, the pupils dilated. He mouthed something, but I couldn’t discern what his tusked lips said. Suck you bitch? Fuck off, Brock. You sack of orc shit. Oh, the grass felt so good against my cheek. And that hand running through my hair, the delicate fingers caressing the roots like a whisper. I turned on my back. She had big violet eyes set in a beautiful face, her purple lips creasing in a hungry smile. Her horns curved demonically from her amber hair, and shined black in the midmorning sun.

I woke up to the night sky greeting me from the mouth of a cave. I reached for my shoulder and felt for the wound. It was gone. I looked at my skin just to make sure. There wasn’t even a scratch where an arrow had been buried just a few hours ago. I flexed my hand, and realized with a start that I could move it. Had everything been a dream? Yavara, Brock, Zander, Prestira… no; no, my flesh was bronze, and I felt the piece of man pressing between my thighs. I looked around the cave. It was oddly decorated for a wild dwelling, with pillows everywhere, silk drapes adoring the walls, and velvet rugs laying across the floor. My hand flashed for my dagger in realization, and met my naked hip. My eyes flitted frantically, finding my weapons and clothes resting in the corner, but I knew I’d never get to them in time. I could feel her behind me, feel the enticing warmth of her radiating onto my flesh. Two soft hands descended upon my shoulders. They leaked tenderness into my tired body, relaxing and unwinding the tensed muscles in my back. I fought the sensation for only a moment before I collapsed into blissful lassitude, a stupid smile creasing my lips. The hands lowered me slowly until my naked back pressed into the supple bosom of the succubus. Her arms came around me like a cage door shutting, and I surrendered easily to the imprisonment.

“What’s your name?” She had a girlish voice, full of curiosity and desire. It dripped like honey into my ear, and seeped its sweet poison into the annals of my mind.


“What are you, Elena?” Her hands moved down my shoulders. Oh, her touch was like fire, leaving me burning with just a graze.

“A hybrid; a mixture of dark-elf and high-elf.”

“A dark-elf?” The succubus prompted as her wonderful hands traced down my torso, “Dark-elves are extinct, Elena.”

“The Dark Queen has returned.” I mumbled, my eyes fixed on her fingers, and the path they lead.

“That’s very interesting.” She cooed, not sounding like she believed me, “But what’s more interesting, is this fascinating thing between your legs. Why does a she-elf have such a tool?’

“I don’t know.” I gasped. Her fingers curled around my shaft, and it engorged with blood, curving backward and leaking from its apex. I could barely breathe. The succubus moaned as her fingers worked down my length, her heart racing against my resting head. I could feel her hunger through her flesh, her insatiable desire. It became my hunger, my desire. My breathing came back to me, and it was heavy and long, giving life to a heart that beat against my breast with carnal need. My mind drifted away, lost in a haze, lost in those violet eyes that stared deeply into me.

“Let me go, please!” I choked out.

“Oh, Sweetie,” She smiled compassionately, “you’re so full of fear and confusion. There’s no need for that now. Only pleasure, only joy for the rest of your days.”

“Stop.” I hissed, fighting her spell with the last of my sanity.

To my surprise, she did stop. Her hand uncurled from my shaft, and slid up my belly. “I am sorry, Elena. It was rude of me to be so impatient with you. I’ve just never had someone like you before. You’re a prize, a gift sent to me from God. I should treat you with the reverence you deserve. Come, lie on your belly. Let me worship you.”

I could hardly disobey her. I rolled onto the pillows beside me, guided gently by her hand. Her fingers pressed into my back, expertly sliding knotted muscles apart, easing the congested sinew into a lithe expanse across my spine. I whimpered under her touch, my body turning to a languid puddle, my resolve melting like butter.

“When I found you in the forest, you were such a mess.” She whispered, her voice so sweet, “I brought you here and healed you; I was so worried that you wouldn’t make it. My little gift from God, and what a package she sent you in!” She giggled girlishly, “A ranger on the brink of death, shot by one of her own kinsmen it seems. No wonder you’re so tense! You don’t have to worry about them anymore; I’ll keep you safe. No one will ever find you here.”

A soft tingling sensation permeated from the base of my skull when she spoke, begetting the soothing comfort of a mother’s whisper. Every sound that slipped from her lips brought me ever deeper into her trance, my mind wavering along a silken stream, drowning in it. Her fingers molded my flesh like clay, unwinding the sticking fibers and tendons until the blood flowed freely and warmly beneath my skin. But there was one part of me that was still very tense.

The succubus placed a hand under my thigh and gently guided me on to my back. I saw then the full extent of her beauty. Her amber hair cascaded from her head in waves, framing her girlish face and leading to domed breasts, each adorned with a small purple nipple. She bore not a hint of muscle, for every surface of her seemed to be silky and supple, made to be squeezed. Her thick thighs rounded into alluring glutes, and from between them, a long thin tail wagged slowly behind her, coming to a soft point at the tip. Her pussy was purple-lipped and small, flushed and glistening with desire. She looked gently into my eyes, her own full of love and promise. I could do nothing but grin back, stupidly enamored by every motion of her. She leaned forward and pressed against me, her soft flesh as comforting as it was enticing. A hand gently stroked the hair from my face as the other traced its fingers along my cheek.

“Do you like women, Elena?” Her sweet voice whispered.


“I thought you did.” She giggled playfully, “I like women too, but they can’t satisfy me like a man can. It is why I know God has sent you to me.” She traced her hand back and forth across my pelvis, watching my eyes with a hopeful smile, “Well, Elena; are you ready for me now?”

“Yes!” I cried softly. She grinned delightedly, and from that smile, a long reptilian tongue slithered forth. It was wet and purple in the moonlight, sheened with viscous saliva that dripped from the forked tip. She teased my mouth to open, and I did so willingly, my eyes cast half-lidded in desire. Her tongue wrapped thrice around my own, and pulled me into her mouth as our lips pressed. Oh, she was a generous kisser, her honied spit seeping into my palate, filling my mouth with her flavor. It was a predatory consumption, but not a dominating one, for she gave to me much more than she received. She showed me what she would do to me, stroking my tongue with long wet pulls, each pass a celebration of sensation. When she withdrew, she caressed my lips with her forked tip, then smiled sultrily, and descended.

She worked methodically down my body; wrapping each nipple with her tongue, then tracing the lines of my abdomen, pathing one crease of my thigh, and moving to my center. I let out a moan as she lassoed me thrice around my throbbing cock, then sealed her consumption with purple lips. And I thought Yavara had been skilled with her mouth. The succubus consumed me with reverent avarice, making certain that every inch of me was serviced by her constricting tongue as her rotating lips pillowed around me. When she reached my base, her warm throat embraced me with swallowing gratitude, pulling my loins into her esophagus. I gasped, enraptured beyond description, staring down at her as she stared up at me, her tail wagging from between her upturned glutes. Her tongue stroked up and down as her lips slowly withdrew, her ascension accompanied by subtle slurping sounds. Her fingers gently pressed against my inner thighs, spreading them apart. I complied, parting my legs, biting my lip in anticipation. Her fingers hovered over my slit, barely brushing against my petals. She teased me for a while, gently tracing my opening, bringing me to the precipice of begging before she entered me with three digits.

