Queen of Heaven Ch. 03

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A note: This story isn’t intended to “pay off” right away. It takes a little time and will unfold over several chapters. If you’re looking for speed, this isn’t for you.


“Okay, ladies. Pizza, wine, and nipples seem to be the order of the day. And, yes, Mom – You do look amazing. This embracing the goddess thing is working out for you.”

“Thank you dear. I appreciate it. It must be a little odd, but I think it’s a good idea to embrace new and interesting things. Even if they are your Mom’s naked boobs.”

“Well, I wouldn’t say I’m embracing them. We are sitting a good five feet apart. I’d say, ‘appreciating’ is probably right.”

Michelle added, “Or ‘ogling’ possibly?”

I protested, “Hey there. I’m a cool, enlightened sort of person. And while I am sitting with two beautiful half-naked women, I am doing a tremendous job of not embarrassing myself or others, thank you very much. I’m totally mature. And not drooling at all.”

“He’s right Mike. It’s actually a little disappointing. I may be losing it after all.”

“Oh, you’re not losing it, girl. I know him well enough now to say that he’s in control, but not immune. I mean, I’m appreciating, ogling, and considering embracing this whole Anna-nudity thing. I’ve had plenty of wine and I have an innate lack of couth so that I haven’t completely embarrassed us all by jumping your bones at this point is a sign that I am exercising iron control.”

Anna looked curiously at Michelle. She cocked her head to the side, grinned slyly and said, “Why?”

“Uh, why what?”

“Why the control? You have definitely picked up that I am into girls. And that I’m into you, right?”


“You’re obviously into girls given all the attention you’ve given to me and the flirting.”


“So, why the restraint with the half-naked middle aged goddess who is drunk on red wine and had questionable restraint in the first place?”

Michelle half leaned forward and then after a second pointed with one finger to the side… at me… and said, “The boy?”

“Goddesses don’t much care about rules, hon. And Gil has just been visualizing what might be coming. I know that because he is demonstrating some physical symptoms that even I can see from here. And he hasn’t said, ‘Moooooommmm, you’re embarrassing me’ even once. So, he’s going to be just fine if you crawl over here and kiss me until our lips are raw. Isn’t that right, Gil?”

“Uh…” I added.

“See? So, why the restraint Mikey? Don’t you like me?”

Michelle carefully set her glass on the coffee table and crawled… nearly slithered… slowly across the room. Her breasts swayed and her hips rocked. She leaned in low and gently breathed across my mother’s belly, breasts, and neck. As she raised even with Anna’s lips, Michelle leaned in and brushed lightly across them.

“Very nice. I definitely like you. Now kiss me like you fucking mean it, darlin’.”

“Yes, Gil’s Mom.”

This was really not how I had seen today going. I mean, who would? But here I was with my girlfriend topless, sweaty, and wine soaked as she kissed my equally topless mother with a profound lust. I could feel the heat radiating off the two of them. Michelle reached up and cupped the back of Mom’s head in her hand holding her near. The kiss was ravenous.

Michelle kissed gently, then firmly, then seemed to be suckling one lip then the other. As she moved her head away to break the kiss, she seemed to be nibbling Anna’s bottom lip. I thought she might take it with her.

As their eyes met entranced, Anna leaned forward and landed a kiss that had momentum. The two of them fell backward onto the floor, Anna straddling Michelle. The kisses were wet, loud, and had my full attention. Of course pendik escort they did… there were naked breasts and beautiful women who I loved that were involved.

I was definitely uncomfortable in the bound body part areas, but just struck with how intense the attraction between these two seemed to be. I loved them both, if we’re being honest, but I also loved that I’d brought them together in this situation. The heat between them was worth losing the relationship with Michelle if I needed to.

As bodies writhed and entwined on the floor, I could almost lose track of which parts were whose. And at this point I didn’t care that much. The truth was that even though it was probably a bad thing, I was as enthralled with Anna’s body… her radiating sexuality… as I was with Michelle’s. I knew that while things were still in the safe realm, relatively speaking, that our relationship had changed. For the better, I couldn’t help but think.

“Gil baby.”

“Uh, yeah…” I wasn’t even sure who’d said it, honestly. Could have been either.

Michelle tore her head away and looked up at me, “Run the shower would you… I want it to be nice and hot when I drag our asses in there. We’ve been working out and I don’t want this honey to dive into anything other than the freshest of magical pussies… if you know what I mean.”

“Your wish is my command, dearest. Also, I’m going to get right on that because she looks like she’s about to swallow lycra to get at it.”

“She is. And while it’s worth it, I’d hate to be a choking hazard.”

We transitioned… rather clumsily toward the bathroom. I cranked up the shower. It had nice pressure but would take a bit to get warm enough. Michelle took the lead and pulled away from my mother who was loath to let her go. “No, honey… don’t go… come back… I want you here and now. Don’t go away.”

So strange to hear my commanding goddess of a mother as a supplicant. Still, it was fucking hot.

“Anna-baby, I want you inside me- on me- surrounding me- but I want that to happen when I smell like me and taste like heaven. So we’re going to the shower. If you really want it, you need to come and get it.”

“Your wish…”

“You sound just like your boy, hon.”

“Oooo… yeah, that’s a thing I haven’t thought about before.”

“What’s that?” Michelle used a hand to help Anna stand and to corral her towards the bathroom where I was testing the water to make sure it was just right before the ladies got there.

“Oh, I just wondered if my boy sounds like I do when I cum.”

Michelle laughed. “Well, that’s a thing we’re going to have to find out now isn’t it babe?”

Steam was clouding the bathroom mirrors as Anna and Michelle stumbled in. It was roomy enough for all of us, but we were close and already prone to overheating. Michelle had clearly taken control of this relationship for now. I love her confidence and seeing her leading my mother towards me was arresting. She was upright, head back, tits out, and proud. The grin was cat-like somehow. She may have even purred. She glanced down and said, “Yum. Glad to see we’ve got you at attention Gilligan. Open that door, I’ve got business in there.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

I held the shower door like some sort of twisted doorman – with an erection brushing the glass through my workout shorts- but still some variety of doorman. Maybe at a very nice brothel. I tried to play my unusual part.

Having ditched their shoes and tops earlier in the evening the ladies strutted right into the shower with their workout bottoms still on. I supposed I’d have to wait to see what Anna’s tattoo looked like in its natural state.

I started to close the door behind them as they began kissing again with the water maltepe escort pounding their bodies, when Michelle said “Leave it open, babe. Towels for us and towels for the floor. Get to it.”

I started shuffling around the room finding towels as the steam filled the space. The mirrors were fogged enough that I wasn’t able to follow the action behind me but I could hear the groans and giggles well enough.

I dropped two large towels in front of the open shower door and stacked four more next to the sink. When I turned around Michelle had somehow been undressed completely and was on her knees in front of Anna with her fingers in the waistband of the remaining bottoms. Anna’s hands rested on the head in front of her and it seemed a strangely religious scene. A blessing of the prayerful. Michelle slid the lycra bottoms down my mother’s legs exposing that unexpected tattoo and the full dark red bush I hadn’t imagined. I found myself unconsciously muttering, “Amen.”

Michelle tossed both pairs of bottoms at me without a word and grabbed the shower gel from the floor. While still on her knees she upturned the bottle and began to squeeze it over shoulders, breasts, belly, and thighs. Anna leaned back against the shower wall admiring this young, naked beauty who she was now so connected to.

The gel foamed as Michelle quickly washed all the relevant parts, with specific attention of course to that magical pussy she’d mentioned. Anna was clearly, and probably without awareness, running her fingers through her pubic hair and caressing her vulva… dragging fingers idly around her clit. I realized that I too was casually holding my own swelling organ and gently dragging my hand along the front of my shorts.

As the soap washed away, Michelle stood and began on Anna. The gel dripped downward, but Michelle quickly got to work gently massaging her playmate in the hot water. Anna looked so very close to losing complete control as both she and my girlfriend were intent on her pleasure. I’m not sure how she was still standing, but she was clearly starting to quake about the knees.

With the last of the foam sliding off Anna’s body, Michelle leaned in and brought her tongue into the action. She formed a spiral from the outside of Anna’s left breast inward in a slow but clear path. As she reached that outstanding (literally) nipple she pulled back and lightly flicked across the very tip. Just making contact in a move that made Anna groan.

Then swiftly and without warning Michelle dove in and gripped the nipple between her teeth while quickly flicking the end of it with her tongue. Anna exploded. I was paralyzed. Jaw slack. Standing at attention in every other way. It was sudden and shocking and completely inevitable.