My pelvis elevated on its own accord, my head pressed against the pillows, my heels pressed into the bedding. The succubus moved her mouth faster, her tongue wrapping tighter around my shaft, her lips enveloping with sweet suction. She took me deeper and deeper into her throat, softly gurgling, her eyes alight. Her unattended pussy dripped viscous nectar into a pool between her knees, but she did not sate her arousal. The familiar pressure began to rise in my loins, an even more familiar ache accompanying it my nethers, a rising pleasure ballooning from my pelvis and flowing outward through my body. I arched my back in lethargic hedonism, rising gracefully to meet the gluttony of my master, to give her what she so desired, what I so desired. With a cry, I grabbed hold of the succubus’s head, squished her muzzle against my groin, and unloaded down her swallowing throat. She drank of me greedily, humming with a heightening pitch, the pool between her legs turning to puddle as her desires oozed like syrup from her depths. I collapsed, my body sated, my mind near gone. I was hers, hers forever, hers to do with as she pleased until the end of… wait…

The succubus pulled from me, unconditional adoration in her violet eyes. “Master?” She asked.

I looked down to see the woman’s pupils were completely dilated, a froth of my cum cornering her purple mouth. I no longer felt the effects of her enslavement, but instead became aware of a connection between us. A connection I controlled. I recalled Yavara and Prestira’s reaction to my ejaculate, and further still, I recalled somewhat in my training of a succubus’s weaknesses, of how dark-elves had used them as pleasure toys. And I was half dark-elf. A thin smile breached lips, then curled wider and wider still. I took the girl’s chin between my thumb and finger, and saw the way she shuddered under my touch, her violet eyes big and receptive, begging me. A slave; I had a willing, worshipping, sex slave. My grin nearly spit my face.

“Come girl, lie next to your master.” I said.

She crawled obediently next to me, nestling herself under my arm, her tail curling up in contentment. It felt akin to owning a domesticated lioness. I looked into her eyes as my hand stroked her body, marveling at the softness of her.

“What’s your name?” I asked.

“Crystal.” She muttered, practically purring under my touch.

“Of course, it is.” I smiled, “Do you know where my friend is, Crystal?”

“The orc? My daughters are feeding from him in the next chamber.”

“Are you the alpha?”


“And how many daughters do you have?”


A megalomaniacal smile creased my lips, and I pulled Crystal hard against me. “Do you know what I’m going to do?”

“What?” She whimpered, her hands like paws on my breast, her lips pouting with her whorish want.

“I’m going to go into the next chamber,” I drew my hand down her pelvis, “I’m going to take your daughters one at a time,” I sunk four fingers into her slit, “and I’m going to make you watch as I turn every one of your beloved baby girls into my fuck-slaves. Does that excite you?”

“Yes!” She gasped as I worked through her vile insides, “Please Master! Please turn my daughters into slaves like me! We can all be your pet whores forever!”

“Then bring me to them.” I said, and withdrew my fingers. Upon their exit, Crystal’s face turned into one of pure anguish, and she whimpered and pawed at me, her lower lip quivering, her tail drooping demurely behind her. The good slave that she was, Crystal would not ask her master for what she wanted, but simply begged with puppy-like desperation. Smirking, I brought my fingers to my lips, and tasted the fluid she’d coated them with. Oh, she was sweet.

“Crystal,” I said, standing up, “we’re going to play a game.”

“I like games.” Crystal smiled up at me.

“We’re going to pretend you’re my master, and I’m your brainwashed cock-slave.”

“That sounds like a fun game, Master.” She said, her eyes filling with excitement. Unbidden, she leashed my cock with the end of her tail, squeezing firmly enough to keep me in her grasp, but not to cause pain. “This is how I would’ve led you if you were my slave, Master. I’m sorry for being so brash.”

I grinned, cupping her ass and squeezing. “I’ll make sure to punish you later.”

The shudder that ran through her almost brought her to her knees, and she needed a moment to compose herself. When she did, she dawned a controlling mask, and strutted confidently forth, leading her “slave” to the adjacent chamber. I had to suppress a laugh when we walked in. The pack of predators were feasting on their downed prey, but Brock hardly seemed the condemned buffalo before the wolves. One succubus was straddled across his crotch, barely hanging on as he propelled her screaming into the air. Two more of the beasts were using his hands as stools, and their toes grazed the floor as he held them aloft, the thumb and middle fingers of both his hands buried to the bottom knuckle. A fourth rode his face with eye-rolling hedonism, while the fifth was resigned to using his foot. For her sake, I hope Brock didn’t get a cramp, or the poor girl would be split in two. It was obvious by their varying complexions that each of Crystal’s daughters had been sired by different fathers, illegal bahis but they all retained their mother’s big eyes and girlish features. They all seemed to be adolescent, baring nubile slender bodies instead of their mother’s bodacious curves, though modest assets were still supple and enticing, and my mouth watered at the sight of them.

“That’s Sapphire, Opal, Diamond, Ruby and Onyx.” Crystal whispered, gesturing to each of her daughters.

“Were you a geologist or something?” I snorted.

“I don’t know.” Crystal mused, inclining her head to the ceiling, “I am very old, Master, older than my memory.”

The two daughters that had been riding Brock’s hands connected eyes with their mother, and dismounted gracefully. Sapphire had eyes that belied her name’s origin, a mess of scarlet hair, and a smattering of freckles across her nose and cheeks, while Diamond’s namesake was evidenced by the bejeweled dots that sparkled her brow. She had black hair, bronze flesh, and eyes like emeralds, and though she was gorgeous, my eyes were drawn inexorably to Sapphire’s hair. The pair of them took in every inch of me as they approached, and I unabashedly did the same with them.

“Are you already done with this one, Mother?” Sapphire asked, “I thought you’d be keeping her as your personal pet.”

“She’s for all of us to share.” Crystal smiled fondly at her daughters.

“My god, she’s beautiful.” Diamond muttered, tracing her fingers up my belly, “What’s your name, beautiful?”

“Elena.” I hissed, my hips shaking compulsively, presenting my engorged organ to the woman.

“Elena.” Sapphire echoed softly, moving behind me, “Elena the dangerous ranger; Elena the hermaphrodite. Tell me, Elena, does your seed bear fruit? For I would very-much like to have daughters with your gift.”

“Then we wouldn’t need to hunt anymore.” Diamond grinned, brushing her fingers up my belly, “We would share our daughters with you, of course. I would love to see two of your kind mate.”

“Indeed.” Sapphires hands clasped my shoulders, so gently, so very gently, but her touch was the focus of being. Her tongue slithered forth, and moistened my ear, “I long to see the look in our daughter’s eyes when you first make her bleed.”

Diamond’s hands sunk into my breasts, her fingers gently working my nipples as her forked tongue slid into my mouth. I fell under spell as easily as I’d fallen for her mother’s, and went limp with desire, my lips mindlessly consuming, my tongue strangled gently by hers. Sapphire pressed her body to my back, her breasts flattening against my shoulder-blades, her pelvis pushing against my ass, her tongue tickling my jawline, my neck, my pinched nipples. They guided me to the floor between them, their supple bodies molding to my ranger-trained muscles, leaking comfort and desire from their every pore.

“What do want us to do to you?” Sapphire whispered.

“Fuck me!” I moaned, my cock flexing between the press of Diamond’s belly and mine.

“You’re a very straight-forward woman, aren’t you Elena?” Diamond sniggered, withdrawing her tongue from my mouth. She took me inside her without preamble, lowering herself until every inch of me was sheathed. Her face opened in pleasure, and mine did the same, our mouths singing a duet of moans.

“Oh, Sapphire, it’s like nothing I’ve ever felt before!” Diamond exclaimed to her sister.

“Stop Diamond!” Sapphire pouted, “You’re making me jealous. Here I am all alone with nothing to play with.”

“But there’s so very-much of Elena that can be used.” Diamond gasped, rolling her hips as she supported herself with my breasts.

Sapphire turned my face to hers, and I saw that she was grinning, “Have you ever eaten pussy before, Elena?”

“No.” I gasped.

“Well, it’s time that you learned how.” Sapphire’s freckled face smirked as she twisted from beneath me, and brought her leg over my face, “You look absolutely ravenous.”

I was. Sapphire’s trimmed mound drew a scarlet arrow to her pussy, the petals flushed with her desire, shining with her leaking nectar. Her folds pressed to my lips, and she beckoned me with hopeful eyes, her teeth pressing excitedly into her lower lip. I pushed my tongue into her slit, wrapped my lips around her petals, and tasted her. Oh, she was delicious, and my vision hazed pink with her intoxicating lust, filtering her pleasure-stricken face in a passionate hue. There was no hesitation in me, and I acted upon instincts I didn’t know I possessed. As I thrusted my cock into the rolling hips of Diamond, I pushed my tongue into the leaking depths of Sapphire, curling the tip upward, find her spot, and tasting it. My lips pulled on her folds with gentle suction, my nose teased her clit from its hood, and my tongue found her combination, moving deftly inside of her, unlocking her secrets. Her jaw slackened in sexual awe, her brows knit together, little gasps punctuated from her mouth, the squeaks of felled prey. I could feel Diamond undergoing a similar revelation, feel the way her taut insides fluttered with unbridled delight, hear the way her voice called in astonishment.

“What are you?” Sapphire breathed, sliding her fingers through my hair, gently bringing my face deeper into her. I could hardly answer the woman. I reached back and filled my hands with Diamond’s supple cheeks as I drove into her harder, each thrust increasing the pitch of her cries. Sapphire began to gyrate atop my face, her silken belly flexing in soft shadows, her little breasts squishing between her outstretched arms. Her eyes glazed over as they stared into me, drunk with pleasure, her body becoming lethargic with it. She leaned back with a graceful tilt of her head, her scarlet hair billowing behind her like sail catching the wind. Diamond took her gently by the jaw, and the two entangled their serpentine tongues in a sisterly kiss; the spiraled, purple flesh disappearing between their pressing lips. Diamond’s tail curved behind her and penetrated my slit, prompting me to cry out. She navigated my depths curiously, then began pumping in and out, moving tenderly, never exerting me. I arched by back as I thrusted harder into Diamond, my body thankful of her intrusion. I could feel her spasms becoming more frequent, churning within her depths, compelling her to move with animalistic avarice upon her sister. Sapphire responded in kind, her eyes shutting tightly, her mouth devouring. Their faces began to flush, their bodies began to glisten, they bucked and heaved atop me, rising in congruence with my own ascension. Once again, my body was wracked with the duality of my genders, both climaxes assaulting me. With a shrill cry, I forced my last thrust into Diamond, erupting into her as my body quaked into a frenzy. I felt her slacken atop me, willowing under the pleasure of my slavery. Incensed by her sister’s greed, Sapphire pushed Diamond off me, and devoured my wilting cock. Her pupils dilated, her posture drooped, and she hummed stupidly, drawing her slurping lips upward. Diamond forked her fingers about her cunt, and Sapphire planted her face into her sister’s crotch. Her eyes rolled back, her tongue slithered forth, and she cleaned Diamond’s insides as Diamond petted her hair, murmuring soft pleasures. When Sapphire was done, the pair of them looked at me.

“Master.” They said in unison, their expressions wrought with the same adoration. I grinned and brought both women to my bosom. Their hands entwined about my cock, and their seductive touch coerced me back to engorgement. They stared up at me with hopeful eyes, waiting for my command.

“Sapphire and Diamond,” I said, smiling to my new slaves, “I want you to bring Opal to me.”

“Why do you want her, Master?” Sapphire pouted, “You can have me instead.”

“And me, Master.” Diamond pleaded, “Forget about Opal.”

“I don’t remember asking for your fucking input.” I growled, squeezing both asses. The mewled and whined, undulating with need, dividing their legs about my hips to press their leaking flowers against me. “I want you to bring me Opal.” I hissed, “And I want you to pretend I’m still your slave while you do it.”

“But master, Mother is watching. She’ll know what’s going on.” Diamond whispered, glancing nervously as the woman touching herself in the corner.

I gently caressed her face. “Your mother is already my slave.”

Diamond and Sapphire giggled and waved to their mother. She gave them a nod, her mouth agape in self-pleasure.

Opal had wavy auburn hair like her mother’s, though her skin was pale and smattered with freckles like Sapphire. And like Sapphire, her eyes begot her name, for they were lustrous and toned with amber and azure. Her breasts were the smallest of all her sisters, but her ass was the proudest, her cheeks perched perfectly above her thighs, a smiling crease highlighting each. She smiled crookedly down at me, flanked by her enslaved sisters, and I writhed pleadingly on the floor, not having to try very hard to look sexually possessed.

“So, you’re the girl everyone’s been telling me about.” Opal chuckled, her eyes running the length of me, “You’re so exotic, Elena. It’s no wonder my sisters are so infatuated with you.”

Opal placed a hand on my thigh, immediately putting me under her control. I moaned for her, presenting my cock with thrusting hips, biting my lip. Sapphire and Diamond eased back, watching intently as Opal squatted atop me, her tail flicking behind her.

“Do you know where I like it?” She giggled, “I like it my ass. Do you want to fuck my tight little asshole?”

“Yes!” I moaned.

“Good,” Opal licked her lips, “I’m going to sit on this magical cock my sisters having been raving about, but first…” She smirked as she moved backward, “…I need you to make me wet.”

She reached back and spread her cheeks, presenting the spoked rim of her anus, pink and hairless. The smell was pungent, but not unappealing in my state of mind; in fact, I found it positively mouth-watering. I recalled how Prestira had pleasured my dirty hole, and put to practice what I’d learned from her. I pursed my lips around Opal’s rim, and sucked. As her vile ring swelled with my suction, I pushed my tongue into her tight depths, wriggling vulgarly through her channel, lathering her with a coat of my spit. Her cheeks enveloped my face, the weight of her pressing down as she arched her back in hedonism. When she contracted around my tongue with the imminence of climax, she withdrew. Her anus was swollen and red, vivid against her pale complexion. She looked over her shoulder at me, and grinned as she squatted on my cock.

I moaned as her puckered center expanded around me, gripping my shaft like a vice as it descended my length. So tight, so very tight. Her insides were hot and smooth, the delicate flesh fighting me for every inch I entered until her ass molded to my pelvis, and she flung her head back to cry out. So, this is what anal feels like. I thought, marveling at the heinous intimacy of Yavara’s favorite activity. There was domination aspect to it, a megalomaniacal need to penetrate someone where they were not meant to be penetrated, to force pleasure into them from a disgusting place. I grabbed Opal’s cheeks and spread her wide, wanting to view her violation as I pumped my cock deeper into her. She rose and fell onto my lap as I thrusted in opposition, watching her pelvic floor stretch around my retreating pole, then press in with my advance, her cheeks rippling with the impact of my pelvis, their surfaces becoming rosy. The sight of her reddening flesh compelled my violence, and I drove into her with abandon, wanting to hurt her, and knowing somehow that she wanted it too. Opal’s cries turned to screams, her feet gave out beneath her and she fell atop me, piercing herself to the hilt. I took two fistfuls of her hair and wrenched her head back, staring into those two-toned eyes as they rolled in her sockets. She panted heavily, drool dribbling from the corners of her gaping mouth, her small breasts jiggling, flailing in rotation from her chest. Sapphire, Diamond and Crystal watched us with bated breath, touching themselves as they did. Opal came violently, wrenching this way and that, tears welling in her eyes. I came with her, growling and grunting like a rutting beast, draining my loins into her sucking shithole with each successive drive. When it was done, she collapsed in the same lassitude as her sisters had, and stared upside-down at me, unbridled love in her eyes.