Anna collapsed to her knees and then curled into a ball wrapped around her own hand. Wet and weak she lay there. Michelle bent over to cuddle her. The towels outside the shower were soaked, but I couldn’t change my position or frankly anything about the scene. I mean, I had just seen my mother orgasm with the help and encouragement of my girlfriend as I stood nearby and admired both of them. It was unprecedented.

Michelle seemed to be whispering something to Anna as she reached out to support herself on the wall and stand up. Anna righted herself slowly but stayed on her knees.

She looked up from the shower floor, soaked, exhausted, apparently not at all embarrassed and looked at me. She made eye contact and locked in on me directly. I was hypnotized and electrified.

She pointed at me with one finger and then reversed it to beckon me forward. There really wasn’t room for a comfortable three in that shower but I couldn’t stop myself from stepping forward. I mean, she was my momma. Do what kartal escort momma says, right?

As I stepped closer, Michelle backed out of the shower and looked at me. She broke my eye contact with Anna and gripped the sides of my face. Kissing me deeply she stepped back and nudging me forward into the shower where my amazing mother was on her knees, wooing me into what was bound to be a story we didn’t tell the relatives over Christmas visits.

I stepped into the shower and Anna didn’t even give me the chance for qualms. She reached up, whipped my bottoms down and didn’t wait for cleaning up before taking me in her mouth and holding me firmly in her grip. Her hands went around to my ass and pulled me deeply into her. I’m not sure where she was putting it all. I mean, I’m not huge, but even an average sized cock doesn’t go smoothly and easily into an average sized mouth. Anna, however, was ravenous. She swallowed me down. Tongue and throat and moaning love. She took me quickly and completely. I’ve never felt so owned by someone on their knees. It was overwhelming. Coupling that with the taboo nature of the relationship and I had no cool at all.

My knees shook. I groaned loudly and felt like I was about to black out as I erupted in orgasm and lost the ability to stand. I collapsed against the wall and realized as I opened my eyes that I was eye to eye with my very naked mother who leaned in to kiss me for the first … real… time. And with that I tasted myself on her lips and felt her tongue push forward into my mouth as she transferred a bit of the load I’d delivered to her into my mouth. I swallowed… like a good boy… and smiled like an idiot.

She said, “Yep.”


“Yep. You do sound like me when I come. I guess that’s the family resemblance.”

“Thank god for that. So, uh, are we going to be good after this?” I asked with a bit of doubt, I must say.

“Well, only if you can recover in time to properly fuck the two of us tonight. If not, then I will have truly slain the dragon. And don’t you think that should be a recurring battle.”

She then said a phrase from an old hymn to Inanna that I’d heard as a kid, stood up-right, licked her lips and stepped over to Michelle who was leaning against the vanity with nipple in one hand and her own mound in the other. “Mikey, bring me a glass of water and meet me in the temple.”

Anna wrapped Michelle’s neck in one hand and then dragged her fingertips slowly down, while strutting out of the bathroom.

I struggled to my feet and over to my girlfriend, who wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me like we hadn’t seen each other in weeks.

“D’fuck, dude? What was that she said?”

“About the water? I think she wants you to meet her in the bedroom… soon.”

“I know that. I meant that gibberish she said to you.”

“Oh, that. It’s an old hymn. Inanna slaying a dragon or some similar. That bit roughly means ‘because of your goodness, because of your beauty.’ Which is sweet, unless you know she’s explaining why she’s slaying the dragon. Kind of makes you feel for the dragon. But, of course, in most good myths he should rise to fight again.”

“Yeah. And there’s always room for another little death.”

“Ah, didn’t realize you were so continental.”

“Oh, Gil-baby, there’s a lot you don’t realize about me. Now let’s go get some water. I think we’ve been commanded to attended her holiness and fuck her brains out.”

“Indeed, Mikey-dear. It does sort of make you believe in magic. We’ve had a helluva day and yet don’t seem to be freaked out yet.”

“Like I said, baby. There’s a lot you don’t know about me. Now you scrub up that tasty cock of yours in case you missed a spot in the rush, then turn off the shower and join us. I’m going to find a water glass in the kitchen and then we’re going to worship those mighty tits in the other room.”

“Well, you did say you liked them more than average.”

“I did. They are so obviously divine.”


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