“Opal,” I said smiling, my fingers running up her spine, “I think you might be my favorite so far. I have a very special task for you. I want you to keep all my cum in your ass, and I want you to feed it to your sisters.”

“All of them?”

“No Dear; just Ruby and Onyx.”

Opal slowly moved from me, my cock sliding from her ass. She stuck four fingers into her gaping anus to prevent my seed from spilling, and slowly walked over to the succubus riding Brock’s face. Bending over, she presented her meal to Ruby, who gratefully accepted it, her long tongue sliding tenderly into Opal’s awaiting asshole, and scooping the contents into her mouth. Ruby immediately turned to me, her face full of love.

“Master.” She spoke from across the room.

The succubus riding Brock snapped from her revelry, her head whirling at me, a face of terror. Onyx leapt from the orc, revealing to me just how immense Brock was. For a moment, I just stared, uncomprehending how Yavara or Onyx had fit that thing inside them. Then I shook myself from my stupor, my eyes flitting to the ebony beauty racing across the cave.

“Grab her.” I said to my slaves. Crystal, Diamond, Sapphire and Opal rushed after their sister and tackled her to the ground. They subdued the thrashing succubus’s limbs with their body weight, leaving her spread-eagle and screaming on the cave floor. I walked over to Ruby, who was still bestride Brock’s face. Her lips, nipple and labia were all a vivid red against her sun-kissed fleshed, her big brown eyes staring adoringly at me from beneath a curly mess of blonde hair.

“Ruby,” I said kindly to my new whore, “I want you to get off Brock and come with me. We’re going to fuck your sister.”

I guided Ruby from the orc, strings of her nectar thinning and snapping from his lips and her folds. Brock sputtered back to reality, his arms flailing wildly, his legs kicking. His eyes fell upon Ruby, and his face contorted in rage. I stepped between Brock and my new slave, holding my arms out to stay his charge. Knowing what Brock thought of me, I was surprised he didn’t squish me anyway.

“Stop!” I yelled.

“Out of my way, Ranger! I’ll explain everything once you’ve got control of yourself!” Brock growled, cocking his arm to deal a blow over my shoulder.

“Brock, it’s me!” I yelled, “I have control of them!”

“What?!” Brock stopped his fist mid-strike.

“It’s my seed.” I explained, “Yavara and Prestira said there was something in it, and dark-elves can enslave succubi. These creatures,” I said as I drove three fingers into Ruby’s slit, provoking a yelp of pleasure from her, “are now my slaves.”

Brock stared at me with a bewildered expression, his face telling me that he wasn’t quite buying my story.

“Ruby,” I said to my newest slave, “suck Brock’s dick, but do not use your powers on him.”

“Yes, Master.” Ruby said excitedly. She got on her knees before Brock, who backed away, suspicion in his eyes, his fist poised to bury her.

“Stop.” I said to Ruby before she crawled after him. I grabbed one of Brock’s massive daggers, and tossed it before Ruby. “Slit your throat.” Without even breaking her smile, Ruby unsheathed the dagger, brought it to her neck, and- “Stop!” I yelled before she did it. She lowered the dagger, and waited for direction on supplicant knees. Brock looked at me with something akin to awe, and with some trepidation, stepped toward Ruby. He stiffened when she grasped his cock, then relaxed when he realized the full truth of my proclamation. Seeing the opportunity open, Ruby took Brock’s entire length down her gullet, her neck stretching painfully, but her throat not even uttering a gag.

“Wow…” Brock gasped as he placed a hand on the succubus’s head. He looked at me with childlike hope, “Can I keep her?”

“I’ll let you borrow this one for a while.” I laughed, “Ruby, you are to do whatever Brock says, OK?” Ruby nodded as best she could. I pinched her rosy cheek and smiled down at her. “Good girl.”

I turned from the pair of them, and assessed the last free succubus. Onyx was aptly named, and her dark brown complexion and nappy hair served to contrast the hues of her sisters. Her frizzled mane was highlighted with blonde, her eyes were chestnut, and her lips were fuller than any of her sister’s. She’d since spent her strength trying to free herself from her mother and sisters, and now sprawled helplessly before me, her chestnut eyes bulging with fear, her luscious lips quivering.

“Do you know what I’m going to do to you, Onyx?” I smiled down at her, stroking myself to engorgement. Onyx just stared back, taken by her horror. “I’m going to do to you what I did to your sisters and mother.” I sneered, “I’m going to do to you what you were going to do to me. I’m going to rape you into my little fuck-slave. After I’m done with you, I get to do whatever I want to you, and you’ll love it.”

I straddled her chest, making a seat of her breasts, enjoying the meeting of our succulent assets. The moment I’d seen those lips, I knew how I wanted Onyx. I grabbed her head, forced it forward, and prodded her mouth with my tip. Onyx might not have been my slave yet, but she was still a slave to her nature. Like a beaten dog presented with a morsel, Onyx reluctantly opened her mouth. Her magic took me as easily as the others had, but she didn’t have the wherewithal to push me away. Her tongue wrapped around me, her lips pillowed softly, and her bulging eyes drooped in acceptance. As her family held her spread-eagle, I fucked her face with a savagery I hadn’t expressed illegal bahis siteleri with the others. After coming three times in less than half an hour, I needed something extra to keep myself hard. I drew from the depths of my depravity, and found the base desire to dominate pulsing within. So, I punished Onyx’s throat, turning her pristine face into a mess of tears and leaking spit, her hair into a disheveled tangle. I held her head fixed as I ravaged its orifice, and I through it all, I stared into her brown eyes, seeing the pleasure wrought in their depths, the baseless desires that I shared. She hummed her squeals around the seal of her lips and shifted her hips in a whorish dance behind me, her pussy drooling a pathetic puddle between her legs. I cursed her and berated her, making sure she knew while she was still wholly herself how much of slut she was. She agreed ardently, her body betraying any resistance her mouth might’ve proclaimed. For her mouth was naught but a hole to fuck, and I watched imperiously as her plush lips indented and stretched with every push and pull of my meat, a disgusting organ to corrupt such a beautiful face. And when I was at the precipice, when I felt my loins surging with ecstasy, I asked her at the top of my voice, “Do you want to be my fuck-slave, you little cunt?!”

And in the last act of her freedom, Onyx nodded. I erupted down her throat, and collapsed in exhaustion, not an ounce of strength left in me. My newest slave continued to suck me even as I became soft in her mouth. Only when she was sure I had no more seed to give, did she gently push me off her face. The five of them picked me up like a martyred idol, and carried me reverently to a bed.

“Brock,” I called hoarsely, “we’re going to spend the night here. I’m fucking exhausted.”

“I bet.” Brock grinned.

I collapsed in a pile of women, nestled between the maternal embrace of Crystal, and the little spoon of Opal. I yawned. “Onyx, in the morning I want you to make Brock and I breakfast. Chicken and waffles are fine.”

“That’s racist, Master.” Crystal scolded gently.

“She’s a high-elf; she can’t help herself.” Brock chuckled from across the room. He looked curiously at me. “Do you need all of them, Ranger?”

“Onyx, Sapphire, Diamond and Ruby; service Brock until he’s satisfied. Do not use your powers on him.” I replied, giving the orc a tired smile.

Brock looked like he might cry. “Ranger, I wanted to kill you this morning. I would suck your cock right now if you asked me to.” He took all the women in his massive arms, and hoisted them giggling and yelping into the air. “C’mon ladies, you heard your master. It’s feeding time!”

As moans and cries sounded from the adjacent chamber, I snuggled between the warmth of Opal and Crystal, and fell into slumber the moment my eyes closed. I had very good dreams.

The smell of cooking bacon roused me. Crystal shifted sleepily behind me as my morning wood pressed against Opal’s ass. I sighed and got up from the bed, knowing that I wouldn’t have time to indulge myself. Ruby, Sapphire and Diamond were all splayed out on top of Brock, the holes between their legs yawning and swollen, the smiles on their faces blissful and content. Brock gave me a knowing wink, and I returned it with one of my own. I sat down at the table and beckoned Onyx to serve me breakfast. She limped over to me with the platter, wincing with each step, but smiling wide to see me. The plate she presented was laden with bacon, eggs, waffles chicken, biscuits and gravy. I brought her into a heated kiss, then left her blushing and flustered as I commenced my meal.

Brock pushed the sleeping women off him and lumbered to the table, his manliness waggling between his muscular legs. Onyx gave him an entire suckling pig, apple in the mouth and everything.

“You’re too good a woman, Onyx.” Brock beamed at her.

“It’s nothing compared to the feast you served me last night.” Onyx smiled back, patting her distended belly.

“Ruby, Sapphire and Diamond,” I yelled to my sleeping slaves, “collect everything of value in this cave and pack it in a bag. Onyx, please wake Crystal and Opal, I’m sure they’re starving. Oh, and get the weapons and supplies that you took from us.”

Ruby, Sapphire and Diamond collected all the valuables of the cave and stuffed them into a bag. Onyx returned to us with our weapons and supplies. Crystal and Opal followed behind, rubbing the sleep from their eyes as they entered the room.

“Crystal, you can suck my cock this morning. Opal, you can have Brock.”

“Thank you, Master.” The two slaves said in unison, then ducked under the table. I smiled as I felt Crystal’s tongue wrap thrice about me, and her lips seal me into the wet warmth of her mouth. By the blissful expression that dawned Brock’s face, I could tell Opal had broken her fast.

“So, Brock,” I said as I swallowed a bite of food, “I was thinking we should leave here in about an hour. I can hear water rushing from the mouth of the cave, which means we must be close to the rapids. We’ll have to navigate to your camp on foot, seeing as we won’t all fit in that boat at the outlet.”

“We’re bringing them with us?” Brock said, looking down at the horned woman pleasing him.

“Of course. They’re valuable assets to Yavara’s army. They’ll be good for morale.”

“I guess that makes sense.” Brock said. His eyes drifted from his lap, across the table, and rested on my breasts.

“Brock, my chest isn’t talking to you.”

“No, but it’s calling for me. Besides, I don’t like craning my neck to see what Opal’s doing, so I’m using you as a visual aid.”

“I have a penis, Brock. You’re getting off watching someone with a penis.”

“Yeah, but the rest of you is fire-ass hot.”

“Would you fuck me?” I asked with a raised eyebrow.

Brock leaned in. “I would wreck that pussy. I’m not going to let a little dick get in the way of that.”

“It’s not little!” I exclaimed, a tiny-bit insulted.

“It’s proportional to your frame, I’ll give you that.” Brock shrugged, “And you’re all of what? Five-four? Five-five?”

“Five-six.” I muttered.

“And the golden rule is: your height in feet, converted to inches, plus one, so you’re perfectly average for an elf.” Brock said, then grinned impishly, “Of course, there’s always outliers, as you saw when I came stumbling in here on three legs.”

“My dick’s literally magic.”

“I’ve heard that many times, from many different women.”

“Mine literally turns women into cum-hungry slaves.”

“Mm-hmm.” Brock swallowed a mouthful of pork, “So does mine; just ask Yavara.”

I considered Brock’s smug face, then pondered the knife in my hand, and how fast I could throw it across the table. “My dick saved your life, Orc.” I said instead.

Brock burst into laughter. “So it did, Ranger, so it did!”

“Do I get reward from the chieftain of the mighty Terdini tribe?” I asked through a wry smile.

“Certainly, Ranger.” Brock grinned a tusked grin, “Anytime you have a hankering for some dick, you come ride the one that reincarnated the Dark Queen.”

“I will never have a ‘hankering for some dick.’”

“Never say never, Ranger. People change all the time.”

“Well Brock, anytime you feel a hankering for some dick, you just come over to me. I have six customer reviews that say it was a life-altering experience.”

“Even if I was gay, I’d never bottom.”

“Never say never, Brock. People change all the time.” I smirked.

“That’s not gonna change the fact that I’m gonna blow my load into Crystal while I watch you come.”

“I’ll make sure it’s worth your while.” I said, slowly pulling the fork from my lips. My hand drooped at the wrist, the fingers dangling before my moaning lips. I looked at Brock, my brows knitting, my face opening in astonishment. The fork fell from my hands, and clattered on the table. My breaths came quickly from me, my cheeks flushed, my bare breasts heaved. I pushed my hands against the edge of the table and braced myself as I arched my back, staring deeply into the orc’s eyes, my moans turning to cries. I saw the hunger wrought in his black eyes, his savage face grimacing, focusing on me, all of me. I was lost in a torrent of pleasure, weak with feminine passions, vulnerable for him, oh god, only for him! With one last lustful scream, I raised my head upward, my back still arching, my hands filled with my breasts, the enticing flesh squishing through my gripping fingers. I came into Crystal’s mouth as I stared my pleasure into Brock, exalting before him, writhing on my chair in a dance I could not control. At the heat of my climax, when I was at my most beautiful, I planted my feet onto the bottom rung of the chair, raised myself exultantly off the seat, and farted with enough ferocity to shake the table.

I laughed as Brock’s pleasure-filled face fell. His face turned greener than it already was, and her covered his nose and scrambled out of his chair. His orgasm caught him mid-flight, and he stumbled to his knees, his (admittedly magnificent) cock spewing onto the floor.

“What the fuck, Ranger!” Brock roared.

“Oh, did I ruin the moment for you?” I laughed as he gagged.

“Holy shit! What do you eat?!” He wretched.

“Ranger rations are as follows: black beans, pinto beans, lentils, garbanzo beans, and kidney beans. Sometimes they give us liver.”

“Oh god, I can smell the liver!” Brock covered his mouth and sprinted from the room.

“I’m sorry Brock, I couldn’t hold it in! Brock, where are you going?! I changed my mind, Brock, I want you! You were right, people can change! Brock! Brock! Come back here, I was just making room for you!”

I laughed so hard my chest hurt. Opal, apparently of stronger constitution than her orc breakfast, crawled over to the puddle he’d left on the floor, and lapped it up without complaint of the miasma that infected the room. After some time, Brock came back, noticeably more clothed than he’d been before.

“Oh, has my lover come back to me?” I asked, crossing and uncrossing my legs.

“Butt plugs do wonders for those with digestion problems. If you think this is the last pass I’m making on you, Ranger, you’re dead wrong.” Brock said, and tossed me my robe. It was half-burnt from the mage’s fire, and caked with dirt and blood. I frowned.

“Crystal?” I asked my slave, “Where do you guys keep your clothes?”

“Over here, master.”

I searched through the succubus’s wardrobe, disappointed that all of it was lingerie. I cut the burnt and bloody sleeves off my robe and wore that instead, much to Brock’s disappointment.

“You’d look so good with these on.” He frowned as she held up a pair of fishnet stockings.

“Well, the girls need to wear something.” I replied, “We can’t have them hiking through the Great Forest naked. Dress yourselves ladies, we’re moving out.”

After giving Brock and I a little fashion show, the scantily-clad succubi distributed the supplies to carry amongst themselves, and we set out. The eight of us journeyed for about five hours, the day turning to evening before we finally saw the Gorge. The aptly named landmark was an immense fjord cut into the landscape by the Knife River, the walls tunneled by time, causing the black cliffs to crest over the waters like jagged blades. Brock reached into the bag and turned to us, six ball-gags in his hand.

“Ranger, we’re going to have to put these on them or my people will shoot them on sight. Also, bind their hands together and blindfold them. I’ll do all the talking, don’t say a word. Put your hood up so that they don’t see your ears. Keep your hands at your sides and don’t make any sudden movements. Stay behind me.”

“I’ve dealt with tribespeople before, Brock.” I said annoyedly.

“Maybe in the Maples, Ranger. You’re in the Pines now.”

We bound the succubi’s hands behind their backs and tied them to the tails of the succubus in front them, all of them in single file with Crystal at the head of the line. After gagging and blindfolding them, I guided the line behind Brock by a rope tied around Crystal’s neck. We approached two large boulders before a booming voice cut through the forest.

“Stop!” Ten orcs revealed themselves from atop the boulders, crossbows aimed down at us.

“Trenok, is that you?” Brock yelled.

An orc nearly as large as Brock jumped from the boulder, the forest floor shaking as he landed. He wore his dreads in a braid, revealing a handsome, but fearsome face. His body wasn’t as muscled as his father’s, but it still bulged with cords and veins. The two orcs eyed each other, their feet planting subtly, their shoulders squaring. I held my breath, standing still as a statue. Trenok cocked his head, then his face broke into a wide grin.

“What the fuck took you so long, old man?” He laughed, and embraced his father.

“Boy, I’ve got some stories for you.” Brock laughed as he patted his son on the back.

“I know, Dad. The wizard came here a few hours ago. He told us everything.”

“Zander is here?” I asked. Trenok looked at me, his eyes exploring my own.

“You must be Ranger Elena Straltaira.” He said, “Zander told me quite a few things about you.” His eyes drifted south, “Some of them, I’m not sure I believe.”

I rolled my eyes, and opened my robe. Four of the orcs gasped, three of them swore, one of them whistled, and one even blushed. Trenok just nodded. “Yeah, I still totally would.” He assessed.

“That’s what I said!” Brock laughed, “Unfortunately she doesn’t feel the same way about us. Fortunately, she’s more than willing to share.” Brock gestured to the line behind me, “Look what she has brought us.”

“We should kill them.” Trenok frowned at my slaves, “They could jeopardize the whole tribe.”

“Oh?” said Brock as he filled his hand with Crystal’s ass, prompting a muffled moan to escape from her gagged mouth, “Does it look like I’m under their control? Ranger, can you demonstrate your powers to my son?”

I walked over to Diamond and cut her binds before removing her gag and blindfold. “Dinner time.” I smiled, gesturing toward Trenok.

“Oh, thank you, Master!” She beamed liked I’d given her a surprise birthday present. Trenok kept his crossbow trained on the woman’s head as she approached him on hands and knees, then ducked under his loin cloth. I saw his finger tense on the trigger, then relax. He lowered his crossbow and looked at me in wonder.

“How did you…” Trenok trailed off as Diamond sounded a muffled gag. I guessed muscle and height weren’t all Trenok had inherited from Daddy.

“I’ve got magic spunk.” I shrugged.

“I will sacrifice a goat for your magic spunk!” Trenok laughed as pulled the beast against his crotch. “These six have taken many men from our tribe. We shall see that they are rewarded justly.”

“Don’t damage the goods, Trenok; they belong to me.” I replied as I went to work cutting the rest of my slaves’ binds.

“Of course.” Trenok said, and yanked Diamond’s tail up, prompting a muffled scream from her lips as her body lurched forward.

“Slaves, you are to do whatever the orcs demand of you.” I commanded to my squad of sluts.

“Yes, Master.” They replied in unison.

“Not you, Opal.” I caught my favorite by the tail, and brought her twirling and giggling against me. “I’m keeping you for myself.” My fingers found her anus, and pushed in the plug I’d produced from my pocket. She molded to me like clay, “I want this ready for me at all times.”

“Yes, Master.” She shuddered against me, and I swore I heard tears of joy in her voice.

I followed Brock into the village. The proud orc chieftain embraced his people one by one as we walked through the huts, sharing smiles and laughs with everyone. I was greeted warmly by everyone, and marveled at how something as innocuous as skin color could change people’s perspective. If I’d walked into this village in my former flesh, the best I could’ve hoped for would be a swift death, but since my skin was that of a dark-elf, I was treated with a respect that bordered on reverence. It was beyond surreal. Two days ago, this very scenario would’ve been my worst nightmare, but today, it was a welcome sight. I felt like an imposter when I first entered the hamlet, but that trepidation fell from me with each congenial smile and warm embrace. The men grasped my forearm in greeting, and I reciprocated in kind, though my splayed fingers barely spanned the width of their massive arms, while their grip looked like it could have wrapped twice around mine. The women kissed my cheeks, and a few of the she-orcs pressed themselves a little too close to me, their thighs searching my crotch curiously. I didn’t mind.

The five slaves that I had left under the care of Trenok were paraded behind us, then unceremoniously thrown into the rape pit. Yes, the rape pit was a staple of every orc village, used as punishment for she-orc transgressors and elven captives alike. Succubi could not be raped, but I was sure the orcs would test that evolutionary trait. The moans and cries of my slaves soon rang out through the camp, and I looked back and smiled at the sight of my little sluts being filled in every hole, their pleasure-stricken faces twisting to accommodate what was being shoved into their mouths. Opal looked back at her mother and sisters with eyes full of jealousy, and I gave her a reassuring slap on the ass as we made our way to the largest hut in the village.

“Brock!” A she-orc yelled from across the hut.

“Sherok!” Brock yelled.

Brock embraced his wife, their lips meeting in a passionate kiss. Sherok pulled from the kiss and slapped her husband hard across the face. Brock just grinned and forced his mouth down on her, Sherok protesting for a moment before surrendering.

“I missed you, Sherok.” Brock said when he withdrew from his wife.

“Are you sure? Because Zander’s told me you’ve been sticking it in every piece of strange canlı bahis siteleri you could find.”

“It was all for a good cause, my love.” Brock grinned.

“Just to let you know, I fucked half the village while you were gone.” Sherok sneered.

“I thought you might. But none of them were as good as me, were they?”


“Don’t play with me, woman. I know you can’t live without this.” Brock growled as he pushed his wife’s pelvis to him. Sherok giggled and ran her hands through his dread, fondness shining from her black eyes. She turned those eyes on me, and they glinted with curiosity. She withdrew from her husband’s embrace and walked over to me, circled me, studied me. Sherok Terdini stood a little over six feet tall, her muscular build canvased with light-green flesh that was darkened with tribal tattoos everywhere save for her face. Her cheekbones were high, her black eyes were slanted almonds, and her full lips were adorned with protruding tusks. Yes, she was a powerful beast, but strikingly feminine. Her breast strap seemed ready to burst, and her loin strap was consumed in the rear.

“So, you’re the elf with the magical cock everyone’s been talking about.” Sherok said with a thick accent, “Elena of the Straltaira clan.”

“That’s me.” I replied.

“You’re a ranger. Have you ever killed an orc before?” She asked with a raised eyebrow.

“More than one.” I nodded.

“Did they fight well?” Sherok approached me, “Did they die with honor?”

“They never saw me.” I said, gaging her power by the way her muscles moved beneath the flesh.

“You hunted them like animals?” She asked with a hiss.

“And they died like them.” I positioned my feet.

Sherok stopped right in front of me, towering in her stature, staring coldly from her beautiful black eyes. “And if you found me alone in woods, little huntress, would you put your arrow in my back?”

“If I found you alone in the woods, Sherok of the Terdini, I’d put my arrow where ever you wanted it.”

A wide smirk formed across Sherok’s lush green lips. “I head your preferred women, Elena of the Straltaira. Am I to your liking?”

“Yes.” I said, making no effort to conceal my erection.

“I see that.” She sneered, and engulfed my face with her breasts. “Elves are such prudes about their bodies. Everything has to be done behind closed doors with the candles out. But beasts are free, and we love in the open without shame. They say you’re half a beast yourself, but I’m eternally suspicious of imperial tricks. If I said I wanted to have you, little huntress, would you take me right here like one of those animals you put down in the mud?”

“I would.” I said as my teeth removed her strap, exposing her dark green nipples, “Do you want to find out for yourself?”

“I might.” Sherok exposed her teeth in a predatory grin.

“Elena, Brock; good to see you!” Zander roared as he entered the hut.

“He really does have terrible timing.” Sherok growled as Brock laughed.

Zander grabbed Brock’s forearm and shook it. He came up to me and gave me a surprisingly strong hug. Something had made Zander very happy, and I doubted it was the sight of Brock and me.

“I feared the worst once I saw my portal had been destroyed.” He said, “It’s good to you alive. Elena why is there a succubus standing behind you?”

Brock and I recounted our tale, then Zander recounted his. I held my breath when he told me of their capture, I exclaimed in disbelief when he told me of Yavara’s lie, and I breathed a measure of relief when he told me Adarian had been let go earlier today. I stared wide-eyed when he described the magnificence of Yavara’s procession, and got a little choked-up when he told me of her rousing speech. Then I felt terror grip me when he told me of Yavara’s plan to gain an alliance with vampires. I was so dumbfounded by the end of his tale, that I had nothing to say. I knew Yavara could be merciless at times, but I never knew her to be so cutthroat as to condemn innocent men for her own gain. Running off to make friends with vampires? Yeah, that sounded like some foolhardy shit she’d do, but such ruthless deception was more the forte of her hated sister. It worried me, but apparently it didn’t worry anyone else. Brock hailed it as genius, and Sherok took a measure of delight in imagining the shocked faces of the condemned. I kept my silence, but I could tell Zander knew. What he thought, I could not discern. I suspected he was a man of ethics, but I also detected an undertone of horrible desperation. Come hell or high water, Zander would make sure Yavara was crowned the Dark Queen, and no sacrifice was too great.

“Yavara is going to secure payment from King Dreus.” Zander said, “We need to begin uniting the tribes here in the forest. Now that the elves know what Yavara has become, they will send rangers deep into the Great Forest to keep us off balance. Brock, you have six-hundred warriors at your disposal, but we need more before we can reliably protect ourselves. We need to go to the Bend and make a deal with Cermonok.”

“Fuck no!” Brock roared.

“Brock, he’s in command of three-thousand orcs. We need him.” Zander insisted.

“Quality versus quantity, Zander.” Brock growled, “My warriors are baptized in battle; they don’t receive their first ink until they have killed. Cermonok tattoos any fool who can carry a spear. We don’t need him.”

“Think of his soldiers as arrow fodder.”

“They will run at the sight of an elven division, just like when Cermonok’s tribe fled after the last raid. They are cowards and liars, and will sell us out cheaply.”

“Couldn’t you challenge him in single combat?” I interjected, “Didn’t you say earlier that orcs decide their leaders based on strength?”

“Cermonok would never fight me man to man.” Brock scoffed, “He would accept my challenge, then slip a dagger into my throat the night before.”

“I think that’s a risk you might have to take.” Sherok said as she massaged her husband’s shoulder. “If you humiliate him enough, he will be forced to accept your challenge. You stay under Zander’s protection the night before, and assure you’re safe from assassination.”

“They would never allow a wizard to be near me,” Brock said, “The Protaki are a suspicious people, and they have a great disdain for magic. If I challenge him, the fight would have to be in his village. I would be allowed five men for protection, and they would all mysteriously die in the night, along with me.”

“What if we take a hostage?” I asked, “Who is of enough value to Cermonok Protaki that he wouldn’t dare assassinate you the night before a challenge?”

“His daughter, Certiok. But we could never get to her.” Brock said.

“That’s not what I propose.” I explained, “You exchange hostages before the fight, ensuring that you live through the night.”

“And who would be my hostage?” Brock asked me.

“I will be.” Sherok answered.

“No,” Zander said as he gazed into the fire, “It would have to be your son. An heir for an heir is a fair trade.”

“I could kill you, wizard.” Brock growled.

“No Brock, he’s right,” Sherok muttered, “Trenok is of equal value to you as Certiok is to Cermonok. Challenge him under these conditions, and he will be forced to accept.”

“What if the combination of Trenok and me is worth losing his daughter?” Brock asked, “It would be a death blow to our tribe, and my people would be forced to submit.”

“Cermonok is too old to father another child. He lost his sons twenty years ago, and he spoils his daughter rotten. He will not risk losing her.” Zander replied.

Brock gazed into the fire, pondering the plan. With a grunt, he stood up and walked away, turning over his shoulder to say, “I will do it for the queen.” Sherok followed her man into their chambers, and closed the door behind her.

“He doesn’t seem too excited about the plan.” I said to Zander.

“Trenok is his pride and joy.” Zander sighed, “I fear for his fate, and that of the Terdini.”

“The fight is to the death?”

“When two clan leaders fight, it is always to the death.” Zander said gravely, “Afterward, the losing tribe must submit, or all the tribes of the Pines will descend on them for blaspheming the sacred blood oaths. I’ve seen it happen three times. It is hell on earth. The men are slaughtered, the women raped, and the children are cooked alive on spits. Only after they have eaten the flesh of their young, are the women allowed the release of death.”

“Holy fuck.” I muttered.

“They are savage out here, yes.” Zander’s eyes were lost in the firelight, “When a people are treated like animals for a thousand years, they tend to act the part. Even when the losing tribe submits to the victor, it is a terrible humiliation. The blood oath prevents wholesale slaughter, but nothing else. The males are often castrated and used as beasts of burden, and the women are turned to breeding mares in the rape pits.”

“Will Brock do that to the Protaki?” I asked.

“Unlikely.” Zander said, then smiled wryly. “If it were not for Yavara, you can be assured that he would, for his hatred of them runs deep. But he has ambition that outweigh any hatred.”

“Froktora?” I mused, it could be the only thing. Zander nodded. Froktota, chieftain of chieftains, ruler of all clans. There hadn’t been one since Alkandi united the tribes. “With Yavara backing him, why would he need to risk so much in a gladiatorial match?”

“You know orcs, Elena.” Zander said, lowering his voice, “Brock won’t gain any respect by being the queen’s lacky. He needs to conquer on his own, or someone else will. Ultimately,” Zander steepled his fingers, “it doesn’t really matter which orc is Froktora, only that there is one, for the orc clans will never be truly be united without a Froktora. Even if every chieftain raises Yavara’s standard, they’re as likely to kill their neighbor as they are the elves unless a Froktora keeps their hatred focused. Cermonok is treacherous, yes, but he’s intelligent. If Brock falls, I will put Yavara’s support behind him.”

“Brock speaks as though he could easily kill Cermonok.”

“Brock has always been overly confident. Cermonok is not as strong as Brock, but he is much quicker. He will batter on Brock’s defenses from afar before going in for the kill. Brock needs to take out Cermonok early in the fight, or it will not go his way.”

“Will I go with him then?”

“You will go nowhere near the Bend, Elena Straltaira.” Zander said sternly, “Word of you will soon reach Cermonok’s ears, and if he thinks there’s the slightest chance he can grab you, he will.”

“To control Yavara.” I sighed.

“Not just that.” Zander leaned in, “Yavara’s legend is sweeping across the Great Forest even as we speak. With enough momentum, we will set in motion something that cannot be undone. If Yavara dies, Alkandi’s incarnation dies, but there will still be you. Sure, you wouldn’t be the Dark Queen, but you could still be a dark queen, and for many, that will be enough.”

“Me?!” I almost choked.

“It wouldn’t be my first choice either.” Zander smiled, “No, you’re much better suited for diplomacy than leadership, I think. That’s why I’d like you to go to the Spruces with your new pets, and make an alliance with reclusive nymphs that live there.”

“I’ve never patrolled the Spruces.” I frowned.

Zander spread his hands. “It’s just a suggestion, Elena. I won’t presume to order you.”

I eyed Zander, picking up on the challenge he unsubtly threw at my feet. “Why would I take the succubi with me?”

“Because nymphs are natural enemies of succubi. Show them what you’ve done to their foes, and they may be enticed to join us. Nymphs are powerful woodland creatures; they would make a formidable ally. They’re also beautiful virgins that like to dance around half-naked in the forest, so you have that to look forward to.”

I snorted, and Zander offered a thin smile.

“So, are you going to do anything with this woman, or can I have her?” He said, pointing at Opal, who was violently playing with herself. “Because it’s pretty obvious she needs to be fed.”

“That one’s mine, Zander.” I snickered, “Get in line in the rape pit if you want your turn.” And with that, I grabbed Opal by the tail, and left the hut. We walked by the orgy in the pit, my slaves indulging heavily in the sin of gluttony. They were glazed from head to toe, their bellies slightly swollen as they took their fill. They all waved to me when I walked by (for they could hardly call for me), and I waved back.

I found an empty tent, and pushed Opal into it. She landed gracefully on her knees, her ass perked high and swaying at me while her tail wagged.

“You’ve had this inside you for hours.” I said as I pulled the plug from her ass. “I bet it’s been torture not to feel the real thing.”

“Yes Master!” Opal moaned as she played with her pussy, its contents leaking down her trembling pale thighs. I spread her cheeks and ran my cock between them, teasing her puckered center with the underside of my stiff length. Her moans turned to whines, her hips shook, her fingers sank into her blushing slit until they were lost to the knuckle. I’d promised Yavara I’d make her beg, but Yavara wasn’t here. Opal would have to suffice for now.

“Please fuck me, Master!” Opal cried, “I can’t take it anymore!”

“You need to beg harder than that, Opal.” I sneered.

“Please, Master.” Opal gasped, “Please put your fat cock into my little slave shithole! Please Master, I’ll do whatever you say! I’m you’re little slut, I’m nothing but your little cum-slave. Please fuck this little cum-slave!”

“Do you want me to punish you, Opal?” I whispered, “Have you been a bad little cum-slave?”

“Yes!” Opal moaned as my tip pushed against her sphincter, “Yes Master, punish me! I’ve been a bad little slut; I need to be trained!”

“Put your hands together behind your back.” I tied Opal’s hands together by the wrists with her own tail, then I undid my belt, and draped it threateningly across her cheeks. She shuddered with excitement when she felt the leather lying across her skin, her petals opening and flushing beneath her vile button. I pressed my tip to the coiled center of it, and buried myself to the hilt. Opal cried out, her body lurching violently forward, but her back drooping in an ecstatic arc, finally getting what she craved. I raised my arm, and lashed her hard across the ass. She screamed in abject pain and pleasure, her supple flesh rippling deliciously from the blow, a welt forming in its wake. Again and again I struck her, and again and again Opal screamed, her voice rich with arousal, her body willowing under my brutality. Her porcelain backside turned into a mosaic of reds, and her anus coiled around me in smooth tight heat, thanking me for every strike.

“You’re a little masochist, aren’t you Opal?” I growled as I drove into her.

“That’s right master, I’m a little whore who likes to get punished!” Opal cried back as the belt came down again.

“Maybe I should brand you, Opal. Have the words, ‘Elena’s slut’ seared into your ass. Would you like that?”

“I’m your property, Master, do whatever you want to me!” Opal cried out.

“That’s not what I asked!” I growled as I wrapped the belt around Opal’s neck and jerked her upward, her upper body flying up to me. I grabbed her by the jaw and made her face me. Her mouth was agape with the pleasure of her sodomy, and her eyes were enraptured with me. “I asked you, Opal, if you would like me to brand you?”

“Will I still be your favorite slave? I’ll be happy to do anything you want if I’ll still be your favorite.” Her voice squeaked from her constriction. The slutty expression written across her baby face combined with her submissive voice almost drove me over the edge. It felt good to so completely dominate another being, to have them happy to do anything I ask, to have them need me to the point that they abandoned all dignity to fulfill their desires. I let go of the belt and filled my hands with Opal’s small breasts, roughly pinching her nipples between my thumbs and index fingers. I rolled her nodes and pulled them away from her, stretching her breasts to conical points. She whimpered her thanks, backing into my crotch even as I fucked her anus into a swollen convulsing ruin.

“Maybe I’ll just get a tattoo for you. I’ll put it right here.” I said as I pressed a finger to her lower back, “So that every time I fuck your ass I can see it.”

“Thank you, Master!” Opal cried, “Am I still your favorite?”

“It depends, Opal. You’re going to have to prove to me you’re worth it.”

Oh, she did. I experimented on Opal, finding all the little secrets of my own depravity. I fucked her ass into a swollen ruin, then plunged my cock down her throat. Opal sucked me with relish, preparing me for when I next entered her. And enter her, I did. Over and over, from behind, from the front, while she curled in on herself, and while she was played out like a pelt. I made a leash of my belt, and I choked my pet while she came, forcing her orgasm to tearful heights. She thanked me for everything, thanked me all the more when I truly did my worst. Such abasement she lowered herself to, and such pleasures she found in it. When I was done with her, I was spent in a way I’d never felt before. I was drained, like my insides had been sucked out of me, and into Opal’s ravenous shithole.

“You are my favorite, Opal,” I whispered into her ear as I stroked her hair, “but don’t tell the others; they’ll get jealous.”

“My lips are sealed, Master.” She said, her fingers sliding across her lips in a zipping motion.

“Tomorrow, you’re getting that tattoo. What do you want it to say?”

“Master’s anal slut.” Opal giggled, twerking her ass against my crotch.

“Pure poetry.” I chuckled, and kissed her cheek. Her tail wagged in contentment. An hour later, my five other slaves entered the tent and collapsed around me in exhaustion. Thankfully, they’d since bathed. They formed a nest of bodies around me, and soothed me to sleep with their gentle snores. I smiled into the void, and dreamed of Yavara.

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